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Here Comes The Slander! Papa Lohan Says Kate 2.0 Was Drunk!

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Of course she was! Blame the Stoli instead of your fist on her blackout!

Michael Lohan has made an official statement through his lawyer about the allegations of violence against him. He says that he "never physically abused" his lady lover Kate Major and that she was "heavily intoxicated" at the time of the incident in question.

Here's the statement from Michael's lawyer, Lisa Bloom:

"Michael Lohan 100% denies each and every one of Kate Major’s allegations. He has never threatened to harm her, never assaulted her, and never physically abused her in any way.

Kate was heavily intoxicated during the verbal argument between Michael and Kate in the early afternoon on Monday. Michael Lohan has been clean and sober for six years.

Michael Lohan is fully cooperating with the police investigation. No charges have been filed. He expects to be fully vindicated."

UGH! Will this man ever just shut the eff up?!?

We've run out of ways to call this tool pathetic! This is just so unbelievable sad! (and possibly staged…)

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Here Comes The Slander! Papa Lohan Says Kate 2.0 Was Drunk!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    This fucktard is our of his fucking mind.. OK Karma is a real mother and Kate Minor deserves to be with this asshole. But WHY IS IT that EVERYONE in this idiots life is always drunk or on drugs? ALL Of the chicks this tool has dated/married has been hit or beaten. WHEN is enough enough? STOP DATING THIS FUCKING LOSER.. What a PIG..Make one wonder why NO ONE In his family wants diddly to do with him. WAKE UP.. He is a woman beater and should be locked up.. When will the tapes come out?????

  3. 3

    This is just so unbelievable sad? Really? I know you're cuban and all but come on.

  4. chewi says – reply to this


    It's totally staged. He and this Kate trick see all the publicity being given to Mel Gibson and Oksana and they want a piece of the action too. It also takes attention off of his jailbird crackhead of a daughter.

    Sigh. It's a sad state of affairs that people will actually stoop this low just to garner some publicity. Instead of all of this stupid SHIT, why don't they try and…oh, I don't know…do something for the common GOOD for a change? This fucking tool, his trick of a 'fiance,' his ex-wife, his fuckface of a daughter, the Rachel Uchitel's of the world, etc., etc., etc., just QUIT IT! Please have a SMIDGEON of self-respect! And what really pisses me off is that these fucking assholes have more fucking MONEY than the majority of us will ever dream of having….all by acting like god damned MORONS!

  5. 5

    you're giving him exactly what he wants…press, stupid! Stop updating the public on his life, NO ONE CARES!!!!!! Actually, you and him probably talk on a daily basis, he probably pays you to write about him on your site!!! hahaha

  6. 6

    I believe he is guilty. He is the kind of scum that would have pushed her.

  7. 7

    So does that mean because someone is intoxicated it justifies being punched during a verbal argument. So does that means that if I get tipsy is enough reason for my hubby to beat me? Don't think so. The very man that many were defending yesterday, because he wants to play St. Daddy to Lilo, is the same one in trouble today. He is definitely a very scary character.

  8. 8

    Question is…will Lisa Bloom's mother Gloria be representing Kate? That could get interesting!

  9. 9

    I was thinking that it might be interesting to have pops walk us through his thought process…to show us exactly where he justifies his bullshizz…but I'm afraid we would be scarred for life, like seeing an execution

  10. 10

    I've always respected Lisa Bloom and her mother as advocates of women in abusive situations. I hope she really believes in her client, because IMO this dirtbag Lohan is hurting her reputation.

  11. 11

    why on earth do women get involved with this creature? why don't they go get normal jobs and avoid the crazy shit that surrounds this man.

    p.s. i think he's mentally ill, seriously. there is something deeply wrong about this dude.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    " He expects to be fully vindicated." … sure….
    Re: justtfax – you're absolutely right !

  14. 14

    UGH. Michael and Kate are such DOUCHEFACES. Seriously, I want to vomit every time i see his face. Him, and every lover he has in his life, are always just the worst people. Its no wonder why his daughters are so fucked up. I find it absolutely DISGUSTING how he speaks about his daughter to the press so much. DEPLORABLE!! He says "I am trying to help my daughter and i cant stand how people say im not there for her, because I am!" (entertainment tonight) Well here is some advice, stop talking to the press AND HELP HER. That is, if you even care. And why does he need a lawyer when he is talking about lindsey? He isn't under arrest…yet. Lisa Bloom is another dispicable piece of trash for representing this unfit father. She is the daughter of Gloria Aldred, so obviously it runs in the family. I hate most the Lohans and that entire family of lawyers. Terrible people.

  15. 15

    Why would a recovering alcoholic live with someone who drinks out of control?

  16. 16

    Who is the bigger tool? Kate? Michael? They both suck as human beings.

  17. 17

    doesnt she look like deborah messing in this picture?

  18. 18

    He is an huge idiot but she is one pent up bitch. She has serious issues with men and should just shut the F up. And toss her worthless ass off of the insider!

  19. 19

    That Bloom woman is a construct. She's not a human being. Just look at face, hair, body; listen to voice. She is a facsimile, an avatar, an unfinished clone

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Even if a woman did have a few, it doesn't take the felon out of assault. He's predictable, and always seems to use the 'good defense is a good offense' strategy to try to slither out of anything he's alleged to have done.

  21. 21

    Lol didn't this asshole help Kate bash Jon Gosselin? Karma huh.
    May be his ass will end up in jail to.

  22. 22

    I'm so sick of these women dating douche bags then complaining how they treated them after. Ugh, get a life women, if multiple women are saying hes a douche then hes a douche.