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Lameballs! Yet Another Celeb Boo-Hooing About Being Rich And Famous

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Whatever, dude!

Actor Justin Bartha says he purposely doesn't publicize his relationship with Ashley Olsen because he is "disgusted" by celebs who sell deets of their private lives to tabloids.

He says:

"It is not something that you keep under wraps. It is just the natural thing to have your private life be private. It is not natural to put a relationship out in the public eye so if that is not an inclination then you just keep a lower profile.

"I don't understand it when celebrity couples pose for pictures and invite people into their home. But it is a very unfortunate part of the culture that has entered into our society which personally I find fairly disgusting."


[Image via WENN.]

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68 comments to “Lameballs! Yet Another Celeb Boo-Hooing About Being Rich And Famous”

  1. 1

    How does he feel about hooking up with a troll?

  2. 2

    Can someone PLEASE tell the fucking olsen twins that when you're a size 00 wearing a size 10 dress makes you look ridiculous. Please get a fucking tailor and have your clothes fit properly.

  3. 3

    I don't see how that was complaining about being rich and famous…

  4. 4

    He's talking about you MARI

  5. 5


  6. cawd says – reply to this


    i agree with him
    what is wrong with them having a private life, so people like you can't dissect everything they do or don't do.
    i'm sorry, you will have to get your own life.

  7. 7

    He wasn't complaining about being famous he was just saying that he doesn't publicize his relationship b/c he finds it werid. Though if people want to do that then let them just don't complain after about how you want your privacy. What I find annoying is those who claim that they don't publicize their relationship but have been doing it all along just in a more subtle way.

  8. 8

    how exactly is it lame, he's right. why do you want everyone be sell outs and live their entire lives in public?

  9. 9

    i totally agree with him!

  10. 10

    He's talking about commercializing a relationship and I happen to think he's right.

  11. 11

    He's not "boo-hooing about being rich and famous," he's just saying that he plans on keeping his private life private. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact there's something very right about that. Just because you make your living being a parasite on other people's accomplishments and failures doesn't mean people don't have a right to their privacy.
    You are a hideous piece of shit.

  12. 12

    Actually, I agree with him. His problem isn't with being famous, it's with famous people who essentially sell their privacy to be even richer. He didn't say anything about paparazzi or anything. He just wants to keep his love life to himself. So do I. What's wrong with that?

  13. 13

    I agree 100%!!!! He's absolutely right.

  14. 14

    Where in that statement is he whineing about being rich in famous you dickhead? All he is saying is that he doesnt want his PRIVATE life splattered all over your website and tabloid magazines…there are plenty of celebrity couples who do that…when do you ever see jay=z and beyonce selling stories and having pics taken in their homes? Yet you wouldnt say that about them would you. Some people like having something that is just theirs…but you wouldnt know what that means would you as all you ever do is post your own whineing bullshit all over the internet!!!!

  15. Sweet says – reply to this


    How was he complaining about being rich and famous? What he said seems logical to me, but that's probably because I'm normal, and not a Hollywood star lover like you, Perez.

  16. 16

    I really respect him for saying this and choosing to keep his relationship private. He will have a far better chance at a long-lasting partnership this way and frankly, it's none of the media or public's business what these two do behind closed doors. Kudos.

  17. 17

    Although the job he chose comes with these kind of things i could completely agree with him and really do not see how this is complaining!

  18. 18

    Who is this guy?? If you choose this life, it kinda goes along with the territory, moron.

  19. 19

    He's perfectly right, you stupid jerk!

  20. Heh says – reply to this


    LMAO !!! what a moron.. is that not what youre doing by posing on the carpet? oh yeah and by the way who the fuck is this guy??? I also believe people shouldnt be famous for merely wearing clothes but that's the kind of world we live in I guess ….only you are famous for fucking someone who wears nice clothes so what does that say about you I wonder?

  21. 21

    I think it's fine to keep your relationship private. I think there are those celebrities that are so famous, they figure they might as well do the interviews, and have some say in what's being said about them. I don't think this guy is very famous, so he probably wouldn't understand that.

  22. 22

    I think it is kind of unfair to the fans, if a celebrity who is basically rich thanks to the fans, does not share anything with them. If he is all private and does not reveal any aspects of his life. People look up to them, want to know about them, it is only right if you at least give something back. That does not mean letting them into you house per se but it does mean being a bit more open and not an arogant stuck up pansy

  23. 23

    Pardon him for having an opinion.

  24. 24

    No YOU are lame Mario.

  25. 25


  26. 26

    its NOT lame perez, he is deadright!! And I extra! created a nick here to tell you that you should better respect other peoples opinions that do not conform with your "world"…

  27. 27

    He's not whining at all, so shut up Mario! He's actually right.

  28. 28

    He's absolutely right, it is disgusting and it's people like you that encourage it.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Who's Justin Bartha?

  31. 31

    WHO GIVES A FUCK????????

  32. 32

    I commend people in the spot light who want to keep their personal lives personal… give it up Perez.

  33. 33

    No gives a shit about him or his troll. Thats why he is able to keep his life private….CAUSE NO ONE CARES. If he was uber famous he would bask in the glorious sun of fame. But since that isnt happening he has to hide behind 'Its disgusting'

  34. 34

    hes so right
    its even more disgusting when they pimp theyre kids out

  35. 35

    I've never heard of him but I agree.

  36. 36

    Well, first of all, is this Justin Bartha rich and famous? For what?

    Secondly, what's really wrong with what he says?

  37. 37

    Not lame at all. He's absolutely right.

  38. 38

    1 comment?

  39. 39

    I wonna fuck the shit outta Justin Bartha!!!!

  40. 40

    duh thats because no one wants to admit to fucking one of the olsens

  41. 41

    dude has class, guess that's something you are unfamiliar with.

  42. 42

    Celebrity couples have been posing together and inviting journalists into their home since the 40s! He is just jealous no one is asking him I think. He doesn't have name recognation… you say Justin Bartha and people say who and you say the guy who was missing in the Hangover and then they say ohhh yeah. And the Olsen twins…. come on when was the last time either of them did anything. He just sounds bitter.

  43. 43

    There's something odd about the twins. They look like 10-year olds draped in huge, voluminous pieces of material, to probably hide their skeletal bodies, much like Rachael Zoe.
    The guys they attract probably like sleeping with little boys or little girls.

  44. 44

    I wonder how he feels about the above photo in which he posed for along side his girlfriend. is he disgusted by that? I hate all these celebs who cry about keeping things private and yet do everyting possible to be photographed together. Look at Rob & kristen.. they do the same thing. It's all cat & mouse.. at least some celebs are honest.

  45. 45

    Why is it disgusting to you? He is right, even celebrities should be allowed to have a private life.

  46. 46

    Hooray for Justin! It's not "boo-hoo-ing" as you put it, just because he wants to keep his private life, private. Some of these celebrities treat their relationships like trinkets that need to be shown and flashed for everyone to oogle at. It's sad, really. I commend Justin for not needing to turn his relationship, albeit, with a troll, into a dog-and-pony show. Some other celebs can learn a lesson from them.

  47. 47

    Ashley Olsen said, "You should not look after me"

    Did she say? But its nothing to say.
    why justin said so mmm

    I think photographer is not wrong.
    I love Ashley :)
    You is cool man

  48. 48

    How is he boo-hooing about being rich and famous? When I read the title, I thought it would be one of the Olsens boo-hooing. He's absolutely right in wanting to keep his private life private. Just because he goes to the odd event with his girlfriend doesn't mean he's contradicting himself. I didn't even know he was dating her so I guess he's doing a good job and all the more power to him!

  49. 49

    He just doesn't want to be seen with a trollsen!!! if he were dating someone famous, that he wanted to show off, i'm sure he'd feel differently!

  50. 50

    He's LAME because he's not a Media Whore?!

  51. 51

    what is your point perez? He's not complaining about being famous, he's just saying how lame it is when people sell their lives away out to the public. He doesn't talk about his relationship with his GF to magazines, he doesn't do photo opts, and he doesn't brag about his life- thank fucking god! I wish more celebrities were like him!

  52. 52

    Where did you even get boo-hooing about being rich and famous out of that one? You have some serious reading/listening comprehension problems. He was just saying he wouldn't share the details of his personal life with the press and finds that people who do are disgusting. Didn't say he hated being rich or dating a famous person now did he? Seriously, whoever is writing this blog is doing Perez a great disservice. It was completely obvious when he started using ghost writers and simply become worse over time.

  53. 53

    Re: Heh – oh i guess you dont watch films where he plays a deep character, besides the hang over but he was in that film for a total of 20 minutes….uh face it he is right. he was saying those who sell out their relationship for mags and tv show.

  54. 54

    Never heard of him.

  55. 55

    That is one fugly gown…looks like a hospital bed sheet!!! Just because they consider themselves 'fashion' doesn't mean we have to agree.

  56. 56

    That is one fugly gown - looks like a hospital bed sheet. Just because they consider themselves 'fashion', doesn't mean we have to agree.

  57. 57

    Perez is such a famewhore that it astounds him when people don't think about fame in the way that he does.

  58. 58

    Yes I quite agee, get yur own private life. Yes it's fun to see what has to say today. But if stars want their lifes priviate and they do so respectivly let them.

  59. 59

    That's not lame. What's lame is making money off of selling your family and yourself. People making money off of pictures of their babies is lame.

  60. 60

    Like, who the *&^% is this dude anyway? Dude, "celebrity couple" implies BOTH people are celebrities, OK?

  61. 61

    I think he was really saying that he doesn't understand the public's obsession with celebrity couples…and I agree. Who cares??

  62. 62

    Who the fuck is this guy? And he doesn't need to worry about trying to keep his life private.. because nobody gives a shit about them. Also if other celebs want to whore themselves out then so be it… who give's a shit.

  63. 63

    He's allowed to have a private life. That's legit. Go boohoo to yourself Perez. You're the only one crying in this post. He's not, he's enjoying both sides of fame. Just noticing some people sell out and whore-ize their lives by posing for pictures at every chance and giving every detail of their lives.

  64. 64

    He makes perfect sence & isn't complaining @ all, for those that don't recognize him he played the soon to be groom whom the other best friends "lost" in the movie The Hangover.

  65. 65

    He makes perfect sense & isn't complaining @ all, for those that don't recognize him he played the soon to be groom whom the other best friends "lost" in the movie The Hangover.

  66. 66

    The only thing lame about this post is a 32 year old supposed "man" using the word "lameballs!!!!!"

  67. 67

    To everyone who wants to know who he is, he's from The Hangover! My god, just fucking look up his name, people are so lazy. And he's right.

  68. 68

    He wasn't complaining about being rich. He was just saying how he doesn't like how other celebs let the public into their private lives, and he doesn't want to do the same. Someone needs some help with reading comprehension. Yikes.

    But I think he's taking it a bit too seriously. I honestly don't think its that serious that celebs sell their wedding pics to tabloids. They get paid to be in the public eye. Its what they do. Plus, a lot of their careers are short-lived, they don't know how long they're going to be on top. Kinda like the whole Kardashian clan (even though I love them)-they have to milk it now while they're "cool" because in another year they might be irrelevant and no one will give a shit about their marriages, relationships, or babies.