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ASSlee Gets Her Hair Did, Still Looks Like Ass!

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What the eff is she thinking?

ASSlee Simpson was snapped at the Ken Paves salon yesterday sporting these FUG inneresting new hair colors, because apparently the singer actress mom couldn't decide what she wanted!

Seriously, bb??

Your head looks like a skunk that rolled in his own shiz!!

On second thought, that looks like one of our old hairdos! Ha

[Image via WENN.]

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109 comments to “ASSlee Gets Her Hair Did, Still Looks Like Ass!”

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  1. 101

    Dude. Ashlee looks gorgeous yo, and the hair rocks, it looks like it naturally fades from dark into lighter colors, and it's unique. Looks way better than that dumbfuck blue wig you sported to an event :) it's hilarious to me how judgemental you are considering how extremely ugly you are. you have a fucking pig nose, you're fat (still after losing weight) , you're teeth are fucked up, yet you blast how bad looking beautiful celebs are ? it's really ridiculous dude. I come to your site to look at news and see what's happening in the hollywood world - that is the only reason im here, but i really don't like you as a person, at all. Stop callling her ASSlee. for realz.

  2. 102

    btw perez - i forgot to mention your face reminds me of a troll. it's kind of traumatizing to look at man, you might want to get a face transplant 'bb'. lol

  3. 103

    Nothing wrong with this. Kinda hippie look. I like it a lot better than all her old dos.

  4. 104

    This coming from a guy who often times dresses like Bozo the clown and considers it fashion. When, the rest of us know you're the white elephant who's entered the room. Perez, just because you, or Gaga, wear something unique doesn't classify it as good fashion. It just means you've accomplished your original goal–to stand out and be talked about.

  5. 105

    I agree with douseekamy. She looks fine.

  6. 106

    She looks stunning! I love her hair.
    She actually looks a LOT like Angelina Jolie in this picture too.
    Lovely girl she is. I do love Ashlee! :)

  7. 107

    I love her hair!! Soooo much better than the fucking hideous blue hair you sported a little while back. LOL, the douche deleted my account after I called him out for being a fucker :)

  8. 108

    her hair looks fine

  9. 109

    what does bb mean?!

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