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Will Ferrell Brings The HIGHlarity To Comic Con

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While sitting on the panel for Dreamwork's Megamind on Thursday, Will Ferrell treated the audience to a costumed portrayal of his animated character.

He even brought "breakfast" for the 6,500 attendees - a box of doughnuts and a jug of orange juice!

"I didn't think there would be so many of you," he said.

Ferrell was joined by co-stars Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt (in cut-out form).

Loves it.

[Image via AP Images.]


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12 comments to “Will Ferrell Brings The HIGHlarity To Comic Con”

  1. 1

    ComicCon has become so commercial over the past 5 years or so. It used to be a place for geeks and nerds to come together in peaceful celebrations of geekdom and nerddom. Now you have real celebrities attending and even networks like E! covering it, when before the only network that cared was TechTV (and after them, G4). It's become way too popular, I wish it would go back to more of an underground thing.

  2. 2

    I do n-o-t love Jonah Hill. Ugh.

  3. 3

    Re: Revolennon – Agreed!

  4. 4

    will is seriousllyyyy funny :) just looking at him makes me giggle =D

  5. 5

    cant stand him

  6. 6

    Will is SO FUCKING ANNOYING AND HE IS NOTTTTTTT FUNNY AT ALL - NOT EVEN A LITTLE…..ugh. Make him go away already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    Re: nahsta

    R u serious?!?!? He's the WORST…..after SNL he needed to hang it up!!!!

  8. 8

    what a legend. will is awesome

  9. 9

    IF–and that's a big IF–Ferrell was funny at ComicCon, it would be a first. How this guy has a career is a huge mystery.

  10. 10

    Will Ferrell was fantastic!!!! he and tina brought on the lolz. and so did jona when he said that the jews were indeed responsible for the death of jesus. completely awesome trio and looking forward to the film. :) ))))

  11. 11

    I heard will ferrell is a real dick to his fans and is just a dick in general. I never cared for him that much. I would have liked to meet the other people listed in the article though. Though all seem like they have real talent vs Ferrell.

  12. 12