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MileyBird Ready For More Adult Films!

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Her new avian tunes can't be tamed, and neither can her film career!

It's been a while, but that skanky little MileyBird is at it again, squawking some more bullshit about how she's an adult now, and needs to take on more slutty adult roles!

She says:

'The next film I'm doing is not for the [Hannah Montana] audience. But that is why I did the last season, for my young fans. I want the fans that have grown up with me from 16-26 who will respond to older material. I have to choose scripts that are right for someone who is 18 because that is me. It's very different going from a show with a huge audience and fan base to something…independent. But I'm excited to work on a film that is going to touch people. It's edgy and different and I don't know how the fans will react, but it's something I can relate to.'

Correct on all counts, Miley! You're just so mature!

We have an idea! How about you take over for Lindsanity and play Linda Lovelace in Inferno!

The 16-26 crowd will really respond to that! LOLs!

[Image via WENN.]

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112 comments to “MileyBird Ready For More Adult Films!”

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  1. 1

    What does not wearing clothes have to do with real maturity?

  2. 2

    again, you are a MORON, MARIO/PEREZ. all she said was that she wanted to do was a REGULAR MOVIE, a movie not aimed at the tween, disney set, but at the regular population, a pg-13 type. But no, even with your LOLs at the end, it still doesn't look like you understand what she means.

  3. 3

    what? this is true. do you really still expect her to do disney films for 8 year olds when she's eighteen?

  4. 4

    Why do you always have to attack her like this? We get it. You think she is a slut because she dresses like one. You don't like the fact that she is growing up, having films or music for the older crowd. If you keep repeating the same stuff over and over… everything you say becomes old news, boring.

    I love Miley =P And I really think that a teenager her age should be able to explore all of her options. She has every right to.

  5. 5

    Ugh, you're such a perv/douche! Stop commenting and posting xxx pics and comments about a MINOR! I hope you get arrested, you fugatrocious fat ass!

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Too much hating Perez, your site is getting depressing.

  8. 8

    Now, now…that wouldn't be HATE you are spewing, is it? Because I know how much you despise people that have hate in their hearts.

  9. 9

    hannah montana with it's "crowley corners", and therefore miley cyrus, is the most prominent symbol of satanism of our generation…i don't even blame disney for this. is there any way we can, for the sake of avoiding the apocalypse, de-celebritize her? pwease

  10. 10

    26? hhahaha

  11. 11

    I like the fact that she's taking more mature roles, I'm 18 and I love Miley, but Hannah Montana isn't as fun to watch as it was 4 years ago haha, so its nice that she is taking acting jobs that reflect her age and the fans the grew up with her.

  12. 12

    Why is she getting trashier and uglier day by day?

  13. 13

    I'm year of building '74 and also seen the movie (pr-previews), just to notice ~

  14. 14

    Not sure why you think she should keep playing 13 year olds when she is almost 18. Careful! Your pedophilia tendencies are showing again.

  15. 15

    Her idiocy astounds me. Just because you're TURNING 18 does not mean you're magically a mature adult woman, it takes time to develop that level of maturity. You guys above are all stupid, I'm no Perez follower but he's 100% right, she's needs to shut the fuck up with all this bullshit on how she's all the sudden a mature adult just because of her birthday. I can wait for the day she goes LiLo on us…

  16. 16

    she's turning into the perfect WHORE !

  17. 17

    Perez, I really don't get your attacks on this beautiful young girl. As a mother of a 14 year old girl I would suggest it isn't becoming of you to talk about her in some of the terms you use…and I generally support you, but this time is too much.

    Stick to calling Sienna Miller slutty please.

  18. 18

    She will be 18 this year so she can start thinking about those adult decisions.

  19. navik says – reply to this


    she so pathetic !!!!

  20. 20

    i see nothing wrong with wanting to be a movie that's not aimed at 6 year old girls. good luck, miley!!

  21. 21

    See, now "Mileybird" is making sense to me. I get it that she wants to be able to connect and be more real (not just "Hannah Montana") to her older fans. She is just going about it in the wrong way.

  22. bvang says – reply to this


    You should do some research first, the movie she is referring to (though you didn't even bother to date the quote (it's not new in any case) or post a source) isn't all that edgy or adult as you make it out to be.

  23. 23

    She is so flat-chested. Even when she strips down, there's still nothing to see. Oops! Shouldn't have said that. Her publicist will prolly make her get implants like Kate Hudson. LOL :)

  24. 24

    ew lol

  25. 25

    And you say Mel Gibson hates women - look how you talk of this girl and always have. You're a pig.

  26. 26

    She is in an independent film called LOL, remake of a French teen comedy. Maybe that is what she is talking about in this quote.

  27. 27

    and why not perez? she is almost 18 ofcourse she wants to play roles for 18 years old girls. She is not saying she is mature shes just growing up!!

  28. 28

    Re: PolishChick18 – she is not saying she is mature just because she is 18 if you were an 18 years actress wouldn´t you like the same!!

  29. 29

    she is nothing more that white trailer park trash, and her parents are the same. she is a slut. she should be standing on the street corner offering her services.

  30. 30

    Re: PolishChick18
    Speak for yourself. Some young adults mature a lot faster than others even before they reach 18, and if you were actually smarter than the people you're calling stupid, you would have comprehended what she said a little bit better. Wishing someone would go Lilo?? Yeah, I can see how mature and clever you really are.

  31. 31

    this is very Xtina Dirrrty

  32. 32

    she looks a little desperate to me, it's not very appealing

  33. 33

    Lmfao@ "We have an idea! How about you take over for Lindsanity and play Linda Lovelace in Inferno!"

  34. YUCK says – reply to this


    when is she finally just going to prove to us how grown up she is and strap on a dildo a gag ball and let someone fuck her in the ass while a tg sucks on her faux cock.

  35. 35


  36. cika says – reply to this


    how horrible!!!!!!!! i cant believe parents allow their children to listen to this hag. She is the worst role model EVER! i honestly think shitney spears is waaaay better. Slutty somehow manages to look A LOT trashier than shitney.. WOW

  37. 37

    Her is Perez posting a photo of a 17 year old perverted? These photos are all over the internet, US weekley had a article on there website about her being a hoe (not in those words but basically that's what it was about) are they perverted?
    She is a hoe, we all know it, her dad bascially admitted her and her ex were having sex he said he let him move in with them because he would rather them do stuff inside the house that not!
    I do admit i do watch Hannah Montanna, but i'm not upset its finished hopefully she will fade into the background. Also she needs to thank her younger fans, she would be nobody without them, they made her because there child like ways of thinking she can sing.

  38. 38

    Stupid duckface. I hope she stays in music because SHE CAN'T ACT. Seriously, she will never learn. And she'll always be that "Hannah Montana star", it doesn't matter what she's going to do. In 4 years nobody's going to care about her anymore. Disney produces new stars and BANG, Miley's gone. Or she's in rehab or mental hospital.

  39. 39

    at least shes hot : ) i wouldnt mind seeing her playing linda l;ovelace at all ha ha

  40. 40

    she has really great legs

  41. 41

    Why won't people let her grow up? She's not the devil, I swear!! Sheesh!

  42. 42

    Perez your a real Freak! Stop picking on children! Your a real douche. You wish you were her go get your operation.

  43. 43

    she stole 2pacs hair do

  44. 44

    Why are you such a prick? Why are you calling a child 'skanky'? You teeter on the edge of behaving inappropriately here, you did some major backpedaling when you posted her crotch pic, stop being such a dickhead.

  45. 45

    I will never take her seriously…don´t care what the fuck she´s doing with her so called career….hope it´s ending very soon that´s for damn sure!!

  46. 46

    UGH! Can't believe she's ruining the book Wake. Sucks ass. I reallly reallly liked that book.

  47. 47

    The girl is going to be 18 years old this year. She is going to be old enough to make her own decisions and be responsible for them. People should stop calling her a child. If people call her skanky, that is her own fault. I remember plenty of other "skanky" teens under 18 when I was in school.

  48. 48

    She should just do it, and stop talking about it. The legitimate younger actresses act instead of making press releases and interviews about it, (Dakota Fanning, Freddie Highmore, for example).

  49. 49

    How is she a skank? She wears those clothes ON STAGE. And seriously perez, shut up about miley. We know you're jealous. Now get over it.

  50. 50

    You're calling her SKANKY, now, are you, Perez GIBSON??? It's not Ok for Mel to verbally assault his whore, but it's OK for u to call a 17 yr old SKANKY!??

  51. 51

    Well the ones you look up to in the biz are Gaga, Katy Perry and Madonna so maybe not be too self righteous at what a young girl is looking towards.

  52. 52

    She looks like a JLO wanna be in this "outfit."

  53. 53

    Though I fall into the 16-26 age range, and I feel as if I DIDN'T "grow up with Miley" NOR would I venture out to see any movie she was in…. Hit me up when you become a real actress in like 10 years baby!!

  54. 54

    Is it correct to call a girl a 'douche bag'?? She is so stupid and SOOO self absorbed. Reality will hit hard one of these days..

  55. 55

    Who the f*ck does this b*tch think she is?!!!
    26 years-old-people don't give a sh*t of who you are or what you do little SLUT!
    You're just an amateur little whore!!

    Uugh…I HATE this BITCH!!

  56. 56

    you're an ass hole. just leave her alone. she just wants to move on from hannah montana and start a new career for herself. you wish you were as talented as she is

  57. 57

    good for her. she should go after some of the roles evan rachel wood does, ERW is an amazing actress, Miley is alright.

  58. 58

    16 to 26? no miley. just no. you were a little 12 year old or whatever when HM started and it was the 12-17 people that grew up with you. stop trying to convince yourself you have an older fan base than you really do. most older people consider you a joke.

  59. 59

    I really don't care what she does, but if she want to do " mature" movies, she can do that as long as she is not on Disney and wasting my time.

  60. 60

  61. 61

    Re: Lullaby – Lol you need anger management. She's 17 and you don't even know her. Chill the fuck out, idiot.

  62. 62

    I don't dislike or like Miley. In fact, I don't care at all about her or know her, but I must say she is not attractive at all.

  63. 63

    omg I'm sick of all these singers thinking that they can act just because their famous!

  64. 64

    Um, remember that cutesy little film the Olsen twins did when they were around 18? Yeah, I remember it well because I was The ONLY ONE in the cinema. People who grew up with these kids don't want to see that stuff any more. They're (SOME OF THEM) having sex, drinking, partying, having problems with boyfriends and parents, getting pregnant, studying philosophy, watching The Hills. They just don't live in that world anymore. We're not in 1940. Kids grow up much faster. Its just reality.

  65. 65

    Re: ThinkOfYouCK – Are you fucking kididng me
    miley is a slut. look what she wears she makes out with girls during live preformances. she too fat for what shes wears. no one wants to she her jigle only sick people could pull that off. like lady gaga for instance shes trying to be older so older guys will want her cause all she wants i big dick, justin gaston? five years older and an underwhere model you she could easily see whats down under. and he new boyfriend is just the same,

    shes a slut. get over it.

  66. 66

    ok reading these comments if she wants to dress like that and he post this on here why is that perverted? she is dressing like this, hes not saying "hey miley dress like this so i can put it on my site." she is dressing like this on her own. so if she wants to dress like this thats her choice but ppl shouldnt get mad when perez post this because she is dressing like this.
    BUT i do not think he has a right to call her names. I am somewhat a fan of miley but when she dresses like this it does make me question if she is becoming slutty. being 18 and "grown up" does not mean dressing like trash.

  67. 67

    The new Britney!!!!

  68. 68

    Goodluck Miley!

  69. 69

    god.. her outfits are so damn ugly. they aren't "hot" or "sexy". they're just ridiculous: a biker-prostitute-bathing suit.

    I'm sooo tired of this "disney girl growing up to be a slut" story. we've heard the "I'm just mature now" line, and it's not fooling anyone. Acting as a hooker in a movie is not "adult". Do you know what would be a mature and adult role? playing a strong woman who owns a business and a suit.

  70. 70

    so u diss miley for being slutty and then u post ur lover lady gaga with a pic with a cup that says whore?! ur such a fuck head Perez. leave Miley alone. plus she has a killer body, if i looked like that id sure as hell be showing it off

  71. 71

    Just because you smoke pole is no reason to hate on every pretty girl out out there. It's her life and she's going to live it the way she wants, just like the rest of us. She fulfilled her contract to Disney, now it's time to move on. What don't you get about that?

    I really hope someone else dots your fat fukkin eye again. And soon.

  72. 72

    Re: PolishChick18 – And we're supposed to take a polish chick seriously? Haha

  73. 73

    Okay, this made me laugh pretty hard.
    First of all, she's 17 and I do consider her an adult. But she isn't 18, like she said.

    SECOND - who the FUCK is 26 years old and likes or grew up with Hannah Montana?!! Hahah. They would've been like what, 22 when it started?

    And why does she like to pretend she has an older audience? 16 year olds - basically the same age as her - are nearly done with high school and may have watched HM sometimes, but not like her LARGE audience UNDER 12.
    Seriously? Just stop talking. -_-

  74. 74

    Good thing I wasn't related to her or I'd fucking break you jaw for calling her a skank when she is FAR from that. Your "wifey" Lady Gaga wears pretty much NOTHING and you fuck her ass pretty hardcore you moron. If anyone dresses like a slut or a skank it's GAG-GAG.

    FYI.. she is more mature and more of an adult than you, pedophile.

  75. 75

    She is spoiled rotten. She speaks like someone who has never done a day of hard labor in her life. I really dislike this girl. She needs to put on some clothes, stop posing nude with dad, and learn about morals and ethics. She is sleaze personified, and this is sad for her young fans. 18 is not 'mature.' I see college kids on a daily basis, and let me tell you, numbers do not equal maturity. This is just sad. Maybe she will leak some nude pics to show us how 'mature' she is. Sick!

  76. 76

    why are people so mean perez? he's just putting in his opinion. don't compare him to mel he didnt marry miley and have a baby with her then punch her in the face. and its so hypocritical of you guys for attacking him because hes stating a fact that miley dresses like a skank.
    shes not even 18 yet and shes dressing like this. why cant she grow up in a classy way like selena gomez. i think miley was actually more mature when she was younger.
    and for the people who don't like this because they dont like hate, why are you reading hollywoods most hated website. obviously youre looking for something to hate.

  77. 77

    Re: cika – Parents should be the role models for their kids not celebrities!
    But right because kids listen to Miley or Britney they will become a slut …now that's logic… As a parent you decide what your kids are wearing to school or outdoors. And you make rules for them so they know what they can and can't do. But I guess it's easy to say it's all about celebrities and the way they act then your own bad parenting skills…

    Perez should stop hating it's getting lame.
    Now a days on the Perez site:

    1. Worship Lady GAGA ( Who I can't stand anymore because of it )
    2. Hating on Mel Gibson ( So called protecting the baby girl but do you ever think of what trashing him does to the 7 other kids ??)
    3. Ow lets not forget talking trash about Christina Aquilera…that girl has more talent in her toe then you will ever have.
    4. Sad worshiping of Zac Efron –> The guy is straight!! And has a girlfriend deal with it.
    5. Giving attention to people like Heidi and Spencer or Katie Price…I mean come on so newsworthy…
    6. Trashing Will Smith and family (Why in heavens name? )
    7. Trashing Tom Cruise and family (jealous??)
    8. And then the childish drawings on the pictures… what are you a toddler?
    9. Every freaking day more sad stuff about Lindsay Lohan
    t's never positive or nice to read things here only negative.
    You are loosing credibility Perez.
    I think you are killing your own success.

    At this stage YOU are the biggest Douchebag Perez.

  78. 78


    basically since LIAM the lover appeared she seems to suddenly all SEXUAL they say u can tell when a female has had her CHERRY popped but could she make it any less obvious
    17-18 whatever shes still a very silly little girl

  79. 79

    She is becoming more and more of a tramp every day.

  80. 80

    How long will we have to endure our female singers dressing like it's Halloween, the one night where most every other woman looks like a cheap trick? God, women are DUMB.

  81. BiSi says – reply to this


    this is maturity and sex appeal???she looks really trashy….shes not that pretty,but with this outfit she looks awful…shs trying 2b britney ,forgeting that britney has star quality and she was honest with her audience…if miley was honest with her audience she wouldn't change from an innocent girl to a slutty girl in 4 months,while shes still 17!!!!!!i think that she ll never b britney because she hasnt the talent,the beauty,the charisma and the pesonality of britney….a for her talent as an actor..it simply doesnt exist…even her singing is not that pathetic…..

  82. 82

    "edgy" -______-

  83. 83

    Lol at the 18 comment. Trust me, turning 18 doesn't suddenly magically change the world and make you an adult where it counts: in your head. It takes years to mature.

  84. 84

    Most actresses in their early 20s are still stuck playing teenagers. Don't try so hard to grow up, Miley.

  85. 85

    "It's edgy and different…"
    Being "edgy" or "different" doesn't mean it makes you more mature. She's trying too hard to grow up. It takes time to become a mature adult.

  86. Genn says – reply to this


    This reminds me of, "I only play mature games for mature gamers like myself."

  87. 87

    Re: check the facts you twits – I don't like your negative title - starting to sound like Perez? But it's true, Mario does seem so hateful to any women except those he likes to lick their boots. Seriously, I used to come to this site for the occasion bit of up-to-the minute gossip bite but it's just stuff stolen from other sites, chewed up by one of his followers (?) and spit out with either embarrasing suck-up devotion, or spewed venomously. He doesnt even beat Entertainment Tonight or MSNBC for any gossipy scoops.

  88. 88

    This is a silly reason to hate someone, Perez. She's just a young girl, trying to mature as gracefully as anyone else. She's not going to do it perfectly. Did you? At 18, were you spot-on-perfect?

  89. 89

    Re: indian – That's funny. You think Mario has any influence on the industry? Yeah, right.

  90. 90

    ..Seriously, what do you WANT her to do? Be Hannah Montana for the rest of her life?
    Not once in that quote does she say that she wants do mature or raunchy films or start stripping.
    You diss her when she says that she wants to do more serious stuff, but you would've probably dissed her if she had said that she'll do more Disney.
    Get over yourself :/

  91. 91

    Just because she's 18 doesn't mean she has to start taking off all her clothes and dress like a skank. Honestly, it's not the fact that she's trying to be mature, it's how she's approaching all of this. I get that she's trying to get rid of the Hannah Montana image but this isn't the right way of doing it. Show a little bit of CLASS and dump the trashy "I'm-not-a-kid-anymore-so-i-can-do-whatever-i-want" mentality miley, it'll do your image a lot better.

  92. 92

    God, She looks like a slut…!!! anyway why the hate Perez? we know she's not mature at all but she's trying… maybe she might die trying but just let her be!!!

  93. 93

    Is it just me or is there something in America that wants childstars to be children forever? Children do at some point become adults, you know. They start to act differently, dress differently and OMG, yes they have sex at some point in their lives. It was the same with Britney, Christina, Jessica, Lindsay, Dakota and all the others. I remember when Xtina went from "Genie" to "Dirrty" and the entire USA fainted. Haha! I am no Miley fan, but let her. She's being a teenager. It's what happens between childhood and getting married.

  94. 94

    she's a fucking idiot.

  95. 95

    wait! didn`t she said the same ting when she did the last song??? that it was a more mature film?? and we all know she sucked in it….oh! and thats right she said that after she said she would quit music….shes a joke

  96. 96

    Her career has tanked. Wake up and GO AWAY Miley! Get outta here-shoo!

  97. 97

    Miley's vaginal drool fouls the earth. Billy Ray, however, slurps it up nightly.

  98. 98

    Okay, the only one acting immature is the Miley haters and Perez. First note that I am 21 and, while I like Miley's music, I do not know anything about the girl personally, so I'm not in love with her and I don't want to be her 'BFF' or anything like that, so I could not care less what type of person she is.

    When she says mature she means stuff that isn't Disney fluff. She's doing LOL: Laughing Out Loud, which is more dramatic and realistic. Basically, it's more like Degrassi and less like Hannah Montana. It's about real life and how hard it is. It's about what would be considered more adult topics to many parents {Considering most parents wouldn't let their kids watch Degrassi} It's not the fake Disney world where everything is perfect and bubbly.

  99. 99

    She's not looking to be treated like a mature adult, she's looking for attention. If she wanted to be treated as a mature adult she'd stop filming Hannah Montana and take some time off make her mature movie with out people knowing and take some time off and be able to mature, then come out with her mature movie as a new miley all grown up and then she can slut down for all I care but no, she just wants publicity. if she really wanted to mature she wouldn't have agreed to make Hannah Montana Forever but Disney obviously offered a lot of money and in the words of Madonna she's a Material girl.

  100. 100

    Re: meganpooran – I hate to break this to you, but she isn't doing slutty roles, she's doing roles that most people would consider more adult and intense.

    No, she just wanted to make her younger fans happy. But no, that's too impossible for someone so horrible, that, btw, you know nothing about on a personal level.

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