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Charice Gets The Botox On Video!

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Somebody was lying!

What is the world coming to?

Charice getting Botox was captured on video — and it looks like she got some done in other places besides her jaw! So maybe it was for cosmetic reasons?


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106 comments to “Charice Gets The Botox On Video!”

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  1. 1

    WTF?! This girl is 18 and does NOT need botox. Ugh what is this world coming to…

  2. 2

    WOw, she is what 14?

  3. 3

    I have no idea who Charice is but I'm definitely not a fan of hers and don't intend to get to know her or her music now. I definitely heard her mention the word 'fresh' so obviously she's sick in the head and was doing this for cosmetic purposes. She seriously needs to get help and should probably get out of this business.

  4. 4

    A 28 year old is too young for cosmetic botox, much less an 18 year old. Charice has gorgeous skin, she doesn't need botox for cosmetic purposes. TMJ, maybe, but certainly not for wrinkles.

  5. 5

    My dad is a dentist and has given a lot of his patients botox in their jaw for problems they have with the muscle and it sometimes locking. Also, the jaw does go that far up your face… the jaw goes all the way up to your ear. So I do believe that she was just getting it for jaw issues.

  6. 6

    it was for the jaw…to relax the jaw muscles…and the facial thing…jeez, what's the big deal…it's not like she's getting a nose job!

  7. 7

    Still ugly either way. FAMEWHORE! Just go back to where you came from.

    Its sad that Glee is adding more useless characters to the show when regular cast can't even get enough screentime for them. Like Brittany, Puck, Jesse, Shelby and others who are equally talented but aren't shown because of too many guest stars.

  8. 8


  9. mdamm says – reply to this


    i believe that one has to understand the content of the video before posting negative comments. as i speak filipino, i can tell you that the doctor said that charice needed the botox injection for her jaw as a result of her constant gum chewing. she said that charice's habit resulted in her jaw becoming so wide.

  10. 10

    UGH! Does she actually think this will make her pretty???? It won't. Face it, girl, you are average at best and ALL the Botox and other unnecessary surgery will NOT change that. Look at Heidi Pratt! This chick's cd tanked here in the States, I guess this is a desperate way to get some attention. UGH, just go back to the Phillipines and stick to karaoke bars and impersonating Celine and Whitney. You will NEVER be a star here! Fame-whore who REEKS of desperation!!!!!

  11. 11

    Re: luckystrike – Hm. I see.

  12. 12

    stop over reacting, the botox was for the muscle to have it relax! its non-evasive so shut up and let it be. For people thinking she sucks, why are you here commenting and taking the time to read the article? huh?

    and for the video, this is very typical in the philippines, all PUBLICITY. and plus the doctor who did the procedure is her GODMOTHER……

  13. 13

    believe her… mwhy would a 18 year old get botox anyways. come on use your thinking caps

  14. 14

    geeze look at the giant face..

  15. 15

    Can someone please explain to me why people in the Philippines always speak a mixture of tagalog and english at the same time?

  16. 16

    Perez, you are a dumbass. If you actually look online and see where the jaw ends, you would notice that it DOES go that far up your face.

    And you people need to stop making a big deal over this… this is supposed to relax her jaw muscles. Do your research before running your mouth about people you know nothing about.

  17. 17

    WTH. WHERE else did she get botox in this vid?? i see some green thing in her jaw that is a strange way to inject the jaw muscle, and i see here getting thermage…. get your facts straight!!
    BTW……what is so wrong with getting botox any way??

  18. 18


  19. laxxx says – reply to this


    Nobody lied. Thermage was done on her face which is like a high tech facial, non-invasive, nothing was injected. Her jaw is the oly place that got the 'B' injection. Jeez, people lighten up, all celebrities try to improve their looks.

  20. 20

    wtf i tell you in the previous post! i said us asians love our plastic surgery and that's no lie!

  21. 21

    Wow, what on earth. Someone send her back home, she's on a dangerous road. Nice job by the parents who let her do this.

  22. 22

    Re: Marcus75YOW – HI! Philippines was once a colony of the the USA…Philippine money was designed like US bills before and English is a mandatory class to take in school! hope this helps

  23. 23

    Why on earth would ANYONE put this on video? No one wants to see this…
    Does she need attention that bad?

  24. 24

    Are you KIDDING ME? This girl may be 18 but she looks fucking 14. She does not need this shit.

  25. 25

    She was getting thermage everywhere else. She only got the botox in her jaw, stupid!

  26. 26

    it's more a botox-promotion, no album-promotion

  27. 27

    OMG ppl botox is just botox not even a surgery she did it for her jaw stop criticizing her with or without botox fact still remain that she's a very talented singer with a wide vocal range and shes 18 yrs old

  28. 28

    Re: ashley4225 – i think ur the one who is sick in the head who definitely needs attention u have a disease called A.D.D. >>ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER go to ur nearest psychiatrist and seek help :) )

  29. 29

    You guys I speak tagalog and they were saying she was getting botox because she says her jaw was too big/wide because of constant gum chewing(totally BS btw)…. and the botox will minimize the muscle then it will make her face appear smaller. Ugh! I don't like her at all!

  30. 30

    Re: ashley4225 – ur sick lol

  31. 31

    Re: imagleek – thats so rude for u to say!!! and what again u said UGLY? pls we're not interested in you we just like charice so stop describing urself here LOL!!!!!!!

  32. 32

    I work with many TMJ patients and the lateral ptyergoid muscle is often in spasm in this type of population. It is a deep muscle that is within this joint and is located in the area that she was receiving injections. That was a legitimate orthodontic procedure.

  33. 33

    She needs new handlers. Dumb move to broadcast this on national television. Whatever the intent of the botox, the damage is done… she'll be an easy target for tabloids now. Unless, of course, she hires some outstanding spin-doctors.

  34. 34

    I actually understand Tagalog and I watched the video in its entirety. Charice was getting 'botox' on her jaw "only" and the doctor even explained that "it was because the jaw muscles have been strained from chewing lots of gum and that it needed to be relaxed." Aside from the botox, the doctor also administered a 'thermage' treatment and a facial–which is why you see her going all over Charice's face. Charice then talked about her Glee preparations and of course, she said she wanted to "look fresh" for her upcoming role — hence the thermage and facial :)

    Let's not overreact over this, especially for those who can't even understand the language of this video. From an objective person's point of view, there is nothing on this video that suggests anything beyond what Charice's U.S. rep had stated–that the botox procedure was for her 'TMJ' medical issue, and not for cosmetic purposes.

    Please do not spread malicious rumors without even understanding the video. Translate it

  35. 35

    Seriously . . . who gives an F about this unknown Chine whose face is shaped like the full moon?

  36. 36

    Re: jesyrene – full moon shape is better than half-m00n like YOU LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    I'm actually going to laugh so hard if it fires back and pulls a 'Meg Ryan' on her face for the rest of her life. This was a terrible idea, what if it ruined her voice? There's a reason Barbra Streisand never got a nose job: She feared it would ruin her inhalation and change her voice. She reducing her jaws and tightening her skin. There's a good chance she won't be able to stretch her mouth wide enough later on to hit the high notes.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    I saw this from a Philippine news site. Thank God it was in English! Hahaha.

    The 18-year-old Filipino singer with a booming voice, who recently released her self-titled debut album, saw her career skyrocket after appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' and Oprah Winfrey's talk shows. She underwent a 30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure and Botox injections to make her "naturally round face" more narrow, celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo told ABS-CBN television.

    UH DUH, the "cosmetic surgeon" BLATANTLY said that the Botox injections were done to make her "naturally round face more narrow". So that means the jaw thing was all a lie. Haha. Good publicity though, that full moon-faced famewhore will surely be the talk of all TABLOIDS. Hahaha, just go BACK to where your ugly ass came from.

  40. 40

    um WTF?! Her mother should be ashamed of herself. Obviously this was filmed for attention maybe she really needed the money. Shes only 18 and looks about 13 this is really disturbing…

  41. 41

    I've been reading all the comments on this whole botox issue and honestly, I find it interesting how everyone , including Perez, is jumping the bandwagon of 'self-righteousness' on this one. Obviously, botox has a negative stigma attached to it. But has anyone really researched that it's an effective medical treatment for TMJ and jaw tension?

    Another thing regarding others' speil about Glee being "about people from all walks of life, who each face unique challenges" and that "Charice missed the point of the show" — it almost made me teary-eyed…except for the fact the Glee is really the same Hollywood formula — "the fat black girl is a TOKEN and that ALL the VAPID fans seem to draw their attention to the HOT GUYS AND GIRLS of the show. Right. Exactly. Glee is Ugly Betty 2.0, where all the characters are hot and Betty seems to be the backdrop. It's simply a damn show using the "underdog" trend going on, while using the same old Hollywood formula of bringing eye-candy…"

    I'll just wait for the smoke clears, to be honest. This is pure media sensationalism and I hope you can see all see that. Perez?

  42. 42

    Re: Chasenip – and you reek of jealousy and hate…now that makes you UGLY!

  43. 43

    Re: Chismiss – well, whoptedoo for you! I bet lots of people don't like your stupid ass, either!

  44. 44

    Wow,to Charice and her rep you think like everyone is born yesterday to say that getting the Botox procedure is for a jaw problem? Go to a specialized doctor for that…not a cosmetic surgeon!!You are sending the wrong message to girls,don't become FrankenTittays!

  45. 45

    LOL you idiot they dont even show her getting injections they did show what looked to be a ultrasound type of machine not a needle…not sure what the machine was sorry, but that and obviously the doctor talked about her jaw. Sheesh poor girl does not need this type of ignorance.

  46. 46

    Please people do research first before making opinion. Maybe she has TMJ we don't know. Also to the people making comment about her face and etc., WOW don't have a soul for making fun of girl who is way to nice to defend herself. So don't judge a book by its cover. You never know what inside… I love you Perez, but let her make statement first she not even in the states to defend herself.

  47. Lits says – reply to this


    Yes, the video shows Charice talking about the facial treatments. But how the SEQUENCE of the clips was presented in the video most likely led to this “confusion”….. First, it is possible that Charice went to the clinic just for some minor treatment for a few pimples on her forehead. Then the “controversial” doctor, Vicky Belo, who happens to be Charice’s godmother, may have suggested to give Charice the “thermage” and the botox treatment, and was probably so persuasive that Charice and her handlers acceded to the doctor’s suggestions…. Remember, she’s 18 years old and probably had too much respect for Belo to refuse the doctor’s suggestions, especially if Charice was told the procedures were non-invasive….. The question is: Why would Charice’s handlers (manager, Mom) have the media present if the event would have a negative effect on her image?…. My theory is this: Charice was at the clinic for some minor acne treatment, BUT WAS TALKED INTO AND PERSUADED TO RECEIVING MORE TREATMENTS by the cosmetic surgeon (her godmother, mind you). The doctor must have been very persuasive even to Charice’s handlers that they allowed them to be done….. Let’s put the events that transpired and the sequences in the video into perspective before jumping into conclusions. You may have found yourselves in similar “confused” situations before….. So, show a little understanding, and if you can, love. Will you?

  48. 48

    I don't think she realizes that by tightening her skin and reducing her jaws, there's a good chance she won't be able to hit the high notes as well anymore.

  49. 49

    So sad! What does Oprah think!!!

  50. 50

    I seriously think some of you people are sick. Don't be hating on her just because she's from the Philippines. So what? She got botox, big deal. It was for her jaw, she didn't get it done to become prettier. I agree, she isn't exactly good looking , but she isn't ugly either! At least she didn't get her breasts done for Christ's sake! Just leave her alone.

  51. 51

    FYI. The jaw muscle extends from your jaw up to your temple. With TMJ, the jaw muscles are inflamed and will protrude leaving a very prominent mass around one’s face. Other than the superficial, TMJ is sometimes very painful and may affect one’s speech & hearing especially if it is already severe. And yes, excessive chewing of gum can bring about TMJ.

    From what I see of Charice, it seems like she is suffering from TMJ. If you can compare, her face has exponentially & unusually gotten much rounder as compared to her already naturally round face in just a few months. If it was just a natural growth, like gaining weight like most adolescent kids heading towards their awkward years as a young adult, the mass on her chins will also be protruding – double chin, which isn’t as significant as Charice’s temporomandibular joint.

    Now, the botox and thermage procedures done on her isn’t a permanent treatment but a very effective “band aid” solution. But it seems like, with her commitments and the things that are lined-up for her, she may not have the luxury of a permanent, invasive surgery that will render her incapable from performing as a singer for a good 3 months of recovery. Not to mention that this invasive surgery may permanently affect her singing capabilities.

  52. 52

    As to why it was done by a Cosmetic Doctor and this eventually casting doubt that she may have also done something else, my short answer is “Why not?” The procedures done are actually very practical for her situation. This is what they call “two birds with one stone.” Not only does it temporarily relieves her of her TMJ and, in due course, will also reduce the mass growing around her face – which is good for TV appearances, I assume. Why a Cosmetic Doctor and not a Dentist? Why not? They too are licensed to do so. And not to mention, it was done for FREE (well, technically it wasn’t since it was an “X-Deal”) - which explains the local TV News coverage and why the Doctor was blabbering more about the “beauty-results” rather than the treatment for the TMJ. It was to promote the Cosmetic Doctor’s business! Definitely, this was not about promoting Charice as a singer!

  53. Jared says – reply to this


    ew asian!

  54. 54

    The problem about this whole thing is the manner this “X-Deal” was done with the Doctor and the manner it was presented to the media. Of course, media will bite the news more if it was tagged as a cosmetic procedure rather than a minor treatment for TMJ. The ones handling Charice should have been much careful with these details. They should have learned their lesson when they had Charice promoting her single in (gay) bars when she was still barely 18 years of age.

    I’d like to spare Charice of this problem but it is already up in the air. But I’d like to also point-out that having a round face is not a uniquely Filipino countenance – having brown skin and a small nose is but that even isn’t even true anymore as the Malay population in the Philippines is getting more diverse or mixed as our history would tell by being once a colony of Spain, America and Japan.

  55. 55

    Ughh this FAMESKANK needs to go back to the Philippines.. where she belongs!!
    Srsly this chick is trying to be the next Celine Dion!! Aint gonna happen BITCH!!
    David Foster is just using you.. And if you ask me he may not just be using her for her voice!.. It's gross how "close they are".. !!
    The only thing she may have in common with Celine Dion is that they both were used by older men in the music industry!!!

  56. 56


  57. 57

    Er, since MOST of you, including PEREZ, wouldn't understand or speak in Tagalog, the language they speak in the Philippines, you clearly wouldn't understand the content of this video. So those of you who dont speak the language, youre just jumping the damn fucking conclusions.

    Perez, you're a fucking retard to publicize this matter in such a negative way.

  58. 58

    Re: ashley4225 – You're completely taking her words out of context. She didn't used the word 'fresh' in the way you're thinking. You don't speak her language, so clearly, you wouldn't understand what the hell the video is saying - and why she is doing it.

    what is the world coming to? people who jump to conclusions just like yourself, who dont even understand what the video is talking about, and talking shit about people.

  59. 59

    If its your own wants not the pressure of anyone else…there's absolutely nothing wrong with getting botox.

  60. 60

    This girl is stupid firts shes so ugly, in place of having botox on her face she need to do something to her flat ass.

  61. 61

    stupid ugly asian. no amount of surgery will help you. poor thing. Some body give her more lemon pledge……………

  62. 62

    wtf she admitted it was for cosmetic purposes, to look more presentable on tv.

  63. 63

    Re: luckystrike – hahaha a nose job woulda been better, that botox thing is not worth the fuss cause nothing has changed

  64. 64


  65. 65

    i agree all i saw was her get in her jaw no where else and how is that botox i didn't see any needles at all

  66. 66


  67. 67

    oh.. the (heaven) with you all.. all of the haters here are racist including PEREZ HILTON..
    you don't review and make a fair judgement regarding this issues..
    understand first!..
    ASIAN people are not what you think.. look deeper..

  68. 68

    stop your raw judgmental minds.. wait until you see.. hear all before you speak..
    analyze before you conclude,

  69. JRM says – reply to this


    There was no need for Charice to have this botox injection. Her round face looked fine. This celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Vicky Belo, does not know what she is talking about (gum chewing thing).

    And why was the whole procedure even covered by the press, anyway? Isn't it that such things are supposed to be done in secret? You know, a hush-hush activity?

    For Charice: I hope you don't let this Dr. Vicky Belo use you to promote her skin clinic business. Never mind if she is your godmother. The more she should protect your public image!

  70. 70

    Ok I'm pissed because I translated the entire video but apparently I reached the maximum characters allowed.
    Anyway I just want to point things out in this video so Perez, u better be paying attention.
    "Fresh" in the Philippines is more like removing dead skin cells to get "fresh" skin cells underneath. The word leans more toward "clean" than "a new face"
    The doctor that did her procedure (Vicky Belo) is famous for being controversial and is also mentioned to be her "ninang" (a woman not related to you but you still consider as an aunt)
    The video mentioned how Charice's bubble gum habits affects her face shape. The video also mentioned Thermage: the Dr. said it would make her face look smaller. Charice said that it's part of her big preparation for Glee Then the video went on about styles and her tour.

  71. 71

    Re: cauldrons – Because the Doctor is a manipulative bitch and want to use the little 18 year old girl for her own benefit. If people (specially those in the states) see her giving a minor procedure to a famous singer then she would get famous abroad.

  72. 72

    Ok seriously, I have TMJ Syndrome (That jaw disorder Charice is talking about) and it hurts in way more places than just the side of your face. It hurts in your cheek bones, temples, whole side of your face…basically anywhere muscle touches your jaw bone.

    I've put off trying botox for the pain, but it's awful, and it's getting to a point where I'll try anything. I'm sure she's seeing a great doctor who is hitting all the right areas for her specific problem. You have to immobilize the muscle to stop the jaw from clenching hard at night while you sleep, causing the pain to worsen. Many people find success with botox and the pain goes away. It's common practice for many people who aren't of age to fight wrinkles.

    I will never have botox for wrinkles, but I will consider it for pain management. She is not too young for medical purposes and this video is probably taken just so she will be more famous? Stupid way to grab fame in my opinion.

  73. 73

    She developed TMJ due to chewing bubble gum and it made her face look more round. This will help relax the muscles.

  74. ecid says – reply to this


    i think i know what procedure she got done. It's pretty well known in asian countries I guess. I'm asian(not from the phillipines) and I've heard people get botox on their jaws for tmj purposes. However for most, it's cosmetic reasons. It narrows your face & for asians, it's a huge deal to have a narrow face. Most asians get procedure done anyway, which is usually chiselling their jaw bones. Botox would certainly seem to be the better deal, no? So yes, this is done for cosmestic reasons(in most cases) but not for wrinkles.
    Charice…. gosh, this girl irks me. Can't we just leave her in the Phillipines?

  75. 75

    she's younger than me and getting botox!!! This is SAD!!

  76. 76


  77. 77

    Duh you dont get a pie face like that from nothing! She is soo ugly!! And LOL @ her having this recorded, what was she thinking?

  78. 78

    love you CHARICE!!


  79. 79

    Who the hell is Charice?

  80. 80

    Re: Chasenip – unfortunately, contrary to what you said, she got noticed only after she appeared in the u.s. because some american people got obsessed with her "talent." honestly speaking, she'd been trying to penetrate the philippine music industry for quite a long time without any success. she's been belting out her guts since she was like 6 or something but didn't get much credit. you were the ones making a big deal out of her actually. and she's not impersonating celine or whitney by the way. she's impersonating somebody else.

  81. 81

    Go to a chiropractor… that is sad… using jaw problems as an excuse for Botox… please this is sad her parents are pathetic and unfortunately I'm going to have to watch her on Glee because I love that show… BUT nothing else … that's awful… i mean whatever… I hear botox is good for headaches too but I'd rather try something natural first… especially a freaking teenager… never heard of her nor do I care to ever hear of her again

  82. jrae says – reply to this


    Let me translate: Dr. Vicky Belo said that Charice "chews gum too much that her muscle expanded" so they did botox and stuff to contract it and make her face tighter as it was a mile wide if you haven't noticed.

    either way, this is how the filipino film industry works, if you don't have a face, you don't get a job. That's why Charice didn't win in the philippines, she may be tolerable but lets face it, she's not pretty. That's why she's trying to redo her face. Such a stupid reason, but if you go to the philippines, you will understand.

  83. 83

    she looks abuout 13

  84. 84

    I had to register just to comment. This was done not for cosmetic reasons, obviously since Charice has no wrinkles. HOWEVER! I BLAME ALL THIS STUPID PUBLICITY on the STUPID VICKI BELO — Everyone here should also be blaming this ATTENTION WHORE.. She is obviously promoting herself and using Charice to do it. PEREZ you should do your research because this dumbass Vicki Belo had a CRAZY SEX TAPE in the Philippines. She is scum for using this to publicize her wares.

  85. 85

    STFU haters!..she only did it for medical reasons.She's too young to have botox.She's naturally beautiful and talented as well. She's a celebrity now and on her way to stardom.You can't do anything about it.She's a lot better than you haters.she's earning a lot more than you are..perhaps 30x or more.Enough to pay your credit card bills or home mortgage or even buy you a new house lol

  86. 86

    Re: FeFe.D

    Does she looks like she have a double F boob like your whore? you perve!

  87. marky says – reply to this


    i love charice so much don't judge her if you do not know her or just don't leave fucking comments, try to search about her on youtube and you'll see how beautiful she is inside and out

  88. 88

    Re: Crazydude – Stfu bitch!as if youre the most beautiful girl in the world.I bet you got no talent.youre a lot uglier…youre nobody compared to her lol…

  89. 89

    Its just botox!!!!!!!!!!! Plus it's her jaw so not yours! so why bother.. Stop hating!

  90. 90

    Re: jsqtsa – stfu!

  91. marky says – reply to this


    Re: imagleek – look who's talking… do u really think u can pull her down by saying those stupid things of yours?? you're full of shit man! i can't wait to see u guest on oprah or ellen, or how about on glee? or having a duet w/ celine, or andrea? or paired w/ iyaz? compared to justin b? or gaga? OMG u can talk but ur just der inside your room heating your ass up doing nothing but breaking charice's heart, i hope she will not read ur comments, she always open internet and she's a friend of perez…. how dare u say somthng like that to the pop princess….

  92. 92

    wow..maybe she should start slutting it up and making "home videos" just to please you all. We all have flaws, and all of you are so quick to judge, it's sad. Have you guys done anything to make this world a better place? she's just a singer..and your sitting at your desk making comments just to make your pathetic selves feel better. BRAVO!

  93. 93

    as a Filipino im proud of her success but personally im not a fan of her music especially her whiny voice. it really ticks me off that she's on the news every night. im disappointed that she's become a somewhat famewhore i mean hell! she really had to post a video of her singing a jb song to ,of all sites in the world, perezhilton.com and now this?! really? botox at 18? i know some people who are gum addicts but they never in a million freaking world thought of going under the knife because of it.

  94. 94

    I found some background on the sick doctor:
    According to one news report from Manila, Charice had originally made an appointment to see Dr. Belo about removing some pimples on her face but when Dr. Belo saw her, she told Charice that her face had gotten fatter. “Excessive gum chewing” was the cause.

    Wait, there's more:Dr. Belo, in virtually the same week that she announced Charice’s Botox treatment to the world, she also disclosed that she was reuniting with her former lover and associate, Dr. Hayden Kho, who is 24 years her junior and who is facing criminal charges for videotaping his sexual trysts with Manila starlets and posting them on youtube. Kho has been stripped of his medical license.

    Maybe Perez should start following her, you would never run out of material with that bitch.

  95. 95


  96. 96

    Re: Chasenip – ay letche!!!! ulol ka gaga…ur insecure to her talent..

  97. 97

    grabe ka charice maloloka ka na yan sa daming taong nakiki alam na sau!!! ganyan talaga ang buhay..bastat kung ano ang makakabuti sau go on. and good luck

  98. 98

    Sharizu i love your song sounds like Japanese dont forget ASIA LOVES you!!!

  99. 99

    GOOD WORK PEREZHILTON!! this will make charice more famous love you charice from japan

  100. 100

    thats fucking odd dude…

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