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Glenn Beck Going Blind?

| Filed under: Politik

Fox News' Glenn Beck revealed that he was diagnosed with macular dystrophy and could go blind within the next year.

Being snarky about healthcare reform he said:

"So, I went to the best doctor I could find – while I could still go the best doctor I could find."

Oh, boy.

Macular dystrophy is a rare genetic condition which can cause vision loss, causing patients to have difficulty driving, reading and identifying faces.

Well that's too bad!

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200 comments to “Glenn Beck Going Blind?”

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  1. 1

    "Well that's too bad!" - do you think that is a bit cold of you to write this??

  2. 2

    He should just be glad he can afford Health Insurance.

  3. 3

    Jeez Perez. I can understand not agreeing with his politics but have some sympathy, the man is possibly going to lose his vision. (fyi I'm a moderate and not too big a fan of Beck's)

  4. 4

    Is there a problem with his statement? Perez, leave your so-called political leanings at home. You aren't fooling anyone trying to be progressive, we all know you are merely a blind sheep who will follow whatever party makes the biggest fuss over gay rights. Stick to the gossip and leave the heavy issues to the real journalists.

  5. 5

    Beck going blind, Rush getting stomach cancer and you getting aids. Now that would make the world a better place.

  6. hodan says – reply to this


    that sucks!
    as much as i hate this guy..i would wish that on anyone

  7. hodan says – reply to this



  8. 8

    Wow what a strong and gracious man. Wish there were more out there like him. Wishing the best Glenn (with 2 n's!!!)

  9. 9

    Touching story. :( Hope for the best. xo

  10. 10

    is it bad that I don't feel bad… honestly… it's like w/e…
    So many of these conservative pundits Fox showcases make me feel such a blatant disliking of them, that they could be run over by a truck in front of me, and I'd still be able to get a good night sleep that night.

  11. 11

    I don't give a shit if he can see or not I just want him to shut the fuck up and go mute…

  12. 12

    Not a fan of Glenn Beck but wouldn't wish blindness on anyone. Once the new health care insurance ramifications become evident and Insurance companies raise rates and lower benefits Beck's words on finding a great doctor while he can may come true.

  13. 13

    Couldnt happen to a Better Person

  14. 14

    That's sad. You don't really know how good you have it until a force decides to take it away.
    Athough, his hit on health care reform bothers me. I mean I know some people are mad about it, but the reform is also giving healthcare options to people in there 20's who can't normally get any coverage. Really only time can tell, but I know people will still have opinions good or bad.

  15. Heh says – reply to this


    Oh he's gonna be seeing things a lot differently after that PUN INTENDED

  16. 16

    Good. Hopefully he dies too. And Perez as well

  17. 17

    Whether you agree or disagree with Beck's politics/opinions - Geez, he's still a fellow human! Show some compassion you bunch of tactless douchebags!

  18. 18

    well……….he's right.

  19. 19

    I thought he was already blind … go figure.

  20. 20

    perez thats ridiculous you would say 'thats too bad' imagine it was you - how would you feel? its serious for him and his family and i cannot imagine what hes going through to realise that hes not going to be able to see again and have this gradually happen…i just hope hes going to cope with it the best he can

  21. 21

    wow, if he wasn't suck an ass, people may actually care. It's amazing when people that look down at others find themselves on the other end…

  22. 22

    I have to say I have no idea who this guy is, but no matter what his views are I think it is very blasé of you to say 'Well that's too bad!' after that diagnosis.

    If this happened to Paris Hilton or Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or whatever it would be like the world had ended. You would be tripping over yourself to appear sympathetic.

    That was a pretty shitty thing to say Perez.

  23. 23

    how about so sad? i suffer from glaucoma and believe you me the prospect of going blind is terrifying!! if you dont know anything about vision disease u should read up because its a nightmare. and the drops that i take to keep the pressure down in my vessels is way way expensive like $75 for a teeny tiny little bottle thats not even filled to the top. please have a little more sympathy for Mr. Beck, even if you dont mean it!! thanks p.s. i know perez did not post this.

  24. 24

    Wow as much as I don't like his stand on things, I feel bad that anyone has to have something like this happen to them…

  25. 25

    Fuck you Mario I don't agree with this mans politics but nobody should make a joke out of someone losing there sight….

  26. 26

    no big deal cuz he's always had his head stuck up his ass.

  27. 27

    Don't be a dick Perez. You may not agree with his political views, but seriously - have a little compassion.

  28. 28

    Karma's a bitch you racist homophobic asshole.

  29. 29

    He was such an asshole to gay people. No sympathy from me.
    You reap what you sow.

  30. 30

    Now he can reap the benefits of Obama's health care plan. Before he could've been dropped by his HMO for a preexisting condition. Thanks Obama!

  31. 31

    Re: jack e jett – LOL. Me either. He needs to be muted also

  32. 32

    He's already blind.

  33. 33

    id rather he go deaf this way both his television and radio shows are cancelled. if hes blind, he could still be on the radio lol

  34. 34

    Everything Glenn Beck says is a lie. If he said it, then it's not true.

  35. 35

    i hate this guy ne ways!

  36. 36

    To all the assholes here revelling in Mr. Beck's diagnosis: go fuck yourselves. I'm hoping a certain community organizer drops fucking dead from all his cocaine abuse or his cigarette smoking. Even fucking Steven, bitches!

  37. 37

    This guy is an asshole BUT I do not wish harm on anyone.

  38. 38

    I don't believe anything this guy says!

  39. 39

    i love him

  40. 40

    Re: cjc0610 – show compassion for him… he can't do it himself … fuck him ..

  41. 41

    Perez is a pig and when he gets AIDS i guess we can all just say well thats too bad!! What's wrong with wanting the best doctor possible? Wouldn't you do the same?

  42. 42

    maybe a publicity stunt; a lot of his shizzz is just for media attention. But if it isn't, blindness isn't good enough, unless maybe it involves hot pokers shoved through his retinas. What we really need for him is mutism!

  43. 43

    karma's a bitch. You should take note Pumpkinhead.

  44. 44

    Are you seriously wishing blindness on a person because they have different political views than you? That's an all new low even for this site… You're completely dehumanizing a person bc they have a different opinion than you do and that's no different than hating someone because they are gay or a different ethnicity than you. Stop spreading hate scum-bag.

  45. 45

    too bad it's not his vocal chords

  46. Boo says – reply to this


    Maybe the Nazis stole his eyesight.

  47. buck says – reply to this


    liberals are very strange people

  48. 48

    If only it'd been Bill O'Reilly then there would be some justice in the world/

  49. 49

    STFU Perez! Glenn Beck is showing the world what these dopes elected in '08. How's that hope and communism working out for you unemployed fools?

  50. 50

    i didn't watch the video, but i believe it's macular degeneration. i know of a well known sporting dog artist that has the same thing and can no longer paint due to the disease.

  51. 51

    he has been blind for a long. long. time.

  52. 52

    I see many morons here who are pissed off with Glenn Beck for being homophobic. Are you fucking serious? Barry Obama told gay people that he was on their side and that would end DADT then he invites Rev. Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration. What a slap in the face to gay people! Oh, and Barry has said many times that he doesn't support gay marriage. But no one calls Barry out on his homophobia cuz he's half-black. Fucking pathetic.

  53. 53

    Everything happens for our own good? What a crock of shit. Everything happens to us for a reason? a bigger crock of shit. Tell that to children who lose their life. Moron…

  54. 54

    karma is a bitch

  55. 55

    Im sooo sorry but am i suppose to care?? All the racist, sexist and crazy shit he's said and done has now come back to haunt him. He might also have a brain tumor because he's ignorant as hell and delusional. Still i wouldnt wish this on my enemies but thats life, and where there's life there's karma. lol hey glenn life has a way of fucking over mean evil folks like you.

  56. 56

    disease is not a revenge we can all get any disease.

  57. 57

    who the fuck cares. hes a homophobic redneck. karmas a bitch. nobody cares if u go blind.

  58. 58

    Funny how he was all for health care reform a year or 2 ago when he was crying on camera after a surgery he had just had when he was treated badly at the hospital.
    I should feel bad, but this guy is such a disgusting, hateful pig.

  59. 59

    baaa baaaaa.

  60. 60

    I dont understand why people have to make rude comments. One question to ask you, are you really that threaten by Glenn Beck? If you dont like him thats fine, just keep your snarky remarks to yourself! I am a Glenn Beck fan. Fox News is the one station I watch where you view all sides of the political spectrum with true facts. Glenn Beck, I wish you the best!!!

  61. 61

    it is disgusting when you can not show compassion for someone. If you can't don't say anything. I would not wish that or any disease on anyone, even Nancy Pelosi, whom I cannot stand. I am a democrat and it is time for other democrats to stop calling GOP members, conservatives and libertarians(what Beck is) stupid, idiots and racists just because they are members of those parties. Beck might have some wild connect the dot ideas to some, but alot of what he has said, HAS COME TRUE.The man is a great supporter of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and has an amazing knowledge of the Founding Fathers. He loves this country, which is alot more than can be said for some of our elected officials. I may not agree with him on everything, but he backs up his arguments with facts, unlike many from my party.

  62. 62

    Re: TampopoLoco – first of all you ignorant….i may not be 100 with perez but one thing is for sure…you can be at equal or greater risks of getting aids than perez….not because he´s gay it means he is at greater risk…at least not anymore and not on this time we live on….and is because of people like you that i support gay movements, immigration, etc…..cause this is not a cause of being gay or immigrant(yeah immigration has nothing to do w/ this topic) but of being tolerant and being informed….and well glenn beck is the kind of us citizen im embarrassed of…but i still don´t wish him bad but he sure has to reconsider his radicalism

  63. 63

    I guess there is a GOD……

  64. 64

    If there is a God he'll go deaf and mute as well. But I honestly don't believe this in any way. It's just a Glenn Beck publicity stunt. The man is one of the worst "human beings" on the planet.

  65. 65

    I don't know why anyone would wish anything so bad on anyone. Seems like no one has a heart these days. I would not wish this on anyone, even to those who I don't like.

  66. 66

    Leave it to you to not let me down Douche. I stop reading your site because you piss me off and just when I come back you do it again. Nice of you and ALL OF YOU posters who are being nasty. Regardless of politics you should never wish ill will on anyone or be happy when it happens. If you get your heads out of your a$$ and watch one show you would see that Beck is pushing for truth, honor and responsibility in all Americans. He wants everyone to have thier voices heard but in peaceful non violent manner. He loves the message and ideas of the Founding Fathers. He also backs up every statement with absolute fact. You might not like him because he is on Fox and the main stream media tells you not to like anything on Fox, but he doesnt lie and he backs everything up. I wish more journalists would be as passionate about bringing this country back to a point when we are all hardworking and proud of it and not some self righteous a holes who think they are entitled to everything.

    Stick to gossup and stop making fun of people for being overweight or ugly. They are all better than you because they arent malicious or judgemental towards others based solely on looks.

  67. 67

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I hate to think there are people like you on this planet. Are you serious or just a provocateur ? I wish you would stop writing your pathetic comments.

  68. 68

    Hmmm. Well i guess we all can say justice is served. I guess bad talking everyone with blood running through their veins backfired huh Glenn? I'll pray for you but that nut case repub Elridge Cleaver STFU. Wel heard it all already, you think obama is bad blah blah and you blame him for the sky being blue and not purple smh. haha

  69. 69

    Not that Im a glenn beck fan or anything, but there is a drug called lucentis that saved my grandmother from macular degeneration and restored her vision. Anyone with the disease should look into the treatment.

  70. 70

    All of a sudden this loser is wearing glasses when he talks about having vision issues? I don't buy it. If it's true I feel bad for him. It sucks to go blind..even for hate filled assholes like this loser.

  71. 71

    I don't wish blindness upon anyone. I am losing my vision as well and I hate having to go to sleep every night asking myself if I will wake up with vision or not. The very thought that everything I see will now be a blip of my imagination in another year or two is terrifying. I do not like Glenn Beck but I hope he does not lose his vision.

  72. @v@ says – reply to this


    'Could' go blind. The early-onset form (known as Best disease) usually appears in childhood; however, the onset of symptoms and the severity of vision loss vary widely. The adult-onset form begins later, usually in middle age, and tends to cause relatively mild vision loss. The two forms of vitelliform macular dystrophy each have characteristic changes in the macula that can be detected during an eye examination. Beck's condition is a caution to be sure to get your eyes checked. His own personal prognosis is only known by Beck and his eye doctor.

  73. 73

    Re: schmoopsy – I was going to say that!

  74. 74

    he may be rich and extreme, but i feel bad for him if this is true. you don't poke fun at someone like that.

  75. 75

    This explains so much!

  76. kjen says – reply to this


    I don't care whether he is liberal or conservative going blind is nothing to laugh at or wish upon anyone. I had a friend go blind her freshman year of college and it's devastating to not only the person but their family who is left as caregivers to some extent.

    On another note, when all of us get informed (by our boss, as I did) that we are going be taxed on the money our boss is paying for health care because it will now show up as income and can force some into a new tax bracket then a lot of us are going to realize the reality is that it is going to COST US A LOT OF MONEY out of our paychecks for probably less care.

  77. 77

    I want to feel sorry for the guy, but he just seems so insincere to me. it's like the boy who cried wolf: he's done it so often and for no reason, that now that he is justified in doing it, I'm not buying it.

  78. 78

    Not rare. Do some fucking research.

  79. 79

    If you're so cold to wish blindness on someone, regardless of their political and religious beliefs, maybe we should wish AIDS on you!

  80. 80

    im praying for you glenn

  81. 81

    Re: LazaroSi3333 – Seriously? MOST OF THE FUCKING COMMENTS HERE ARE PEOPLE SAYING THAT GLENN BECK DESERVES TO GO BLIND. They are the fucking provocateurs, not I. Please read the nasty comments here from Glenn Beck haters then tell me that the shit I wrote is worse than what they wrote. Oh, and lemme guess, you're not Republican?

  82. 82

    Re: bebita777 – I'm with you on that!
    If it's really true so sad-can't wish that on anyone.
    Beck is SO dramatic though…and yes, completely insincere!

    While fear-mongering perhaps he got some BATSHIT in his eyes lol!

  83. 83

    Re: DaRockz – Re post #59 You fucking flip-flopped 4 times in one paragraph. It's stunning how dumb you are. Pick a side: either you feel bad that Glenn Beck might go blind or you don't.

  84. 84

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – STFU already you delusional racist FUCKER!
    Nobody here likes you you fucked up BIGOT!
    Go hang yourself!

  85. 85

    When you're an adult, macular dystophy is slow progessing. My grandmother has been dealing with it for years. It starts as a small dark cloud in your vision and grows as the years progress. If he is going to the 'best doctor he can find', the progression can be slowed even more with shots and medication, even vitamins. I'm not going to listen to a man preach politics when he doesn't even sound educated about his own condition.

  86. 86

    Too bad he's "losing his vision" and not his vocal chords.

  87. 87

    Glenn Beck is the cure for this country and people like you Perez are the disease. Even if he goes blind he'll do more for America than you ever will.

  88. 88

    As far as I can tell, he's already blind…to the truth.

  89. 89


    I am sure - unfortunately - that it won't stop him from psreading hate & fear!
    Too bad!!

  90. 90

    lol, suck it Glenn xD

  91. 91

    … and in more important news…

  92. 92

    Glenn Beck does stand up? lol.

    If only it were his voice too…

    "Couldnt happen to a Better Person " I laughed at that :)

    at least when he goes blind he won't see race anymore. that's a silver lining indeed.

  93. 93

    thank you for sharing perez. for those of us who missed his show yesterday - i am happy to put him in my ongoing prayers. he's such a visionary, it's sad to see his pain. But God will guide the way, and i know he will always be a person to listen to. Again thank you for the heads up. God bless Glen.

  94. 94

    No matter the person who has this .. this is saddd!! My mom suffers something simular to this and it's very upsetting you could have stated that well that's too bad statement to something different. Very disgusted by that statement Perez!

  95. 95

    WHY was my comment deleted? FUCK YOU MARIO! HATEFUL SACK OF SHIT

  96. 96

    All political views aside,

    it's not just too bad. It would be a tragedy for anyone. What if it were you? All of you people saying Karma this, hell yeah! Whats wrong with you? You're all sick.

  97. 97

    Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

  98. 98

    Hmmmm; sucks to be him. Poor baby.

  99. 99


  100. 100

    "Well that's too bad!" Really? Really Perez? Wow.. that's low.. even for you.

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