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Disney Offering Discount Tix To Sorcerer's Apprentice

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This one might not be a big seller!

Disney is offering "buy one get one free" tickets for The Sorcerer's Apprentice when purchasing tickets in advance. Considering how much it costs for a family to go to the movies, it'll probably serve them well.

The film is likely to gross between $30-$35 million in the U.S. and Canada by Sunday, which is a huge loss. It cost $150 million to produce.

"We have been doing a lot of experimentation with social media and this is an opportunity to be on the cutting edge," said Disney spokesman John Nicoletti, who didn't want to admit the reason was because their movie is set to bomb.

CLICK HERE to scope out the deal.

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11 comments to “Disney Offering Discount Tix To Sorcerer's Apprentice

  1. 1

    hmm sucks. i saw it last night and loved it cuz i am in love with jay. but sucks if it wont do well.

  2. 2

    Oh Oh here comes another Perez Hilton movie prediction. Remember Avatar, remember last week when Twilight was predicted by you to be the hugest hit of the summer. Please quit the movie prediction game Perez..its not your forte.

  3. 3

    oh and i guess i shouldve waited lol!! i want buy one get one free!

  4. 4

    I thought it was a great movie!

  5. 5

    I hope it doesn't bomb. I saw it yesterday afternoon and it was really good!

  6. 6

    Now THIS is what they should be doing instead of jacking up prices for tickets. THIS would get me to the cinema quick!

  7. 7

    this is a really good movie.

  8. 8

    We saw it today, it was awesome!!

  9. 9

    Best movie I've seen all summer.

  10. 10

    I don't know why he keeps saying things are a huge loss if they don't make the total production costs of a movie in one weekend. So they get 35 million when you consider it will be in theatres for the next two months that's pretty good and then of course there are the DVD releases and eventually the tv syndication deals with other networks if they ever choose to show it. So all in all they will probably make their money back. Not to mention it doesn't look that bad. Way better than the Last Airbender and Nicholas Cage actually does pretty good with the family movie scene.

  11. 11

    I saw this movie last night and it was AMAZING. Really good graphics, and Nic Cage is lookin' SEXY! I've always loved every movie he's ever done. And the nerdy kid gets cuter with every movie he's in.