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Listen To This: The Monster Mash!

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It was only a matter of time!

Ne-Yo's GaGa-inspired new single, the hot and sexy Beautiful Monster, has been mashed up with GaGa's own song Monster and the results are blazin'!

Check out the monster mash - made by Craig Vanity - below!

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41 comments to “Listen To This: The Monster Mash!”

  1. 1

    um Perez, blazin'? Yeah blazin' right into the pits of hell for totally extreme horridness! That sucked major donkey dick!

  2. 2

    Don't like it

  3. 3

    took me awhile to like monster to begin with - that my dear, is just a bunch of noise…………

  4. 4

    Gaga sucks!

  5. 5

    It's blazin' because you're gay! The chorus is okay, but other than that it's bad.
    The best part…whenever you hear GaGa's beautiful angelic voice.

  6. 6

    It did suck major donkey dick!

  7. 7

    That was so boring I didn't even want to finish listening to it.

  8. 8

    Not a fan of GaGa. She comes of very condescending in her interviews.

  9. 9

    umm no

  10. 10

    eh. just becuase it involves gaga doesnt meean its brilliant. i like them sepereate. but i love gaga too

  11. 11

    That Ne-yo song is really stupid . If a man sang that to me Id dump him

  12. YUCK says – reply to this


    oh God I guess we can starte calling him cloneyo or flopeyo

  13. 13

    Beautiful Monster is not "inspired" by GaGa?

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Both songs suck. combining them will suck even more.

  16. hebe says – reply to this


    Horrible =/

  17. Latex says – reply to this


    omg this is amazing O_O

  18. 18


  19. 19

  20. 20

    Crap crap crap crap.

  21. 21

    Um this sucks. The songs are great by themselves but his mash up is garbage. Get Gaga's rhinestone thong out of your ears long enough to hear how bad this sounds Perez.

  22. 22

    AS A MASHUP PRODUCER - this is weak. There is no blend of creativity. This is downright crappy

  23. 23

    it's not horrible, but it does prove to me how unoriginal and desperate NeYo can be in constructing his music - again. my opinion. i dont think it's coincidence that he titled his song 'beautiful monster' or that his beats/synth is relevant to gaga's track 'monster' (which is just devine in it's own right - next single interscope, damnit!) which was released last year on 'the fame monster'. i've always thought he tried too hard and selectively chose his direction/sound/style/colaboraters to mimic that of what was relevant/mainstream/popular at the time. he's not my fav, but maybe he is to all of you - awesome. and wow i gave this waaaay too much attention and thought. whatevs!

  24. 24

    Love it

  25. 25

    i love gaga but that was awful

  26. 26

    The suck is strong with this one.

    So…it isn't amazeballs….it's blazin'! You know, like "Hey look! That horse just took a huge amazin'!"

  27. 27

    stupid stupid perez..that song wasnt inspired by that ogre!

  28. 28

    that was just horrible.

  29. 29

    i love gaga but they just tried to put her in wherever they could fit her. it didnt work that well. it would need a mix of both beats, not just beautiful monster.

  30. 30

    I'm not a fan.

  31. 31

    Wow… You head a record label and you think this mash is "blazin"??!! The #1 most important rule for a good mashup is that both tracks have to be in the same key… If they are not then you transpose one or both tracks so that they are. These two tracks CLASH when Gaga starts singing because Craig didn't transpose her vocals into the right key. And it's totally doable in this case… He just doesn't have the ear to hear that. (I know this from listening to his other out of key mashups). You are an idiot for posting this and applauding it. Shows that you really know NOTHING about music.

  32. 32

    gaga sucks asshole,. ne yo is 10000 times better producer gaga doesnt produce she works with amdonna producers

  33. 33

    Re: Ketty Wilson – shut up. she isnt out o theis world. she only has some success now cause she totally copies the only female artist out of this world madonna. nothing about gga is real and madonna had even more craziness around her when she bagan than gaga

  34. china says – reply to this


    caca-inspired? oh, boy!
    how to create crap in two easy steps?

  35. 35

    BIG gaga fan, but that is not good

  36. 36

    While this mash DOES NOT WORK. Craig actually did a prior mash of "Monster" with a Tiesto production that is much better!! You should seek that one out. Also, my favorite "Monster" mashup was done by JNX who mashed it PERFECTLY with Madonna's "Get Together"! You can find both of the productions on my music blog. Like I said… They are both much better than this mix.

  37. 37

    thats neyo????sounds like Ush


  38. 38

    Man, that did no favours to either Gaga or Ne-Yo, truly awful!

  39. 39

    Meh, I don't like it. Love the song 'Monster' though. Wish she had released it as a single :(

  40. 40

    That, my friends, is an epic fail right there.

  41. 41