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Mel's Text Messages To Oksana Admit He Was Unsafe!

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Well if this isn't damning evidence, we don't know what is!

Oksana Grigorieva had saved text messages from Mel Gibson after their big fight on January 6 and the texts are dated January 7 where he admits that he "wasn't safe" for her the night before!

The texts say:

Mel: Oksana, I wasn't safe for you last night. I spent two hours with a therapist today and have regained some perspective. What I'm telling you know if I am safe & would like to come by and make amends to you, sascha and Lucia. I won't stay just let you say your peace and I'll say mine. Let me know if it's alright!

Mel: Or if it's not.

Mel: Let me know either way.

Mel: Yes or no.

Mel: It's important that I apologize to sascha before he goes.

Mel: Please respond one way or another.

Oksana: I have two broken front teeth and a concussion. I can not c u today, I'm hurting. U can apologize to Sacha some other time.

Mel. Did you get them fixed yet?

Mel: When can I see you?

Mel: I need to see you this evening & then I promise I'll leave you alone
for as long as you want

Mel: If only for 10 minutes.

Mel: Please.

The messages were found by the authorities after Oksana had to surrender her cell phone as part of the investigation.

What a mess — he needs some serious help!

[Image via WENN.]

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44 comments to “Mel's Text Messages To Oksana Admit He Was Unsafe!”

  1. YUCK says – reply to this


    btw this proves nothing. pigz ur reaching. but like whoopi said they are both lying. fuck this ho. I hope she disappears because that would be the real death of her. she is loving all of this attention. anyone can tell she is an attention whore first and foremost.

    1. fake tits..check
    2. lip injections…check
    3. attached to not one but two celebrity men much older than her..check
    4. paps on speed dial..check
    5. going to the media instead of taking her $15 million quietly..check.

  2. 2

    Ha, hes a woman beater and he can't spell for shit!!! What a creep, i hope he serves time for this.

  3. 3

    He obviousle sees that help is needed, but did not admit to hitting her. He needs help and it sort of sounds like he realizes that and is taking steps. I feel bad for him. She is a gold digger and willing to destroy him or push him to destroy himself to get it. She wants the $$.
    They left out her last text to Mel.
    Oksana: Show me the moneeeey!!!

  4. 4

    The answer to that is , NO!

  5. 5

    This proves NOTHING. "Unsafe" could mean he wanted to scream at her more. Could have meant he wanted to have unsafe sex. Etc. Also she could easily have still bashed her own veneers and he was curious if they were fixed. She never said he broke her teeth. Also if someone breaks your effing teeth woudl your response be 'uh can't see you today' leaving it open for another time?? I don't buy it. And man would I hate to be accused of something & have YOU on my jury!!!

  6. 6

    TEAM MEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this bitch lost all of her trust when she waited after he supposedly beat the kid….
    TOO BAD NOW BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    Why else would you call yourself "unsafe" unless you did something.

    Also, this proves to me that she didn't leak the tapes. She had THIS on her personal phone and it didn't get out until the authorities had it.

  8. 8

    Wow, so nice to see all of the people condoning the abuse of other people just because they "believe" that she is a gold digger. That may very well be true, however, it doesn't condone violence. And as the first post notes that she has been linked to two celebrity men older than her, then maybe Mel should have gotten a clue before he decided to enter into a relationship with her.

  9. 9

    It says he was "unsafe" not that he beat her. Maybe he forgot to wear a condom? Maybe they were involved in some overly vigorous doggy-style and her face got smashed up against the headboard a few times.

  10. 10

    Doesn't prove anything. Didn't say he hit her and unsafe could mean anything.

  11. 11

    Keep on defending woman beaters you disgusting pigs.
    Hopefully you'll all have daughters one day.

  12. 12

    Ew. Such a classic control freak/abusive boyfriend. Won't take no for an answer. Constant barrage of texts even though she's made it clear she's not interested in talking. He is such a horrible person. I couldn't believe everyone let him off the hook for his DUI/Jew-hating/Sugar Tits rant years ago. He is unstable and should be hospitalized. Hate him.

  13. 13

    Mel is such a dumbass prick. Pathethic, racist, and violent what a winner.

  14. 14

    God, you're all splitting hairs here too. You saw her teeth in that picture. When she said her teeth were broken, he didn't question it. Only asked if she had gotten them fixed yet. If he hadn't done it, wouldn't he have been confused? It doesn't matter what kind of person she is! If she's a ho or a golddigger or whatever! He hit her with the baby in her arms! He threw her 12 year old son onto a table in front of witnesses! It's really sickening that abused women get treated this way by the American public.

  15. 15

    She's an extortionist. What authorities released these messages?

  16. 16

    Huh, released to authorities, yet leaked to you? Don't think so, but keep trying. Not sure what vendetta you have against Mel, but as you can tell from the comments, it's not fooling anyone. I just wonder what you'll say when the facts come out? Probably nothing, and that's a shame.

  17. 17

    lmao wow…ya totally evidence…*hint that was sarcasm for you dumbasses who missed it*
    …lol that actually proves nothing about mel nothing is actually clear..everything that each person said could mean anything and not what we expect them to mean..dont acuse someone of something if you dont have solid evidence..its happened before and it destroyed their life..i wouldnt be surprised in the least if this was a scam or less then what oksana says it was.

  18. 18

    Re: Emily Caldwell – LISTEN…. he pushed the 12 year old because the 12 year old was swatting a lit cigarette out of his mouth…. What kind of 12 year old does that? One that needs to be smacked upside the head!!!!! The kid should learn manners and know that he shouldn't be smacking a LIT CIGARETTE out of someones mouth because he could get burned!!!!
    That kid OBVIOUSLY needs DISCIPLINE… and if a 12 year old did that to me, i would do more then push him into a table…..
    Kids these days have NO DISCIPLINE and the STUPID parents think it's "cute"… hehehe look how cute he is!!..
    As for the bitch who got smacked… if she was truly scared she should have gone straight to the police right away… now it shows that she was just after him for money…. so she deserved what she got…

  19. 19

    She just hired the foremost internet atty. I bet your left ball (i think u have one) that she sent those texts to herself from a pc. She's a cunning, bright broad. But her WHOLE house of cards is gonna come tumbling down soon.

  20. 20

    Re: chachibald – Who beats women? Where is the PROOF?

  21. 21

    Re: Emily Caldwell – Women who dont blow when asked should get smacked.

  22. 22

    This doesn't prove anything! It proves something happened but it doesn't say who provoked it or what the details were. All we know of any of this is what is on those stupid tapes….that may or may not be real…..and what is in these texts. Maybe Mel is a terrible woman beater or maybe he isn't. But I certainly am not going to condemn him based on circumstantial evidence. I hate it when people act like they know what happened and what kind of person somebody is based upon what they read in a gossip blog.

  23. 23

    By the way, I thought the concussion wasn't diagnosed until 2 days AFTER the incident. These texts were only 1 day after.

  24. 24

    I'm thinkin Mel probably did hit her. I sincerely hope not. I hope he gets the mental help he needs, and she just effing needs to be fixed and sent back to the motherland!!! HO!

  25. 25

    IF he sent those texts, it would show his manic state of mind. It would also appear that she is a passive-aggressive bitch who played with his mind.

    Again, innocent until proven guilty - ALWAYS!

  26. 26


  27. 27

    That's just hilarious

  28. 28

    I can picture dumb people getting all mushy over this and after reading most of the posts I see I was right.

  29. 29

    He's a racist monster. I can't stand him.

  30. 30


  31. dtrp says – reply to this


    I met Mel Gibson years back when I was an extra on one of his movies and all I can say is that he was one of the most charming people I have met. So I must admit I am surprised at all the allegations. His baby mama to me is a gold digger who has set him up and is getting what she wanted. He in no way seemed violent or moody when I met him and again he was funny and charming to everyone, I think anyone can get riled if their buttons are pushed, it just doesnt go public…..but we shall see.

  32. 32

    Anti fucking christ. Okay, so when the first few tapes came out, I have to admit that I was team Mel, even with the N word. Because everyone has heated conversations at one point or another even me. But when there are kids involved then you're shit out of luck buddy. Um, what 12 smacked a lit cigarette out of someone's hands? A 12 year old who sees his mother getting abused. You fuck with my mother, I'll fuck you up. What? I'm on the kids side F both of them. You all could keep 'blowing' him.

  33. 33

    You lemmings believe this because Perez says it is so? Innocent until PROVEN otherwise fucktards. Stick your tongue in his ass and swirl… yum yum.. taste like shit eh? Eat it because that's what you are, ignorant fucktards who will follow Perez to hell and back, if he says you have to. Believe it you fat fuckheads. I am here to release you…. until that day, my posts will continue to be removed… since I am HE who makes fucktards angry to see the truth.

    You all are idiots.

  34. dASH says – reply to this


    you've sunk to new lows, perez. "the authorities" released this info to just YOU? bitch, please. stop slandering.

  35. 35

    Having gone through an abusive relationship and when i say abusive i mean REALLY abusive i have a few things to say about this.
    First i'm sick and tired of every gold digger out there trying to play the abusive card when in all honesty they have no idea what abuse is. You can tell if you actually listen to the tapes whether doctored or not that this is not a fearful woman.
    Second that pic of the baby made me hate this gold digger and made me realize that we as women hold way to much power over men cause i have a baby and that pic of the baby looks more like baby acne than a bruise think about it ppl if a full grown man hit a 2 month old the whole chin would have major damage not a little red pimple which is what that is.

  36. 36

    cont… from last comment LOL
    Third yes it is horrible the way he is speaking to her BUT we don't hear the begining to end convo we hear only what she wanted us to hear only after she pushed all his buttons. Seriously ppl i have called my husband way worst especially when i was pregnant but ppl always expect a man to just shut his mouth and say nothing i mean come on ppl men have feelings too and they can get hurt and want to vent just as much as us women.
    And lastly i'd like to comment on this text first of all she doesn't say " YOU broke my 2 teeth and gave me a concussion" she just simply says she has a concussion and that she broke 2 teeth. After i had my son i suffered from postpartum depression one day i was going through it bad i had the baby in my arms and i was going crazy yelling and for some odd reason wanted to leave my wonderful husband i was literally acting like a crazy woman well my husband tried to stop me from running around with the baby and i tripped the baby was fine (thank god) but i hit my head on the table. i wont bore any of u with the rest but accidents can happen and if i truly was a gold digging BLEEP i could have so totally ruined my husbands life by just playing the abuse card.

  37. 37

    Wow. I don't think any of you nimrods would believe 1% of what Oksana says even if she had video taped evidence of him knocking her and Sacha upside the head. You'd probably say:

    Oh, where's his accent? That Eastern bloc bitch could have hired a double to impersonate Mel! Wha wha wha, he's a charming guy he'd NEVER hit a woman. Look at his seven kids???

    Absolutely pathetic.

  38. 38

    Re: UnaLuna – Shut up, no one cares about your pathetic life.

  39. 39

    Re: Quichie – stop whinning.. boo-frickity-hoo

  40. 40

    Re: dtrp – Did he ask you to suck his dick and you said no? That's when he gets mad. Until then… shut your ignorant pie-hole.

  41. 41

    i hope this keeps him away from the baby

  42. ash,* says – reply to this


    @UnaLuna: agreed on all counts!

    @eatshitpig: you need a hug :(

  43. 43


  44. 44

    what a bunch of fucking idiots!!!!!!!! BUHUUU i grew up with his movies, i can't believe this, she is to blame!!!!!! FUCK YOU YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!