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Lindsay Gets Put In Isolation After Inmates Heckle Her!

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Call the waaaahmbulance!

Lindsay has been put in lockdown after her fellow L.A. County jail inmates began chanting "firecrotch" over and over, causing the jailed actress to have a "hysterical fit."

Inmate Cheryl Presser, who was recently released and witnessed Lilo's breakdown, said, "Lindsay would lie there shivering all night, crying and covering her face with her hands. Her wailing was keeping everyone awake …. She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling, so she got put in isolation."

Sources say that Lindsanity is being monitored 24 hours a day and was even briefly admitted to a nearby medical center after she was seen with a number of scratches on her arms.

She's already scheduled to get out sooner than expected, with some saying she might be out in a few days!

Oh, Lindsay! Stop acting like a crybaby!

[Image via AP Images.]

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166 comments to “Lindsay Gets Put In Isolation After Inmates Heckle Her!”

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  1. 101

    Re: toberomeossecret – What kind of ass brand are you?! This twat drove drunk and high countless times. Would you be feeling sorry for her if she killed your mother, your spouse, your CHILD?!?!?

  2. 102

    No surprise this story turned out to be bullshit. Lindsay has actually made friends, not enemies.

  3. 103

    perez i bet you will be crying like a little bitch if they put your ass in prison and the inmates started teasing you and beating you up. karma could strike again remember what happened in toronto with the black eye peas LOL…you got the boom boom pow

  4. 104

    You deserve it dumbass! You have to pay for what you've done!

  5. 105

    ….and because of Perez and all other media, this girl still have attention! Could you please just stop to mention her name ?!? She has absolutely no talent and she act like a fucking princess! I'm so fed up to hear and read about those kind of girl! She goes in Jail and she still think she doesnt deserve it. WRAAAAAAA!

  6. 106

    boo fuckin hoo

  7. Celt says – reply to this


    If this is true, the fact that you make light of it is disgusting. I feel for Lindsay…the girl needs help…not people to feed off her misery.

  8. 108

    What did you expect? Spoiled kids act like brats. You don't reward bad behavior.

  9. 109

    Has Lindsay met Bea, Lizzie, and Joan "The Freak" Ferguson yet? *He used to give me roses.*

  10. 110

    I don't like this Lohan girl. At all.
    I was happy when she was sentenced.
    However,I don't wish that on anybody. Being in a small cell not being able to leave with all these women chanting names at you. That sort of thing can make people loose their sanity.

    Ps. Ohhh Perez copies and pastes,his site sucks,blah blah blah. Well then how about you go to those web sites and leave Perez's alone? Or go jump off a cliff? Perez and I will be happy with either :)

  11. 111

    Re: futuremrslabeouf – I hope YOU overdose so we won't have to see your hateful, unnecessary comments. You're ridiculous. Don't blame the person with the problem, blame the actual problem and hope it goes away. I would much rather have Lindsay get better and heal after this experience than overdose as you claim. What does that accomplish? If anything does happen, I hope you will end up feeling like a piece of shit because that's the type of person you really are for saying the things you are.

    Also, we'll see how much Perez cries when he gets arrested for ALLEGEDLY being a pedophile.

    I think it's disturbing how many people thrive on her pain. If any of us went to jail for whatever crime it may be, whether guilty or innocent, we would all be hysterical because no one wants to be in jail!

    You don't have to like her but at least show sympathy for those going through a rough time. Yes, she brought this upon herself but hopefully she will get it together after this and the 3 months in rehab.

  12. 112

    Boo ho, poor little spoiled self deluded girl. She should visit a psychiatrist when she get outs of jail.

  13. 113

    you know what Perez, you're horrible. maybe the girl genuinely needs help. how can you possibly hate on someone who for all you know needs help? you cried like a frigging baby over that Will-i -am thing. Whos the cry baby then?

  14. 114

    I used to joke about being Team Lindsay, just figured it was funny to mock the haters. But after reading up on her folks, I have actual sympathy. Her father is a monster that almost makes Mel Gibson and Joe Jackson look like saints, and her pimp/mother is a total enabler. They're also proof that social service isn't all that, there's no reason why those two should have ever been allowed to raise a child.

  15. 115

    Why does everybody keep saying "she must be detoxing". SHE'S NOT DETOXING! SHE HAS ALL OF HER MEDICATIONS! The jail agreed to give her all of her pills since she had a valid prescription for all of them. She could be having nicotine fits though. I don't feel bad for her at all…she will be getting out before you and I know it….and way before Lindsay has a chance to even think about how she got herself there. The whole 2 week thing is BS….just b/c she is a celebrity. You and I would serve at least 2 months. In Kansas you only get one day per month good time credit. She would have done 87 days in KS if she was good! She should count her lucky stars she lives in CA.

  16. 116

    Re: Water Flower – It's called GERD you moron!!!! She takes medication as many people do. It has nothing to do with chlorinated water….It probably has more to do with her heavy drinking and opiate use. Heavy drinking causes a lot of problems….look it up. Jails are not there to cater to the inmates…thats why they are called jails. People are not suppossed to want to come back-get the idea water flower?????

  17. 117

    oh good GOD let her the hell out of there REAL CRIMINALS woudnt want her there…. she doesnt belong in there this is just awful

  18. 118

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor – Just wanted to set you straight on the whole corrections system since you seem to be a bit confused.

    Jail…that is where Lindsay is at…that is where people are held pending trial before they are convicted of a crime. Or individuals will be held here who have been ordered to serve short sentences of up to a year or less.
    Prison-that is strictly for people who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced. The term jail and prison and not interchangeable, as they are two seperate things.
    FYI…I do agree with you 100% on your views about Lindsay.

  19. 119

    Fuck dis ho and all her meth addict fans… lock da ho up in with the hard core bitches and let her die…

  20. 120

    I'm not really sure what to think.

    On one hand I do feel sorry for her and know that with shit parents she never really had much of a chance, but on the other hand she's only in a jail cell because she repeatedly shit over the terms of her probation (drinking, missing 7 or 8 alcohol classes, missing her first court date and tampering with her SCRAM), which was placed on her for repeated offences which endangered lives.

    I do hope she gets her life cleaned up after jail and rehab.

  21. 121

    I actually feel really bad for Lindsay, although she is a fuck up, it seems as if she is being made an example of because of her celebrity status. Although she is no longer that relevant in hollywood, she is still a recognized celebrity, who was often on the party scene.

  22. 122

    Also, Perez, I am sure if you were in that situation, you would be quite disconcerted and upset. I am sure you too would be a 'crybaby" (: Love you still though xx

  23. 123

    Come on, chanting "firecrotch"? That's fucking hilarious, whether you're a Lindsay fan/supporter/hater/whatever.

  24. 124

    i feel soo sorry for lindsay. she needs help. not fkin mean ppl insulting her. if only i knew her in person. :(
    poor lindsay.

  25. 125

    So easy to kick someone when she's down huh asshole?
    I can remember when you got slapped in the face talking about a CRY BABY

  26. 126

    i feel bad for her

  27. 127

    You got ONE punch from Will I AM's Manager and you fucking cried for weeks you piece of shit…Making your hideous blubbering pig faced appeal on here crying poor me. Although I am no fan of Lyndsey's, you would not last ONE night in any jail pig fucker. But don't woory..even desperate cons would not want to fuck ur fat dimpled ass.

    You make me fucking sick.

  28. 128

    You got ONE punch from Will I AM's Manager and you fucking cried for weeks you piece of shit…Making your hideous blubbering pig faced appeal on here crying poor me. Although I am no fan of Lyndsey's, you would not last ONE night in any jail pig fucker. But don't woory..even desperate cons would not want to fuck ur fat dimpled ass.

    You make me fucking sick…

  29. 129

    Hopefully we will have a chance to see how well YOU do in jail given your Miley Justin Bieber fetish..FUCKING FREAK

  30. 130

    On first thought it sounds like a tantrum but then she could be coming off her ciggies? and possible booze.

  31. 131

    She's just exercising her "acting talents"…get over it and pay your dues. You're really NOT that special or different than any of us. I think her worst punishment, however, would be having the press NOT cover any of this…forget about her…don't write about her or talk about her on TV…wouldn't be surprised if her publicist didn't release little snippets just for the publicity…again, ignore her…and let Mel Gibson rant at her for while…then she'll know what real punishment is!

  32. 132

    Re: Christina Polo – LOL… Can you link the post that you are refering to? I would like to read the thread… hehe Thuogh I probably have read the one you mean. There are a few posts that are cut and paste and not mjust because they are quotes.. lol

  33. 133

    I feel bad she is being made fun of, but a lot of times it goes with the territory. I got a dui years ago and was treated like absolute dog shit through the entire process. By everyone during my day in jail, in court, by my probation officer, the people at driving school, the people where I did my community service, the cops monitoring trash pick-up detail, the people at the DMV, etc. It's a real deterrent not to do anything illegal because once you get into the system, you are their bitch and a piece of crap until it's over.

  34. 134

    Re: Cynabun – why dont you suck my d!ck, if Perez can say anything or do anything, so can I, and so can you… start sucking.

  35. 135

    It's pretty clear to me for a long time that Lindsay is mentally fragile. I feel very bad for her. I'd never expect you to be considerate or sincerely concerned about her. You are getting more nasty with every passing day, Perez. Just scrolling thru the threads it's obvious you are getting worse. Some of the things you say about people are just hateful. If you think you are being funny and mjust joking around you are twisted. Yet you would be the first one to give a phoney sigh and say how bad you feel and how terrible and sad it is if anything really bad happened to her. You never liked her. You always had it in for Lindsay because you hung out with Paris and Brandon Davis and that entire crowd a few years ago. Lindsay needs professional help.I wish insects like Brandon Davis would just shrivel up and die.

  36. saray says – reply to this


    wow this is low for even perez. can you imagine how much jail would suck then to be treated like that on top of it? i don't understand the deep hate perez has for lindsey. did she steal his boyfriend or something?

  37. 137


  38. 138

    Don't give a shit about this idiot twit. So tired of seeing her cracked out face.

  39. 139

    WTF! she gets "briefly admitted to a nearby hospital"…for scratches? how many other of those prisoners have scratches or worse and im positive they arent getting briefly admitted to shit! FU*K BLOHAN! she is a junkie just like every other junkie, she has just had some fame and now nothing but a bad problem with drugs…better ppl than her have gone thru way worse and they dont act as freakin pitiful…she probably just has scratches from going thru with-drawls…GET OVER IT! how many other junkies go to jail everyday and with-drawl, i bet they dont get out to go to the hospital…she probably managed them to give her something to help her out to…meaning more meds that the crazy doesnt need!

  40. 140

    LOL +1 for the murderers lol firecrotch lolololool

  41. 141

    I can just picture how you would act,Mario,if it were you! You'd def. be crying like a little bitch! Why don't you leave this girl alone and stfu? Look how much you whined and cried just getting a little slap! Oh,the irony!

  42. 142

    Re: rocketdog09 – it's true.. stop being bad with lindsay..
    why dont u talks shit** about the stupid lady caca-.

  43. 143

    Please kill yourself! Do the world a favor!

  44. 144

    Mario, if you ever go to jail (which is inevitable) you will be the loudest wailing moron in there.

  45. 145

    What is the deal with her lips???

  46. 146

    I don't believe this. Noone can be this pathetic. She is either withdrawing from herion or is the biggest baby in the world.

  47. 147

    Re: GreenMoon – ….she has been in jail and she is currently in prison. The fact is, when u are locked up, you are locked up. That is what I was getting at. And i think most people will accept the idea of prison and jail being used interchangeably, even if you wana be the grammar police.

  48. 148


  49. 149

    she's going through withdrawal cold turkey, have a heart people!

  50. 150

    Re: LovelyCup – Heartless JERK!

  51. 151

    Shut the fuck up Perez!!!!!! Crybaby? Are you kidding me????? Who the hell wouldn't cry in jail!

  52. 152

    oh puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese enough with this bullshit! she will probably be out in a week with a smirk on her face and go right back to what she was doing!!

  53. 153

    You are a clever man Perez….and good looking 2… and been reading your hot online thoughts for ages even though not english… transilvanian. One thing about Lindsay. If she is going through hell now maybe she needs our support. We are all humans and go through hell at some point in our lives. LOL xxxx

  54. 154

    Why do celebrity's get out much quicker than the others?

  55. 155

    PULEEEEEZE! You know you're going to jail for 2 whole weeks - you know you're still getting your drugs - you know you're not going to be in with the "lowlives" - AND you know you're going to get beaucoup bux for interviews when you get out WEEKS ahead of time - what's the problem?? Just do your time & shut the fuck up! She's ridiculous!

  56. 156

    Re: crossbones27 – So well said . I agree with you . I cant believe some of the comments on here . They are not funny at all . It is truly a shame people really think like this . It is nice to know that you and GothamGirl have compassion for another . Bravo Crossbones !

  57. 157

    lots of people get famous and dont make complete assholes outta themselves.

    she deserves this. why dont you try being greatful you stoopid cooooont

  58. 158

    This is pathetic. I spent weeks in juvi as a teenager just because I ran away from home(which was an abusive situation). This little bitch is getting a few weeks in jail for a much more serious crime and she's whining? PUHLEASE! Have some pride Lindsay, take your medicine like a grown woman. Oops I forgot, you're not a grown woman, you're an immature brat!

  59. 159

    poor LiLo, that is part of her problem she has low self-asteam and is weak minded. she should realize they were just getting there yayas as they have nothing better to do. she should laugh it off and listen to her ipod.

  60. 160

    This is the funniest shit I've heard in awhile. This sorry cun*t deserves to be miserable.

  61. 161

    For God's sake she's in protective custody! What the hell is she crying so much for? I imagine she's been coddled her entire life , so this is probably torture for her. Oh well, she had her chances and thought she was too important to listen to anyone or anything. Someone needs to give her mother a giant bitch slap! And also the idiot father! She's - no the family is such a train wreck - it's awesome!!

  62. 162

    im sickkkk of reading peoples comments saying she didnt do anything wrong. UM SHE DROVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE, what if she had hit anoter car with a family in it and killed them all. then what would u be saying?!?! its not that she didnt kill anyone, its that it was VERY lucky that she didnt!! THAT is why she is being punished. and not just for that, she continued to get drunk and do drugs and felt like she was above everyone else and didnt go to the alcohol classes she was told to. grow up all u whiny fans, she is doing the time she deserves, although if this was any normal person they would be doing the whole 90 days. shes a spoilt brat

  63. 163

    Re: lindamichelle1 – Once again Lindsay does not deserve this .
    Yes she DUI but for that matter why dont you lobby for police stops at every Wedding , party, bar, etc . Now why dont you try to imagine driving while you are being chased by pap's snapping your picture . Lindsay got caught that is what she is guilty of . She is not in jail for DUI she is in there for missing her classes and yes that is a little much . Lindsay is young and made some mistakes as we all have but that dosent warrant the comments made here .
    How can anyone of you point the finger or judge her when you are just as guilty as she is . What is so hard to understand ? Not to mention how the Media blows everything up to sell . Oh and I do not understand how people do not have compassion for another

  64. 164

    I feel bad for her. She was already a little off her rocker, and now she's in jail, although she does deserve to be there.

  65. 165

    i would feel sorry for her if she was serving her 90 days instead of…

    idk what it is now. i wouldnt be surprised if she's even released an hour after i make this comment.

  66. 166

    Re: TAYLORTfair – Thanks for agreeing with me not many people do. How sad right ? I just hope she really gets better and learns her lesson about all of this huge bad thing of her life right now. and yes Lindsay Lohan does have talent she's a better actress then Paris Hilton and Nicole Richi combine.

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