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What Part Of "Back The Eff Off" Don't You Understand, Michael Lohan???

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Someone needs to hook Michael Lohan up with some Rosetta Stone or Hooked On Phonics or something because this tool does NOT understand English!

In yet another interview where Papa Lohan scrounges off his daughter's misfortune, Michael pledged to visit his Lindsanity every day that she is incarcerated. He told sources:

"I'm here for her, I'll go to the jail everyday that she's there. Hopefully she'll let me visit her. If not, I'll write letters to her, and I'll be there for her."

How many times does Lindsay have to say she wants nothing to do with you??? She doesn't want to see your fugly face. She doesn't want your shizzy letters. She wants you to get lost!

Get a clue, scumbag!

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “What Part Of "Back The Eff Off" Don't You Understand, Michael Lohan???”

  1. 1

    You really must be getting some REAL dick!!! Apparently is all you needed to be able to say something right on target. Kudos. For once I agree with you, Michael Lohan needs to get the fuck lost. His daughters don't want him near them, his ex wife either, and now his fiancee speaks against him. Get a clue Lohan, get lost forever.

  2. 2

    lots of immature children and drug users don't want their family around them but that doesn't mean the family is supposed to give in you fucken idiot.

  3. 3

    Not because Perez says so, but I'm thinkin this man has some serious mental health issues. He's sorta stalking his own daughter.

  4. 4

    This guy is surreal and creepy. Does he have a legitimate job?

  5. 5

    He couldn't buy a cup of coffee without Lindsay's name. He makes his money off dissing his daughter and swearing he's a good dad. What a load of shit.

  6. 6

    Mario my gawd you've lost it, so lame

  7. 7

    You know, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt ..because I was getting ready for a party at the Mondrian Hotel for Susan Sarandon I was watching him sing his sad song on Larry King. How heartbroken he was to see his daughter handcuffed, how sad he was to see his young daughter crying… when I walked into party there MIchael was front and center with his tacky Long Island clothes.. strutting his stuff walking around holding hands with two different women,neither of which was his fiance.. DISGUSTING. Poor Lindsey she doesn't have a shot.. Her mother's making a deal for when she gets out to get paid.. SHe needs detox from her family

  8. 8

    Parents should never give up on their children! I think he's doing the right thing and he's the only one in Lindsay's life that speaks truth, which to me, equates to love.

  9. 9

    parents are supposed to give UNCONDITIONAL love and support regardless of the situation. He is obviously stepping up and being a PARENT here. You can't just run away from your problems which Lindsay obviously shows she wants to do even with this whole jail sentance.

  10. 10

    I think he is being a good father…that is what he is suppossed to do. Lindsay just doesn't want him to ruin her party and druggin' ways. That's why she likes her mom so much…she doesnt give a damn if she drinks or drugs and hell, she does it with her too! Her mom is an enabler and her father isn't period. Addicts always fight with the person that is trying to stop them.
    Lindsay made up with her father after she went thru treatment last time…after she got sober and came to her senses again….she will do it again. Who are you Perez to stand in the way of a family trying to work things out??????
    LAY off Perez…the guy is doing the right thing. If he wasn't visiting his daughter or writing her or trying to help her, you would say he was a dead beat dad, right????? You are so judgemental!!!! Leave the family alone…or just pick on Lindsay or DINA…they are the ones who deserves it..not Michael.

  11. 11

    Pretty sad when you fucked up your kid this much

  12. 12

    He needs to stop now..She should get a restraining order and sue him for harrassment.

  13. 13

    Re: iloverickymartin

    couldn't have said it better myself.

  14. 14

    Ok this guy goes to court yesterday with mass bodyguards an entourage
    what does he really do? does he even have job without lindsay's name?
    I smell another fame attention whore this is sad…leave lindsay alone…

  15. 15

    better than working for a living

  16. 16

    I think all the press inc. perez should stop talking about this guy. I no longer read anything about him including this article (only the first paragraph) cause its the usual bullshit. He's just a fricken headache!

  17. 17

    If your not a parent (Perez), then you can't relate. Although I think this guy can be a complete douchbag, I do think he wants to see Lindsay clean herself up and get the help she needs. Her mother, on the other hand, is a complete enabler who goes right along with whatever Lindsay wants to do, the mother is not the parent in that relationship.

  18. 18

    You kno, regardless of how YOU feel about him, he is still her FATHER. That will never change. He has a right to be in his daughter's life and if she doesn't want him, its her choice to say it. You are not Lindsay. You are not her family. You do not have an opinion on whether her father should be in her life at all. YOU ARE NOT HER! Get off your damn high horse. Michael may be a dbag at times, but he has ALWAYS been there for his daughter. And he is the ONLY one to constantly say she has a problem. No one else in her family wants to admit it. I am so sick of your holier than tho attitude towards certain people. F off Perez. You are not God m'fer.

  19. 19

    Re: Haylowe – Its wasn't just him that f'ed up her life. She made her own choices when she became an adult. Now you pay the consequences. Her mother is a lot worse than Michael is. Dina parties with Lindsay AND HER UNDERAGED DAUGHTER DAILY AT THE CLUBS. Yeah….blame it all on 1 side. Pahleease.

  20. 20

    Re: bryanlizza – Will never happen since he is family. And since he is the only one to try and get her clean… of course everyone hates him now. Yes, he's a media whore, but so is his whole damn family. They ALL leach off Lilo's end of career. I would much rather have Papa Lohan's support than Dina's for sure. She would end up getting me killed or overdosing with all the partying she does with her daughters. Michael is only doing what any father would do. Get his DRUG ADDICTED daughter HELP. Wow…so wrong huh? What the f ever. Btw…are you a dude or a girl? Can't tell by name or pic. Just sayin.

  21. 21

    It's a shame this dude can't stop talking to the press b/c he could probably help her through this difficult time. At least Michael has been honest and direct with Lindsay. Dina must be the one of the most disfunctional mother's out there. Lying and enabling Lindsay b/c she's afraid the cash cow may cut her off.

  22. 22

    Re: MyOpinionOnly – If you can't see in my picture that I am a woman then get some glasses. For the record, I am married, with three grown kids in the military and a career in medicine, how about that? And I stand by my point, this woman don't want her father around, she is an adult, she made her choice and she don't want him around. As a parent, if my children don't want me around, I leave them alone, I watch from a distance but let them be. Did it for mine and I have their respect today.

  23. 23

    Re: Boonas – Yip, that's what I think.

  24. 24

    I hate his dad jeans.

  25. 25

    He is a better parent than her mother! She didn't even go to the sentencing! At least he is not in denial of his daughters issues like her mother is!

  26. litzi says – reply to this


    Having been incarcerated himself, perhaps Michael Lohan understands the angst and despair that being behind bars will invoke. Perhaps Lindsanity will want to have a family member to reach out to after a few days of being isolated, scared and lonely. OR NOT.

  27. litzi says – reply to this


    Re: The Head Honcho – They're not quite as loathsome as polyester bell bottoms…but they are dorky.

  28. 28


    Can't she get an order of protection to include everything? This is satlking and harassment. He is the CAUSE of ALL her problems. What about this does the COURT NOT GET????????

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    For some reason this man doesn't 'get' clear social signals. That's why she finds him scary. He doesn't respect other's feelings or wishes. He only respects what HE wants when he wants it. He's not intelligent or respectful enough to say OK, and then sit back and let them come to him should they need him. Stalker behavior exists within families, too.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MyOpinionOnly – He doesn't have the right to be in her life. That right has to be earned and deserved, not strong armed, which is abusive and controlling. He HAS to try to stay close to the money train. He may love her, but it looks to me to be very toxic and for all of the wrong rea$ons. Love for her, in my opinion, looks to be way back on his long list.

  31. 31

    Stay strong Mr. Lohan. No matter what anyone else says, I think you truly love your strong-willed and spoiled brat of a kid and want the best for her. More than I can say for her mom.

  32. 32

    Seriously that guy is uber creepy. Lindsay has said over and over that he is basically stalking her- it is so sad and obvious he should go crwl in a hole. No wonder sheis so messed up she has some wack job loser parents. At least her mom is nice to her but that creepy Ali and that creepy dad- ugh!

  33. 33

    if he got a clue, what would he do with his pathetic, worthless life? he is actually a bigger scum bag than perez and his hideous sister.

  34. 34

    If he cared about her like he claims, he'd back the fuck off and leave the door open for HER to initiate contact with him. He would accept the fact that he was a shitty father and respect her wishes. Instead, he's trying to smother her and voices his concerns publicly which is tacky and disgraceful.