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M.I.A. Goes After The Big O, And Lady GaGa Again!

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Well, here she goes again!

M.I.A. is once again acting like sour grapes and lashing out at not only Lady GaGa - which she seems to be doing at a regular rate these days - but also The Big O!

Watch yourself, girl! She is not someone you want to mess with!

She says:

'…Oprah seemed like she was giving me the cold shoulder. She was with Iman (Bowie). Iman was always dancing with me, hugging and kissing me, but Oprah seemed really pissed off with me. Also she made this huge speech at the ball praising Lady Gaga and about how she (Lady Gaga) is helping Americans to be the best of themselves. There's millions of other Americans who represent that for me. Is (it) about numbers? About how much you're selling? Is it truly about the journey? Because (Lady Gaga's) journey isn't that difficult: to go from the fucking Upper East Side to a fucking performing arts school and on to a stage at the museum of fucking wherever. That journey's about four miles.'


She really does just sound like a jealous teenager, doesn't she?

And what's with the 'I'm so badass, look at me, I piss off Oprah' shtick? Like we're supposed to be impressed?

Time to bitch about something new, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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196 comments to “M.I.A. Goes After The Big O, And Lady GaGa Again!”

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  1. 1

    Apparently your pea brain cannot hold that much information being thrown out. She is basically calling out lady gaga as manufactured…learn to read girlfriend.

  2. 2

    Actually, everything that MIA said sounds perfectly reasonable.

  3. 3

    Sometimes, you need chill when people speak negatively about your beloved gaga. Yes, it was a longer journey for MIA, theres cultural issues weaved in there too. chill the fuck down re: gaga.

  4. 4

    I CANNOT STAND her!!! I fucking hated her music and there is something about her ugly mug that pisses me off! She sounds sound petty and bitter it's unreal. Lady Gaga has how many #1 songs? speaks for itself huh? way better than MIA can say and i hope Oprah really did give her the cold shoulder! It's Oprah she can like whoever she wants!

  5. 5

    I really liked M.I.A until recently when she starts hating on her peers for publicity. It's really annoying. Just do you and shut your mouth maybe people would respect you.

  6. 6

    Perez, you really need to learn how to read. M.I.A. was stating facts about how Oprah treated her, not lashing at her.

  7. 7

    HAHAHAHA I am so in love with her!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  8. 8

    Dont like her but she has a point!

    What the fuck has lady gaga done.

  9. 9

    YOU'RE just PISSED b/c she isn't OBSESSED with Gaga like YOU are, Mario!!! Everyone is entitled to their OWN OPINIONS!! (Which is why you're fortunate enough to have your own blog–since it's 99% opinion and only 1% fact)!! So, STFU and get back to your Gaga posters and dolls…

  10. Paty says – reply to this


    She has a point. Lady Gaga is cool but her life history is not impressive at all.

  11. tiffd says – reply to this


    MIA sucks, you can't even understand what she is saying. Crawl back in your hole please and get over yourself.

  12. Rynne says – reply to this


    She's totally right though! Not a far journey at all. And The Big O has her head up her Big A if she thinks Gaga is helping people be their best selves…

  13. 13

    I agree with her on Gaga.

  14. 14

    If you want respect for your past, it means that you have a problem with your present and even more with your future.
    Karl Lagerfeld

  15. 15

    She's not wrong at all. Lady Gaga is basically something manufactured, a marketing ploy. She is a regurgitated madonna, c. aguilera, kylie minogue with ok music. She is also a messy "former" drug addict who lucked out. You're obsessed, but then again teenage boys turn you on so it's hardly surprising.

  16. 16

    MIA is TOTALLY correct…but you are just one of the suckup p-naz, so you couldn't possibly see the bigger picture

  17. 17

    I like M.I.A. and she does bring up some valid point in what she has to say… Lady gaga 2 me needs to go away for a while.. I feel like she is everywhere with nothing new 2 show… I'm sick of the crazy outfits and the I don't care attitude she has… U know what someone else will come out and do sumthing crazier then lady gaga and she will be a thing of the past…

  18. 18

    First off… sick of Lady GAGA as is most the world… SECOND.. can't STAND OPRAH… she is so fake… she is so full of herself… she acts like she is a saint, but then she doesn't go through with her words with actions….. FRAUD fake,…. she is slowly being exposed for who she truly is….

  19. 19

    M.I.A is right about Lady Gaga

  20. 20

    As much as I am a fan of Lady Gaga, "Because (Lady Gaga's) journey isn't that difficult: to go from the fucking Upper East Side to a fucking performing arts school and on to a stage at the museum of fucking wherever. That journey's about four miles." has crossed my mind a few times. She didn't start at the bottom. She was priviledged.

  21. 21

    I personally love M.I.A. Her music is awesome and so is her style. Plus, shes right, shes been around a lot longer than Lady GaGa so she can say what she wants. Maybe GaGa is "different" and a "style icon" but she's annoying to me.

  22. 22

    She is doing this to get publicity from morons like you Mario.

  23. 23

    Uh, MIA is totally right. She's speaking the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. Yeah, Lady Gaga is awesome, but what MIA said about her is dead on.

  24. 24

    Honestly, I don't think that what M.I.A. said about Lady Gaga's journey is too off-base. Although Gaga obviously appeals to the masses - I don't necessarily believe she inspires millions of Americans to be their "best selves".

  25. 25

    this is a real shame that true talent like Gaga's is being put down this way. as a little monster should i dont wish to bring hate into this situation in any way, but id just like to inform everyone that everything this mia said is a complete lie.
    first of all Gaga grew on the upper WEST side thankyou very much. she did not use that privilege in ANY WAY to get where she is today. she actually worked her fucking ass off and roughed it herself paying for her own rent and belongings when she was trying to make it big. on top of that she dropped out of NYU to persue her career and all that gave her was experience and knowledge. everything that Gaga is came from her heart and inspirations, and all i can say is that mia should really get her facts straight.

  26. 26

    MIA needs to spend the time that she took to research GaGa's past and use it to make her music not sound like utter and incoherent garbage

  27. 27

    Perez she doesn't sounds far from being a jealous teenager!!! She's just being real and I for one am fed up of all the Gaga love and think its about time someone something real took centre stage!!!

  28. 28

    I never did like MIA, I think she tries way too hard to be "different". But, Perez, you use to LOVE her and post good things about her all the time. UNTIL she attacked Lady Gaga, same with Christina Aguilera. You are so transparent and lame, Perez !

  29. 29

    MIA is stupid. her album flopped and she's pissed because she's no longer relevant (if she ever was in the first place). and also, if she's going to insult someone, she should get her facts straight. Gaga grew up on the upper WEST side, not the upper east side.

  30. 30

    kinda true though

  31. 31

    Who is this b!tch anyway? If it weren't for your site Perez…I wouldn't even know her name!

  32. 32

    comparatively speaking - she's correct. from what i understand, MIA came from the slum of slums meanwhile gaga was apparently born with a silver spoon - i know my middle class parents surely didn't have the money to send me to a school where celebrities children attend.

  33. 33

    i like m.i.a and a lot of stuff she says is true. however she needs to realize that she isn't going to change the mindsets are the foolish public. so she should shut up

  34. 34

    She is right about Gaga though.

  35. 35

    Everything she said makes sense to me. She doesn't sound like a jealous teenager, on the contrary, you sound like a petty jealous queen masquerading as a 32 year old pig faced retard. Get a life, Perez.

  36. 36

    um Mia is the real deal…Lady Gaga is mediocre, unoriginal and a pawn of the music business. She'll do whatever it takes to be rich and famous, even flash satanic symbols and make war and police state imagery seem sexy and cool. Perez needs to take his lips out of Lady Xerox's asshole and realize he's part of the system that will one day dictate what he can and cannot write about on his popularity contest of a website. MIA forever! she is the only bitch that will flash the middle finger to all you clones and say what's real about the state of music today.

  37. 37

    M.I.A, step away from my momma monster! Lady Gaga is a genius, and Oprah is right she is changing lives including mine! Your music sounds like you're hungover, and u can't make crongruent sentances. I think someone's a little jealous of Lady Gaga fabulousity, something you'll never have.

  38. 38

    Re: henkaya735 – um no. Lady Gaga is the most amazing person on this planet, and she is changing lives, mine! M.I.A is just cranky and hungover, i wouldn't be suprise. Wat a b.

  39. 39

    Cut the David and Goliath bull shizzz MIA.

  40. YUCK says – reply to this


    whether she's hating or not, she certainly isnt saying something that isnt true. oprah only kisses celebrities asses but she is very cold toward us regualr joes. she's a dick ryder.

  41. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: DeeeeeeLIIIIITEE – GOOD ONE! I need a lady xerox tshirt stat, with gags picture on it.

  42. 42

    I'm not a fan of hers, but she certainly nailed Gaga perfectly. any fool can see that just three or four years ago, Gaga was nothing more than a rich kid and Elton John/Billy Joel-type singer with mousey brown hair and extremely unremarkable looks on the fast track to nowhere. it's amazing what some outrageous costumes and make-up can do.

    and actually, with her background, I'd say Gaga's journey was even less than four miles - 2.5 is more like it.

  43. 43

    Re: shadoobie – you know what, Lady Gaga has CRAZY talent and you can't take that away from her. M.I.A is jealous of Lady Gaga's fabulousity because she'll never have it. So what if she had a good education, so hav i, but she chose to use it to her advantage and become something amazing. Plus M.I.A is all computer generated=no talent.

  44. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: DeeeeeeLIIIIITEE – GOOD ONE! I need a lady xerox tshirt stat, with gags picture on it.
    PS. lets see how fast this fat cow pig vomit can crank one out.

  45. 45

    Re: zionismisapartheid – um yeah no it doesnt. MIA is realllllllly stupid and has no talent, and is just insecure about her lack of talent comparitively to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has a good education, but she chose to use it to her advantage and become something amazing:)) i love her more than anything.

  46. 46

    I don't really give a shit about what she said about Gaga, but her bitching that Oprah gave her the cold shoulder makes her seem like a whiny little brat. Not everyone is going to like you, and does it really make any difference if they happen to be a celebrity? I think she's just butthurt that Oprah didn't mention her.

  47. 47

    Way to go m.i.a, I completely agree with what she is saying.
    Lady gaga is great and all, but she comes from wealth and priledge. About a 4 mile journey.

  48. 48

    she is so obsessed! she can STFU

  49. 49

    hhhmmm she has a good point.

  50. 50

    ur the only one that sounds like the jealous teenager when it comes to christina. fucking realize ur a huge hyprocrite. LOVE MIA FOR SPEAKING HER MIND. SHE HAS THE RIGHT PEREZ..IF U DONT LIKE, FUCK U! MIA KEEP ON TALKING GURL

  51. 51

    Maybe if she didn't spend so much time bitching about lady gaga and other people she could have focused more on her new album and made it awesome. Instead she rather piss and moan about other artists that are doing better than her, when she could be spending that time on her own music. Her new album sucks, wish we could get the old M.I.A back.

  52. YUCK says – reply to this


    no funny business, MIA is original and lady gaga is a fucking, for lack of a better word, a copy cat. she completely stole madonnas act pre ray of light down to the affected british accent. too bad she couldnt steal her looks. madonna used to say gwen stef stoled her act but she really didnt see this ugly whore coming from a kilometer away.

  53. 53

    Re: ellebunny
    Starting off at the "bottom" is so overrated. I don't know why people are so fixated on that. A good lot of the most brilliant performers/songwriters ever had privileged backgrounds. Why do people act like that's so wrong? Even if GaGa didn't start at the bottom, she's paid her dues like everyone else. Luck had nothing to do with it.
    As for MIA, the first couple of times, she sounded like she had some sense. Now it just sounds like she's just bitter.

  54. Kibs says – reply to this


    don't get me wrong i LOVE lady gaga but this chick has a point.

  55. 55

    GOOOOOOOOOOO MIA! totally reasonable

  56. 56

    hmmmm M.I.A does have a small point. Yes Lady GAGA has had to work to get where she's been but she did have a pretty comfy life before all this so im sure it wasnt as hard… idk i kinda get it

  57. china says – reply to this


    she`s perfectly right about moron caca.

  58. 58

    She does sound jealous of Lady Gaga. And maybe Oprah was pissed off at her, who knows? in any case, Oprah has a right to like and not like who she wants. Disparaging someone else to make herself feel better isn't going to make me like her anymore than I already don't.

  59. 59

    M.I.A. clearly doesn't know what she's talking about. Sure Lady Gaga lived on the Upper East Side as a child, but she doesn't know the rest of the story. She also lived on the Lower East Side of New York in a tiny apartment on her own at 18. She worked her ass off until now, to become what she is today. She played shows in tiny clubs for years, was signed by labels, dropped repeatedly for being too weird/not mainstream, went to writing music for other artists when she was dropped, was signed again, and continued her determination.

    M.I.A. should focus on herself and her own music.

  60. 60

    Remind me again… how is Gaga helping the world to gain such praise from Oprah? I wasn't aware of anything significant… just a lot of strange wardrobe choices and techno songs. I do like her but that seems a little over the top…

  61. 61

    hey, shut yer trap you useless, talentless, fameless piece of crap

  62. 62

    update the comments asshat

  63. 63

    you need to stop all this slamming on m.i.a when she critisises your beloved gaga, its pretty pathetic. And yes, i am a gaga fan

  64. 64

    'Because (Lady Gaga's) journey isn't that difficult: to go from the fucking Upper East Side to a fucking performing arts school and on to a stage at the museum of fucking wherever. That journey's about four miles.'

    You said it right, sistah!!! (for those not in the know, Lady Gaga attended the hyper-expensive real-life elite prep school that inspired Gossip Girl).

    Gaga is famous thanks to daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 65

    Blah blah blah oh MIA YOURE EPIC FAIL JEALOUS OF GAGAYeah yeah yeah, I know that you're edgy, non-conformist, different and all that,YOU SOUNDS LIKE A DESPERATE JEALOUS TEENAGER.

  66. 66

    MIA is beautiful

  67. 67

    She's right!

  68. 68

    I have to agree with her also. She's not a genius herself, but at least she's not being shoved down my throat 24/7.

  69. Heh says – reply to this


    Shes fucking right !!!

  70. 70

    ok, MIA jealous? ja! de verdad te queria perez, pero despues de entrar todos los dias a ver tu pagina, me doy cuenta que solo favoreces a quien te gusta, no puedes ser imparcial, y eso no es bueno… te lo digo, de verdad me gustaba tu estilo… pero…

  71. 71

    if anything Mia should Respect Mother Monster for having a big name like Oprah Give gratitude to a fellow label mate. and seriously i never heard any of my friends that listen to mia say that she helped them get through this bad situation or her music changed their life. but as for gaga I and Millions of other fans CAN say that. and yes perez she does sound like a jealous teenager.

  72. 72

    Her music isn't hitting the love factor I used to have for it but I like her and what she just said was actually reasonable c: British Power!

  73. 73

    I thought Lady Gaga was about making generic dance songs about going to clubs and screwing so many guys you can't remember their name (Alejandro? Fernando?) and wearing less original designs than I saw men wearing at a drag show last night. What is Oprah on? She's buying Lady Gaga's Party Monster b.s.? She's not as bright as I thought.

  74. 74

    ugh seriously.. since when did you have to grow up poor to be an artist… what since she was born privileged she isn't aloud to be her own person.. god you people are a bunch of hypocrites!!!! people talk about how tough their journey is blah blah blah.. who cares it is all about what you do as an individual not where you come from…. MIA is such a jealous, ugly, lilttle troll who is just using her stupid mouth to get press because she knows her music isn't good enough to get her attention!

  75. 75

    u go gurl. gaga sucks anyway and O is ovarreted

  76. 76

    It is true that she talks an awful lot about Gaga, but she's also 100% correct

  77. 77

    You're all missing the point…it shouldn't matter where you came from to get where you are. Talent is talent. There are all kinds of talent, and everyone has a different opinion. Talent is subjective.

  78. 78

    hahaha look who's talking about someone sounding like a jealous teenager! That's all your posts sound like these days! Besides that, she says exactly what I've been thinking this entire time about Lady Gaga. she has not had to "struggle" in her life, and her music/performance really shows that to me. She has always been privileged, and while she does do some things to help causes such as gay rights, she is still just a privileged brat.

  79. Jdcaf says – reply to this


    100% Agree with M.I.A!!!! No, she doesn't sound like a jealous teenage you fat fuck! She's just telling it like it is! But then again, you can't see outside your box! She talks smack about someonelse and you jump on her, but all you do is talk about other people and you want to be praised for it!!! You're such a fucking idiot!!!

  80. 80

    Why would she be jealous tho?? MIA is legit !

  81. 81

    Isn't what she said about Ladyboy Gaga true? In fact, it is.

  82. kahlo says – reply to this


    lets look at the message behind the music and the fanfare shall we? It seems to me that MIA actually gives a shit about the planet, its people and political issues… Whereas Gaga likes to sing about disco sticks and men with mexican names.

    And for everyone that says Gaga is a Genius… Mozart was a genius.. Gaga is skilled at appropriating countless artists that came before her and implementing shock value to advance her career.. her label is skilled at running the machine in order to maximize profits from her… But as far as Genius is concerned, its not Gaga.

  83. 83

    ok… as far as lady gaga goes… she didn't JUST go to performing arts school. she went to NYU in their performing major. which, mia(who i am a fan of, also) must not know how incredibly difficult it is to get in there. you have to be majorly talented. and how she left because gaga got found by a record label. i mean, there's really no reason for the jealousy…. mia has millions of dollars. so does gaga. but i thought mia had retired for good.. guess not…

  84. 84

    MIA is so right and clever, a TRUE artist

  85. 85

    Hahaha Lady boy Gag gag dissed! soo TRUE! Gag gag is just another Rich Bitch whore

  86. YUCK says – reply to this


    where the fuck is my comment about gaga wearing costumes gothic, punk and gays used to wear decades ago and currently to clubs shes not original. shes a joke and a loser.

  87. 87

    What's wrong with what she said? Yeah Gaga's rise to success wasn't about so much struggling. She had opportunities that many young performers didn't and should not feel ashamed of taking advantage of it. MIA was simply point out that to say that Gaga is the voice of the young people or that she stands for our generation musically is not accurate. Yes she is good but you need to learn to handle and respect people's opinions even if they talked about your beloved Gaga.

  88. 88

    (Note: I'm not a Gaga fan) MiA is a mistaken loser on this topic… It's not the DISTANCE someone travels to get famous. It's the LENGTH of their lasting power. Whitney didn't have to go far either, but she's lasted (even tho she's a messed up lunatic) and is considered an icon now. DUH. Amazing this hack can't acknowledge that. In real life people get handouts and family boosts all the time. That doesn't mean they'll be selling records in 20 years tho.

  89. 89

    Mia is for reals!

    Gaga is a carbon copy of Madonna and xtina

  90. 90

    Opra's a tit. I like GaGa, but what she said about her is true, she didnt have that much of a struggle to get famous.

  91. exBFF says – reply to this


    since doesn't have the talent to attract attention with her work, she throws her little shit fits so people will look at her. Ke$ha is more of a artist than MIA.

  92. 92

    god this broad is annoying. shut up already! who cares about lady gaga's journey and where she's from and how much money her parents had? i certainly don't. her music was great for a while and that's all i cared about. this bitch is just talking shit to keep herself relevant, if she even was in the first place. seriously perez, if you don't like her, stop posting about her. she's only looking for the attention

  93. 93

    why does it matter that lady gaga came from wealth and privilege? Does every famous person have to start at the bottom and have some remarkable story about how they rose to the top? geez

    also, lady gaga's style is obviously influenced by a variety of artists. does she have to be super original and unique? of course not; no one else is. im sure everyone writing on here has either a blackberry, i phone, ipod, skinny jeans..or whatever! everyone imitates everyone else!

  94. 94

    i thought lasy gaga left home at 17 and was working as a stripper for a while supporting herself? that doesn't sound like she had a silver spoon in her mouth. maybe when she was a kid, but sounds like she made things happen on her own once she grew up. and i'm not one of these obsessive psychotic LG fans, i'm just stating facts

  95. 95

    I like Lady GaGa but M.I.A. is right, she (Lady GaGa) didn't have to struggle to achieve what she has. She had more opportunities than most and grew up very fortunate. That being said, it doesn't make her any less genuine. She seems very grateful and sincere, especially with her fans.

  96. 96

    Whine whine whine…. that's all she does to try to stay relevant… I'm not a fan of Oprah OR Gaga either… I don't even know who MIA is… lol… I just hear about this shit all the time

  97. 97

    Oprah is such a fake ass kisser is not even funny. And overall, I 100% agree with MIA. Again lol. Although I do think she should keep some of the things she says to herself at times (no matter how true they are), it might come back and bite her in the ass.

  98. 98

    Gaga's journey was NOT that easy. She got to where she is today the old fashioned way by playing shows at clubs and doing hard work. She also had a drug problem that she battled and she got through it. M.I.A. is a stupid, jealous, one-hit-wonder bitch who WISHES she had GaGa's success. She's just embarassing herself with all these pointless rants.

  99. 99

    she's dating a BRONFMAN…can she shut up already ??? go spend some money and stop acting like you are "clean" and above it all. MIA is just as much a part of the corporate commodities game as britney fucking spears.
    or maybe she should try ART SCHOOL…cause right now she's just an art school girl wannabe.

  100. 100

    she sounds so bitter and jealous. why spend time putting other artists down?? just do your thing and let everyone else do the same. her poor kid is gonna be surrounded by a hater :(

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