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New Jersey Housewife May Go To Jail!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has not had it easy!

The Guidices filed for bankruptcy last fall, but they are now facing a lawsuit barring them from taking advantage of the debt discharge available to them when most people file. Chapter 7 trustee, John Sywilok, is accusing the family of hiding important documents about their finances and business transactions.

They failed to mention their stake in a pizza parlor, laundromat, Teresa’s TG Fabulicious clothing and accessories company AND profits from her Skinny Italian cookbook. Not to mention, Sywilok believes the family committed perjury regarding statements involving their assets, income and expenses.

She could be facing jail time for this shiz!

The trustee is also planning on holding a public auction on August 22. Items from their New Jersey mansion, such as home furnishings, accessories, tools and a boat will be sold.

Ha. Try to explain away this one on Twitter!

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51 comments to “New Jersey Housewife May Go To Jail!”

  1. hehee says – reply to this


    doubt she'll go to jail…probably just has to be middle class for a bit :O

  2. 2

    Guess prostitution whore is looking like a pretty good option about now…

  3. 3

    Then her lawyer didn't do his job correctly! We never rely on clients to tell the truth about assets… We demand paperwork to back all claims. AND, when you file Bankruptcy you sign a form that says you understand that the Dept. of Justice can & will investigate and prosecute you if you lie on your filing. Bankruptcy is a great tool for people who need it and use it honestly. I'd find a new attorney asap ’cause hers sucks!

  4. YUCK says – reply to this


    not a fan of danielle but I hope she gets a good laugh out of this, this woman is a bully. all these reality whores are bullies.

  5. 5

    loser. these greisbols do not represent true italian-americans. i am a proud italian-american from an academic family. my brother graduated law school without a convenient "learning disability" and my father and his cousins are educators/professors.
    but then again, we're not from Jersey.

  6. YUCK says – reply to this


    bankruptcy whore!

  7. 7

    aww :(

  8. 8

    what a horrible excuse for a human being. unfortunatley this goes on far to often with the middle class of america paying for it. the rich get all the tax breaks and the poor get all the government assistance as long as they keep having babies. this country sucks, im sorry but its time to elect a regular everyday person as president and forget all those greedy, lying, dishonest politicians who only care about their wallet. THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO WAKE UP!!!

  9. 9

    I wish that they would make an example of her and her gross over-consumption. That is the true crime here.

  10. exBFF says – reply to this


    jail? hardly. with that Planet of the Apes hairline, the zoo is far more likely.

  11. 11

    Hope she does, her lifestyle is a fake using borrowed money. Driving around in a Maserati and Range Rover, fake, fake, fake!

  12. 12

    Let's be real: Good news is that Teresa is funny as hell and entertaining as hell. And I'm pretty sure she's a good friend. Bad news is that Teresa spends money recklessly and has no idea how hard it is - esp. these days - to earn a buck. Also, she REALLY needs to get her daughters reeled in and under control. Being passive as hell is not good for kids. :*(

  13. 13

    Maybe someone in jail will punch her lights out and make her eyes go from the sides of her head to the front where they belong. It might do her some good.

  14. 14

    I love Teresa. Hope everything works out for her. Danielle is still a prostitution whore! LOL

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Re: YUCK – Perfecto!

  17. 17

    LOL that is tooooooo funny. she is so annoying. "cleansingniss" LOL

  18. 18

    Im not surprised that she is hiding something since she has been seen on camera with thousands of dollars in cash used to purchase. Who does that anymore?

  19. 19

    Apparently theres only room for one housewife with a skinny line…
    so unoriginal Theresa..

  20. 20

    karma is a bitch. thats wat u get for messing with danielle, bitch

  21. 21

    she's mean

  22. 22

    These breeders probably bankrolled the construction on their $5+million house using funds that were to go to their other failed construction jobs.. then when those over priced jobs went belly up, they ended up with this hideous excuse for a house and furnishings for FREE (or on us law abideing taxpayers!) Gross!

  23. 23

    You do NOT eff around with the bankruptcy court. BAD BAD idea. If this is true, this woman made one of the biggest mistakes of her life & she won't wiggle out it very easily. The bankruptcy courts are all powerful.

  24. 24

    isn't she the one whose husband pulls out huge rolls of cash to give her when she wants to go shopping?

    going to be hard to trace all of the cash-very few if any records I'll bet!
    hubby was dealing in cash for a reason- something very fishy about their finances

    you never see a wealthy person spending cash that way
    everything is recorded through credit card receipts etc.
    all on the up & up from reported income

    drug dealers, mafia etc. of course always deal in large amounts of cash- that makes it nearly impossible for the IRS to find the income to tax them on and hard for cops to trace their illegal activities and arrest them

    but in the end they didn't get Al Capone for the murders he was involved in committing, but for tax evasion

    just sayin'

  25. 25

    I can't stand this women I'm laughing that she has to watch her stuff being
    sold at auction! karma is a bitch! she treated danielle like shit and causes
    alot drama! her and the rest of the manzo family I wish they would go
    bankrupt next with there shitty brownstone business. I can't stand that
    family or teresa Why don't they all just go away those fame whore
    attention people..I really wish teresa would go to jail so some chic would
    show her what a bitch really is then make her scared shitless..but we all
    know the judge won't let that happen…Bravo has to much plans for them

  26. 26

    hoping this doesn't show twice in the end– first comment isn't showing….

    isn't her hubby the one who pulls out a gigantic roll or cash and peels of the bills to give her shopping money - thousands of dollars

    I don't trust anyone who deals in cash that way- was shocked when she paid the guys who delivered the furniture in a huge wad of cash

    by dealing in cash that way they are avoiding keeping records and paying taxes probably on a good amount-legal or otherwise- of their income

    they should remember that in the end they couldn't pin the murders on Al Capone-but they got him for tax evasion!

    wouldn't be shocked to find out that they are being investigated by the IRS- something very suspicious going on in my mind
    you never see a rich person paying cash when everything about their finances is on the up & up
    they want records of everything so they use their platinum credit card

    on the other hand mafia/drug dealers etc. don't want records for obvious reasons and they always have a big roll of cash

    just sayin'

  27. 27

    I think Teresa is a vile human being! She is ugly inside and out.. I do not understand how anyone can be her friend.. it would be so annoying to be around and have to talk to someone that stupid and uneducated.. I hope she gets what she deserves.. Karma is a bankrupt bitch… “Money can’t buy you class”” hahhaha - sing it Luanne

  28. 28

    Bankruptcy whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    people that get off on others financle problems are sick in the head.

    btw.. a persons line of credit is based on their income. So this was one rich bitch before tragedy struck. Did any of you losers ever think of that?

  30. 30

    Teresa needs to have two more kids. "With six you get eggroll" ( obscure movie refrence)

  31. 31

    Re: tonybotz – Are you saying true Italian-Americans have a superiority complex? Nobody cares what your family has done. FYI- racist… You do not represent all of one race. You are one family. Get off your self righteous train and join the rest world. It's full of individuals. Can you believe that?

  32. 32

    Re: DRINNY – people of all income levels file bankruptcy. and lots of people try to hide assets.

  33. 33

    I think it is gross that some of you are actually happy and enjoying her downfall… and you have the nerve to speak of karma… pathetic…
    She and her husband made some bad investments and the economy I am sure didn't help any… yeah she spends too much money but don't most people. Maybe all of that money they were spending was money they had before things went bad… did you ever think of that??
    I wouldn't wish this unfortunate turn of events on anyone… even Dirty D… you people who are enjoying this are just sick, evil, and as vile as Dirty D..
    Remember.. what goes around comes around.. so wishing ill on someone will come back and bite you in the ass someday….
    I hope she doesn't go to jail and I hope everything workd out ok for her and her family. She is a mother for crying out loud… how could anyone wish bad things to happen to her.. she has kids that she takes excellent care of.. have you ever thought what would happen to them if she and Joe did go to jail…
    My God some of you people are really sick!!!

  34. 34

    Re: tonybotz – Who are you to judge anyone?? What because you come from an academic family you are better than everyone else?? And what does Albie's learning disorder have to do with Teresa being in trouble?? Wow.. It must be nice to be superior to everyone else because you are Italian-American and from an academic family…. haha

  35. 35

    No matter how things get she'll never be as bad as that pig lesbian bitch Daniel.

    I'm rooting for Theresa!!!

  36. wendi says – reply to this


    why would you think it was fun or funny to make fun of someone who is about to loose everything? They have 4 little girls that won't think this is so fun! its sick.

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    They may not be able to have their cake and eat it, too. Tricky.

  38. 38

    This woman embodies "You can put lipstick on a pig & it's still a pig." I hope her & that little fat hairy ape of a husband of hers rot in jail.

  39. 39

    Good I hope she goes to jail… she is such a bitch.. Danielle isn't the one bothering them they are the ones bothering her.. Hmmm maybe they are jealous of Danielle??? I mean they should be.. She is better looking then them all… I hope you rot in jail Teresa it would serve you right.. You think your better than everyone… Sorry HUNNY your not. Now you will be houseless I feel that needs a laugh hahahahaha not millions anymore… BITCH…

  40. 40

    wonder what will happen with her kids??? they deserve a better mother than her.. Poor things they will grow up to be like her….

  41. 41

    GOOD! I'm gonna mark 8/22 on my calendar and have a party! I can't wait to see these skanks end up in the poor house AND go to jail! Can't stand her attitude, or her husband or her their brat ugly annoying kids.

  42. 42

    maybe her other friend elvira can have another "fund raiser" to keep her out of jail at "SPACE PORT",if "SPACE PORT" stays in business long enough,HA-HA !!

  43. 43

    Re: kat031 – Are you an idiot? What do you think the argument at the poshe event was about? That troll, Dirty-d, screamed out "your house is in foreclosure". (which it's not) If Dirty skanky D wasn't obsessed with her how would she know shit about her personal life? DURRR! Remember this was months ago, before it was news. You complete moron. Then that dirty skank ran off like a blubbering idiot (for no apparent reason) Like someone was trying to steal her 2,100 dollar boots. Do you think just maybe she was afraid of what they would air about her. Like the bank is selling her house too. Your comment about those women being jealous of an ex con that continues to show the world she is nothing but a whore shows your ignorants. That woman has two children and sold a sex tape. He children try to teach her right from wrong. It is nothing short of sickening. You know whats really sick? How viewers like you forget that dirty made a cancer fundraiser for a child all about her. That was just a few weeks back. It takes one scene with her playing victim for ignorant people like You to forget why the other housewives hate her. GROW UP… YOU IDIOT!.
    p.s I'm sorry you think a dirty skanky whore is someone other should envy. I hope you get help for that.

  44. 44

    I love that the people enjoying this can't even spell FORECLOSURE!

  45. 45

    How quick we all are to judge… If, they did lie and I did say If.
    They are only doing what all of our Government invented and they themselves do every singe day. None of us know all of the facts yet, so I will wait and see. Also, I do agree that Theresa kind of started that last tiff with Danielle, but Danielle had it coming. She's a stalker and a real nut job. not to mention a gold digger…

  46. 46

    You know whats funny to me? Is i was starting to think Danyelle was going alittle overboard until the countryclub episode when Teresa was waiting on Danyelle to say hello(real reason to start shit). I was so pissed off at Teresa! How old are you? what kind of example are you showing your girls? Ok u flipped a table….who hasnt? but she dragging this tough girl image too far. then the foreclosure and she explained that a million times over that they werent gonna live in a apartment or lose their home. WTF!

    Is it just me or are alot of these housewives having financial probs? Teresa wasnt the 1st and i know the economy is hard but its like they have something to prove and dont realize they are only hurting themselves….not us!!! and to be dragged through the media i would never want that not only for myself but my children and family to have to go through that would kill me. Im sooo irritated with teresa…maybe now she wont be so quick to bully someone shell be packing to move into that damn apartment her husband owns before they lose it! Try to be humble bitch!!!

  47. 47

    Ok I knew these two were stupid, but did they really think they could hide from the Feds shit they flaunted all on TV? I mean come on? We all know you have that shit! If you wanted to keep it quiet start by not being on a reality show! And she went on a book tour with that cookbook, hello… They deserve jail for being idiots!

  48. 48

    The one that should be going to jail is Danielle (Beverly Merrill) Staub - she is the most pathetic, lying POS I've ever seen.

  49. 49

    Re: JadedGemy – No matter how things get she'll never be as bad as that pig lesbian bitch Daniel.

    I'm rooting for Theresa!!!

  50. 50

    Re: bishes – fYI "BISHES" A person's line of credit is not entirely due to their income whatsoever. You are really clueless in this area. It has to do ith your payment history, your collection accounts, your negative credit history etc. For example….I am on disability right now, but have a great FICO score…because I pay my bills UNLIKE Teresa….. That is why I have a high credit limit on my credit cards…I don't even have a job with an income. Teresa is over 11 million dollars in Debt….how does that make her a "rich bitch" or how was she ever a rich bitch? That isn't necessaruly credit card debt you know. She has ripped off a lot oof people in her own community.

  51. 51

    Re: Bobbarita – Oh Yea! Id ask if I can come to your party, but Im having my own on 8/22……gonna get me some cheap tacky crap for my backyard!!!!! Think I will drop off a few peices at Danielle's place so she can hack the furniture up for firewood….winter is a commin' soon!!! Oh happy day! Teresa has been found out…the jig is up…..Although I thought she was fake the whole time!