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WTF?! House Under Fire For Cocaine, Sex and Knife Scandals!

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A lawsuit was filed this week by a former assistant prop master on the show House M.D., claiming that the life behind the scenes was anything but ordinary (or safe!)

The bitter employee, Carl Jones, claims he was fired from the show back in March because he wasn't down with the "degenerate conduct" of his superiors.

What kind of stuff are we talking about here?

Well, apparently Carl's bosses enjoyed going to strip clubs, getting completely trashed, getting freaky in their trailers and snorting cocaine. You know, the typical Hollywood scene.

On top of that, Carl insists that his bosses would often refer to him and some of his fellow employees as "fags, pussies, bitches, slaves, dummies, retards and idiots."

Again, not very nice. We certainly don't condone that kind of behavior - but it sure as hell gets worse!

Carl says that one his supervisors brought a gun to the set "several times" and that he often watched his bosses get drunk and engage in "throwing a knife at a target on set."

Whoa! Dangerous! And really stoopid!

Because he wasn't down with getting wasted and throwing sharp objects, Carl claims he was "blackballed" from future work on the show. He's suing for more than $1,000,000 in damages, claiming to have suffered physical injury from his time on the show as well as developing depression since leaving.

Our question is - is Hugh Laurie in on all this???

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22 comments to “WTF?! House Under Fire For Cocaine, Sex and Knife Scandals!”

  1. 1

    Oh please, this is just the ramblings of some poor shmuck who was fired from his job and can't seem to find more work or too lazy to look for more and is taking what he thinks is the easy way out.

  2. 2

    I believe it…the behind the scenes antics that are at work there "behind the scenes," are just that…adolescent man-boys! Talk about boy-cliques!!!

  3. 3

    change the name of that show to crackhouse

  4. 4

    YO, Perez: The guy clearly says "his bosses". He means in the PROP department. There is NOTHING in the statement you posted to indicate that any of the CAST members are involved. Hugh Laurie is probably way too busy with his fam, riding his beloved motorcycles, hanging with The Band from TV and playing his music to be bothered with this shizz.

  5. 5

    hugh is NOT in on all that, cmon, he's a nice guy.

    Love for hugh and the serie house!

  6. 6

    Why do you have to be so disrespectful?
    Leave Hugh Laurie out of this.

  7. 7

    Hugh Laurie would not get involved with this sort of thing, yes he does stupid things for audience purposes (Black Adder for example) but I don't think he would do it in his private life…hes one of the best British actors the USA have actually taken seriously.

  8. Jaded says – reply to this


    And guess what throwing a knife at a target on set might not be the most kosher thing to do but we've had a dart board in the office and a couple of times we resorted to tossing throwing knives at the thing. And that's the production office. Hell we've even put people's pictures on it when they were particularly nasty to someone that day.

  9. 9

    Hope someone was filming some of that and release it on the internet. That would be a real scandal.

  10. 10

    Hugh Laurie is a standup guy. I've liked him since he did Jeeves and Wooster.

    Re: Misspoodelle – I agree. Hugh Laurie is not his boss. This guy is in the prop department. Knives are used as props on that show. It sounds like he should have gone to a higher up and probably didn't handle the situation properly. It's a lot easier to quit and sue and create a bunch of publicity (and mulah) for yourself, than it is to go to your boss' boss and file formal complaints about his behavior. Maybe he did file formal complaints while employed, but I doubt it.

  11. 11

    Haha, I enjoy that picture of House you posted. ;) Besides that, the guy is probably pissed off at someone and looking for revenge. Ah… America… land of the lawsuits.

  12. 12

    A friend of mine from childhood is the casting director on that show, and everyone there is really cool. They're all really close, it's like a big family.
    There's no problems like that, there.

  13. 13

    Sounds like total BS cooked up by a disgruntled ex-employee… But, if it DID happen, then I can understand him being upset…HOWEVER… No one MADE him STAY on the job…he had FREE WILL to quit if it were THAT dangerous… I certainly couldn't be paid enough to put up with things like that… The name calling, alone, is bad enough… And, people on Cocaine can do a LOT of dangerous activities (beyond just the drug itself)… But, I'm sure the TRUTH will come out, eventually…

  14. 14

    I'd so do Hugh Laurie

  15. 15

    Mr. Laurie is a consummate professional. The dumbass hijinks described don't sound like the actions of a 50-something man. But you never know.

  16. 16

    It's funny how it's never a current employee that's outraged by the "deviant behavior" on the set. They never seem to have a problem with anything until they paycheck is cut off.

  17. 17

    "Everybody lies . . . "

  18. 18

    Hugh Laurie is way better than that and hes a cast member not a boss.. even if this is all true no way would hugh have anything to do with it!

  19. 19

    Heavens, I hope he is wrong. House is one of the best shows on TV. I hope Hugh Laurie was not in on any of this. Somebody is out for money.

  20. 20

    They should make a television series out of this! Ha!

  21. 21

    I believe it. I have friends in the industry and have heard lots of stories of degenerate, reckless behavior. This kind of stuff is just juvenile comparred to some other activities that go on. Money + power+lack of a moral compass=Hollyweird

  22. 22

    All bosses are asshole, thats life. Also, has anyone fired everbeen happy about it? If he was that miserable, it sounds like they did him a favour ,
    and why would he even entertain the notion of working on any of the shows future endeavors? Go cry somewhere else, loser.