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Third MELtdown Gibson Recording Leaked! Just As Awful!!!!

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With each tape leaked, it just gets more and more sickening!

Yet ANOTHER misogynist, hate-filled rant courtesy of MELtdown Gibson has found its way onto the internet, and this time all of his explosive crazy is not only directed at Oksana Grigorieva, but at the nanny of his child!

Listen (below) to hear the SHOCKING, horrific racial slur he uses toward her!

We warn you once again that this is truly unsettling, hateful stuff. It's not easy to sit through!

What a despicable, evil fuck! We hope he gets locked away for a LONG time!

[Image via WENN.]

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139 comments to “Third MELtdown Gibson Recording Leaked! Just As Awful!!!!”

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  1. 101

    I know how to push some people's buttons, everyone does. When you push buttons, then you have to be prepared for the consequences. If you don't want consequences, then don't provoke people. This is Mel on the PHONE. He is know where near where she is. There is a little button on the phone that you press and it hangs up. Odd how people blame Mel, but yet, she doesn't hang up, in fact, she keeps the conversation going. Why? Don't even say that "she was afraid he was going to come over" because if she was, then you can pick up that same phone and dial 911 and get help. I swear half the people on this site are acting like puritans. OMG he said a bad word…oh PULEASE!!!! You come here to read Perez say bad things about EVERYONE. You LIKE it. And if you objected to it so much, you wouldn't be here.

  2. 102


  3. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    I think every word Mel said is true.
    She on the other hand is so phony, knowing that she's recording him, she calmly and happily says "Bye Mel". she was probably thinking "gotcha !"

  4. 104

    This man makes me want to cry. It takes a special kind of monster to affect me that way. There are not words for this crazy except JAIL!! Maybe a mental health facility later on but definitely nowhere near normal people and especially anywhere near his daughter! DANGEROUS

  5. 105

    This sounded like some kind of crappy play. Anyways she might be a whore but Mel has some serious anger issues.

  6. 106

    How can some people DEFEND him ?
    he's an evil person & nobady deserved to be talked to that way
    poor Oksana :/

  7. Khml says – reply to this


    Who are we to judge? If some bitch I got with expecting her to be good to me turns to be a gold digger using my money and shit I would be pissed too. Don't forgot he left his wife and kids to be with her all these sacrifices you think you would be happy and jolly? Well it is his dumb choice to do that but hey when a piece of pie is in front you offering herself to you would you eat it?? Especially when you are rich? She's a dumb bitch too…I do not feel sorry for her.

    Why is that bitch recording him in the first place? Obviously she had the intention of getting money or incase shit happens. And now she can use it against him in court. She is one smart gold digging bitch.

    What he said was unacceptable, but who hasn't said stuff like that out of anger? The only problem is that she recorded his msgs.

  8. 108

    Re: camaguey – It wasn't will.i.am who hit him. And why did Mario end the video by attacking Fergie, of all people? Looney tunes.

  9. 109

    For someone who made a movie about Jesus, he sure sounds like he's full
    of a thousand wicked spirits. To bad….

  10. 110

    oh he is just mad because she is still using his money, witch is understandable, but not to this extent. He has no right to call her names like that, so unacceptable
    and yes it is because he IS going insane. He need professional help right away. Even if Okasana was a gold digger, it's his fault for not seeing the signs, and he knows that and thats what makes him even MORE crazy and mad than ever. She does have his child, she is intitled to some money from him, and yes that means for her too, not just the child , but her as well. SO GO FUCK OFF MEL. he is just mad cuz he knows hes done

  11. 111

    this sounds exactly like something perez would say. i believe perez is a despicable evil fuck.

  12. 112

    Re: desperado – I agree. If he did hit her hard enough to knock her teeth out WHILE she was holding their baby, Oksana could have dropped her. The baby could have been seriously injured or killed. Since he's neither human enough to care about his daughter's welfare, nor man enough to WALK AWAY instead of debasing her as a woman, he shouldn't have custody OR visitation. He gave up that right. I feel very, very sorry for his other children. :( His ex may have a gag order, but those kids don't.

  13. 113

    wow… he need mental help

  14. 114

    Damn it. I only have my berry today. I couldn't hear it. But you wrote out what he said before, so I know what he said. I think people should leave him alone now. He fucked up, he knows it, we know it. Let's just move on.

  15. 115

    For those of you who have taken the stance that this was a "provoked" episode, need we flashback to 2005? Yeah, I'm sure that the COPS "provoked" him into using a racial slur when speaking of Jewish people. He has a substance abuse problem, and he is probably loaded a good deal of the time. And if there HAD BEEN any provocation on Oksana's behalf, I'm sure there was very VERY little of it. As for her being a gold-digger - and so what? Mel should of covered his ass more efficiently. And when you feel like taking Mel's side, just try and imagine what it must feel like, physically and emotionally, to get punched in the mouth by a loved one!

  16. 116

    Re: ASessions – Mel never played Jesus Christ.

  17. 117

    I am absolutely horrified by this, listening actually sent chills through me - I hope she finds some sense of justice in all this, I don't care who she is or what she does, he's lost the plot and can't get away with treating her like this - lock him up and throw away the key.

  18. 118

    this guy has lost his fuckin mind.. i doubt he will recover from this..his career is done for , in the future. yes she shouldn't be using his money but this man is clearly unstable and calling her and provoking her on purpose. and also being insanely childish !

  19. 119

    Re: Watcher1 – Now that was original. Someone watching Nancy Grace last night?! Geeze!

  20. 120

    "that's because you're a fvcking using wh0re"

    sorry but SPOT ON hahahha!!!

  21. 121

    why is everyone defending Mel!?????????? HE IS FUCKING SICK and should be shot

  22. 122

    Re: ForeverWyld – LMAO. Exactly! Perez and so many of the other bigots on here acting like Puritans re Mel. EFFING HYPOCRITES! It's unbelievable!

    No black, Jew, homo, or non-caucasion HAS EVER USED RACIST VERBIAGE. ROLFLMFOA! LIARS!

  23. 123

    WTF people! It doesn't matter if she tried to work him up and then hit record… If this is ever the reaction you get when someone gets mad at you then they are a crazy piece of shit! He is completely insane no matter what was said to him, you don't speak that way to someone

  24. 124

    Everybody talks like this when provoked.
    He's not necesserily being racist, he's just saying whatever bad, mean things come to mind!
    She's been using his money, living in his house
    She's just using him, and he's frustrated! He was married to that other woman for almost 30 years, he raised 7 kids, everything was fine, now this lady comes into the picture and a couple years in this is what happened- it looks to me that yea, he has his faults, but this isn't one sided! She released the tapes for Gods sakes, obviously she's up to some shit too.

  25. 125

    I'm quite shocked at the number of people defending Mel on this one. He has no right to treat women this way just because she had less money in the beginning of career than he did. This happens a lot when one person in the relationship has more money than the other and its totally wrong and immoral. Love shouldn't be about money and I wholeheartedly support Oksana on this one, "golddigger" or not.

  26. 126

    Where is my other comment you fucking jerk Perez?

  27. 127

    when most people are upset they don't think about recording this shit,
    Everyone just likes defending the woman. If this were the other way around everyone would still be shitting at Mel

  28. 128

    This guy is seriously off his rocker. No matter who is at fault for the bad blood now, someone better make sure he doesn't end up killing this woman. I think he would do it if he was drunk or high enough.

  29. 129

    He infuriates me. I have never heard such evil spew from anyone's mouth before. He sounds like a an honest-to-christ serial killer.

    His arrogance, his angry…holy fuck…and he considers himself religious?

    I hope he enjoys getting ass-raped by fellow inmates.

  30. 130

    Oh man, this is a private matter and old Eastern Block Born To Be A Gold Digger purpously tapped these conversations for one thing in mind, MONEY!! Mario, it's so tacky I thought you would be the first to pick it up but then I wonder how you got the start up capital for this blog..??? Would not surprise me if she was busy bashing the phone reciever into her mouth as Mel was reading her playing cards! Would not surprise me if the `Dentist got a quick blowie for his part….

  31. 131

    do people actually think this is him? it does not sound like him AT ALL!

  32. 132

    say what you like about her - you cant deny mel gibson is a piece of shit. just listening to his voice makes my skin crawl now. regardless fo what he says - it's also how he says it. an ego and a person totally out of control. a pig. hate him.

  33. 133

    he's such a classy guy.

  34. 134

    Re: justtfax – racist against women .. who your a fucking idiot .. a sex IS NOT a race … its call discrimination and being prejudice … man go back to school

  35. 135

    This is a man when refused by the Catholic church a divorce, created his own church. What a nut. How did his wife put up with him all these years?

  36. 136

    Re: ba-buttons – Of course, but he fell for it. Whose the fool? He was married.

  37. 137

    Re: jerkstore – you're an ignoramus, she had to record him because this nutcase wants custody of their child. Abuse is very difficult to prove in courts asshole.
    Mel should rot in hell along with his supporters.

  38. 138

    He's a classic textbook case domestically violent male! How in the world did his first wife and children tolerate him all of those years???

  39. 139

    Mel Gibson is constantly complaining about getting a blow job. My psychological advice 4 him? "Hey Mel learn yoga n u can suck ur own self off. Best part: its all u baby. No waiting n you can do it as long as u like. I promise u it will help w/ stress. Go home get in2 L-position 2 get started then call me in the morning. Now that will be six figures. But since ur having money trouble maybe we can do a paymeant plan."

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