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37 comments to “The Simpleton Is An Old Spinster Lady!”

  1. TLK=3 says – reply to this


    Aren't you 32 and obviously still single?

  2. 2

    Seriously Scarez, why haven't got AIDS yet?

  3. 3

    sigh………………………she is lovely

    give her a break

  4. 4

    What's funny is that if she ages naturally, you'll just mock her and call her ugly anyway.

  5. 5

    Whoever wrote this is a creep. CREEP!

  6. 6

    She looks very pretty here.
    The extra weight in her face makes her look more feminine…
    but, probably not so great on the rest of her body.

  7. 7

    …And what exactly is wrong with being unmarried at 30? You say it like its a bad thing…I call it smart

  8. 8

    Mario SPELLCHECK ever heard of it? douche

  9. 9

    You are over 30 and, as I understand, you are single. I suppose you feel it is acceptable to you as you are a man. Women, however, you hold to standards that went out with Elizabeth Bennet's mother.

    Please also look at your face. Look long and hard. On the surface you will notice plenty of imperfections. However, stare deeper, Perez. I realize shallow is your nature but just look at yourself. You are a fearful, sad man. You mock others for their appearance and have a pathological fear of aging. This fear manifests itself as sheer meanness and ignorance. The value you place on youth is truly sad and only increases the older you get. I suggest you visit a psychotherapist, work through these issues instead of contaminating others with your complete surface way of thought.

    You will never be any younger and you will never be any more attractive. Get over yourself and stop trying to assuage your misery with your catty comments.

  10. 10

    Perez - you're just jealous of her good looks. No matter how many trips to the plastic surgeon you'll make; no matter how much weight you lose - you'll never look as good as Jessica Simpson.

    And by the way - I've concluded that you're pea-green jealous of Jennifer Love Hewitt as well!

    I watched about half of the TV movie last night and it was quite good.

  11. 11

    Unnecessary and meanspirited.

  12. 12

    Listen M*F*er, you are older than her, so what's your issue?? Quit hating on women, specially since you want to be one. Using your fudge pipe as a vagina does not count toward being a woman. You are way beyond jealous, you are pitiful and a sad human being, no wonder you can't find a boyfriend, pitiful…

  13. 13

    Her face is so fat…she looks terrible!!!

  14. 14

    YOU, MARIO/PEREZ, whoever, have forgotten that Jessica has ALREADY BEEN MARRIED. So, it is not like she has never been asked, never made it down the alter. She has also had a number of boyfriends. An Old Maid/Spinster type person, the thought behind that is someone who has never been seen with a man, never been kissed, sitting at home with their hope chest, just waiting for their 'knight in shining armor'. Nowadays, these 'old maids' are women that are holding out for the 'perfect' man drooling over the hot guys out there, over looking the slightly balding types………. uhm ……… does this sound? uhm, no,…. no, wait, Mario, instead of calling JESSICA AN OLD MAID……… why don't YOU…… take …. A ….. GOOD …… LONG……. LOOK…….. IN ……..A ….. MIRROR?????????

  15. 15

    I am soooo sick of this tiresome, stupid woman. Enough with the doe-eyed stupidity act, you are way too old for it.

  16. 16

    Dang, Mario! Are you really that ignorant? A spinster is a woman that has never been married and past regular marriageable age. What is that nowadays, huh? Jessica has been married. Why do you hate this woman so much? She's just trying to live her life as best she can. She's still a very pretty girl despite having a normal, healthy figure now instead of being a stick woman with boobs.

  17. 17

    p.p.s- Jess, if you're torturing yourself by visiting this site, don't worry doll, you're gorgeous! You could be brighter, but you look amazing.

  18. 18

    Fuck you Perez! Your tags there sound more like your sorry fat fucking ass! Jealous much?

  19. 19

    she needs alot of plastic surgery,because she cant keep a man ad is really old.
    1.facelift,2.bellytuck,3.nosejob,4.breast implants.5.lips done.it goes on and on!

  20. 20

    No, Joe Simpson Junior. What you found is a STRETCH mark. From eating SO MUCH! Where is your sense of pride? You think the new boyfriend likes FAT girls?!

  21. 21

    Look, I'm not a fan of JS, but you are just plain cruel to this girl time and time again. BACK THE F OFF ALREADY - it's so tiresome to your readers.

    1) 30 and unmarried is PERFECTLY FINE. Does being married make anyone more or less whole? NO!!! And, she was already married, perhaps too young, but so what if she didn't rush off and get remarried 1950's style? Why should she and why do you care?
    2) This girl is NOT FAT or OLD! You should be on her side, having been MUCH heavier than she has ever been, and being even older than her. Ease up, will you?
    3) Not sure why you hate JS, Jennifer Anison and Jennifer Love Hewitt so much, but everything that spews out of GaGa and Angelina's mouths is golden and fab to you. I think you have a "J" prejudice.
    4) I admire her sense of humor about herself. That is a sign of a secure and healthy person. At least she doesn't need to wear a gyroscope to sing and get attention.

  22. 22

    Re: kimmygirl – Her face is fat????? Are you f'ing kidding? Are you really buying into this sad hype?

  23. Bree says – reply to this


    Look I know you get your kicks off of making fun of Jessica Simpson like a bully in middle school, but it's really really stupid. She is lovely and so what if she is single at 30?? Good for her! She is living life! I just will never understand what you have against her. It's waaaaay past old!! Get over it, whatever it is!

  24. 24

    aww if she really does have a wrinkle thats really sad. She is way too young for that. Anyway she is beautiful!

  25. 25

    Re: TangoKitty – her face is Fucking-FAT

  26. 26

    Well Jessica. it's not the wrinkle you should be talking about. It's the 20 extra punds you've been carrying around.

  27. 27

    I noticed my first wrinkles when I was 23. 30 is good!

  28. 28

    She's already been married so she can't be a spinster…divorcee.

  29. 29

    boo frickity hoo. People age! its what is supposed to happen.

  30. 30

    Big deal, I'm 25 and recently found a wrinkle. Maybe its because I WORK!

  31. 31

    So what, Perez? Why the hateration? =/

  32. kahlo says – reply to this


    Don't you understand that the stuff you say is perpetuating poor self image? People in the real world age, they get wrinkles and don't feel the need to botox them to find a superficial shallow husband who only wants a trophy wife. You are so infected by the disease of hollywood its not funny. But you can change.. you don't have to continue making comments like this.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    She shouldn't sweat it. She has a better face than 90% of the population starting out, so comparatively she'll remain at the top of the face heap all the way to becoming a pensioner. It's all relative, Jess. Work what you've got. : )

  34. 34

    that's not very nice. she's a beautiful woman. just like most real women, her weight goes up and down…and she ages. i sometimes wonder why perez hates so hard on some people who are seemingly very nice.

  35. 35

    She's been married. A spinster is one who has NEVER been married. She just a gay divorcee. (gay meaning happy)

  36. 36

    i think the jessica simpson is a gorrrrgez person, fair enough i dont think that she has much of a singing or acting career, but she seems nice enough, and is far from being unattractive.

  37. 37

    P.S DOES PEREZ READ ANY OF THESE COMMENTS?? people leave some meannnnass comments on here….