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Vampire Weekend Sued Over Their Album Cover!

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Well, shiz! These guys are NOT going to be used to dealing with a mess like this!

Hipster band Vampire Weekend is being sued for $2 million by the model on the cover of their latest album, Contra, who claims that she never signed a release on the photo!

The woman is named Kirsten Kennis, and she apparently took the pic back in 1983!

The band bought the photo from the photographer, Tod Brody, but Kennis alleges that her signature on the photographic release was forged and she didn't even know her image was being used until Vampire Weekend started promoting the album!

Poor guys! We bet that they just wanted to be original and use some old, unknown photo, and had no idea they were doing anything wrong!



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52 comments to “Vampire Weekend Sued Over Their Album Cover!”

  1. 1

    She should be suing the guy that sold them the pic and forged her signature.

  2. 2

    thats really unbelievable

  3. 3

    That's a shit album cover anyway

  4. 4

    The record company for this shitty "hip" bands need to fork over the dough. The girl is pretty…..looks alot like a young Cheryl Ladd.

  5. 5

    fuck this girl. vampire weekend is the best:)

  6. 6

    Kirsten should be grateful. It's a beautiful photo and it's being showcased by a talented band.

  7. 7

    Since when did Perez give a shit about anyone?

  8. 8

    If I were her I'd be fucking ecstatic that I was on the cover of their album! I read she's suing for "damages", how is being on the cover of an AMAZING album damaging?

  9. 9

    Photographers have the right to the photos. If the photographer sold this picture without a release, she should be suing the photographer. Of course it seems more profitable to sue the band, but in the end she'll probably waste money on a case she won't win.

  10. 10

    Ugh-people are so ridiculous. I'd be flattered…

  11. 11

    She's suing the wrong party … Tod Brody is liable, not Vampire Weekend.

  12. 12

    Whatever! She should be stoked she's on the cover of one of the best albums of the year.

  13. 13

    what a lousy cd cover
    sad that someone would be sued over this

  14. CocoK says – reply to this


    Why sue VW, what did THEY do wrong!? I agree, she should be happy she's on the cover of a talented band's album…it's kind of a crappy pic anyway and I'm sure she didn't go too far w/ modeling so just go with it Kirsten!

  15. 15

    I'm sure you wouldn't sue if someone threw a picture of your ugly mug on an album without your permission too.

  16. zzt says – reply to this


    Bet that bitch weighs 300 lbs. now!

  17. 17

    hahahaha. god ur so right. some old, unknown photo. How hiPstEr!

  18. SS18 says – reply to this


    Well of course she's going to sue if she didn't get any money..

  19. 19

    she has a google eye anyway

  20. 20

    she needs to change her attitude to a grateful that her face is being promoted. hmmmm…. people these days will sue for anything.

  21. 21

    She must be hard up for money. I've seen that album cover a gazillion times in the iTunes store over the past few months-sketchy that she's pitching a fit about it now.

  22. 22

    oh please. bitch can remember EVERY SINGLE THING shes signed from over 20 years ago? give me a fuckin' break you money hungry whore.

  23. 23

    hey its cheryl ladd!!

  24. 24

    She got no case, and she comes off rather ungrateful.

  25. 25

    Re: whutwhut – I totally agree with you.

    'sides, if it were my photo, I'd be happy! VW rocks!

  26. 26

    Of shit you're a fan Perez? fuck! throwing out CD.

  27. 27

    she should get over it that is terrible it's art i'm sure mona lisa didn't sign anything

  28. 28

    doesn't the photographer own the image? If she was dumb enough to not sign a photo release, she doesn't deserve any cash, period. Stupid cvnt trying to cash in.
    Vampire Weekend is awesome. She just wants a piece of the awesome pie.

  29. 29

    They should be sued by Jimmy Eat World!
    Vampire Weekend have copied their cover for "Bleed American"

  30. 30

    If I were her, I'd be flattered. As if she's not fishing for the money and attention. Her modelling days are obviously long gone, and she's probably been missing both.

  31. 31

    Shouldn't the photographer be sued? What a bitch.

  32. 32

    Try suing the correct person.. the band is not responsible, the photographer is.

  33. 33

    why would they even want to use that pic? shes not even that pretty and its boring. :/

  34. 34

    She should just ask for a percentage of the profits… or go after the photographer.

  35. 35

    Re: Nommykins – exactly. and I would be ecstatic to be on the cover of this bands album. It's not like it's the Jonas Brothers!

  36. 36

    then why is she sueing the band, not the guy that sold the picture? money grabbing bitch.

  37. 37

    Gimme a break. 2 million bucks for a picture. Give her the 20 bucks she actually deserves and call it even.

  38. 38

    Vampire-Who? Are they even worth $2 million? I've never heard of them.
    Anyway, that's the way the game is played: you sue for two million, and the record company settles for $200k. Sounds reasonable.

  39. 39

    She looks like that Veronica Mars actress. Well, she won't anymore.

  40. 40

    opportunistic bitch

  41. 41

    The photographers are the ones who own the photos. The models generally have and must agree with the photographers rules until they become known and can ask property of their own image. Pretty sure that in the time she took this picture she might not known about this kind of things, and she signed either a contract with the photographer, or was just a verbal contract (and this last one you know how they are).

  42. 42

    Don't sue, get a percentage of the profits from the albums sold. Simple.

  43. kjen says – reply to this


    She should be suing the guy who sold them the pic. But then again he probably has no money, and isn't that what this is all about…the money. Hopefully a judge will throw it out since they thought they were buying a released photo.

  44. 44

    Really? Who manages them? That is marketing 101 to get the rights for an image. Get a new management team!

  45. 45

    that's not fair. they didn't know. and like what the first person said, she should be sueing the photographer, not them. poor guys. ): i know every word to that album and she's gonna be a little bitch about that? fuuuuck that!

  46. 46

    She sounds like a fishy moneygrubber. Sue the photographer, not the guys who were under the impression they were conducting sound business. I could give a fuck about this band, but put the blame where it's due-the photog who supposedly forged her signature.

  47. 47

    wow, i wouldnt be surprised to see if ralph lauren tries to take a hit at it too.

  48. 48

    she should be grateful

  49. 49

    Vampire Weekend shouldn't be sued because of this. They didn't realise that Kennis hadn't given them permission to use the photo. The photographer and management company should have at least contacted someone associated with Kennis to ensure the photo could be used, instead of doing stupid things to land everyone in trouble.

  50. 50

    so why is she suing the band again? they thought they paid for a legit photo.

    anyway, she doesn't have a case.

  51. 51

    She probably signed the release thinking the photographer was shit and the pic wouldn't see the light of day. Now that it's on a popular album she wants cash. Plain & simple. A person's handwriting changes over the years, but not that much. A trained graphologist will be able to tell if it is a legitimately signed release. My bet is that she is going to settle out of court for a tidy little sum and we won't hear anything else about it. She sued the band because the photgrapher probably has no money and sold it as a stock photo for about $50.

    This is exactly why photographers scan, photograph or photocopy model's IDs and/or have the signatures on the releases witnessed. Then some photographers take a pic of the model holding the release they signed. Too many photographers have been bit in the ass by underaged models & models coming back saying that they didn't sign the release.

  52. 52

    Jezzzz what an idiot! I would LOVE if my picture was Vampire Weekends album cover!!