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Cavallari's Over The Hills And On To Producing

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So the question is whether or not little miss Kristin Cavallari will be jetting off to Europe all by her lonesome self to figure out who she is.

Unless she's planning on producing her two reality shows across the sea, we're thinking Europe is a no go.

Cavallari dishes that she has two new reality shows in the works. "One will have similarities to The Hills, and one will be about fashion with some competition."

At least she'll be working behind-the-scenes in her new reality shows because we're not sure we can handle any more of this girl.

And sorry to everyone anxiously awaiting the penning of her Hills tell-all. She says it's a no go.

Can't wait to see what award winning crap reality TV this girl dishes out.

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Cavallari's Over The Hills And On To Producing”

  1. 1

    Kristin's awesome, stop raggin' on her. She's real, she tells it like it is and doesn't put up with crap. Gotta love that. I hope she's very successful - you go girl!

  2. 2

    no one cares about these ppl! Why are they still showing up?

  3. 3

    After she and Brodie basically joked about how thier whole relationship may have been faked for the show, I wouldn't be too pumped to go watch another "reality" TV show with her. She should just go to Europe. Although that was probably fake too; they probably just needed a reason for their goodbye scene. Whatever.

  4. 4

    LOL…Fashion?!?!? What the heck does she know about that she looks like every other OC girl and acts like one too no personality at all.

  5. 5

    Why are you hating on her? She is freaken adorable.

  6. 6

    She's a loser just like you Mario

  7. 7

    Real original show concepts….The Hills part 2, and Project Runway part 2!

  8. 8

    Last night, MTV and the people on the Hills took a giant shit on the fans with that stupid fucking ending. I won't watch anything from any of the people involved with that grand trickery. And for anyone who says "oh, it was so obvious it was fake" then I say "Was Heidi's surgery fake?", "Did L.C. attend FIDM and work at Teen Vogue?" "Did Kristin date Brody and did Kristin do coke?" "Did Stephanie Pratt fake her DUI?"

  9. 9

    She can do whatever she wants. Her dad will bankroll it all!!

  10. 10

    mmm europe with lc?

  11. 11

    who gives a shit what this whore does!

  12. 12

    Yeah, sure she's ready to move on..eyes rolling. This is the only paycheck she's had in years! Kristin should get down on her knees and thank the A-List LAUREN CONRAD for giving her a job that allows her to support her coke habit.
    She has about as much talent as my pinky toe. And she acts like she really is something. You're right, Perez. Sex tape will be released in 6 months.

  13. 13

    A show about fashion? What the hell does she know about fashion? Who does she think she is, LAUREN CONRAD?? Sorry honey, no go. Stick to what you know-banging A LOT of guys, most of them old and ugly as of late!

  14. 14

    Why the big head, Kristin?

  15. 15

    Re: AvaLovesAbs – You are hardly one to talk, you ignorant, self absorbed brat. You are one of the most ignorant, sh*t stirring clods I have encountered on a site such as this.