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Mugshot Hall Of Fame.

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Good lord, he is terrifying.

Check out Michael Lohan's latest mugshot, taken for his alleged assault on fiancee, Kate Major!

We're going to have to start keeping a photo album of all the Lohan family mugshots, because let's face it - there's no way that this will be the last of them.

So, so sad.


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43 comments to “Mugshot Hall Of Fame.”

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  2. 2

    OMG Perez and I agree! It IS sad. Sad that he uses his daughter for his own benefit. Sad that a talented and beautiful girl like his daughter can't get her act together. Sad that Dina lives in a fog.

  3. 3

    the lohan's single handedly keep LA's law enforcement officers employed……..

  4. 4

    I think someone should do a lovely scrapbook with fun captions, etc.!!

  5. 5

    The entire family is just sad. I have started feeling sorry for them all, even Dina. They are just programed for drama some people are addicted to being unhappy.

  6. 6

    Perez, as annoying this may sound to you I have to beg you to stop posting pictures of Michael Lohan, he looks so much and even sounds like the father of a friend of mine who tried to molest me and I get chills everytime i see Lohans picture, so please, enough.

  7. 7

    What a hottie!

  8. 8

    why do you keep giving this nobody press?

  9. 9

    How come he's been arrested 3 or so days after he allegedly assaulted his fiancée, but so far nothing has been done about Mel Gibson, who actually has some kind of evidence against him?

  10. 10

    like father like daughter…

  11. 11

    are those meth marks on the forhead???

  12. 12

    ewww what is up with his forehead???

  13. 13

    crazy, crazy, Lohans. Can't wait til Dina gets hers.

  14. 14

    this guy will do anything to be in front of a camera

  15. 15

    and…the shit show continues

  16. 16

    what an ass !

  17. 17

    They're just a brawling bunch of people - the family that fights together fights period!!!!

  18. 18

    I wonder if he did this to feel closer to Lindsay. Perhaps he doesn't know he'll go to a men's prison.

  19. 19

    This mugshot is worse than the dude with the horns, or the old tranny, hell this is the worst mug shot I have seen [on this site!] He is hideous!!!!!!

  20. 20

    lol, seems most of the celebrities have mugshots….are ppls idolizing a bunch of ganstas or morally corrupted criminals every day??

  21. 21

    Hes Gay!

  22. hebe says – reply to this



  23. 23

    OMG - he's so concerned about loo-loo-poo-poo that he goes and kicks his fiance in the face. We are dealing with the biggest dysfunctional family in history folks…well next to Mel Gibson. Hope Michael gets more jail time - he sure does deserve it. The war on women must stop!

  24. 24

    It looks like someone took a bb gun to his forehead. Lindsay will laugh at this.

  25. 25

    Guess he didn't have time/money for Botox like his skank daughter… And, no smirk here, either…

  26. 26

    WTF are those craters on his forehead? Gross!

  27. 27

    Looks like he got the worst of it to my eyes. Wonder what she hit him with?

  28. 28

    Hahahahaha what a fuckin family! Total losers! I can't wait until Brokeback Ali and stank pu$$y Dina have mug shots too.

  29. joly says – reply to this


    total meth/crack scabs on his face! what a jag this guy is!!

  30. 30

    Family full of losers

  31. 31

    DAYUMMMMMMMM that photo is atrocious……*hair stands on end* D=

  32. 32

    You know he has a daughter living in Montana that he doesn't do anything for. He is a loser big time!

  33. 33

    Did she repeatedly punch him in the forehead with an icepick?

  34. 34

    Drama, drama, drama!!! No wonder the whole family is a hot mess. Two idiot parents made idiot kids and now here we have them every day in the limelight….why????? Hopefully some day they will ALL go away!

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    More alleged chronic criminal behavior. Yawn.

  36. 36

    Re: ladynTO – Haha! Good one.
    Too bad they're not at the same jail! They could have taken some good Father-Daughter headshots to send out on their Christmas cards.

  37. 37

    That guy is such an asshole — he's going on every tabloid show that will take him and riding on the coat tails of his daughter. So pathetic.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    Those look like METH sores all over his face…what the hell is wrong with him? He is probably an addict too..and that is where Lilo gets it from..

  40. 40

    Part of the reason Lindsay numbs out is because she's so ashamed of him. He's a child neglecting, woman beating mooch,– a total con artist.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    he looks like a strung out meth/coke head just like his daughter. I wonder if Lindsay tried meth and coke first with her father. What a lovely family. At least they keep americans drug dealers and jails in business. YAY!

  43. 43

    Just when I was starting to think of him as sane and reasonable…