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40 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

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    EEEEeeeeewwwww! Crazy Ass…skinny leg and ashy knees…not sexy…

  3. YUCK says – reply to this


    he is a very handsome man and I cant believe that corny dancing with the stars kicked him out before aaron andrews, that witch looking skank.

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    Those are boxer-briefs, both of you need to get it right.

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    What a complete tool.

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    I hate this fool!

  7. 7

    Now thats what I call clASSy…

  8. 8

    He walks around like that? In front of strange people and kids? But I betcha he gets pissed if somebody calls him a monkey for it.

  9. 9

    ewww isnt he known for being kind of skanky and misogynistic? Plus those skinny legs?? Not sexy at all.

  10. 10

    Child Please. I cant decide who is a bigger media whore? Ocho Cinco, TO, Brett Favre or LeDeuche James.

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    hot lol

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    he needs some lotion on those knee caps!

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    I hope he wins!

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    Perez I love you but this man is freaking gross and ugly. Who is this ashey man? I'm a black girl and I would not let this ugly man touch me and I don't care how much money this Ghetto dude has.

  17. 17

    why is it that every time you have a picture of a hot guy, you scribble something stupid over his crotch? i thought you liked weiner? why are you so package unfriendly?

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    what a loser.. who does that???

  19. 19

    I can handle the socks.

  20. 20

    Re: RussianChick – how does monkey come to play? bitch are you gay?

  21. 21

    That's one weird looking dude.

  22. 22

    Stupid fucking ignorant ghetto rat. Are you practicing walking around like a homeless bum for when the meth takes your mind? I hope someone ends your career this season.

  23. 23

    Re: RussianChick – Oksana is that you? I see why Mel punched you in the mouth you racist bitch?

  24. 24

    It's so freakin hot out here in this neck of the woods so I don't blame him for walking around half naked!

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    he is really cute…but this is just to create hype for his reality-dating show…otherwise i dont really see him just going out and doing this…but, thanks u 85 anyway…lol…

  26. 26

    LOL Flamingo is not the strip. Las Vegas Blvd is the strip.

  27. 27

    hehehe this is priceless i bet some of the old ladies thought they had hit the jackpot

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    What a conceded fool!

  29. 29

    Why aren't you covering how Justin Bieber break Gaga's record??

  30. 30

    Looks like a burned mummy.

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    ANOTHER piece of low class black trash! Disgusting!

  32. 32

    hes gay, right?

  33. 33

    Flamingo isn't the Las Vegas strip!

  34. 34

    No class, so-so looks, who cares.

  35. 35

    I live in Ohio, where we hear more of Ocho Cinco's crap than anyone else. I am absolutely not a Bengals fan. I must say he's HA-larious and hot but this picture doesn't exactly show off all his goods…

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    This is MAD funny and all of you who disagree are so stupid. Why are you taking his posts so seriously? Chad is a good looking man who is known to do crazy things, which makes him very funny. Stop making this a hub for your racist comments.

  38. 38

    This clown is obviously in need of attention. I never even heard of this guy until the dancing show. Is he still playing football, basketball? Not sure what he does. He must be a joke to his teammates and coaches.

  39. 39

    His realtiy show is sooo boring! chad should stick to taking off his shirt for money enough said…

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