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Oliver Stone Thinks MELtdown Gibson Still Has A Career!

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Oh, boy.

Director Oliver Stone believes that Mel Gibson hasn't totally ruined his career after tapes surfaced of his arguments with ex Oksana Grigorieva.

Stone says:

"Everyone is supposed to have an opinion, but most directors don't work that way. Projects are developed slowly, and over the course of weeks, months, there will be projects, and I am sure many of them will want to have Mel Gibson in them."

We doubt it!

[Image via WENN.]

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64 comments to “Oliver Stone Thinks MELtdown Gibson Still Has A Career!”

  1. 1

    Prediction: Next Oliver stone Movie…"Natural Born Killers II"

  2. 2

    Now he is just as crazy as Misogynist Mel.

  3. 3

    Sure, directors will maybe work with him, but will the public support those movies? I know I won't. He's done in my book.

  4. 4


  5. 5


  6. 6

    Shut up Perez! You are no better than Mel Gibson or any other asshole. Actually you're worse!

  7. fiona says – reply to this


    It must be hard for those with no spiritual upbringing to forgive.

    I think Mel deserves a chance to come back. I would think you all would want the same.

    Stop slinging stones unless you are perfect.

  8. 8

    The bottom line is that he is a great actor and great leading man, as well as a good director. I hate to burst your bubble Mario, but Mel will be be back. This will blow over and I am going to laugh my ass off at you for how wrong you are.

  9. 9

    hahahaha! you doubt it! i would say BANK on it babe. (wondering how it feels to be the most hated person in Hollywood AHEAD of Mel Gibson

  10. 10

    yeaaa no
    i doubt any well known actor would risk their career by working with him he will prolly need a good 4-5 years for the public to move on and by then he will be a has- been loser only known for out of this world rants

    keep dreaming this man is over
    he has enough money to retire tho so good luck with that

  11. 11

    Re: DANNYGLOVERSDICKBLOOD – Mel producing and being in future movies is all fine and dandy.. thinking he's still someone people will want to support by watching anything with his name on? C'mon son! He's as bankable as a pile of dog poo after this and I for one will never spend as much as a dime on this wife beater.. just like stopped with Chris Brown.

  12. 12

    We'll see…LOL

  13. 13

    Oh right! Of course you "doubt it!" I mean you are Piggy Perez! WTF does Oliver Stone know about making movies and stuff. You know everything.

  14. 14

    Notice good old Ollie Stone didn't just throw his hat in the ring to book Mel in his next up and coming!

  15. 15

    Mel's a great actor! You still watch Tiger play golf right?

  16. 16

    Doubt all you want but this will be over and he will be back to work..

  17. 17

    Of course Oliver Stone is correct! Look at all the rapists, cheaters, etc., who have bounced back. I know I heard the City of L.A. blowing hot air when Kobe "The Rapist" Bryant brought home another title this past season.

  18. 18

    oliver who and mel…both just leave liberalwood..

  19. 19

    Mel Gibson is old and gross. I can't believe you hetero sluts have gaping vaginas for that relic's limp dick. He looks like a perverted old grandpa itching to get his his hands on his daughter's privates, and then he'll probably beat the hell out of her. He's disgusting. You whores are disgusting for sticking up for him. No actor or actress in their right mind would derail their own career by working with that perverted monster. Unless they wanna give up their own careers.

  20. 20

    I used to really like Oliver Stone but his praise and defense of Hugo Chavez and Mel Gibson have made me think he's not the great guy I used to think he was. Because both of those people are beyond disgusting.

  21. 21

    Re: fiona – As usual you defend the vile and attack the moral. Mel Gibson got a second chance after he attacked Jewish people and women in his first violent police related drunk driving arrest. He's just a bigot and an insane Christo/fascist ,which is the only reason a hateful person like you likes him. Give that righrtwing whining a rest. Really.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    If Uchitel can get two t.v. show offers, Mel can get work. Mel can afford to create work, and he still has his gentile friends.

  23. 23


  24. Zip says – reply to this


    Mel Gibson will make a great Hitler in someone's movie.

  25. 25

    mel will be back at work in no time. look at tiger, everyone thought he was done but he was on the golf course three months later and now no one cares.

  26. Ammie says – reply to this


    He can make as many movies as he likes, but he's not getting my $12 bucks.

  27. 27

    Re: likethepear – I never bother wasting my time logging onto this Sewer Of America's Trailer Park anymore, because it has become so abominably lame, but I MUST SAY…this was the best comment I have ever read, on this, or ANY subject, in the history of all gossip. Seriously, regardless of my (non)opinion on the subject, your mastery of the English language is impeccable! A true poet makes art of trite words, and you, my friend, are a poet.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Everyone else recovers from Hollywood disasters, so mel can as well

  30. Scar says – reply to this


    how easy people are going on Mel is just gross
    America is full of idiots. fucking overflowing

  31. 31

    Oliver stone might work with him and he might think people will work with him but cmon who in their right mind would shell out bucks to see his shit and call it a
    success like the teeny movies like twilight. He had a movie come out this year and it bombed in the box office what he makes and tries to promote will fall flat in his face watch. He is selling his house in los angeles for 14 million dollars he has legal bills up the ass. He is lucky after he gets done with this chic if he has much left she is going to ruin this fool and he is doing a good
    job by running his mouth everytime he called this chic…

  32. 32

    Ollie thinks he still has a career

  33. 33

    LOL… Search "MyDiscountBag" on google to Get High quality luxury bags, 100% genuine leather, as l-v ch-a-ne-l

  34. 34

    If being an misogynistic asshole killed a career, you'd have been gone years ago.

  35. 35

    I think his career will go on. If we heard private conversations between people in the middle of a violent separation, whoever they may be, there would be hundreds of thousands of equivalent "rants" out there. We only get this one cos he's a star. OK he sounds horrible on these phonecalls, but he's drunk and in the middle of a crisis, I'm sure lots would go mad too ! It does in no way affect his talent or his future.

  36. 36

    Stone is probably telling the truth…but it's just an example of Hollywood's cloudy thinking. If you're a star, all is forgiven…always. Gee, they forgave Kobe Bryant quickly, didn't they?

  37. 37


  38. 38

    get over it already.. you are no better.. your day will come.. and everyone will laugh in your face. Why? because no one gives a EFF about you..

  39. 39

    People love controversy so I think he's right

  40. 40

    Just remember everyone said Robert Downey Jr.'s career was over when he was in jail.

  41. 41

    Perez, you just wished you were half as famous and talented and rich as mel gibson.
    Truth is, he can say what he wants to who ever he wants, good or bad, and still get jobs.
    You on the other hand, im pretty sure in a couple of years you will have disappeared.
    This blog is more about people thinking you're an idiot than people who actually read your stuff for celeb "news".
    By the way, Mel Gibson is no longer "news". Find something else.

  42. 42

    Stone admires Fidel Castro too. Go figure.

  43. 43

    He'll be back if he want to be. He can direct, at the very least. He can finance his own films. He has made some great films. It also looks like he isn't the only monster in this scenario and that will go a long way.

  44. 44

    Sadly, he's probably right. As long as we have as many racists and homophobes as our country does, Mel will always have alliances in his thinking, despite his lack of "acting" skills, his wrinkled, curmudgeonly, drunken fug-face and the fact that he is a bottom-feeding, non-human girlfriend, baby-beating piece of shit. There are plenty of assholes just like him out there who will continue to support him because he supports their same ignorant beliefs. He should just do us all a favor and take a flying leap off the cliffs of Malibu so we can stop talking about this pud already!

  45. 45

    Re: OhJustPickOne – You got that right. TBS had the nerve to show one of his method-acting nightmares the other day and I promptly had the channel deleted. I think they were trying to make some sort of "we support Mel" statement and that's fine. I just won't ever watch their shitty station again.

  46. 46

    Re: sparkys nemesis – All Kobe did was cheat on his immature little bitch of a wife with a fluffy, pasty Mormon who was looking for a quick payday but got smacked down by the courts inthe process. Mel, on the other hand, is a dangerous, violent freak on a leash who needs to be cooling his heels in the pokey for beating both his mail order bride and his baby! I wish Oksana had ties to the Russian mob; just sayin'….

  47. 47

    I am really not against mel and i'm black… but what the fucking fuck. Charlie Sheen and him are getting away with stuff without paying some kind of consequences! W.e he did he still made threats… Chris Brown for close to 2 years now has still suffer. People say that CB career is over, no i don't believe so cause he actually has alent. I just find it funny how he is getting more lick than other bad celebs. Hmmm i wonder why

  48. 48

    Oliver Stone is delluisional about most things, so it doesn't surprise me that he thinks people will still be willing to work with Mel.

  49. 49

    their both creeps…

  50. fiona says – reply to this


    I am not right wing, but I bet it felt good to call me one.
    I never defended what Mel has done. I just believe if you were judged by your own standards, you would be done" as well.
    You just sound defensive.

  51. 51

    So my comment to Mr. Stone is : You first.

  52. 52

    Look at how many people on here alone are on his side. He shoved her child, he endanger his own. He threatened to kill his girlfriend. And STILL team Mel is on the prowl. He used racist remarks, he blamed Jews for all the wars in the world and he's still on top. He's done suck great things in his career that people still can't believe he's at fault. Not Mad Max, not Brave Heart, no way, it couldn't be. I bet not one of those people said, 'What if it were my mom, my sister, my aunt.' He'll be back on top all right. It IS MEL GIBSON after all.

  53. 53

    Oh whatever. Mel will be back, she'll be proved to be a whore and a liar and life will go on. She went to a pediatrician for x-rays. WTF is that? And yet ANOTHER doctor didn't report the abuse. First her dentist, now this person. It'll all come out she promised to pay them w/Mel's millions after she won the case against the if they supported her - that's why they probably didn't care that they've thrown their careers away b/c I totally would want to have health care providers who don't give a shit about my well being!

  54. 54

    He's probably right. Hollywood LOVES train wrecks and ignorant people with big mouths.
    Mel fits in perfectly. Seriously, who doesn't think about 905% of hollywood are mental cases with massive egos?!

  55. 55

    I would see any and every movie Mel puts out… he is such an amazing talent! Why do you hate Mel so much? Because he is famous for a legitimate reason? Do you just relate to his ho bag baby momma because she is a fame whore like you that has no legitimate talent, just relies on riding other people's coat tails?

  56. 56

    Re: fiona
    You're lucky you live like this, it's easy NOT to take responsibility for everything isnt it?

  57. 57

    What his personal life has to do with his career ? There are so many examples to prove you wrong.

  58. 58

    If Mel calms down, he will be fine. Oksana is nobody in Hollywood (and no one will touch her after what she did to Mel, right or wrong) and Mel is. That's just how Hollywood works.

  59. 59

    Do you know what is hilarious about all this? Give or take the racist slurs depending on the person, I guarantee every one of you has had that kind of blow out with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Only difference is his was recorded. It still doesn’t change the fact that he is still one of the best actor’s alive.

  60. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't have to like what the man is alleged to have done in his private life to love his movies, and I've loved every movie this man has ever made.
    So sue me.

  61. 61

    Mel Gibson's ex-wife is saying that he was never that way. I might have believed the girlfriend if she had gone to police first instead of the tabloids, but to leak supposed tapes. The Sheriff's department is investigating her for extortion. Maybe you should report that instead.

  62. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oliver's always had guts to say what he thinks, even when he knows it's going to be unpopular with chicken hawks and the JDL.

  63. 63

    He is still gonna be in it after this is all said and done…(WTF is she gonna be doin that anyone will give a rats ass bout)I mean look at you Perez,alota people think you spew as well but yer still kikin….

  64. fiona says – reply to this


    re: jcrhode
    Your comment makes no sense.
    I live in the real world, and I handle it alot better than you seem to.
    *lose the caps*