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Jennifer Love Desperate Is Team Edward!

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Because Jacob pissed her off!


Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt on The Wendy Williams Show describing her run-in with Taylor Lautner at the Eclipse premiere.

We'd probably have the same reaction as Taylor!

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42 comments to “Jennifer Love Desperate Is Team Edward!”

  1. 1

    Those little Fucking Twilight Douches. Joan Rivers said, 'be nice to the people on your way up, they are the same people you see on your way down'. Cannot wait for the 15 minutes to end…tick,tock…..expcially little dyke girl, Bellawhore.

  2. 2

    hey was probably trying to do a cute "Im too sexy to care" face and messed it up when the photo was taken

  3. 3

    Poor guy's probably taken thousands of pictures with crazy fans, give him a break… And yes, he probably didn't know who she is, and who can really blame him? He seems like a nice guy and probably didn't mean to look bored…

  4. 4

    she seems sweet

  5. 5

    Weird that she is so upset about it. I mean ok, make a joke but she sounds really mad it doesn't seem to be a joke to her.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Don't be upset JennLH, he gives that tired pose in every picture. He leans his head to the same side, he wears the same suit, he makes the same face…AND he can't act!!

  8. m.j says – reply to this


    I cant tell whether she's serious or not?! o.o

  9. 9

    I think she is adorable.

  10. 10

    Umm… I'm pretty sure Taylor just thinks Jennifer Love Hewitt is an annoying little whore. Like everyone else in the world.

  11. 11

    thats hilarious

  12. 12

    She's pathetic.

  13. 13

    LOL poor J.Love hahah

  14. 14

    If he doesn't know who Jennifer Love is, he must have a vagina!!!

  15. 15

    Re: BlackAvenger – agreed

  16. 16

    Oh please. It seemed to me that she was more upset he didn't seem to know or care who she was. And what was with that checking her breath before meeting him? Pedophile.

  17. 17

    it was probably because she didn't have a dick. Just sayin.

  18. 18

    Seriously JLH, YOU ARE 31. Taylor Lautner is 18. You can't honestly say he is messed up. Maybe he accidentally did that in picture. He hardly seems like the kind of person to be stuck up at all. He actually seems extremely shy in real life. Stop picking on kids. I'm sure you messed up a few times when you were growing up too.

  19. 19

    She deleted the photo because he wasn't smiling?! If I had a photo of me and like most of his body was cut off, I would still keep it and brag about it.

  20. 20

    I have noticed that Taylor doesnt really smile in pics with other people…but Im sure its not personal. He seems like a sweetie otherwise.

  21. 21

    Funny, a girl whom you desperately want to be Z-list was at the premiere and YOU weren't. Guess they've banned your fat ugly ass from premieres just like you're banned from all the LA clubs.

  22. 22

    I love her and Taylor Launter is gay, it is pretty well known in Hollywood

  23. 23

    That annoying bitch probably freaked out the poor kid. She's lucky he even talked to her at all. Could she come off any more pathetic?

  24. 24

    Forget Twilight, have you guys read Ruby Sun?! It's on the smashwords website as an ebook, and it's AWESOME! Twilight is good, but I know several people who have read Ruby Sun, and they say that it's BETTER than Twilight! I agree! No vampires!

  25. 25

    How old is she? Isn't she a little too old to give a shit about something like that? Embarrassing, no wonder she's not getting real acting roles.

  26. 26

    calling her retarded would be an insult to retarded people.

  27. 27

    She was Team Edward even before she met Taylor.
    And I don't blame her for liking Rob.

  28. 28

    Jennifer is really nice when it comes to fan photos. He should watch how it's done.

  29. 29

    Re: dawnofthelace – so you are a whore!!! people, esp you girls stop using the word whore so loosely.

  30. 30

    He probably didn't know who the eff she was, since she hasn't been relevant in many years. Poor girl, still thinks she's popular.

  31. 31

    I've like Love since her Kids Inc days but lately she's starting to irk me. EVERYONE takes bad photos. The camera could have flashed as he was repositioning himself or… anything! Taylor seems like a total sweetie and I feel Love is being a bit silly on this show but that could possibly hurt his feelings. He IS only 17 or 18.

  32. 32

    you have no reason to hate her other than the fact that she has the fame that you so desperately crave.

  33. 33

    She seems a little spacey, but I don't get what your beef is with her, except she had John Mayer and you couldn't.

  34. 34

    this video made me like her even more! She is too cute! Too bad she is ignored in the entertainment industry now :( . Can we get a "I know what you did last summer" remake with her please!!!

  35. 35

    She's taking this waaaaay to personally. She's acting like a creeper.

    Wendy Williams Show: a whiny bitchy show for whiny bitches.

  36. 36

    he takes thousands of photos and literally has like 2 seconds with each one, usually the person just shoves their face next to his and snaps away.

    this chick is so annoying.

  37. 37

    Ok… I am from Holland and have actually met J-Love once, while I was on vacation in NYC… I accidentally bumped into her, turned around and apologized to her… that's when I saw it was her… tiny woman she is!

    She smiled ad me and said 'oh it's ok' then I told her she looked really pretty in person… then she thanked me and said I looked pretty too and complimented me on my dark hair and light eyes… we were both smiling the intire time… she was really really nice…. so I don't understand why she deserves this kind of negative attention…. really guys… she's a sweetheart!!!

    she could have just walked away at that point… but she actually took the time to compliment me back…. gotta love the J-love!!!!

  38. 38

    Love J-Love, she was relevant when both Taylor and Perez were both nobodies. Wait Perez still is a nobody. LOL

  39. 39

    I'm pretty sure she was team edward before this… or well she's said it blatantly in interviews before!

  40. 40

    I thought this was pretty funny. This would make good dialogue for a sitcom. LOL

  41. 41

    She needs to grow up. She is 30 something and they are all teens and in their early 20s. When you were that age did you want to be snapping photos with some 30 yr old? No!!! Give the guy a break! She is a loser

  42. 42

    You people are just rude. All of you calling her "irrelevant," she's more relevant than YOU'LL ever be. And she has more money too. So keep talking, I'm sure she could care less what you say.