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Oksana's Dentist Offered To Protect Her From Mel!

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Dr. Ross Shelden treated Oksana Grigorieva the day after Mel Gibson supposedly hit her — and Dr. Shelden offered to let her stay in his home!

Dr. Shelden will be a witness in the case if criminal charges end up being filed against Mel and Oksana's lawyers asked the dentist to write a declaration last month concerning the incident.

He said in the declaration that he saw evidence of "blunt force trauma" in addition to physical damage. He also noted that her veneers, not her teeth, were damaged with one knocked out completely and the other broken in half.


[Image via WENN.]

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56 comments to “Oksana's Dentist Offered To Protect Her From Mel!”

  1. 1

    So, if she fell on her top step or on the edge of the pool, same thing.

    Also, sounds you you were servicing the dentist.

    Sorry, hun, not gonna happen.

  2. 2

    TOO bad the doctor failed to report it to the POLICE! As a health care professional, if you suspect abuse it needs to be reported…. welll hmmmm SUSPICIOUS!

  3. 3

    She needs a bottle of holy water and an exorcism to be protected from that dude.

  4. 4

    OH so her TEETH were fine, but the VENEERS MEL probably PAID for aren't??? OH WELL TOO BAD.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Grammar check isle 1

  7. 7

    Prez, you're so funny jumping to slam dunk condemn Mel. Yes, it is blatantly obvious he was an over the top jerk in the recordings, but no one really knows the whole story going on here or possibly what she has said and done. Just sit back and wait for all the evidence and facts to come out before you get so 100% convinced of everything.

  8. 8

    Re: Kate ford – "She…. uh…. fell down the stairs." Riiiight. ;)

  9. 9

    maybe this oksana, with her rediculous looking fake lips and clown face is a total coont .

  10. 10

    …everyone keep blaming the victim and let this monster roam free while Lindsay is Crucified for FAR LESS….she never attacked anyone with a BABY and threatened to burn down a house….what a maniac he is….

  11. 11

    Oh please the Russian con woman played the aging alcoholic pill head to the mad max.

  12. 12

    i believe i read somewhere that her camp was insisting it was actual teeth that were knocked out, and mel's camp said it was veneers that she had gone to the dentist to fix…so, are we getting some confirmation that mels camp is telling the truth and her camp is LYING???
    hopefully the dentist isnt looked at as a witness to the crime, because obviously he didnt witness it happen, he just cleaned up dental damage.

    i had my teeth knocked out when i was younger, actual teeth not veneers, and no one even jumped to the conclusion of abuse. i simply fell while running on gravel on cement, and hit my chin on a log. out came the teeth, right into my lip.
    it seriously can happen, i know.
    i got my real teeth re-installed…so still no veneers. still have the teeth :)

  13. 13

    hey Mario, you had a post earlier TODAY that this Dentist was going to testify that Mel knocked out her TEETH (which he couldn't do because he was not there), but YOU said TEETH, and you made a point about it being TEETH, not veneers. and HOW MANY DENTISTS OFFER TO TAKE THEIR PATIENTS IN IF THEY THINK THEY ARE BEING ABUSED?????????? At most, they would call the police for you, insist at that, or if you were badly injured, call an ambulance, maybe take pics of your injuries, BUT OFFER TO TAKE YOU HOME?????? and then he does not CALL THE POLICE. It sounds like we are being fed a bunch of bull. alot of coming from Perez. Are you getting a cut or POTENTIAL CUT from Oksana or her lawyer? I can understand being on her side, if you did not think she was setting him up with all the recordings, BUT, YOU ARE REALLY GOING NUTS AGAINST MEL. even when it is the same tape you have already commented on. What ARE YOU GETTING OUT OF IT?

  14. 14

    Oh man, it'd be so awesome if it turns out she's fucking the dentist and they set Mel up to make millions. Not awesome like good, but awesome like mario is a total tool for being such a dick

  15. 15

    You can see the conniving, lying skank in her face. Even I want to hit her. I bet she put in a lot of effort to get him to flip his lid so that she can be a victim.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Hmmmmmm, sounds fishy.

  18. 18

    Re: HOLYJEEBUS – OMG, you're an awesome troll. Like: he paid for those fancy teeth-caps! He should be able to smack the white off them whenever he wants! Now: blow me! etc. Awesome.

  19. 19

    Well clearly, he is not a happy drunk.

  20. 20

    Oh please, she could've gotten them knocked out a dozen ways.
    I'm sorry but heresay is not evidence that he abused her.

  21. 21

    The Dentist's statement is full of lies and half-truths.
    The recordings are obviously doctored.

    There are photos of her 2 days after the "brutal attack" smiling happily with Mel…without a mark on her shiny face and big white smile.

    Figures that the fake gold digger would have Lee Press-On Teeth.

  22. 22

    So disturbing to listen to how this poor woman has suffered. This man has a disease, he is an alcoholic and his mind is disturbed. He doesnt think he is wrong, irrational, abusive, violent or any of these things, he thinks he is correct and everyone else is wrong. I am the wife of a recovering alcoholic and I guarnatee that every family memeber of a recovering alcoholic has heard these tapes and thought "that sounds familiar". This woman needs to go far away from him and God needs to step in that maybe someone out there might get through to hm like someone got through to my husband. Then and only then will he realise how terribly he has treated this woman and has behaved as right now, he doesnt give a crap and never will. He needs a sponsor, he needs to go through the programme and he needs God to help him. I say this as a not particularily religious person that saw a miracle happen with my husband and I have earned the right a little insight to say that yes this man needs stopped, he needs to be restrained but this man also needs help. Money can buy you a lot of things but it cant buy you serenity, peace and happiness and this man right now is full of the devil as that is what alcohol does to your mind. But for the grace of your God go all of us, dont be too quick to condemn. Although if he knocked my teeth out I would bury his ass!!!!! Be wise people!!!!

  23. 23

    Give me a break, she set this whole thing up. Yeah he's nuts but I'd bet she's banging her dentist and they are trying to get money from Mel. Give him his kid and kick her out of the country.

  24. 24

    Re: Rosy Posy

    Dear Rosy,

    Return to the Readers' Digest Forum, you're a gullible idiot,

  25. 25

    Re: HOLYJEEBUS – just because he paid for veneers doesn't give him the right to knock them out! What a completely stupid post!

  26. 26

    She looks so adorable in this photo, poor girl.

  27. 27

    What's a "they day?" Proofread douchebag. I wish he was married to you, Porky Pedo.

  28. 28

    She's a whore with huge fake tits- why wouldn't he want her to crash at his place?

  29. 29

    Hmmm…YET SHE NEVER WENT TO THE POLICE. Again, I call bullshit on this russian slut. If she cared about her children AT ALL she would have gone straight to the police. Sounds like he said/she said.

  30. 30

    I think you're wrong Perez, it was actually her teeth that were chipped and knocked out. Not her veneers.. Time to do some proof resding before you send these things out to the world.

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    Her bio/past history paints her as a real Russian pirhana if you read between the lines, innocent face aside, and I believe she led old Mel (who was fresh off a divorce and vulnerable) into a feeding frenzy knowingly. That said, with all of Mel's worldly experience, he should know better. Think with the big head.

  32. 32

    Ship this goldigging bitch back to Russia

  33. 33

    Here lies Mel Gibson's career

  34. 34

    So she pushes his buttons and his drink-adled mind blows up and he rants his head off (as she knew he would) and she tapes the whole bit and releases Mel's greatest hits because he wouldn't pay her off. Did I miss anything? So the dentist wants to be involved as well and tesitfy to something he didn't see to help her case. Riiight. Did I miss anything else? Perez leads the lynch party to Mel's place - just because, alright? How am I doing so far. Mel's career is toast. Oksana gets a reality show and does a pretty good impersonation of Octomom. (They look like sisters). Perez adopts Mel's kid. Oksana and Perez produce a stage musical together and take it to Broadway - titled `Mel's a racist douchebag - The Musical'! The musical flops because frankly no one cares. Her only talent is popping out kids to other womens' husbands and Perez' only talent hasn't been identified yet. Whew! Almost done. Mel jumps the fence and turns gay and shacks up with a black Jewish dude and his Latino girly boy. Perez forgives him for being a breeder, religious goose, piss-pot, and red-neck as long as Perez has a shot. Oksana is disgusted with the whole circus and goes back to Russia.

  35. 35

    I'll just be he did offer to take her in, but Mel Gibson's bank account vs a Dentist… you bet your ass she went back to Mel !

  36. 36

    I don't know how it is in the US, but here (Switzerland) a doctor MUST NOT report suspected abuse to the police… it is up to the patient (= victim) to decide this. The doctors have the duty to treat medical records strictly confidentially. They can only advise the patient to report the abuse to the police and handing over a medical report to the patient, which can be used as proof of the attack. But in my opinion a doctor can NOT go to the police and report that one of his patients has been abused??? That would be a breach of his hippocratic oath.

  37. 37

    OKsana is not what she appears to be. She's a user just like Mel said. I do not condone Mel's actions, but this girl set him up, and will now be awarded more money!

  38. 38

    People, take a closer look at Oksana!

  39. 39

    If he truly wanted to protect her, he would have reported the incident to the police seven months ago when it happened….very shady.

  40. 40

    Uh huh, just not buying this. A dentist by law has to report an incident like this. If you offered to "protect" her would by letting her stay at your house that would have not have helped the situation as a whole. Only put it on hold temporarily. If you really wanted to help her, you report it the day it happened. Not wait till the the story came out and she needed money. Claiming to protect her is not going to look good either since well, thats just a stupid excuse. See, this is another reason I dont believe Oksana's whole story. It's changing everyday. I just deep down think she is after money since she only just preorted all this when she was broke. So if she kept getting money this would have never came out? Thats just wrong and not the makings of a "good" mother who just wants to protect her child.

  41. 41

    Top Forensic Experts say Mel Gibson’s Threatening Audio Tapes Have Been Tampered With! check it out on hollywoodlife . com

    She was setting him up for the $.. thats why she was so calm!

  42. 42

    Goodness. This keeps getting worse. Heard about how she went to her dentist yesterday….on the news.

  43. 43

    Mel seriously needs help but this Oksana girl is troubled too

  44. 44

    i just realized that she kinda looks like Octomom!

  45. 45

    Re: Kate ford
    Way to bring down women lady!

  46. 46

    Mario and his sister suck at what they do. Tee Em Zee is way better, they're pro.

  47. 47

    Really?!! Is she blowing him?

  48. 48

    Re: HOLYJEEBUS – So, you're saying that if somebody buys your veneers for you, they should be allowed to punch you in the face and knock them out of your mouth? If your daughter's husband bought her veneers for her, would it be okay for him to beat her up because he had spent money on her? So, is she property, bought & paid for, just like a car or a house? What value do you place on human life and on the suffering caused by others? That sounds mighty cold-blooded, lady. I'm glad you don't run the universe!

  49. 49

    Re: Kate ford – Kate, so you think that getting punched in the face by a man and having him knock your teeth out is the same as you accidentally slipping on some stairs or falling off of the edge of a pool? Are you sure you're not Mel Gibson's criminal defense attorney? It sounds like you live in a very different universe than I do, lady!

  50. 50

    Re: HOLYJEEBUS – Holy, I don't that is necessarily true, in the case of an adult, such as her, who is mentally and physically capable of making her own decisions. If she was a child, eldery, or mentally/physically incapacitated, then he would have been mandated by law to report any suspected abuse of her or if he believed that she was a danger to herself or to others.

  51. 51

    Re: Genghis Khan – Gengis, just because somebody says something to you or you feel angry at them doesn't mean that it's okay for you to assault them. If you do, then you should be punished for it, and society should be protected from you.

  52. 52

    Re: TORTEZ – Tortex, so you don't think that Mel used his fame, money, power, & position to con HER into being with him, and then he got pissed when she tried to leave him, cuz (as you said yourself!) he's an "aging pillhead alcoholic," and he knows perfectly well that no sane female is going to want him, once she really knows what he's like?

  53. 53

    Re: check the facts you twits – Check, you sound a lot like many people used to sound before Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered.

  54. 54

    Note: Most men who are angry at their exes don't talk to them anymore, partly because they want no further contact with them, rather than having several lengthy and very detailed fights/conversations on the telephone with them. And usually a guy wouldn't speak to a female who has filed any kind of legal action against him or who has phoned the cops about him, partly because he assumes that she is nuts. So, Mel probably knew that she wasn't crazy, a dopehead, or an alcoholic, or he would have just moved on to other women and wouldn't have bothered to have any more contact with her of any kind, if speaking to her or being around her truly bothered him.

  55. 55

    Cont: After all, he's a good-looking movie star, and he has millions of dollars and many staff members at his disposal. Also, he's a grown man, and he's very definitely not innocent or naive, coming from a very successful career in a business like Hollywood! Plus, he's already been married before for many years, he's raised 7 other kids of his own, AND he had mistresses. I think that he's spoiled, and he feels a sense of entitlement, like other dictators often do. "NOTHING CORRUPTS AS COMPLETELY AS HAVING COMPLETE POWER!" Look at how people usually change and often look down upon others once they suddenly acquire money, power, or fame! After all, the world treats you a lot differently when you're good-looking or are a boss or a leader! So, some people stop being nice once they have gotten what they wanted out of others. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people like Mel, but most just aren't in the limelight.

  56. 56

    If you are talking about Ross Sheldon in Encino, he is a good and honest Dr. and he wouldn't lie! I use to work for him