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Mugshot Hall Of Fame.

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Hoooooly shit. We've seen a lot of exquisite, truly amazing mugshots, but this one takes the effing cake!

We wonder if that's the face that Lindsay Lohan sees when she over does it on the ambien and meth!

That stud muffin pictured above is Jesse Thornhill of Tulsa, who was arrested after allegedly sacrificing a goat and worshipping his dark master Satan attempting to run over his landlord in a '96 Ford Windstar after an argument!

He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and we're frightened to discover that he has been bonded out. Which means, all you fine folk in Tulsa, he's coming for you next!

We want to know where you go to get horns implanted into your head! Do people actually do that?!


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98 comments to “Mugshot Hall Of Fame.”

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  2. 2

    "…sees when she OVERDOSE it on the ambien and meth?!" Um, dumbasses… isn't it OVERDOES it?!?! Wow… Mario, looks like you could hire some LITERATE ghost writers…

  3. 3

    I am rendered speechless.

  4. 4

    And, yes, a lot of people get those implants…they use ball bearings, and insert them into a pocket, just below the skin… While the guy is scary looking–it's not at all uncommon, nor is it news-worthy…

  5. 5

    Ford Windstar? COOL!

  6. 6

    Good God what on earth?? Tone it down with the body modification sweety.

  7. 7

    Yeah, I've actually seen someone getting the horns done… its crazy-weird. I have no issue with tats or piercings, but when you implant devil horns under your skin, you're rather odd.

  8. 8


  9. 9


  10. 10

    People like this usually get a FREE CHECK (from whatever source) in the mail monthly & can do whatever they want for the rest of their lives without worrying what other people think; True Freedom!

  11. 11

    yes you imbecile, people do dumb shit like this and get horns implanted. they also get whiskers and tattoo themselves to look like cats……unfortunately, there's much more fucked up people than mario and hohan walking, talking and procreating in this world……………

  12. 12

    Go to your local tattoo and piercing store and they will gladly make you any kind of implant you like - I am thinking about it since years - last thing I got was a cutting / scarification and I like it.

    FYI: I have NO criminal record and work in a trust office.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    I think he's sexy. Not every needs to look what society deems as "normal". If he's confident in his own image that he can live with looking like this, what makes you think your opinions matter?

  15. 15

    I hate fucking retards that get those stupid horns! They look like fucking idiots!

  16. 16

    Yuck! I guess it takes all kinds, like "men" who wear panda suits and dye their hair different colors!
    What happened to people wanting to look nice? Am I that old?!?! Yup

  17. 17


  18. 18

    When she overdose it? Who is writing this stuff? Fourth Graders?

  19. 19

    again nice rip off of the smoking gun

  20. cdv says – reply to this


    Really? All the freaks a freak like you attracts and this is the first time you've seen the implanted horns? Or is your sister posting again?

  21. 21


  22. 22

    We wonder if that's the face that Lindsay Lohan sees when she overdose it on the ambien and meth!.

    You truly are a sick fat piece of shit. I don't like Lindsay, but you're a cruel piece of shit. What is your face going to look like, when the find you have overdosed, on twinkies and cheetos. ?

  23. 23

    I want one; where can I buy one?

  24. 24

    I wonder what he would say when he gets older. Although it does not look that bad now, but just picture this man at 80 with a saggy face and neck. I have seen worse.

  25. 25

    I'm lost for words!

  26. 26


  27. 27

    He is better looking than you, fuck face.

    So you seriously haven't ever seen anyone with body modification before? Really? And here you pretend to be so open minded and liberal. You are actually just a scared of people who are different from you; that makes you a hypocrite every time you get annoyed that someone doesn't like gay people.


  28. 28

    I live in New York in a very nice family neighbohood. There is a couple around the corner that look just like this guy with 2 small children.
    The family is always together and people just stare at them. I kind of feel bad for them. I guess people are just into diffrent things and like to put implants into there heads. LOL

  29. 29

    seriously, those horns are just plain creeped-out looking - nothing hot at all about this devil boy.

  30. 30

    Wow-I guess he really loves satan. Feel bad for him!

  31. 31

    I wonder if he is one of the needy who can't afford insurance but has piercings and ink worth more than my car. Who would hire Loser?

  32. 32

    I always wonder when I see stuff like this…..what is this guy going to do when he "grows up"? Can you imagine that look on someone who is 70 years old???

  33. 33

    I hate my father…

  34. 34

    sweet scarification, but horn implants are so 90's…and lame.

  35. 35

    Oh its your boyfriend Mario….

  36. 36

    A little embarrassed right now that I'm from Tulsa…LOL

  37. 37

    This guys looks like a fucking freak. There is a such thing as going overboard with expressing yourself with body art.

  38. 38

    imagine what he'll look like at 60

  39. 39

    Re: Pielamby – He more than likely will die young

  40. (: says – reply to this


    i got a headache from looking at him & are those piercings on the TOP OF HIS HEAD?!! ewww. how do you do that? thats disgusting…. some of the things people do…. smh.

  41. 41

    Re: Douche Hunter – LOL @ 33!!!!!! that's good…….

  42. 42

    I work at the jail he was booked in to. What you guys can not see is the "Fuck U" Tattooed down one forearm in pink graffitti style letters. Also if you look really close the tattoo on his neck is a face and his adams apple is the nose. So when he turns 80 and gets turkey neck his neck tattoo will have a horn also.

  43. 43

    What a tool.
    The sad thing is, he wouldn't be a bad looking guy at all if he didn't have those retarded horns inplanted.

  44. 44

    "sacrificing a goat and worshipping his dark master Satan" HAHAHAHAHA I ALMOST PEED

  45. 45

    I just can't believe this guy even HAS a landlord. I mean, really, who would rent to him? He just oozes creepiness.

  46. 46

    Re: Douche Hunter – HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

  47. 47

    It has only been legal to even get a tattoo within the city limits for a couple of years. Im pretty sure you can't get implants or brands anywhere in Tulsa.

  48. 48

    still doesn't top the Lizard Man, but seems to be following in his footsteps

    to each his own

    bet he sets off the airport alarms

  49. 49

    I'd hit it

  50. tasha says – reply to this


    Boy you really are behind on things aren't you perezpuss. There's a whole culture of people that do these implants and various tatoo's. One of the Discovery channels even did a show on it.

  51. Fabu says – reply to this


    lol… and yeah, I've seen these before on that tv show "Taboo"… they get those freaky horns implanted… and there's even some dude that's had his whole body turned into a lizard… weird chit some people do. LOLed at the Lindsay/mirror comment!

  52. 52

    They are called body modifiers. There are TOOLS everywhere

  53. 53

    Damn he's Hot!

  54. 54

    I think he should fuck Mel Gibson

  55. 55

    Re: Narcoleptic_Sleep_Around – No, actually, it really is OVER DOES IT. As in, have fun, but don't over do it? Maybe he should only allow LITERATE users.

  56. 56

    Ok don't think that all people in Oklahoma are like that lol. I'm from Oklahoma and we are not all wierd freaks or hillbillies. We actually do drive cars and live in apt buildings. We don't ride around on a horse everywhere and live in tepees! It's crazy how a lot of people think that.

  57. 57

    I kinda feel bad for him. Obviously he's had some kind of a rough life. Not b/c of the body modifications but b/c he tried to run over his land lord~ WTF?! Normal ppl don't do that. As for the body mods to each his own. My personal opinion is that he'll never find a decent job or truly (sadly) ever really be accepcted into society. I have tats and piercing but nothing that u can see when I'm at work. It's ok to be different and unique but if u want to be successful or at least have a decent house/life ($$$-wise) u have to conform (even just a lil bit) to the working standards. I save all my uniqueness for my own time not my bosses time. Sorry but if u want ur cake and to eat it too something has got to give!

  58. 58

    It really makes me very sad to see somebody do this to themselves. Why would he do this to his body? Just very very sad and unfortunate.

  59. 59

    Re: Pielamby – Soooooo TRUE!! Lol What a dumbass

  60. 60

    Totally TARD!

  61. 61

    Pft… wannabe.

  62. kcarr says – reply to this


    Re: **LondonHockeyGurL** – "when the find you have overdosed, on twinkies and cheetos. ?" ….."when the find"? You dont even know how to spell yourself so STFU!

  63. 63

    Re: Goldie126
    You are an idiot!!!!!!!
    Many people are sucessful without conforming to the system!!!!!!!! And they are better people for it!!! I'm assuming that your tattoo is probably an astrological or tribal tramp stamp and your piercing is probably a belly button piercing! Oohh you are sooo hardcore…..POSER!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to your cubicle and finger yourself while reading your Sarah Palin book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 64

    Perez, it makes me very sad that you would post something like this and judge someone this way. You preach about about gay rights and what not but what about the rights of those who choose to be different in other ways? Is it not the same? You ask not to be judged and have the same freedoms as others, then judge someone like this. You are a hypocrite. I follow your blog daily, I defend you to people who talk shit, but this is just sad. I have lost a lot of respect for you. And FYI this guy is a friend of mine and he is a really great guy! He is so incredibly intelligent, he loves to learn, he is going to school full time in the fall, he has more ambition than most people I know. And although I haven't talked to him about this personally yet, I plan to, because from what I've already gathered this story is inaccurate.

  65. 65

    Re: MARY666 – damn straight!!! This guys totally fucking awesome for being fine with doing all this stuff to himself. What better way to express yourself than through putting art on your body and making yourself look the way that makes you feel best

  66. 66

    Re: Goldie126 – I have to disagree with you with the decent job thing.. sure he may not get a so called NORMAL job like the rest of the world but he could make a good living off of doing tattoos (which I assume he does but i could be wrong). My brother is now living in a beautiful home with a great family and he's making bank, and the only thing he doesn't have are the horns and some of the facial piercings. Sure he may never be a doctor but who cares? Not everyone wants to be rich and not everyone wants too look like everyone else in the world.

  67. 67

    I hope this guy's in a band! He has a really nice face, I find myself strangely attracted, I do have a bit of a "Diane Arbus weakness for freakness." I bet he Fucks like a demon!

  68. 68

    Re: MARY666 – You know, it's funny you should talk about posers. Adding 666 to the end of your username doesn't make you seem like a poser or typical nonconformist at all…Everyone's idea of success is different, and there are certainly many careers you could never have a chance at with an appearance like that.

  69. 69

    Re: .::shayla::. – at the same time shayla, putting 666 at the end of a username doesn't make them a poser either. Dont be dumb

  70. 70

    Re: .::shayla::. – God thank u! That's all Im saying. U ppl are so harsh I was honestly trying to say it in the nicest way w/o trying to offend. PPL on this site are so angry! RELAX ppl it's a gossip blog not the freaking constitution.
    P.s Mary666 I don't think a half sleeve and a whole upper back piece is POSER but thats just me.

  71. 71

    Re: krisynthetic – totally agree with u! Look at Kat Von D super sexy and successful. Unfortunatly in Ohio there is no money to be made in tattoos or anything of that nature. It's not like here in LA where there is a bigger population of us. I hope he is some kind of an artist b/c that would be awesome for him. But I was really saying what is a reality. Not everone has a chance to be successful And in Ohio it's probably hard on him.

  72. 72

    Re: krisynthetic

  73. 73

    Re: .::shayla::.
    A person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others.
    I do it for me girl!

  74. 74

    Re: MARY666 – hmmm,i have facial tattoos and modifications and I also support Sarah Palin. Its funny how libs like to lump people together and then blame conservatives for being closed minded.

  75. 75

    Wow, that's so not the whole story. I know the police officer that arrested this guy. The police were called because he had tried to run down his neighbor.. When police arrived, he was pouring gasoline all over his mothers front yard. Yes, he is out on bond. When he should be in the loony bin. I know I am pissed that he is back on the streets. Oh! I actually have a better pic of him sitting in the back of the police car… Normally officers do not take pics…but come on, look at this guy.

  76. 76

    Wait… are people from LA REALLY acting like they don't see people like this every day trying too hard? Most people worship Lady Gaga with no regard for the fact that she makes this guy look like an amateur in her ridiculous outfits.

    Bottom line: Oklahoma has the #1 cost of living in the ENTIRE country so while the rest of you are working 3 jobs to afford a studio apartment in crowded cities, we have huge houses that we buy for less and a booming economy. Sure, Oklahoma sucks sometimes, but hey, show me one place that doesn't….

  77. 77

    Re: aokleaves – Question: why in the world would you support Sarah Palin? She quit her governance after losing the VP race and makes Dan Quayle look like Einstein. PLEASE stop supporting unqualified media darlings and electing them into office. Having this woman anywhere near the white house would be like saying to the rest of the world "look, we don't care about brains or experience. Her husband rides snowmobiles. I'm sold."

  78. 78

    How judgmental of you. Where have you been living? Under a rock? Of course people get these things done, its called body modifications. Its not stunning nor is it news. And just because he has these things done doesn't mean he's a fucking Satan worshiper or that he sacrifices animals. There was a point in time when people with tattoos were classed as just. Gawd, people are closed minded.

  79. 79

    Mario, your caption on the picture made me LOL big time.

  80. 80

    fuck you mario, urban primitives are the front runners of fashion.

  81. 81

    LMFAO HE SAID SACRIFICING A GOAT! o goshh, his posts are hilarious sometimes ya know.

  82. 82

    Aww, all that hard work to look intimidating and then he goes and puts on a pink t-shirt.

  83. 83

    Wow! Is that Lady Gaga? If she did that shit you'd be crowing about unique it was. Two-faced we thinks.

  84. 84

    the skin etching is a bit much.

  85. 85

    a '96 Ford Windstar? Why? WHY?

  86. 86

    someone got over excited at the tattoo parlour… OMG he's gross

  87. 87

    i live close to tulsa lol and im scared :P

  88. 88

    nice pink shirt really completes the look

  89. 89

    he is HOT! that boy is a monster..

  90. 90

    EXTREMELY disturbed individual.

  91. 91

    bahahahahahahahahahaa….what a douche!!!!!!!! Seriously…devil horns!! He looks like he should be on star trek… Seriously why?? He must not be able to leave his home… this guy could only know how idiotic he's been if he had the opportunity to look untouched for a day. He would see how different life could have been… ie. good

  92. 92

    btw…altho i think he looks horrific and wud look sooo much better without that hateful shit, i respect his right to do it. His life. Do what u think will make u happy. EVEN IF I THINK IT'S WAY OVERBOARD.

  93. 93

    WTF with the horns?
    WHat a sick sick sick sick mother fucker….

  94. 94

    maan, only in oklahoma.
    our state is SO gay.
    FTW! but we made perez's site.
    we win!!! hahaha thanks Jesse.

  95. 95

    Re: strondbokken – "look, we don't care about brains or experience."

    Are you really that stupid?? Look who is in the White House right now….I'm sure Sarah would be doing much better. At least she had some experience….where-as b.o. had absolutely zero.

  96. 96

    shame he seems like he used to be a good looking guy

  97. 97

    I went to high school with Jesse. Last time I saw him he only had the screws in his forehead, guess it's been a long time.

  98. 98