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Peter Jackson Purchases Pricey New Plane

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We guess $50 million is just pocket change when you're one of the richest and most successful directors in the world!

Plane enthusiast and collector Sir Peter Jackson has just shelled out a whopping $50 million for a brand new Gulfstream G550 plane, which will give him the ability to fly non-stop from Australia to Los Angeles.

This new model will replace his older Gulfstream IV, which was apparently a hassle for Sir Peter since its shorter range required him to stop for fuel during his trip.

The director also collects World War I planes and even has a company called The Vintage Aviator, which builds and restores military aircraft.

His new toy will be parked in the Melbourne airport and accommodates 12 to 16 passengers.

His guests shouldn't bother arriving in style, mate, as the director requires that they wear pajamas on all overnight flights!

How cheeky!

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Peter Jackson Purchases Pricey New Plane”

  1. 1

    In the word 'mate' is in that sentence because?? Peter Jackson is a kiwi, the word mate is generally used by the Aussies. Get it right Mario.

  2. 2

    Fuck him. He needs to keep his ass in kangaroo land.

  3. 3

    Re: Pervert Perez – And nobody cares if he uses the word or not, this AIN'T australia or any other place it's the US, so who gives a shit. Why don't you take your ass to an austalian gossip site.

  4. 4

    Shall we start compiling info for his obit now?
    Accident just waiting to happen, is all I'm saying.

  5. 5

    Nice tax write off!!…

  6. 6

    Re: europeanslovepedophiles – Dude America isn't the only country in the world, y'know? It might broaden your horizons to step outside the boundaries of your patriotic ignorance.

    And Perez, not cool. He may park his plane in Australia, but he was born and raised in Pukerua Bay in New Zealand. Many of his films, including Lord of the Rings, were filmed predominantly in his home country. He has transformed New Zealand from a place known for its overabundance of sheep to a film hot spot.

    You'll certainly rave about the Aussies, and at least attempt to get their lingo correct, so why not the Kiwis?

    "Kiora", "bro" and "cuz" are general New Zealand slang.
    "Mate" is commonly mistaken as Kiwi, but in reality it's only spoken in mocking terms in New Zealand to deride Australians.

  7. 7

    Kiwi's say mate - all the time cuz! Relax a little guys. And Langwitch, if you were really all about correctness, you would at least have spelt Kia Ora right.

    The only reason he parked his plane in Aussie is because Wellington doesn't have the space (yet).

    I'm stoked for him eh. He's done himself proud and deserves the luxury.