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Bronx Mowgli Can Speak Spanish!

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Pete Wentz recently revealed that his son with ASSlee Simpson, Bronx Mowgli, spends so much time with his nanny, that he's started speaking her native language - Spanish!

He reveals:

"He's speaking some Spanish! He's started saying, 'Sí.' I always ask him stuff, and he'll be like, 'Sí. I speak pretty bad Spanish but we have this fantastic nanny and she speaks Spanish to him. I think it's really important to be global."

Well isn't that precious?

We can't wait until the day they come home and see him calling the nanny 'madre' too! We're sure they'll be thrilled!


[Image via WENN.]

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48 comments to “Bronx Mowgli Can Speak Spanish!”

  1. 1

    pete is so effin cute.

  2. 2

    I have to agree with you Mario. The kid is obviously being raised by the mexican nanny ROFL

  3. 3

    WTF do they need a nanny for?? They have one freaking child and neither of them have pressing careers at the moment…disgusting!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    What kid has the stupidest name ever? Quick! Quick! Yes!!! Bronx Mowgli! WTF? Why not call him Banana Chalupa or Sphinx Miami?? Those would be equally nonsensical. And while I'm annoyed… How in THE hell does speaking Spanish suddenly make your child GLOBAL??? Mexico and Spain are not exactly on the other side of the globe from the U.S.! How about Chinese, Laotian, or Swahili… at least then you'd be truly GLOBAL and giving your child a true international experience. Most adults and children in the U.S. know some spanish these days… Stop patting yourselves on the back like you were the first to think of this.

  5. 5

    Shit, I know this is mean, but that's one ugly child.

  6. 6

    I don't doubt that when it comes to these two, the kid is probably spending more time with the nanny then he does with his parents.
    But on the other hand, this is no different then the numerous average american parents that work full time and their kids are cared for by babysitter who may speak another language.
    And for goodness sakes, even if the kid is only with the nanny for a few hours a day, at that age they are starting to repeat basic things that they hear on a regular basis.

  7. 7

    haha that's cute.

  8. 8

    That´s great, it´s good to learn languages!

  9. 9

    I really wish celebrities would just watch their own children. It's very cold to have a nanny that knows your kid so well he speaks Spanish because of her. It's also very pathetic, because, really, tell me what booming careers these two have?

  10. 10

    This kid can say "si". He's a genius. Truly gifted.

  11. 11

    can he say…."PENDEJO!!!"

  12. 12

    Since when is the ability to speak Spanish a pre-requisite to being "global"???? Bi-lingual maybe..but by NO means, does it make a person GLOBAL!
    Typical wanna-be crap..Personally, I am sick of making a business call and the recording says, for English, press..whatever…THIS is America..if one wants to be bi-lingual, that's great..but gosh sakes..If you are going to live in the USA learn the damn language!(no ugly vibes to the baby learning both languages)..Just sayin…

  13. 13

    its pretty sad actually. these so called parents should get a little more involved, i mean how busy could they be?

  14. 14

    its cool to learn a second language so young, but it's sad that he obviously does not spend much time with his parents.

  15. 15

    i watch a 1 1/2 year old and she says SI, i dont think shes ever heard spanish and we ask "do you know spanish" and she says no lol

  16. 16

    "I think it's really important to be global."

    you mean, bi-lingual?

  17. 17

    Spanish-speaking children do not call their mothers "madre," Perez.


    All of my nieces and nephews, born in the U.S., spoke other languages before English. Now they are multilingual. It's not rocket science.

  18. 18

    Very, very sad. Both non-working parents, yet the child spends so much time with the nanny that he speaks Spanish. Pathetic, really. I would not be telling the world this if I were this golddigger.

  19. 19

    This reminds me of Jim Carrey's movie "Fun with Dick and Jane" where their kid only spoke Spanish because the nanny was Latina. LOL

  20. 20

    Poor Bronx, he keep on wishing some one would step from behind the cameras and say "Smile, you're on candid Camera & these are not your real parents".

  21. 21

    Bronx "Besa mi culo, puto"

  22. 22

    So the nanny is ILLEGAL!

  23. 23

    Celebrities shouldn't talk about all the child raising their nanny's do. They just end up looking like a$$holes…

  24. 24

    Bronx "Britney is my mommy"

  25. 25

    How can somebody with one child need a nanny?

  26. 26

    no, it's not precious…it's ridiculous

  27. 27

    "I think it's really important to be global."

    It's also really important to raise your own kid. Nannies are for part-time parents.

  28. 28

    hes soo cute!!!! and presh! and its cute he knows spanish

  29. 29

    cutie and I agree all these Hollywood parents have their nannies raise their kids for them ..

  30. 30

    What a horror! They obviously spend shit time with their kid-PATHETIC…

  31. 31

    Thats so weird. My cousins nanny is Spanish too and she speaks Spanish really really well–she's only 9! Anyway, I seriously feel bad for this kid, they might as well have named him Shit On a Stick Wentz…what kind of name is that?!??!?!?! And what do Ashlee and Pete do during the day that that their child needs a nanny??

  32. 32

    if i was his nanny or babysitter i would teach him to say "daddy your the biggest douchebag".

  33. 33


    is this a pic of a ramdom guy in the park cuz last i checked hes a nobody

  34. 34

    I wouldn't brag about that dude… You basically just admitted your baby spends more time with the nanny than his parents. Spanish is a useful language though, so bonus?

  35. 35

    Was he trying to be witty with the "global" comment. Bilingual would have made him sound like less of an asshat.

  36. 36

    How about the nanny learning some english???!!!

  37. 37

    I'll give Pete a little credit;at least you see him out with his son ,playing in the park or out for a walk now and then.His wife,probably lies in a drunken state 6 out of the 7 days of the week, and sobers up only for public appearances.

  38. 38

  39. 39

    Tu madre es la stupida puta y tu padre es el maricon!

  40. 40

    Re: Randaleese – OMG you might kill yourself having to press an extra button!! SO FUCKING WHAT if there is bi-lingual support for businesses? That's what you get living in America these days. Get used to it you redneck asshole.

    As for Pete Wentz, just another opportunity to prove himself to be the tool that he is. My child speaks 4 languages and I don't go around telling people "It's important to be global". Way to let everyone know your nanny raises your child, idiot.

  41. 41

    Why in the world are they wearing hoodies??! Its the middle of July!!! Unless this photo was not taken recently

  42. 42

    Wow - He just admitted they are horrible parents!

  43. 43

    Most kids these days speak Spanish for Gods sake, they all watch Dora! It's not that big a deal like… My little cousin has been speaking Spanish since he was two.

  44. 44

    Re: Tinalouise – I agree completely.

  45. Eris says – reply to this


    It's nothing to be proud of Pete, you are just showing how both you talentless hags with NO work parents don't care for your child!

  46. 46

    Wtf do they have a nanny for? It's not like either of them have stellar careers.

  47. 47

    Way to be great parents, guys. It's not like they do anything

  48. 48

    Just so you know Pete is actually working on a new album with a new band, also he does stuff for Decaydance and Clandestine so yeah he has stuff to do.
    Also Pete loves Bronx just to hear the way he talks about him and see the pictures of them together can prove that.