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Rant #5 Leaked!

| Filed under: Mel Gibson

In case you missed it…

Check out MELtdown Gibson's latest hate-filled tirade towards his baby mama that hit the Internet today (above).

He's so vile!

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69 comments to “Rant #5 Leaked!”

  1. 1

    yeah, isn't this posted further down on the page??

  2. 2

    Yes, it is posted further down the page but Mel is his new Carrie Prejean. He is obsessed with ruining Mel's life because Mel called Latinos "Wetbacks". So he is probably going to post this 10 more times today.

  3. 3

    I can't listen to another one of these….he is despicable, please take your money buy a deserted island and stay there forever Mel Gibson!

  4. 4

    its funny now, hope they make a movie out of it

  5. 5

    Howard Stern's guys are making phony phone calls using Mel's rants….so goddamn funny.

  6. 6

    They now say these rants are not real. Very much edited. They are also saying they may not be Mels voice.

    What do you think of that Jeffery Dahmer wannabe.

  7. 7

    These tapes are overkill.ok..We know he's crazy…why haven't they locked him up..In Cali..if you feel threaten.you can record the situation and it can be used in court..so what is the hold up..my only question was why now did she decide to release the tapes now. Why after he knocked out her tooth that she didn't go to the cops. I never understood women when it comes to that..If a man hits you once..the next time it may not be so pretty. Money can make you overlook a lot of things..but putting your safety first is the most important thing…

  8. 8

    Im sorry I meant John Wayne Gacy.

  9. 9

    Omg I laugh so hard when he goes "WHAT". lolz

  10. 10

    again? this is the same one.

  11. 11

    OK, I feel so dirty listening to these now. This should never have been recorded, this woman is just as crazy as he is. Some things you can unhear unfortunately!

  12. 12

    she really reached the point, that she doesn't care anymore.
    all mel gibson films are: bullshit

  13. 13

    Mel Gibson Movies are fucking bullshit

  14. 14

    you seem so excited about the fact he is vile. and if you find this so disgusting and vile, WHY DO YOU KEEP GOING ON AND ON ABOUT IT? last summer, it was Carrie Prejean. 3,4 posts a day. You are OCD, aren't you? You are also lazy. by doing these posts, one after another, it keeps you from having to actually work and find real news. So why are these tapes keep surfacing? 7 MONTHS LATER? WHO IS DOING THIS? It has to be Oksana or someone she has hired, since she is the one who recorded them. The fact is, ALL THIS HAPPENED OVER HALF A YEAR AGO. People are saying he was talking about killing, committing suicide-HE DIDN'T. He did not hurt the baby. THERE IS NOT HISTORY OF HIM EVERY HURTING ANY OF HIS OTHER 7 CHILDREN. Yes, he is disgusting, he is an alcoholic. DON'T SEE ANY OF HIS MOVIES. He is not married to this Oksana, let this crap be settled in court. She set him up, she will get money. He lost his agent, he probably will have a very hard time finding work. With Mel, everyone has a choice, like I said, you see him signed to do something, email, text, write the studio. THAN DON'T GO SEE IT. But don't act like Mario/perez who goes with the fair weather hollywood who picks and chooses. Charlie Sheen is not being shun. Why?????? But Chris Brown is. All depends on who you insult and your power. THAT IS DISGUSTING.

  15. YUCK says – reply to this


    I love mel and I would love to have a ppv event of mel and perez locked in a death cage together. LOVE IT!

  16. 16


  17. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: JanetCanGetIT – ur wrong, dont post lies as facts please.

  18. 18

    Perez you say he's vile? Well so are you, so you're in good company.

  19. 19

    SmellyMelly needs a StraightJacket. This arrogant piece of shit thinks he has fooled everyone with his fake Hollywood image. You have been Exposed!!! How sad for your children and grandchildren. Anyway, I haven't heard him provide a good reason for his anger towards her, and there is no evidence to support calling her a golddigger. It's typical for abusive, alcoholic men to tag women with derogatory attacks on their gender, but obviously SmellyMelly doesn't respect women even at the core of their gender. He has daughters and grandaughters, and to use the word kunt against any woman is to insult them as well. P.S. JanetCanGetIt ~ she did go to the police, and she has a restraining order against him, which is why he is using the phone to contact her instead of showing up at the door. TheTrial will happen in time. In the meantime, I don't blame her for exposing him publically, because he was doing that to her first. I would have done the same thing. And you can't say she set him up, because nobody can make him be abusive. P.S.S. It must be Mel's spin doctors trying to imply that is not him on the tape. Kick his ass good Oksana. He really needs an attitude adjustment with a baseball bat upside his alcohol-infested brain.

  20. 20

    It to me, personally, sounds like her voice was dubbed in after the call..it's too clean, and there are times it doesn't seem like (and I know who ever it is is talking crazy) the conversation doesn't mesh well..I can't explain it..it just doesn't sound real to me. Not excusing him, just my opinion.

  21. 21

    Dear, Dear, Paulie…Perez does not write these articles. He steals them from other bloggers, and then he doesn't give them credit for their work. You can google the articles and see for yourself. That is how he can be perpetually posting so many articles every day. Seriously, Perez is a thieving pig. He would not be capable of doing any job without a degree of laziness and dishonesty involved.

  22. 22

    this asshole is just mad that this woman didnt put up with his shit and left his sorry ass. his wife must be a fool if she put up with this for 30 years. good for the gold digger…

  23. 23

    does anyone think that maybe she could be a gold digging manipulative woman and maybe he's sick of dealing with her bullshit? he should have seen it coming but come on.. everyone reaches their breaking point. he's flipping out and she's talking so calm, she's trying to egg him on to make him flip out more to get a good tape to SELL to the media. hello people…

  24. 24

    He sounds like he's going to stroke out or have a huge coronary. He's Mr Angry, but she isn't all there either, Ms I wanna look like Octo-Mom.

  25. 25

    I get this vision of Buzz Lightyear saying these things…. Toy Story is forever ruined, RUINED!!

  26. 26

    If that's the new Hollywood-Image, than good night. I think, Mel Gibson can't be the only one around Dream Factory, acting like this. Their character got lost with all the bucks

  27. 27

    Re: Chris Burks

    I agree! Something about it doesn't add up. I'm also not excusing the behavior and think that the best thing was that they ended the relationship. I also think that if Mel had not had previous issues with his anger no one would really care as much. What he is saying is wrong, and no one ever deserves to be talked to in that manner, and if he such a terrible person, Why is she calling him up asking for tickets? To egg him on?

  28. 28

    he needs help NOW!!!!! he is out of control. He is a hot volcano ready to erupt. There is so many like him all over the world. This needs to stop now.

  29. 29

    I'm starting to think Mel has a point, and what was that he said in the beginning about having no money? can that be true?

  30. 30

    Shaashiie ~ the reason SmellyMelly is ranting, and she is not, is because she has not spent the last 30 years pickling her brain in alcohol. He has!!! And your statement is full of shit, because she was not egging him on. She was calmly answering to his accusations. Look at you morons defending his behaviour as being justified somehow. There is never a circumstance to call a woman a kunt, because that is degrading to all women, because it refers to them as just a body part for men to screw. He has daughters and grandmothers, and clear-thinking men don't do that. Anyway, at his age, with his wealth and life experience, maybe he should have found out who she was before he had a child with her.

  31. 31

    Re: justtfax

    Well said!

  32. 32


  33. 33

    WHy are none of these actually from the beginning of the conversation? Is it possible she's egging him on and pushing his buttons to get him this mad and then record him to make money because she IS a gold digging whore? he's clearly in need of medical attention because he is clearly in the middle of a meltdown. But it seems to me like he's blaming her for the demise of his 30 year marraige and probably kicking himself for giving that up for someone who is only using him and now exploiting him. I think she's provoking him and then pressing record so she can sit back and just placate the arguments she has started.
    The things he is saying are NOT ok by ANY means, but she's not innocent in this, at all!!

  34. 6one9 says – reply to this


    $5 million dollars “spent!! LOL What a fucking “` waste!!

  35. 35

    I can't believe this! This is horrible! How does that lunatic still has a voice! I expect to hear every morning I get around that he committed suicide! What hate he has in him! Actually, does anybody know what triggered that anger? Have you noticed the few (a couple?) pictures of these two assholes, how he is ALWAYS like giving her a hard time and she tries to make things look okay by smiling? This guy has GOT to be put away. That HOLLERING! I'd put him in a cell where somebody with a great-big voice HOLLERS in his ear until he can't hear any more. What a hateful, ugly, horrible…you don't think he's doing all this for publicity (no publicity is bad publicity)? What started this craziness?!!? What triggered his anger? How come he has so little money that spending 5 million is a lot? LOSER!

  36. 36


    she used Timothy Dalton and Bergman and now Gibson..

    social climber, russian slut … they tend to do this…. i hope she gets nothing and lsoes custody of her kid to gibson…

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Re: JanetCanGetIT – It's called dysfunction and denial! Battered Women's syndrome. It's very common and you don't have to be with a rich man to go through it. You feel ashamed. You feel scared. You want to make sense of that which doesn't make sense. Don't blame the victim. It took some time, but this woman got out of it, thank goodness. Now she's just trying to save her daughter and herself from a very wealthy and powerful man. Give her a break already! He's the a$$hole!

  39. 39

    He is completely crazy, this is uncalled for. And what the hell is his problem anyways? From what i gather he's mostly all pissed because she wouldn't give him sexual favours when he asked for it so he flips out even further. And mel, what is 5 million in comparison to the fact you are worth almost a whole billion dollars? You cant beat women when you dont get your way and flip out like this.

  40. 40

    Re: jessiejess36 – You've obviously never lived with a lunatic! Anything can set them off. She's NOT responsible for his bs. He's an adult and is not entitled to treat ANYONE like this. He chose his behavior and it's unconscionable. He's the jerk here, not her!

  41. 41

    Dude, this bitch is so infuriating on these tapes I WANNA GO OFF!

  42. 42

    she is too gorgoes to be putting up with sickos like mel! I hope he dies because no women deserves to be treated this way… I can not believe he fathered a baby and then went as far as to hit the baby while attacking her mother.. God i would hate to ever has offspring with a deranged man and would sue the shit out him and take everything his worth for his behavior!

  43. hebe says – reply to this


    She doesn't sound scared at all, she is just feeding the troll. I'm not defending Mel, but srsly.. She is just as fucked up as him. Poor child…

  44. 44

    yeah we get it already! enough with the rants.

  45. 45

    It came out this morning on the news that this gold-digger tampered with the tapes. And it was clear from the news this morning she had taped them in such a way that she had professional equipment to do so and spliced his sections of the tape.. even to make the sound fade in some portions to sound worse. Don’t get me wrong – he should not have hit her but I would like to know what led up to all this. I am sure she pushed him right over the edge.. I am sure she pulled a lot of crap on him..

  46. hebe says – reply to this


    Re: jessiejess36 – I agree. And btw it sounds like she is just sitting there triggering him, if she was smart she would just hang up the damn phone and ignore him. He is obviously very sick and need professional help, not some dumb chick who clearly piss him off badly

  47. 47

    I feel really bad for their child, I don't think all the money in the world can fix this! All I have to say is it takes two to tango. What I really think is Vile is that these tapes were "leaked" to the public in the first place!

  48. 48

    These tapes are obviously doctored. Her voice is dubbed in as a voice over. I HAVE lived with a psychopath and I know what domestic violence is. I just can't see how this is true. I haven't heard any of this from his ex-wife or anyone who has ever worked with him. Why all of a sudden from this woman? Why not from his other children? He's calling it quits and she's realizing she will get nothing from him if he has custody of the child. She's trying her hardest and she will use that child to make money. I feel sorry for the CHILD in this situation.

  49. 49

    Every time I see a photo of this Russian whore I want to vomit. What did Mel see in her in the first place? He must have been totally shitfaced.

  50. 50

    you know what GOOD for Oksana. Obviously Gibson treated her like shit, he probably WAS violent towards her and now she's getting revenge. If she's not going to get a penny from him then take him down.

  51. 51

    This guy has serious anger issues! What a freak! I'm surprised he didn't have a heart attack!

  52. 52

    Its obvious they have major issues in their relationship - he has major issues. But she has no place releasing these to the press! Freakin fame-whore. Shes releasing these for her 15 minutes of fame. she's disgusting.

  53. 53

    She's using a microphone to record her own voice. His rantings are a gold mine for the media and probably her also.

  54. 54

    Team Me, now.

    A lady does not tape her companion to set him up.

  55. 55

    Team MEL.

    A lady does not tape or set up her companion.

  56. 56

    In addition,

    She does not care that MEL is the father of her dauhgter.

    She is doing all of this because she did not get her way or money.

  57. 57

    Hilarious and sad @ the same time!

  58. 58

    Ha ha ha ha what a fucking douchbag this guy is.

  59. 59

    OMG! You guys are making me CRAZY too!!! Long time reader, first time writer. YESYESYES she set him up but sooooooooo FUCKING what!!!! There is NOTHING anyone could tell me that she said or did that would make me say "ohhh…welll…in that case….I can see how…" NEVER! He is just disturbed, probably on cc and clearly needs help. No one can prove that they didn't hit it off at the beginning and geniunely cared about each other. Is there any woman that he could be with that people wouldn't be saying that about? I'm married (to a sweet guy thank god) but if I were single and I met a "seemingly" nice, smart, handsome man who "happened" to be successful and we hit it off I would…..continue to date him, and if I found I was pregnant, I would…..have the baby, and if his true colors started to show after some time and he hit me and verbally abusived me, I would…PULL OUT THE CAMERA AND THE TAPE RECORDER and start documenting it ALL so I have it for court or whatever!!!!! Also, I knew a guy who was semi-nice to his first wife and treated the second one like total shit cuz, the first wife wore the pants, he developed bad addictions, everything just went wrong during the second go round and he blamed it all on her and it wasn't even close to being her fault! Mostly his :) cont…

  60. 60

    HIs wife must be rolling.. I would be laughing.. Darn it I would be in tears. This man and woman worked hard to disrespect and demean this woman and destroy the marriage, and now they're at each others throats..I know the wife is at home right now cracking up.. If I were her I'd be weak, spent… however you want to put it..lmao.. For all the people who like to cheat with married spouses>>Take note, you will not find happiness with trifling behavior

  61. 61

    HIs wife must be rolling.. I would be laughing.. Darn it I would be in tears. This man and woman worked hard to disrespect and demean this woman and destroy the marriage, and now they're at each others throats..I know the wife is at home right now cracking up.. If I were her I'd be weak, spent… however you want to put it..lmao.. For all the people who like to cheat with married spouses>>Take note, you will not find happiness with trifling behavior

  62. 62

    Re: spjulie – Haha, dumb ass. Tim Allen.

  63. 63

    Yeah. but it sounds fake as fuck. Her voice sound produced. It's perfect quality. a hidden tape recorder, even a hand held recorder out in the open would NOT sound that clean. Somethings fucked up. Perez is fucking biased, as usual picking teams.

  64. 64

    What's even more disgusting than Mel on these tapes is those who are defending him. LISTEN to what he is saying- he's not saying "why are you being so nice and calm now when you were yelling at me before" or "you stole money out of my account" or anything that could lead anyone to believe she somehow deserved it, got him riled up, and pressed record. He's just using her as a punching bag, he's not actually arguing or bringing up anything she did to justify his rage. But what DID he say? The tapes include Mel making fun of Oksana’s breasts, complaining that she doesn’t make the bed, insisting that she smile and blow him, becoming irate because of her falling asleep before going out to the Jacuzzi with him, accusing her of ruining him financially because of what he chose to spend on her, calling her an embarrassment for wearing tight clothing and saying she’d deserve being gang-raped for it, telling her she has no friends, threatening to kill her, and him admitting to physically assaulting her while she was holding their baby.

    Clearly, this is NOT a man being manipulated and victimized. This is a man being a misogynistic, abusive, and frightening drunk.

  65. 65

    really…. a new one every day… well planned, well set up…. biatch

  66. 66

    Maybe he's right? She's does seem pretty manipulative. *shrugs* Behind every great man there's a great woman, right? What's behind this?

  67. 67

    Re: WickedScarlett – very true…good points.

  68. 68

    I am sorry, But that rant was so edited.. I only listened to 20 seconds of it and i can tell right off the bat… Her voice does not mesh well with "mel's rant". You can defently tell by her voice that it was dubbed over.. Or either that she has a VERY expensive microphone. It sounds like she was in like a recording studio. the quality is to "perfect" for a recording. Mel may have his anger issues, but i still think she is a gold-digging whore.

  69. 69

    Re: jessiejess36 – Actually two of them are from the start, he opens with 'hello and you better not hang up this phone, etc….'