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Not So Fast, Danielle! Bravo To Halt Her Lawsuit?!

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It's called equal defamation for all, according to the networks.

This morning, Danielle Staub got her lawyers working on a lawsuit against fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita and her daughter, Ashley Holmes after the trio allegedly "attacked" her during the filming of an episode.

Problem is, the bitch is delusional and nothing happened Bravo has put up roadblocks in each of the lady's contracts, making it impossible for any of the stars to sue one another.

Guess Danielle's lawyer skimmed over that paragraph!

Co-star Teresa sure as hell didn't and she flipped the table on Danielle this morning by bringing the point to light during an interview. When asked about Danielle's intent to sue, Teresa explained that if it were an option, she would have done it a long time ago. She explained:

"Believe me, if we could get a restraining order against a cast member, Danielle would have had four against her already. I never threatened her. She, however, has been on camera threatening me, stalking me and even practicing doing me harm."

As for Danielle's claim that the trio of ladies had a hand in defaming her, Teresa went into a fit of wine-laced laughter and said, " I think she's defamed her own reputation all by herself."

True enough! Woman doesn't make and then sell her own sex tape unless she has no problems with degrading herself!

Pretty pathetic, Danielle. What else you got?!

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33 comments to “Not So Fast, Danielle! Bravo To Halt Her Lawsuit?!”

  1. 1

    some people only have their braincells for exactly one thing to think

  2. 2

    Danielle is such a nasty, skanky, whore.

  3. 3

    danielle is truly an ugly stupid whore. somewhere a pole is missing it's slut.

  4. 4

    I have never in my life seen such a pathetic, ugly, anorexic, pathalogical liar in my life. Danielle is all of that and more. That piece of hair she showed in the episode that she claims Ashley pulled out of her head looked so fake. It wasn't even the same color as her hair. I guess that she won't be on the show anymore cuz she can't be around all the others. That is a good thing. Never liked her. Never will. She is garbage. She deserves nothing. She will always be a nobody. She will always be ugly. She will always be pathetic.

  5. 5

    The only reason Danielle wants to sue is for their money! Whoever told her she was "too pretty to work" was farsighted. Prostitution Whore!!!

  6. 6

    'nothing happened'? Wow, I can see you never watch the show. Teresa chased the woman out and wouldn't leave her alone. She barricaded Danielle in the parking lot. And attention whore Ash pulled her damn hair out. Ya, wtg Perez on NOT knowing once again what the heck you are talking about.

  7. 7

    Get this woman off television. She is a time bomb.

  8. 8

    Bitch is delusional! She's been talking about how everybody else is obsessed with her and are going after her for a while now. And now she thinks she's realized a way of making money out of her persecution complex… I guess she fell in love with the court all those years back when she was a coke whore.

  9. 9

    loves me some teresa!

    danielle is just loco, loopy, and i feel sorry for her children.

  10. 10

    Re: Starlit – are you watching the same show as the rest of us? "chased out"? The chick freaked out and hobbled away constantly screaming about her broken heals and how humiliated she was. She hid behind bushes and STILL kept going on and on about her broken heels! And, she brought an effing BODYGUARD… if she was truly being harrased, chased out of malice, or hurt… don't you think she had the upper hand with a big man next to her?? As to her being "barricaded"… watch the episode a third and fourth time and I think you'll clearly see the woman standing 30 feet or further from the car with 2 men in the way the majority of the time as well as the car door shut and presumably locked. I don't think you can claim fear or intimidation when you are safe inside a vehicle and still refuse to drive away or remove yourself from the situation you claim is so horrible. Nice try, Danielle.

  11. 11

    Danielle is crazy im glad Ashley pulled her hair because she needs it

  12. 12

    Re: Starlit – ummm, did YOU watch? It was pretty obvious to anyone who watched that that hag saw an opportunity to make a scene, did so, and RAN LIKE THE BROKE BITCH SHE IS after throwing a few lame lines out there. Everyone else at that event was probably wondering what the hell she was yelling about, hence the stampede. That coke whore loved every second of that mess. Don't let that grinch fool you……

  13. 13

    Danielle is getting crazier and crazier by the episode. I can only imagine whats going to go down that tops the table flip and this past hair pulling episode.

  14. 14

    Danielle is getting crazier and crazier by the episode. I can only imagine whats going to go down in the future- that tops the table flip and this past hair pulling episode.

  15. 15

    Danielle is obviously insane…… she's such a total skank and acts like she's the poor put upon person. She's too gross…..

    I feel sorry for her kids, she is damaging them for life.

  16. 16

    Really? Come on now. Teresa is totally right so where is Danielle's case going? The judge is going to laugh and her and say "thanks for wasting my time". You're right Perez. NOTHING HAPPENED! It was a bunch of screaming and pushing. Thats it. It was like going to a dive bar but not having a drink in your hand for the show. I didnt think it was that bad. But Ashley grabbing Danielle's hair was so ridiculous. She needed to mind her own business and let her mother and Teresa handle the crazy skank nugget.

  17. 17

    She is so fake. PLEASE kick her off the show!

  18. 18

    Yeah ha ha Dan-Yell!! She is one hella ugly person outside and inside. I'm on Team Teresa and Jacqueline! Ashley did not have to get involved though. I would hate for her to get charged by Danielle. Danielle is so not worth it! Danielle is and has alway been delusional about the rest of the cast members. Last season she was a pathetic loser, this year she has "Danny" to "protect" her whatevs!! I'm glad Dina is gone from the drama. Love her too!!!

  19. 19

    All of these woman are nauseating. All of them are classless, trashy women. I am disgusted with Bravo for allowing such mindless, vapid, creatures on television. I do not follow this show, I know nothing of the ridiculous drama they have created for themselves, nor am I interested in finding out. All I know is that 1) not one of them is even remotely attractive because they are all pumped up with botox. 2) I don't care who you are or where you are from but having money doesn't make you interesting. In fact these women make me fucking sick. They are all selfish, worthless pieces of garbage. Their husbands should be ashamed of them, their families should be ashamed. High school is over ladies, you do yourselves and your children a disservice by trying to selfishly reclaim your own youth. I know you all find it so exciting to be on TV and to have people write about you and talk about you. But fame doesn't hide the fact that you are all sad, sad, sad, tragically horrible human beings. Your 15 minutes are almost up. And I bet you'll all have a lot of regrets…..and so will your children.

  20. 20

    Danielle? ewwwww she's one low, low, low level skank
    Posters are right, she defames herself. I've offered $5 for anyone who is turned on by her turn off video. (And that's my last offer.)

  21. 21

    Re: Starlit – umm i totally agree with you…the thing is i know danielle is crazzzy believe me…but teresa totally instigated the situation and then when ashley pulled her hair i was just so pissed off she shouldnt even have gotten involved and tht excuse "i thought she hit my mom" wow complete BULLSHIT if i have ever heard it.

  22. 22

    What a Tic Tac Tranny From Transylvania!! Get her, Perez! Love you bb xoxo MUAH!

  23. 23

    seem like to me danielle can tlk the tlk but she cnt wlk the wlk be a mother n rasie ur kids u not even a wife u should be replace n go take sum parentin classes poor kids. Tv is more imporant then ur kids I see now whenur daughter was in the fasion show u invited ur friends cuz ur child dnt have any wow been 15 n all my friends mom dislike u I u tried gettin daine daughter taken away ur should be takin krama is a bitch n u are to you crack whore you look like u decayin u need to go get a cheek lift r stop sucking dick lookin like tale from the crypt u whore

  24. 24

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor – For someone who does not watch the show you sure do have a lot of opinions on it. I just figure most of these shows are 60% fake anyway.

  25. 25

    Re: Starlit – You're right. I saw the show too. Theresa TOTALLY instigaged & then kept chasing her. Danielle tried to leave. And Ashley deserves to have charges pressed against her. Hope the little bitch learns her lesson.

  26. 26

    I can't stand Danielle!! She is a pathalogical liar, a narcissist, a drama queen, a complete trashy slut, and she looks like a creepy cartoon character with a stretched-out faced. I wish Bravo would take her off the show. She's ruining it!

  27. 27

    Danielle sucks

  28. 28

    I Feel bad for dramatic Danielle, the others ARE ganging up on her like immature children all except Caroline, SEEMINGLY. BUT I recognize that this IS A STAGED TV SHOW so if anyone is blaming one of the wives for starting anything, youre just delusional. Go ahead & have an argument about actors on a TV show, dumb bitches.

  29. 29

    Danielle is wacky and totally self centered. She and the adult woman can fight all they want too, makes for good TV. What I cannot stand is the way she is around her daughters. Both sweet kids, but she makes everything all about her. You can see the resentment beginning to creep in. And while Ashley certainly should not have pulled her hair, the bigger question is why is this supposedly adult woman fighting with an 18 year old?

  30. 30

    @starlite Chicago 87 and stinky goddess. How are you going to defend that prostitution whore? She is crazy. Danielle sure was all big and bad when she was sitting across from them and staring and laughing. Then to call ashley an 18 yr old and coke whore?? Wow she is such a wonderful mother. she says Jacqueline has bad parenting skills. She is not even a parents she asks her daughter for advice =) yes Teresa might have said something but Danielle was staring at here the whole time. she is so SCARY. She sure can dish it but is a bitch and can not take it!
    @femalefilmmajor if you don’t like it don’t comment. Theses ladies will have more money than you can every dream of k thanks!

    Team Teresa!

  31. 31

    Teresa definitely goaded Danielle in that episode. And, that woman who owns the clothing store and put on the "fashion" show, BEGGED Danielle to attend and then sat with Danielle's "enemies" and then seated Danielle in direct eye-alignment into the table of enemires. Then after Teresa pursued Danielle with her crazy rantings and chase; Jacqueline's daughter pulled out Danielle's hair and the reason she did it escalated from one lie to another, making her excuse bigger and bigger each time she told her side of it. Although, I don't like any of them, that show is addicting and more than likely scripted, since Dina, left the show.

  32. 32

    i agree danielle has issues but teresa is disgusting.. shes just evil. She thinks that it was so funny what they did to danielle. I watch this show occasionally and i feel like im back in high school.. only worse. its awful.. theyre so mean. Jacquelyns daughter is a pig. You CANNOT toouch someone else reguardless of whatever she "thinks" happened with the whole " i thougth she hit my mom" . NO she didnt. Shes a liar.. along with her mother and teresa. And.. teresas kids make me sick… the most spoiled, rude, disgusting, poorly raised children ive ever seen.

  33. 33

    I can't stand Teresa or ashley , all these danielle haters here we all have a
    past. Atleast Danielle has more class then teresa thats for sure look who the
    one has to go bankrupt first LOL and basically hid all the finances from the court
    so they keep all the stuff what a bunch of liars teresa and her husband are…
    Team Danielle…