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MELtdown Has To Give His Guns To The Court!

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Good! And get sharp objects away from him, while you're at it!

During yesterday's hearing, MELtdown Gibson was ordered by the court to surrender all of the firearms he owns!

His baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, was also asked to turn over her cell phone, which is believed to have evidence regarding their domestic violence case!

A source reveals:

"Mel has been ordered to surrender all firearms that he owns. Judge Scott Gordon made the ruling and Mel will be required to submit a declaration with the court within 24 hours of Thursday's hearing proving that he has done so. Oksana must turn her iPhone over as well."

It will be very inneresting to see what kind of evidence is uncovered from Oksana's phone!

Unfortunately, we think MELtdown is so unstable and violent that he could turn anything into a weapon! We hope people are keeping an eye on him!


[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “MELtdown Has To Give His Guns To The Court!”

  1. 1

    Um excuse me but has he been charged and convicted of a felony? Until then his second ammendment rights cannot be violated. If I was his attorney I'd fight that shit pronto!

  2. 2

    Not true. He had already been ordered to turn them in when the restraining order was issued last month.


    I don't trust your site at all anymore. You just make shit up.

  3. 3

    BLOWJOB BEFORE JACUZZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    Mario! He WON big in court!!! HA HA. What do you think of that??????? which proves that Oksana is a lying skank. If he was so violence, the judge will not let him see his daughter. Since there is a restraining order against him - he automatically has to turn over firearms because it is the standard procedure.

  5. 5

    He's not going to do anything. She'd be in protective custody otherwise.

  6. 6






    ….well….we think you're an idiot.


    How's that?


  7. 7

    The firearms is standard, so it means nothing, not to mention that all her allegations are total BS, his wife of 28 years already showed that. Her phone will hopefully be the tool that completely fries all her bogus claims and shows her for the total famefucking bitch she is.

  8. 8

    The Court needs evidence of the real weapon in this case: Mel's Erection. pictures that can be deciminated via the internet to warn unsuspecting future victoms of Mel's unnatural desires. Post them now Perez, save the restaurant hostesses of L.A. from the Hell that envelops Oksana. I'm sure he's prowling now for the right lips to satisfy his sickness. He may now, as I write, be seeking you Perez. Bolt your doors!

  9. 9

    They should make the fat lipped golddigging whore surrender her tape recorder too. She's using that as a weapon to try and kill Mel's career

  10. 10

    Get your FACTS before you post garbage. Lets hear all the story then decide who did what, sounds like the Judge is being responsible.

  11. 11

    TEAM MEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12

    Is this REALLY news?! You're required to surrender ALL firearms when a claim of spousal abuse is filed… So, it wasn't up to the JUDGE, that's the LAW… Besides, it's not like he NEEDS a gun…he could do just as much harm with a knife, his fists, etc… But they don't take OTHER weapons away… Kinda crazy…

  13. 13

    There is a report out that Judge Gordon issued an order yesterday, requiring Gibson to surrender all firearms. That is not true. Last month, when the court issued a restraining order against Mel to stay away from Oksana, the judge followed standard procedure — ordering the surrender of firearms. That automatically happens when the court issues a temporary domestic violence restraining order. We're told Gibson's firearms were turned over immediately.

  14. 14

    it gets worse??? if anything it is getting better….Mel is winning the battle. Everything is working against Oksana. I'm glad that she's turning over the phone because it's going to prove that the tapes has been tampered with and edited and she's going to look like a fool.

  15. 15

    What the Judge did do was continue Mel's visitation rights.

  16. 16

    If I were him I would completely comply with whatever the court told me to do. It's insane to me that so many people are raking him over the coals for the " terrible" things he has said to her. Honestly they weren't all that bad…if anyone has ever been in a bad break up, or even a bad argument when there is alcohol involved, it's a no brainer. And the whole " tapes" thing I think is hilarious…because NOBODY ono earth is going to be getting yelled at like that and just sit there and take it…they were either tampered with, or it was staged to make him look terrible. It's all a game, she wants money it's how women like that are. If it was ALL that bad then I guess she should have went to the police when he " punched" her in the face and injured his daughter. But she didn't…so what sort of mother does that make her? One that waits until she can get the most money and press attention before reporting anything. I say who cares.

  17. 17

    By default, any weapon must be surrendured after a restraining order has been ordered, douchebag. You should be sued for have the shit you post. And be careful with Gibson, he's an endless bank account nearing the half-billion dollar mark.

    As far as Oksana, she's done all this to set him up, it's nothing new. He did not punch her teeth out, and in the end it will show just that. She'll be the one facing charges, big time. Her house of cards will shortly come crashing down all around her.

    As far as his rants, ya, he may have been losing his mind a bit, but who hasn't flipped the fuck out verbally, in private, when someone, in this case Oksana, is completely fucking with you intentionally, pushing every button a million times knowing you were going to record the person as he flipped out.

    The judge, the DA and all other parties involved have already agreed that something doesn't make sense about Oksana's claims. And the reason these intelligent people think this is because it doesn't make sense.

    Mel's obviously a prick, but that's what 500 million and a really screwed up father (his) will do for ya. But that doesn't change the probability that Oksana did all of this to get a giant monthly check for the next 15 years. Aside from the civil suit she'll try and pull later.

  18. 18

    She totally provoked him into a rage. She was strangely calm for someone who was in that kind of 'argument'. While I don't excuse his behavior, it takes two to tango. She seems like just as much of a wack job.

  19. 19


    A month ago, as a matter of protocol in most domestic disputes, Gibson was asked to temporarily turn in his guns.

    He complied LAST MONTH.

    Courts always do this if there are allegations of violence, then the guns are returned.

    YAWN (to anyone who works in Courts)

    In other news, after a hearing on the evidence yesterday, Gibson was given daily visitation and overnight visitation on weekends.

    The Judge knew a scam WHE HE WAS PRESENTED WITH ONE.

  20. 20

    Quit using the word "inneresting." Stupid.

  21. 21

    he'll get them back when he is exonerated.

  22. 22

    Mel's MONEY$$$ is already destroying Oksana's reputation and he will destroy her. Mel will walk free as Hollywood is already defending him.

  23. 23


    My thoughts are that it looks like you are trying everything to make him look as bad as possible. You are doing your "best" to trash him, hitting him while he´s down. Yes he´s said awful things but in reality people sometimes say bad things, I know if someone would push me to the edge, pushing all my buttons I would scream, yell and say all sorts of things.
    In all honesty that woman looks like a devil to me, she´s all "nice" on the tapes….ahhh I wonder why that is?? That might be because she knows she´s recording so she must put on her best show.

    In one of your "news" you say that he hit her while she was holding their child and there is a pic of the child with a bruised cheek…..sorry but how do you know she didn´t hit her child herself to get sympathy, money, power over Mel? You do know people are capable of doing that?

    You have been going on a rampage against Mel Gibson and even though he does sound horrible on those tapes it´s not as clean cut as that, things can be manipulated, doctored and what not. You should know that, and unfortunately I think you do know that but don´t care :/

  24. 24

    Perez…. the reason you will always be a "nobody" you are completely biased and choose sides before you get both sides. no one in Hollywood wants you to interview them, because you are a nobody who shoots off at the mouth with no facts, just your personal assumptions. Attacking Gibson with no facts, no statements, no inside scoop, no history/information on Oksana is making you look like a complete loser! You have not even MET either person, so what makes you an "Expert"????

    word of advice, try being more unbiased so you can "make" it, otherwise you will continue to have the majority of haters of yourself on your site than you currently do. you have more haters than fans. and really… we all know how "BAD" you want to "BE" somebody…. HAHAHA GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

  25. 25

    inneresting huh

  26. 26

    $5 or $5 million, the verbal abuse from a bi-polar person in the throes of their mania sounds the same. Somebody hasn't been taking his meds on schedule. Oksana was right to take this problem to law enforcement. The document they signed when they first broke up is probably what made Mel think that he's the 'rightest' unwed parent in the relationship - so right that he didn't need medication any longer and could drink as much as he wanted. Supervised visitation please!

  27. 27

    Team Mel! My grandpa would fly in to rages and cuss over the least little thing but he NEVER laid a hand on any of his girls, my grandmother, or his grandkids. Sometimes it was funny, but sometimes it wasn't. Did that make me think he was a bad person? Nah he just had a temper and a big mouth. He was an awesome man and a wonderful father/grandfather. Had he been famous… I'm pretty sure the stuff he would say would have gotten him in to trouble. That said… Mel Gibson may have a big mouth… but he doesn't deserve the stuff that's being said about him.

  28. 28

    Hope he gets the message here…but Mel of and by himself is the problem—not the weapons he purports to have. When will he surrender himself to the court?

  29. 29


  30. 30


  31. cika says – reply to this


    in no way i condone gibson's behavior; however, she is as guilty as he is WHY? because she knew he was a sick bastard and still provoked him with her behavior and comments. Using a child to get what you want is DISGUSTING, holding a baby while you argue with a man and allowing the abuse is more sickening. You really want me to believe she didnt know who she was getting involved with? women know ALWAYS she just took advantage of everything. She knew which buttons to push to make him react negatively towards her. If not why did she have a perfectly set up recording session while he was acting like a dick? it was PREMEDITATED. She was aware of how he was going to react. It probably wasn't the first time and instead of leaving with dignity she played like a dirty whore and stayed to take all of the money away. It is ALL about the money GROSS!!! the only one i feel bad about is the little girl.. she is going to grow up traumatized and the fact her own mother put her through all of this so she can cash a check is my worst nightmare. BP needs to shut the hole in the gulf with both of them and please give that kid to brangelina.

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    All I know is that Mel gave us Braveheart, Passion, Patriot, Apocolypto, and many other uplifting character movies. What has this woman given us? Baiting, scandalous, sad, private, life ruining tapes that mess with the father of her child, and public human morale. If past history and contributions mean anything, and they should, because they show what the man really stands for internally (being royally f*cked with aside), then I have to reserve judgement in favor of Mel Gibson, mean words and all.

  33. nycto says – reply to this


    He 5MM for that gold digger's album… please how would you feel if you had paid 5MM for nothing… he is just letting out steam.. and she recorded him.. Who of us has not gotten upset n their lives. Give the guys a break. I disagree 100% with his approach and language but that does not make him a criminal. The media sucks!!!

  34. Roze says – reply to this


    Seriously get your facts right!!!! Mel Gibson is definately winning in this fight, and I think the judge is getting cluey on what Oksana is getting up to. The judge is experienced in Domestic Violence, and he has given Mel Gibson visitation rights to his daughter. If he was as bad as what your painting him out to be then the judge would have taken his daughter away from him. I am not a big fan of Mel, but definately I am finding her whole story fake. I read that the dentist does not believe she was struck in the mouth as there no soft tissue damage around, and other experts believe is self inflicted. His ex wife wouldnt have said her bit in court too. Too me this whole set up for Mel is fishy, and I totally feel sorry for him, as she I think she knows how to get him bad, and that is to milk him high and dry. Someone I would believe though in this saga is ex wife.

  35. 35

    No true