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Lindsanity IS Going To Jail And Robert Shapiro IS New Lawyer

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It has just been confirmed that Lindsay Lohan has officially hired Robert Shapiro as her new lawyer.

And it looks like someones going to be rocking a bad ass orange jumper come this Tuesday.

Shapiro said he has only "agreed to represent Ms. Lohan on the condition that she complies with all the terms of her probation, including a requirement of jail time that was imposed by Judge Marsha Revel."

He must be crazay to represent La Loca but then again he's represented OJ Simpson, so we're pretty sure he knows what he's getting in to.

Countdown is at t-minus 4 days til she enters the slammer.

We won't believe it until we see it.

[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “Lindsanity IS Going To Jail And Robert Shapiro IS New Lawyer”

  1. 1

    Hope this is the wake up call she needs. She's a talented girl, and I wish she had parents who were more concerned with her health and well being than they are with how much money they can make off of her. Good luck, Lindsay!

  2. 2

    Bwahaha see all you loser ass kisser fans? What do you have to say now? NOTHING thats what!

  3. 3

    Well, when all of the reputable lawyers pass on representing you, go for Shapiro. Thanks to him, OJ got to play lots of golf after murdering 2 people. What a crazy effing world we live in.

  4. 4

    What a great summer it's gonna be! First Lilo is sentenced to jail for her criminal behavior then the illegals are getting deported starting July 29th. I also heard today that CA is going to sign into law a bill similiar to AZ's anti-immigration law. Polls are showing that peeps in CA want illegals kicked the fuck out. The summer of 2010 will go down as the summer of justice.

  5. 5

    Represent her for what? Following the judge's order does not mean not trying to change the judge's order. Once Lindsay does her time, there's not much need for representation.

  6. 6

    hey i thought he died! I thought all of the lawyers from OJ's "dream team" had died. he must be last.

  7. 7

    The Devil made him do it.

  8. 8

    Bawhaaaa! Go to jail!

  9. 9

    At the last minute, she'll lose her passport and her ankle bracelet will go off…

  10. 10

    Something's ain't right in the milk here. First, Lindsay is "hell no, I won't go!" and now she concedes not only to go to jail, but to check into rehab BEFORE jail? Call me suspicious, but … I smell an orange-colored rat.

    Fleeing to Switzerland in 3… 2… 1…

  11. 11

    This coked-out, skank, duck-lipped, FREAK SHOW WHORE so-called 'actress', and sometimes LESBO, is up to something, me thinks. Hmmm. What is her game plan.. ? Trying to act all 'nicey nicey' so the Judge will let her go straight to REHAB ? I wonder? I want her in jail ! I can't wait for the reports from the guards as to how she takes her 'dumps' ! It won't be pretty. And, to think, she would charge those fat guys from the Valley for normally doing this ! ! Tough Love all the waaaay !

  12. 12

    She has minimal education, minimal talent, horrible role models and has the maturity of a toddler. This was almost inevitable.

  13. 13

  14. 14

    wait a second. sober living??… i thought lindsay "was fine" and "didn't have problems with drugs and alcohol".

  15. 15

    i feel so bad for the other people in that sober living house…

  16. TCYB says – reply to this


    He has a plan to get her out early or he would have not been hired by those whackos

  17. 17

    Just so's you know. That asswipe Shapiro will appear in court before she has to report to jail and claim that "She is a a critical time in her rehab and should have to go in the slammer."

  18. 18

    Re: obbie doobie! – Hey Obbie! You know he started a sober life center when his son died from a drug overdose about 5 years ago. So he understands Lindsay's demons all too well. Hey she will be out in about 23 days. It's what she does after jail that interests me will she do rehab? She has Shapiro on the case so she better be cool. Good luck to linds.

  19. 19

    I see another white Bronco chase in the very near future.

  20. 20

    Advertisement for Legal Zoom.

  21. 21

    Re: Paris France – hey mrs France! was it his son that died? maybe i got the names mixed up. It would be nice for her to clean up, but i just don't see it happening anytime soon.

  22. 22

    Maybe he was the one person that got through to her. He might have had the right words that Momma Lohan listened to him. His son passed away so maybe his pain is a strong tool to help convince them.

  23. 23

    want her to get better

  24. 24

    I'm going to agree with Perez; I'll believe it when I see it.

  25. 25

    I think they're cooking something up. Why bother hiring a new lawyer if she plans to now do her jail time quietly?

  26. 26

    Re: Teh Snork – Probably …! IF she goes to jail now, her re-hab will be ruined..it is all a ruse to keep duck-lipped skank whore FROM GOING TO THE bIG hOUSE. iT AIN'T RIGHT ! cELEBRITY jUSTICE STINKS FOR THE REST OF US !

  27. 27

    There is more than meets the eye here ppl. It's called MONEY. She was offered big bucks by the media outlets to give her post jail interviews and pics to the tune of over 500 grand. Yuppers. Do you think that mamma is gonna let that kind of dough go. She told her daughter that she should just do her time cuz it won't be the 90 days anyways and then she will be greatly rewarded. And it's more than one media outlet that has made offers so ppl it's called MONEY and that is why she is all of a sudden coperating.

  28. 28

    What does she need a lawyer for if she isn't appealing the judges decision?

  29. 29

    callme stupid but if shes already been sentenced why does she need a new lawyer ??
    appeal?? whilst in jail???

  30. 30

    mr shapiro must be mistaken about lindsay. dina assured everyone that lindsay was sober and in a good place. how many times did she say that? of course dina would never lie. this must be some lawyer's trick to get less time in jail.

  31. 31

    It's too bad this duck-lipped twunt can't serve her jail sentence in Peru. Preferrably in the same cell as Joran Vandersloot.

  32. 32

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I think every states in the US should sign that bill into law get these fucken illegals the hell out of here! Adios Muchachos!!

  33. 33

    Why aren't you covering how Justin Bieber break Gaga's record??

  34. 34

    Imagine her sitting on a filthy toilet, panties down around her freckled, white legs, taking a dump while big lesbians yell "gimme that firecrotch!" at her while holding broomsticks. Life is good!

  35. 35

    Re: -Shootingstar- – LOL, it's gonna happen. Can't wait for more stories from Perez about how pissed he is that US laws are being enforced. LOL I love your line "Adios Muchachos." Take care :)

  36. 36

    A Countdown Oh Perez that is messed up . May she serve less than and hour in jail .
    Team Lohan ! We still support you Lindsay ! And We will still support you when you get out . Don't listen to the Haters ! That is all they do is Hate .

  37. cika says – reply to this


    He probably feel guilty as a result of losing his son over drugs. He might not want the story to repeat itself with blohan

  38. 38

    lip injection much?

  39. 39

    take a good look at her crotch area — the area is much darker then her pants. I am going to assume she peed herself or she is not wearing any underwear and is super wet.

  40. 40

    Poor Linsanity….She just needs someone to love her. She needs to be cleaned up and given a warm meal and tucked into her bed and stop all this crazy party life and drug life. Its asham her parents just want to exploit her….Jail might actually do her some good give her a chance to sober up and collect her thoughts!!!!

  41. 41

    Isn't it a conflict of interest that Shapiro is representing her and she is in his rehab facility? Just askin'…

  42. 42

    I'm telling you, she'll be out by the end of the day! I can just see it now.

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair – It's not haters; use your brain. I don't want drugged out, alcohol fueled twenty somethings with entitlement issues behind the wheel and speeding down any highway that me or anyone I love happen to be driving on. Just because she doesn't appear to care about her own life or body doesn't mean that I don't care about mine or my loved ones.

  44. 44

    Everyone says that Lindsay is fucking Shapiro for drugs. I bet Robert tiny dick Shapiro is ramming Lindsay through her rotted teeth. While Dina watches and writhes and Michael films it all for PBS.

  45. 45

    no update yet then? its 1 day to go!!!!