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Kathy Griffin Stirs Some Shiz With Massachusetts Politicians!

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Oh, look! There Kathy Griffin goes again, getting people's panties all in a knot!

If you caught last week's episode of My Life On The D-List, you know that the comedienne took a dig at Massachusetts senator Scott Brown's two daughters! Watch the HIGHlarity above!

Brown himself has already claimed that Griffin and Bravo "should be ashamed of themselves," but now openly-gay Massachusetts representative Barney Frank - who has actually made an appearance on the reality show - is taking a stand, and isn't pleased either!

He says:

“Having agreed to go on your show, I was particularly disappointed in the terrible comment you made about Sen. Scott Brown’s daughters. I think it’s possible to have fun, and even to poke fun at people in my business, without this kind of completely unfair attack.

And while I don’t usually feel compelled to comment on what various entertainers so, since you did include me in that show I wanted to make it very clear that I thought what you did was wholly unfair and inappropriate. It’s the kind of thing that makes it less likely that I or others can cooperate with you in the future.”

Wow, we think that's a little harsh for such a relatively harmless dig that was immediately acknowledged to be false!

And don't people realize that responding to her only means you're going to be in her next stand-up set?!

Griffin responded this morning via Twitter:

haha,Scott Brown is the Spencer Pratt of the US Senate.THIS is a great time 2 come c me live. OF COURSE I'm lovin all the publicity LOVIN IT

Ha! Pretty astute, gurl! He's pretty awful!

We cannot WAIT to hear her set about HIM now!

You only fueled her fire, boys! Very STOOPID!


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54 comments to “Kathy Griffin Stirs Some Shiz With Massachusetts Politicians!”

  1. 1

    Kathy Griffin: No class and not funny.

    John King looks like he wants to slap her after her comment.

  2. 2

    Frank is gay?

  3. 3

    Hilarious! That joke is totally worth any backlash. It's obviously a joke. Why is Brown so sensitive that people will mistake his daughters for prostitutes? He obviously thinks they're slutty.

  4. 4

    kathy, you are a ginger butchy hag. You aren't funny anymore.

  5. 5

    When Kathy teases it's not mean-spirited, it's just for fun - which just makes you look like an a-hole for taking it the wrong way. Love her!

  6. 6

    She has absolutely not morals at all. She has the sweetest Mother and her Dad was too. How they had a piece of dog poo like her I will never know. She says all kinds of hateful things about others just for publicity for her self. All she manages to do is show what a hateful person she is. Her a Joy Bahar are to peas in a pod.

    As far as you saying this was a harmless dig. Calling someones daughter prostitutes is not a harmless dig. As you well now since you are just as hateful as she is the way you always say hurtful things of others not caring how they may feel about what you say.

  7. 7

    This is 6 days late. Just like everything else on this site. Copy and paste your stories faster P :D

  8. 8

    I like(d) Kathy Griffin.

    But she stepped (galloped) over the line with that comment and SHOULD apologize.

    To call any women and especially girls prostitutes when they are innocent bystanders, in this case, is just irresponsible and kind of sick in a way. To laugh at it just shows your misogyny. And yes, women can also be misogynists.

    It is the SAME as someone gay bashing, and if you don't GET IT then you are as stupid as the day is long.

    SO PEREZ and KATHY…the next time someone gay slurs someone else….

    JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP or LAUGH AT IT….like you are doing now.

  9. 9

    i don't know him, the daughters, the senator and sorry i know who griffin is but if the daughters are grown women, who cares? let them stand up for themselves…….if they are teenagers or young girls, that's out of line………..

  10. 10

    Did anyone say anything when Glenn Beck attacked Obama's ten year old daughter?

  11. 11

    Days old, what's new, but she's still sooo not funny!!

  12. 12

    It's always great when Hypocrite Hilton laughs when idiots like Kathy, the irrelevant, Griffin make completely out of line comments about someone's children. Especially when we all know that if this had been done by a comedian mocking, say … Chelsea Clinton, or Odumba's kids, he would be screaming to the rafters about how wrong and despicable it was. Fucking dillhole.

  13. 13

    lol. "brief message from Bravo's legal team: Scott Brown's daughters ARE NOT prostitutes!!!". LOOOL

  14. 14

    Damn I LOVE Kathy Griffin!
    Be sure to watch the hilarious My Life On The D List - Tuesdays on BRAVO!

  15. 15

    does anyone remember election night? when he gave a speech and introduced his daughters and said "they are available"? it was all over the news the next few days and everyone speculated what it meant!!! the comments from kg were filmed closer to those events taking place…and we are just now seeing what was recorded!!! PLUS!!!! THERE WAS A DISCLAIMER AFTER THE COMMENT!!!! get over it!!! those girls are adults…and haven't we all prostituted ourselves for something? YOU'RE A LIAR IF YOU SAY NO!!!!!

  16. 16

    What Kathy Griffin said was definitely defamatory and could get her skanky ass sued if Senator Brown were the litigious type. She is classless and not even mildly amusing! And although I seldom agree with Rep. Frank about anything, he is absolutely correct in chastising her for her clueless and utterly inappropriate remarks.

  17. 17

    Kathy Griffin is NOT FUNNY, and I don't think she ever was. BUT SHE SUCKS UP TO THE LIBERALS so she gets emmy nominations, applause, blah blah blah. She and other LIBERAL comedians get out and say 'JOKES' of Palin, Bush, etc, etc, ARE STUPID IDIOTS and liberals fall over laughing. How are these jokes or FUNNY???? Now, she gets out there and looks at a picture of Scott Brown, a republican who DOES VOTE BIPARTISAN, than a picture of his daughters and she calls them PROSTITUTES? HOW IS THIS FUNNY? that stupid female from CNN laughed, the male from CNN looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. Brown's daughters are NOT ALL OVER TV. They are beautiful, college educated. and Bravo offers a lame 'it is not our opinion' on the bottom. Griffin is just jealous and washed up

  18. 18

    Any parent would be pissed off if someone took a dig at their kids no matter who they were! I don't blame Scott Brown one bit, he's actually a really nice guy and doesn't deserve that, Kathy's a hater!

  19. 19

    hey kathy, why don't you try actually being funny. you're so desperate its sad. you reallyl were funny at one point too. now… it's just famewhoring, honey. and it's not pretty.

  20. 20

    and please stop acting like youre liza mi'fuckingnelli…. speaking as 'a gay' we don't all love you.

  21. 21

    Love it, I dont think Kathy wants anyone to think she has class, sooo save it for someone who is "classy".

  22. 22

    Does Perez find it funny that Blobama's little nigglets are crack whores?? Didn't think so….asshole.

  23. 23

    Those comments Kathy made were totally out of line and very offensive. I do not care how old his daughters are or him saying they were available. It was rude and disgusting on her part.

  24. 24

    Harmless dig? Let's see someone call your children prostitutes. If she had done that to me I would have sued her butt off. She has not, class, isn't funny nor is current. NEXT!

  25. 25

    Everyone seems to forget Scott Brown whored his daughters out on election night during his acceptance speech. Of course that was ajoke. The daughters didn't think it was to funny. Kathy was just playing She idn't just come up with the whore thing. She never forgets!

  26. 26

    People like K.G who use politics as PR moves to gain rating, sell albums (Lady Gaga), and gain exposure actually make it hard for people who actually care about the issues at hand..

    After the lights have faded where are they? It shouldn't be up to us to clean up these political oil spills left by these fame whoring individuals! Her actions were inappropriate and she does more harm than good. As a gay man who actually fights the fight - leave our community alone - You Disgust Me

  27. jpg69 says – reply to this


    She's funny and she's great live!
    Barney Frank sat like a hemorroid on the show and if she thinks Kathy cares about his condemnation, she's gravely mistaken.
    It was a joke people; get ovah urselves!

  28. 28

    Re: justtfax – Maybe those are her beliefs just because you don't have the same political views doesn't mean that she is faking hers. Plus Brown during his acceptance speech said that his daughters were available and I think she took that ill wording and made this joke.

  29. 29

    I loove love love love love kathy but this whole "THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO COME SEE ME LIVE" crap is getting annoying.

  30. 30

    This happened LAST Tuesday piggy

  31. 31

    I'm sorry but Kathy is losing it. I went to see her live when she came to the Hard Rock and she sucked! Not funny at all!

  32. 32

    Can I ask what does Barney Frank being "openly gay" have to do with anything? Not every gay has to love Kathy.

  33. 33

    Love Kathy Griffin! For all you haters out there, go fuck yourself and learn how to take a joke.

    P.S. Barney Frank should stick to sucking dicks instead of making stupid-ass comments like these.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Here's my thought: If she continues crossing lines of decency like this, she's going to lose fans left and right. I love Kathy, but stuff like this makes me not want to see her or watch her show for a while–at least until she has stopped talking about it. It's ok to push the envelope, but some things are just not funny and just plain mean. Attacking children? Def not funny.

  36. 36

    Anyway to all the haters love kathy hope she dosn't apologize and she shouldn't it was a joke not even a dig at that famewhore family.

  37. 37

    Totally useless piece of S*&^! She has never been funny and never will. She's just stupid!!!

  38. 38

    You are not a woman (unless Barb is writing this today, but even then it is debatable…) so you don't get to comment on how "harmless" a comment is. These girls are not celebrities, so Kathy should not be commenting on them. Her "harmless" comment could cause their peers to call them prostitutes and make fun of them. She should not be commenting on a politicians children. Sound familiar? 'cough' Tyra 'cough'

  39. 39

    Oh for Christ's sake…it was a JOKE. It was a reference to Sen. Brown trotting them(ADULTS, mind you–they are not 10 years old as many seem to think)and announcing that they were 'AVAILABLE'. Nobody took it seriously–and that sour pussed old Queen Barney Frank really needs to get a grip and a sense of humor. WTF did he expect when Kathy Griffin wanted to film him? With all the shit thats going on in this world, THIS is what gets peoples attention??

  40. 40

    Death spiral. Over. Done.

  41. 41

    I'm done with Kathy she has no class!! The Brown's are a beatiful family. She wishes she had the class and looks of them. Shame on you Kathy to get yourself publicity.

  42. 42

    Pathetic jew!

  43. 43

    IT WAS A JOKE. If anyone knows Kathy it's that she makes Jokes like these all the time. Seriously, get over it. If you took offense to it you need to grow up if you cant understand it's a joke. People who can't take the joke, coming from Kathy of all people, are the IMMATURE ones and need to grow the fuck up.

  44. 44

    Re: harrycontests – You must not be a real fan of Kathy's if you take offense to this crap. This is who she is. What she does and has ALWAYS done. She talks crap and she hasn't lost fans yet and I doubt she'll start. Anyone remember the Dakota Fanning joke? The suck it jesus?

  45. 45

    Re: harrycontests – You must not be a real fan of Kathy's if you take offense to this crap. This is who she is. What she does and has ALWAYS done. She talks crap and she hasn't lost fans yet and I doubt she'll start. Anyone remember the Dakota Fanning joke? The suck it jesus?

  46. 46

    Barney Frank is GAY?
    Barney Frank is GAY?
    Barney Frank is GAY?
    Barney Frank is GAY?
    Barney Frank is GAY?
    Barney Frank is GAY?

  47. 47

    Re: queen_0f_p0p – How did Glenn Beck "butcher" Obama's daughters????? JUst askin…

  48. 48

    Re: VeganVal – Just goes to show how easily you are amused, idiot!! Try reading a book for a change!!

  49. 49

    Re: cooldud407 – Do you think she would ever make a joke about a Obama's children, saying they look like little "hookers??" No, she is too worried that Hollywood liberals would put her on the "no watch" list!

  50. rayna says – reply to this


    I guess she's just another mean-spirited libtard. I used to watch her but she's on my shit list now. How original to just jump on the hollywood idiots bandwagon for the attention.

  51. 51

    KATHY IS SO FUCKING FUNNY. Scott Brown is a neo-con fucktard & he too, can be poked fun at. In fact, all adults are fair game. SHE'S A COMEDIAN FOLKS, WHO CLEARLY & OFTEN PROFESSES HER MATERIAL IS NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS. Get a grip.

  52. 52

    I don't really know who Kathy Griffin is, but if this is her regular comedy routine, I'm not impressed. I don't even really care that she made a comment about his daughters, but randomly calling two girls prostitutes doesn't seem to have any level of cleverness or wit. Does resorting to sexual humor actually exist beyong a High School level? It was like a comment that two Junior High boys would post on a Youtube video and laugh hysterically at. I don't really care about her comment at all, I'm just honestly trying to find the real humor in the punchline.

  53. 53

    Re: notmemaw – morals are overrated get over it.

  54. 54

    Why does anyone take this seriously? People grow up, get a life, and a sense of humor. This is how this woman earns a living. Why don't people get it?