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105 comments to “Paris Denies Pot Story!”

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  1. 1

    WTF is she so afraid to TELL THE TRUTH! The more she lies, the sleazier she becomes… Mintz should fire her over-entitlement ass

  2. 2

    "Don't believe what yoyu read: Silly nonsense."

  3. 3

    IT BREAKS MY HEART to see anyone get in trouble over a natural plant. :( Weed heals ppl in THOUSANDS of ways. We all know she smokes NOTHING to be ashamed of we still love her!

  4. 4

    omg those gloves are ridiculous! She hasn't looked good in years wtf happened to her????

  5. 5

    So she got a new mugshot taken for no reason? That was just a rumor?

  6. 6

    ParASS also denies she is a pathetic excuse for a human being….have fun dying alone fug bitch.

  7. 7

    I wonder how many readers of this website actually know what LESS than 1 gram of weed looks like. Its like…..such a piss poor amount its not even worth making this news in the first place. Its like…maybe the size of a quarter (the coin). IF that. Whats the big f**king deal??? Weed helps soooooooooooooooooooo much more than it hurts. It sickens me that people act like its the end of the world. Man made alcohol, GOD made weed. Who do you trust more??? ALSO….Holland, who sells weed in coffee shops, have 85% LESS drug overdoses than the USA. Just think about that for a minute. The only reason why its illegal is cause the government hasnt yet figured out how to make and keep money from the profits of sales. Once that happens, god willing someday, weed will be legal. The more you not allow someone to do what they want and make their own mistakes and learn a lesson, they're gonna go waaaaaaaaaaaay overboard and binge and hurt themselves with other things, cause they cant legally go buy something that grows out of the ground. If weed was legal….I almost guarantee you that there would be way LESS alcohol related deaths and inguries in this country.

  8. 8

    Yeah, what are the odds Perez is full of sh!t?

  9. YUCK says – reply to this


    oh paris why bother denying it, you even sound like a pothead. whatever, its who you are, no one cares. its not like you have a loyal fucking fan base anyway.

  10. YUCK says – reply to this


    I dont think there is anything wrong with recreational use but if you need to travel with it or be smoking it abroad in countries that might have strict rules, maybe its time to cut back.

  11. cika says – reply to this


    does the world need more evidence that she is a useless crackhead?? ive seen pics of her swimming in blow, smoking pot, etc, etc. She has even admitted to having a prescription of adderall, same shit blohan takes…. they r BOTH THE SAME TRASH

  12. 12

    Paris is most clicked at google-news today

  13. 13

    Another RICH FUCK! who doesn't know what to do with her MONEY and FAME! IDIOT!

  14. 14

    Another (IRB) IDIOT RICH BITCH!!!

  15. 15

    I love how people are saying"you know what it looks like thats not even alot" It is still illegal,it shouldn't be but it is. She should just embrace her weed smoking say"yes I smoke" Just stop carrying it on planes and smoking at the World Cup!!!!

  16. moos says – reply to this


    i did see her smoking pot in amsterdam….
    who gives a damn???

  17. 17

    She is so amazing!

  18. 18

    Don't wanna here any cryin' and whinin' Paris when your ass goes to jail!

  19. 19

    Paris could drink that grass, green ice-tea and everyone would have been happy in corsica.

  20. 20

    Re: thisonegirl – Agreed. A gram is worth about $5? When I was in college, we put 3-4 grams into a blunt.
    The only thing that is bad about pot is that you are smoking it, but eating it or vaporising it is completely fine and should be 100% legal. The government needs to legalise it for over 18s or 21s, tax it, and sit back and watch the money roll in.

  21. 21

    Liar, liar, pants on fire

  22. 22

    hey isnt she Perez's Sister??? Paris is cool! everyone makes mistakes–and repeats them—time and time again….

  23. 23

    you made a porno tape and went to jail for drunk driving - yeah, I believe you, sweetie (rolls eyes)

  24. 24

    i trust her

  25. 25

    Your original EXCLUSIVE post was sourced to "local reports." WTF does that mean? Unless you were in Corsica interviewing people, your story is BS.

  26. 26

    Re: ryanlovesmike – Exactly. Thats why I said what I said. Because people, some like you, are still gonna say "it doesnt matter how much she has…its still illegal". My point….if its such a minuscule amount of something that grows naturally out of the ground anyway, people shouldnt get in trouble till they have like…..ounces or pounds on them. To be making the news with a pea sized amount of weed, is like, so laughably rediculous its just…….it shows what this world is coming to. Now what I will agree with is that she shouldnt have had it on her in the first place. She's Paris f**king Hilton for crying out loud. If she can afford to fly in the kinda private jet she's flying in, she can surely afford to buy new weed in each city she goes to. I smoke. And even I wouldnt be stupid enough to have weed in an airport.

  27. 27

    Pot is not a big deal, Perez is just exaggerating. However, carrying pot WHILE traveling abroad is just stupid.

  28. 28

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – EXACTLY. Do you have any idea how much our national debt would lower if they legalized pot?!?!?! They would be ROLLING in the $$. You'd think they'd be smarter about it. And they cant use that whole "Because its a drug and its for health issues and we care about the people who live in our country" excuse…..cause if that was even true, a lot of sh*t thats going on right now, wouldnt be going on. It boggles my mind that weed is illegal and alcohol isnt. I will NEVER understand that. Ever.

  29. 29

    What? No trash talk about Paris? No throwing the book at her for fucking up li Lilo? What's the problem Perez? Is her daddy paying you to keep your trap close concerning his wonky eyed baby girl?

  30. 30

    I must say, with all the money that she can spend, she has the WORST FUCKING TASTE in clothes!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31

    Paris is Burning.

  32. 32

    So how the fuck does she explain the mugshot?

  33. 33


    The pot use, and alcohol and whatever other shit she does is just symptomatic of her upbringing. She is lazy, irresponsible and has entitlement issues.

    Like Anderson Cooper once pointed out….HOW old is she? And what has she actually DONE with her life?

    Everyone forgets she is just famous for that horribly boring sex tape, having the last name of a hotel chain, and basically being a famewhore no better than all the other losers out there famous for doing NOTHING!

    LIKE pauly shore, carrot top, greazy bear, brody jenner, the pratts, perez hilton, etc etc etc

  34. 34

    Her best defense against rumors is that no one cares about her anymore.

    She is only getting attention here because you owe her from when she was relevant all those years ago . . .

  35. 35

    Every time I read something about Paris Hilton, I die a little on the inside…

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: thisonegirl – people aren't pissed cause of the weed but because this bedroom ceiling counting WHORE is a liar who ratted out other people to avoid trouble. disgusting bitch.

  38. 38

    I believe you Paris!
    It was a set up.
    The Coriscans have it out for you.
    You're on the "Top 10 Stars that the Corsicans Want To Set Up".
    LiLo is #1 on that list too.

  39. 39

    idk why she doesn't just own up to it.. there's vids of her smoking pot on the itnernet..

  40. 40

    Why lie? Oh, just like the place you were going to build for women who were in jail. Right I get it now. Rubbish! You are so full of yourself! I don't object to that small amount of weed but remember other countries don't go for that. You just got lucky! But next time….

  41. 41

    so that explains the headbands ?

  42. fiona says – reply to this


    Do some work, for no profit, and get your hands dirty.

    Otherwise, get to jail with blohan. You are a better dressed version of her white trash self. SERIOUSLY.

  43. litzi says – reply to this


    Paris once again denying that she had pot in her luggage makes about as much sense as her refuting that she wears a size 11 (or is it 13) shoe? Fess up, honey!

  44. 44

    You may be right about marijuana being just a plant (i personally think cigarettes and alcohol are worse drugs) but P. Hilton's problem is that she thinks she's above the law and better than everyone else. Don't believe me? My best friend was responsible for her at this year's music awards show in Monaco, and word spread quickly that Paris is a self-entitled cow who looks down on everyone. I can't imagine why she keeps getting invited back to places when everyone sees what a bitch she is. Try "loving" someone nicer, like Sandra Bullock : )

  45. 45

    Let me guess someone mysteriously put the weed in your ugly purse? Besides I thought she was still on probation from her last stint in the slammer. If this wer anyone else I feel like she'd be in way more trouble.

  46. 46

    This dumb bitch is well-known as a habitual liar. But who cares if she had a little bit of cannabis? Nothing changes the fact that she is a diseased, disgusting, wonk-eyed, bird-nosed whore with a low IQ.

  47. 47

    Re: theanakarina – your some fucking bonehead

  48. 48

    She should of never been allowed to reenter this country. She is the embodiment of corruption. Paris Hilton needs to return to the Paris Hilton.

  49. 49

    wow perez, you actually posted something bad about Wonky McValtrex, did you both have a cat fight/falling out?

  50. 50

    Fuck shes stupid….. but she had to do something to get back in the news, i guess now the papers are ignoring her and are concentrating on Lohan shes realising how irrelevant shes actually become hahaha must be pissing her right off….. sucks to not be the it girl anymore huh Paris :)

  51. 51

    Forgot the pot, she should be thrown in jail for that outfit she is wearing!!! She looks like one of those huge lollipops!

  52. Low says – reply to this


    Like she is going to say "yep I had the pot on the plane" .. you deny that shit. I'll take a toke for Paris.

  53. 53

    Yep, Paris. Just like you didn't sleep with Chad Michael Murray while filming HOW, and during his relationship with Sophia Bush. Fucking twat.

  54. 54

    Re: cika – swimming in blwo? i havent seen that.

  55. 55

    I think her nose grew a bit ;)

  56. 56

    Who gives a shit if she smokes a little weed? Don't knock it til you try it bitches.

  57. fiona says – reply to this


    So it got mixed up with my knitting….I would never smoke weed.

    *bat bat bat****

  58. 58

    Doesn't matter, Perez…just keep posting any unsubstantiated piece of B.S. rumour you hear…it's not like it's hurting anyone…other than the people you write about. What a nice guy you are!

  59. 59

    I think you are fabulous Perez! Keep up the great job and don't listen to the haters. Your body has is Ace! Also I hope Paris isn't in any trouble. Loves her too!

  60. 60

    So police drug-sniffing dogs are starting rumors now? THE WORLD IS OUT TO GET YOU!!!

  61. 61

    Money talks bullshyt walks … don't believe a word but then again who really cares she smokes pot!

  62. ash,* says – reply to this


    @wandererboy: haha yeah she better stop fibbing because that nose can't afford any extra inches!

  63. 63

    does anyone care about this piece of shit dirtbag anymore?

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Re: Suicidal_blond – do you know what a gram of weed looks like? yeah okay stupid fuck lets put people in jail for weed and increase those over crowded jail and prison cell and dont give room for those who really deserve it.

  66. 66

    omg who cares if she smokes pot or not? who doesnt?? Re: thisonegirl – ur awesome :)

  67. 67

    All the boys leave Paris, much like they run from Winona Ryder, Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Lohan…she's no queer. She's just working the bottom of the food chain.
    It's a shame to waste your youth on rif raf, ladies.
    After a couple of years of fun whoring around, it's time for a new strategy in landing a great guy that loves you.
    Famous rock stars, athletes, actors are not marriage material.
    P.S. - or airline pilots.

  68. fiona says – reply to this


    *OMG* idiot poster.

    Who cares she smokes? Not me. I favor legalization and taxation.

    But ANY IDIOT who flaunts the law deserves every hassel dealt.

    Darwins awards are watching. Paris has the intelligence of a lint ball.

  69. 69

    Looks like Mario is too busy to work today. Lame.

  70. 70

    THe people who insult her just becuase she was born into money…you guys are just jealous that you have to work for it. Poor people smoke weed tooo….just so you know.

  71. 71

    ou've got it all wrong: Paris had marijuana in her vagina, which was leaking motor oil and smelling like cod simultaneously.

  72. 72

    jesus christ another LINDSAY

  73. 73

    She wears the dumbest clothes and accessories ever. She still has no style of her own.

  74. 74

    she mustve been high to put on that outfit.

  75. 75

    STFU u stoopid coooont !

  76. 76

    Ya right. She was caught and released without being charged. Money talks!

  77. 77

    People jiust wish they had her money so they could enjoy life wih no worries. I know I do. A little pot and they let her go. Why should she admit it? Get a life. LOL

  78. 78

    who the hell cares? is she hurting anyone? no… she could be out doing far worse things…

  79. 79

    Paris Hilton is a total loser. Sad but true. She needs rehab for morons. Maybe some botox would help, too. She seems to like dangerous substances enough…

  80. 80

    Re: lululemon – Acually, it sounds like she knows exactly what to do with her money and her DSL's. "Party on Wayne. Party on Garth."

  81. 81

    Eough…. always the victim…. sex tape, boohoo poor me… drugs, boohoo poor me, MORE drugs, boohoo poor me…. I am really over this girl!!

    Every guy shes with the says 'treats her like a princess' and 'were gonna get married' then she ditches him n bad mouths them. GO AWAY DIRTY HILTON.

  82. 82

    God Sake she is such a sleazy bitch!

  83. 83

    Well I think this is true!
    Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

  84. 84

    Re: ash!!!COLON!!!* – Unlike some other parts of the anatomy :)

  85. 85

    Re: ash!!!COLON!!!* – Ash, So I am not the only one that noticed!

  86. 86

    Who cares? Pot's less damaging than tobacco or alcohol anyway. Fussing over it as an illegal substance is useless.

  87. 87

    OMG Paris caught on bed! Poor her…


  88. 88

    ive stuc up for her numerous times but two stories in a bout 2 weeks whos the liar??

  89. 89

    wake up call for pot heads pot smoking unfiltered is 14 times worse for ur lungs than filtered cigarette and more likely to result in brain damage and cancer re the term POT HEAD

  90. 90

    Cumbucket bitch, BBD has your daddy right here along with two little uncles.

  91. 91

    Paris will do anything to get her ridiculous outfits photogged & published;l is Paris still banging Nicole's baby daddy?

  92. 92

    Experts actaully say one joint=4 cigs.
    So take your "it's orgnaic" bull and shove it up your butt.
    Poision Ivy's orgnaic but no one smokes them.So are danedlions,and no one smokes them etheir.

  93. 93

    Does anyone know where her dress is from??? I usually can't stand what she wears, but I am IN LOVE with this dress! I must have it - or at least try it on!!

  94. 94

    My disgust with her isn't that she may or may not smoke pot-it's that she denies it when there are videos showing her smoking it. My disgust comes from her false sense of entitlement, how she treats other humans, how she uses sex sell herself.

  95. 95

    I'm not suprised that she had weed with her 'cuz she's friends with snoop dogg and his " THE MAN " to get weed from. that's hot !

  96. 96

    She looks like a damn rainbow puked on her.

  97. 97

    Re: LuckyStar101

    Yea it literally does look up simpson oil and you will find that it may be the cure for cancer.

  98. 98

    Someone said 5 dollars a gram when they were in college DAMN either they are old or smoke low quality schwag crap dirt weed. I don't care about name brand clothes but pot it better be quality lol.

  99. 99

    Re: hows your balls?

    SO TRUE she is such a nasty ass herpes bitch.

  100. 100

    Re: thisonegirl – its because its PARIS they just like to dog her in any way they can, granted shes not my cup of tea cause i think she is fake but lets leave even the fake smile celebs alone, shall we? too bad the media doesnt dog world hunger, drug and alcohol addiction, crime etc. the way they do these richer than rich celebrities, huh? shall we just once?

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