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Katy Perry Debuts Cover For New Album, Teenage Dream!

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Do you like Katy's new album cover?

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Do you like Katy's new album cover?

  • I don't care! (29%)
  • I dislike it a lot! (13%)
  • I dislike it! (15%)
  • I like it a lot! (17%)
  • I like it. (25%)

Total Votes: 112,366

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62 comments to “Katy Perry Debuts Cover For New Album, Teenage Dream!”

  1. 1

    wasn't she just all holier than thou about using sex to sell things? i mean the hypocrisy given the breast spunk shots in california gurls and now this? i still like her - kinda!!!

  2. 2

    And she gets on Lady Gaga for questioning religion? She is fucking naked on the cover. So I guess selling sex is more sacred than questioning religion. Either way Katy, you burn!

  3. 3

    and she calls Lady Gaga "blasphemous"? -> she the pot or kettle?
    Hater Perry has "jesus" tatted on her and has no problem exposing her hypocrisy her damn self

  4. 4

    i guess, she Has to be naked to sell.

  5. 5

    the biggest vote is currently for i dont care

  6. 6

    Is this official? It's kind of "meh". I was expecting something a little brighter with more pop, like the cover of her "California Gurls" single. This is just boring. And she got on Gaga for mixing sex and RELIGION. Katy is not doing that here…

  7. 7

    Re: mattyesmateo – That's not a picture/photoshoot!
    That's a PAINTING! IT'S UNIQUE! DUHHH! And stop comparing everything she does with Gaga!She said her opinion! Get over it!

  8. 8

    i like it, but why do the cloud thing twice? i like the version of her in california girls better.

  9. 9

    Katy Perry is whack! i am so not surprised that biggest fraction of the survey are people that don't care! 30 Percent! ha!

    I didn't like her first song about kissing girls (there go the Gays), and Hot and Cold had a whack ass video, and the song was corny by the 50th time you hear it. Her album(s?) are full of fillers. And if it wasn't for boobs she wouldn't be liked by any str8 men. Who likes this but some fraction of 11 million total lesbians and silly str8 girls who think highly of kissing girls.

    And Russel Brand? What the fuck is that! i thought he was gay!? jeeze the man needs a shave and a ken paves hair do. I mean Katy Perry should be doubly embarrassed because not only is she a beard; she's wrapped up in some obviously phony Hollywood hook-up. Obvious because Katy's 15 minutes were almost up and Brand wanted to sell in markets across the pond.

    Does Perry even play an instrument? I mean even Lil' miss Cyrus is a true artist.

  10. 10

    She's an hypocrite and she thinks to be Dita Von Teese!

  11. 11

    it is more like a wet dream :P

  12. 12

    You should have added a "Half and half" into there. Cause it's not amazing and it's not bad.

  13. 13

    they needed to intersect "WET" there :P

    sex sells!

  14. 14

    As a designer, I find it does not set the right tone for her personality. Her earlier cover for the California song is much more her! THAT should have been the look! If she was doing an album of slow ballads then maybe this new cover would work.

    It just doesn't jump off the shelf-poor marketing!

  15. 15

    She's been photoshopped so much in the photo she looks like megan fox.

  16. 16

    Her feet look dirty … Couldn't they have photoshopped it a little better???

  17. 17

    Re: dreaming_aloud – IT'S NOT A PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A PAINTING!!!!!

  18. 18

    i expected something more bigger but it is okay!

  19. 19

    It just reminds me of soft core porn…

  20. 20

    For the people that don't know the album cover is a painting and NOT A photo! Katy said that it will decorate it in her living room!

  21. 21

    for a christian girl she sure likes to undress in public. Oh wait, that is common with the bible thumpers….Carrie Prejean anyone.

  22. 22

    Re: Devil_In_DoubleDs – that just goes to show you that tattoo is her get out of jail card…or so she will never admit. "I believe in Jesus, i got a tattoo with his name on it…so you dare not saything other than the saint i am"

  23. 23

    for someone so "prude" she's a little bit hypocrite, don't you think? (remember the comments of lady gaga's video?)

  24. 24

    well t start with yes she is using sex but WTF she is NOT MIXING IT with religion soall you ridiculous GAGA fans are abit over the top…p.s KATY IS HOTTER so she gets away with it

  25. SS18 says – reply to this


    I love how the majority who voted don't care about this. She's so over rated, untalented and going no where fast, unless top 40 kids get dummer by the day in which chance, yes, she's going somewhere, fast.
    I can't stand this chick. Lady GaGa questioning religion. HAHA. Bitch, you are naked on a cloud. Fucking half wit.

  26. 26

    i mean a will cotton painting, not a will cotton photo! still, check him out - dope images.

  27. 27

    I love it!

  28. 28

    She's so pathetic. She goes ahead and slams Gaga for that video and now she's naked in a cloud? what exactly she's representing? that she's in heaven? she's such a hypocrite. I guess she thinks this will sell more. Lol lame.

  29. 29

    Oops it's not a cloud but cotton candy either way she sucks!

  30. 30

    shes a slut and shes annoying

  31. 31

    i love how everyone is angry at her for being nude? Since when was nudity a sin & since when was it blasphemous?

  32. 32

    I'd like to stick my pee pee in her bum bum.

  33. GUM says – reply to this


    Hello Kettle, This is Pot calling

  34. 34

    it looks like she's covered in insulation!itchy!!

  35. 35

    Re: lovekatyperry – ummmm ok now maybe you should calm down, you might wet yourself

  36. 36

    didnt she do this same image in the California gurls vid?

  37. 37

    omg seriously Teenage Dream?? How old is she ? Grow up you pop tart your an adult!! Can't stand musicans that can't actually sing or play real music .

  38. 38

    She looks like Courtney Cox

  39. 39

    she tries way too hard to be a sneaky slut. what was with the california girls video? could you try any harder with dough nuts on your tits… and the whole mtv popsicle move? really…. could someone please use talent…. the only person who can pull off anything outside the norm right now is GAGA. Katy perry thank you for teaching my daughter that by degrading yourself sticking out your boobs and blowing a microphone on mtv you too can be famous. eww

  40. 40

    Phony Pierre et Giles look to it.

    If she is gonna try to copy their look, just get them to do the work.

    She can afford it.

  41. T & B says – reply to this


    Beach House released an album called Teen Dream at the end of last year….

  42. 42

    i can't wait until she's gone farrr farrrr away

  43. 43

    omg, leave katy alone! she can still love God with her clothes off…

  44. 44

    Re: T & B – which was amazing btw

  45. 45

    Katy Perry is simply naked for Jesus LOL….look up the kids in the hall sketch…turns out if your naked for jesus its ok :P

  46. 46

    I LOVE THIS!! She's hot!! All u s@it talkers are just hating on her iam sure u people don't even look half as good as her!! Katy I love you and please come back to portland OR!!!! U where the best person I seen in concert!!! :D .

  47. 47

    6th option? As in…"I dunno"

  48. Kate! says – reply to this


    The "I don't care" option should be deleted… If you vote then you DO CARE! That's a fact!

  49. 49

    Its so hilarious how you guys call Katy a hypocrite just because she posed nude on a cotton candy like cloud, yet when gaga uses a large portion of sexuality in a lot of her videos and just about almost everything she does its so "revolutionary" and "iconic". *rolls eyes* So aren't all you guys the hypocrites? I believe so. I don't even like Katy Perry, but come on, she never said "never use sex to sell" or anything like that, so how is she being hypocritical? All she said was you shouldn't mix sex with religion and so far she hasn't been doing that, so you "monsters" need to get a fucking grip and chill out. Sheesh.

  50. 50


  51. 51

    She's an awful singer and her "music" is really quite vulgar (no surprise then that it sels so well ;) ) ,bitch is 25yo though , time to hang up the "teenage" thing maybe???

  52. 52

    I don't like it. Its basically just a picture cut out of her video and flipped to make her look the other way. Were they too lazy to make her a proper cover?

  53. 53

    What does she do again besides buy cool vintage?

  54. 54

    it looks of low quality like a still of california girls but as a painting i guess it's fine. also "pot kettle pot kettle black" comes to mind

  55. exBFF says – reply to this


    is it intended to be a homage to artist Will Cotton…or did she just get lazy and steal the idea?

  56. 56

    Is this bitch fucking kidding? She could have just save some time and slapped on a still from that stupid video she made and called it a day! It's bad enough the music is going to be horrendous- I've heard some leaks and I swear one track sounded like a rip off of Toni Basil's "Oh Mickey" - but this douche bag couldn't even be bothered to come up with interesting cover art! Up yours Katy Perry!!

  57. 57

    [re=5224315]Re: i

  58. 58

    What a hypocrite.. how dare she preach to Lady Gaga and then release this trash for an album cover. I use to like her ok.. but after the shiteous song she just released and her holier than thou attitude I can't stand her.

    and btw.. didn't David Lee Roth do a song called "California Girls" .. I guess she doesn't get points for originality either.

  59. 59

    Why she's always overexposing herself in her videos? We get it, she has great tits!

  60. 60

    if you don't care dont vote u idiots

  61. 61

    I Dont Like It At All, I Think It Send out a Bad Message ! Young Girl Look At This And Feel Depressed Because They Dont Look Like That.. And She wants to be lady gaga!

  62. 62

    WoW katy you are so creative this looks like nothing you have ever done before!! ewww just looking at her body is giving my eyes herpes!!!!!!!!