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Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!

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Amazing! Glad to see they're against such a RIDICULOUS law!

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has revealed that when he and the band start touring their new album, Hands All Over, they WILL be joining the long list of talent that is boycotting Arizona due to the new immigration laws!

He says:

"I did an interview in Tucson on the radio. [The host] asked about playing there. I said it was a really difficult decision to make because we have fans out there that are being penalized essentially by us not playing, so it's a really difficult decision to make. It really kind of comes down to what feels right, and it really didn't feel right to play there and reward Arizona for what we thought was a really bad decision. We're just citizens. It's always good to look at everything that we're talking about, discussing, debating or standing up for as an issue, not to grandstand, necessarily, our beliefs, but kind of just follow our hearts, as cheesy as that sounds, and say, 'Look, this is how I feel, so I'm going to do this.'"

It's not cheesy! Like you said, it's the right thing to do, and your support is very much appreciated, bb!

Thanks for taking a stand!


[Image via WENN.]

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591 comments to “Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Sophie17
    You're also anti-decent grammar too.
    Way to go. I think your helmet is on too tight.

  2. 102

    It may be profiling but its nec.

  3. 103

    This law isn't so racist if you think about it people I mean it's just making people do what they have to do to get here and stay here non illegaly, along time ago people who wanted to live here for the saftey and freedom would do anything to get here so they took there time and took the citizenship test and when they got here they kissed the ground and appreciated that they were here they worked to get here and thats just what this law is supposed to do make anyone who wants to live here out of the country just work and do what they have to do to stay.

  4. 104

    Wow celebs jump on the band wagon without knowing facts. The police are only allowed to ask for papers WHEN THE IMMIGRANT IS BEING DETAINED OR ARRESTED so in other words, say a police officer pulls over a DUI and it happens to be a immigrant, the law will allow him to ask him and only him is he has legal documents…the law wont allow police to ask random people on the street

  5. 105

    I suppose if the cops see some one they believe to be Bin Ladan walking down the street they shouldnt be allowed to stop and ID him. Any time you have a major crime problem you have to step on toes.

  6. 106

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – why are u always here! lol actually mexicans in california are a huge majority compared with other races.. where the hell have u been? head stuck up ur ass too much? anywho illegals in california are not that many mexicans but it is a widely known sterotype.. regardless of what some say many where born here and had generations here .. and its rude to say well since u are mexican show me your paper… its an insult

  7. 107

    I get why people are for it, and I also get why people are against it. It could be used to harrass the legal citizens in Arizona. It would also cut crime, taxes, and unemployment.

  8. 108

    When it comes to Maroon 5 Ive heard the name but Am not the least bit familiar with their music or who they are.

  9. 109

    His body looks weird in that pic

  10. 110

    THE CITIZENS OF ARIZONA HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS LAW! this is soooo stupid. they're just losing money. We had nothing to do with putting this law into motion, and now they're just pissing off their fans. I could honestly care less about maroon five, but they really are penalizing their fans for absolutely no reason. I'm sure most of their fans are on the same exact side as they are. stupid.

  11. 111

    Re: ChachaO – lol stfu .. -.- helmet? douche im not the one who need protection .. im not the one with the misshaped brain.. im sure ur mom or whom ever will provide one.. rest assured =) to make it look cool u can put a hannah montana sticker on the side.. no worries its a babe magnet

  12. 112

    I luv ya Perez and you have a right to your opinion. I don't agree but that is what is great about this country…NOONE in AZ cares about Maroon 5 LOL….. I have tickets and backstage passes for Lady Gaga here in Phoenix next weekend and that's the only concert I care about LOL…

  13. 113

    Re ChachaO Your 100% on. Even back in the 80's I worked for a Dry Wall guy in Colorado. He was Born here to Mexican parents. Colorado then had a problem with Illegals posing as Native Americans. Anyway this guy despised the Illegals because they made his life miserable. So I see exactly where you are coming from.

  14. 114

    I doubt people will be crying about them not playing here in Arizona. The people who are against this law need to read it. It is not discriminating against people it's upholding FEDERAL LAW. It is illegal to enter and live in this country without following the rules and getting the proper documents to do so. That goes for anyone who wants to live here in the US not just Mexico. I don't understand how people can say this bill is illegal when all it is doing is trying to uphold federal law and make sure people who break the law are punished.

  15. 115

    America was founded and know world wide for this belief, the inscription on the statue of liberty:
    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  16. 116

    if anyone here can tell me how to identify an illegal immigrant, without looking at skin color, I'd reconsider supporting the law.

    Of course you white fucks would support it, ur white skinned. wtf would u get harassed for. dumbasses.

  17. 117

    kudos to maroon 5!!

  18. 118

    Re: dancer47

    our ancestors were immigrants u dumb fuck. probably here "illegaly", why is it that white americans always gotta feel like they need to oppress someone. It's like there job is never done. lol. it's ok though, because white is becoming the minority, what will you do then. probably shoot up some more meth.

  19. 119

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – If you hate Perez so much "Why the FUCK DO YOU KEEP COMING HERE? You know Perez does NOT support Arizona's law and you still come here to make him richer and richer and richer. Anyways I LOVVEEE Maroon 5 and now I love them even more. I will buy 2 copies of their album 1 for me and 1 on your behalf.
    BTW When you go to McDonalds don't forget to choke on a Big Mac you UGLY FAT PIG!!!

  20. 120

    Re: Sophie17 – You can't spell at all and your posts make no sense. I don't debate shit with people as stupid as you. Adios, whore :)

  21. 121

    I've never met an illegal immigrant that I didn't want to deport. Jan Brewer hasn't met an illegal that she doesn't want to deport. YAY for people with balls who stick up for law-abiding Americans. Hey, Maroon 5, why does your music suck now anyway? LOL There might be a few illegals who become fans of Maroon 5 now but it's not like the illegals are gonna run out and buy their CD's or concert tix. Illegals are always strapped for cash. Buying chickens for Santeria shit isn't as cheap as you'd think.

  22. 122

    Re: Proud Hetero aka Prince Von A Hole – For someone your age you sure are hard headed.
    First of all, just because a women speaks no English does not automatically make them illegal. Second when you become a legal resident/citizen it is NOT an obligation to speak English. My neighbor became a US citizen and she barely speaks English. And third, if you are close to losing your home you should cut back on a few things like the internet.

  23. 123

    Re: sonick808 – 38
    The AZ bill requires or permits public officials to investigate and determine individual's immigration status. These provisions regulate immigration and are impermissible intrusions on Congress' exclusive constitutional powers.
    The Arizona law would allow local enforcement authorities to arrest those suspected of being in violation of the law without a warrant. But also without a formal agreement with federal authorities, states are prohibited from enforcing civil violations of immigration law.
    States can NOT prosecute people for Federal crimes if it is as you say just the same as the federal law THEN IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

  24. 124

    The IRS estimates that about 6 million unauthorized immigrants file individual income tax returns each year. Research reviewed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicates that between 50 percent and 75 percent of unauthorized immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes. Illegal immigrants are estimated to pay in about $7 billion per year into Social Security. Money which the can not benefit from.
    Ask an economics expert if illegal immigration is a net plus, a net minus The all agree illegal immigration has been an asset to our nation's economy.

    The Internal Revenue Service issues an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) regardless of immigration status because both resident and nonresident aliens may have Federal tax return and payment responsibilities under the Internal Revenue Code. Federal tax law prohibits the IRS from sharing data with other government agencies including the INS
    "Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions". Ny tIMES
    "The Impact of Unauthorized Immigrants on the Budgets of State and Local Governments. PDF Congressional Budget Office. 12-2007

  25. 125

    Re: zooby – Re post #81 So…you're xenophobic are you? You are a typical racist Democrat. I know you live in CA so you must know that most people here want to kick out the illegals. Only Latinos/Hispanics in CA are against it but most whites, blacks and Asians are all for it. In fact, Vietnamese people (in CA) are the most in favor of deporting illegals. Maybe cuz it took them so long to come here legally that they are super fucking disgusted with entitled illegals who demand amnesty and cry about racial profiling. Boo fucking hoo, illegals.

  26. 126

    What I don't understand about this country is that we are ALL suppose to be treated equal BUT why is it that I am always asked what race/ethnicity am I. Why do they need to divide everyone into different catergories? We are all humans!!!!

  27. 127

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Ok when and where did these "so called" CA. polls take place because I never voted on this so-called poll. I must have missed the memo. Stop making sh*t up!!!!

  28. 128

    Re: AniAnnika
    do you understand the importance of sovereignty ?
    Do you know what happens when sovereignty is lost ?
    have you ever cracked a freakin history book ???
    ideological troll is ideological

  29. 129

    Re: zooby
    we HAVE guest worker programs!!!!!!
    What NEEDS to be done is have LEGAL immigration fixed so it doesn't take 5 years to gain citizenship.
    Diversity IS the strength of the US. It must be done through proper, sovereign channels, LIKE EVERY OTHER NATION ON EARTH>

  30. 130

    All people on US soil are offered the same protection of the constitution unless otherwise stated like the two examples listed above. In actuality, the Constitution applies to the government. It tells the government what it can and can't do (the body tells the government what it can do, and the Bill of Rights tells it what it can't do).
    There is no way to reasonably suspect one is an illegal immigrant other than race. In a multi-cultural country there is no reasonable way to suspect anyone of being an illegal immigrant! You should read the law google: SB1070 Cops in fact CAN just go up to anyone who looks Hispanic and ask for ID. It only require legal contact which can be as simple as cops saying hello! the real effect of legal contact is only to stop the police from coming into people homes and demanding ID. It is nothing but Racial profiling…
    The AZ bill requires or permits public officials to investigate and determine individual's immigration status. These provisions regulate immigration and are impermissible intrusions on Congress' exclusive constitutional powers.
    The Arizona law would allow local enforcement authorities to arrest those suspected of being in violation of the law without a warrant. But also without a formal agreement with federal authorities, states are prohibited from enforcing civil violations of immigration law.
    States can NOT prosecute people for Federal crimes.

  31. 131

    Re: dancer47 – Morals??? Your beloved ancestors STOLE land…. talk about morals…

  32. 132

    Re: sleezy*e – Amen

  33. 133

    I nominate Eldrige Cleaver as MAROON 5, Shakira, Kanye West and PerezHilton's fanclub president. Eldridge loves ALL these celebrites because they share the same beliefs in NOT supporting Arizona's law because he feels his family will be targeted because they are Mexicans.
    Thanks Eldridge :-)

  34. 134

    Re: AniAnnika – Agreeeeeee! 100%

  35. 135

    Re: sjmarcus2005 – Yeah dumbass but you forget tha its YOU AMERICANS that are the enablers… by hiring them for your cheap labor. So shut the fuck up!

  36. 136

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – 123
    Hi :)
    That's right both America and Australia have no official language!

  37. 137

    i dont know why you approve of ILLEGAL

  38. 138

    (sent too early lol)

  39. 139

    There is nothing wrong with the AZ law, it's the right way to go. And who really gives a shit if maroon 5 doesn't play there. It's not much of a loss if you ask me. These fucking celebs are idiots!

  40. 140

    i'm not an american and i don't see anything wrong about enforcing immigration laws. I don't see anything racist about this either. you're just being thick as an arsehole perez. it's a FACT that illegal immigrants are getting out of hand in the US.

  41. 141

    we have a bunch of ignorants leaving all this comments!!!…. thanks maroon 5 for your support !!! we need more people like you! xoxo

  42. 142

    The National Research Council study concludes: Illegal immigrants contribute as much as $10 billion to the U.S. economy each year.
    Hispanic-owned businesses generated about $222 billion in revenue.
    In 2009, a study by the Cato Institute, a free market think tank, found that legalization of low-skilled illegal resident workers in the US would result in a net increase in US GDP of $180 billion over ten years
    As the debate over Social Security heats up, the estimated seven million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year.
    While it has been evident for years that illegal immigrants pay a variety of taxes, the extent of their contributions to Social Security is striking: the money added up to about 10 percent of last year's surplus.
    The CBO report found if all illegal immigrants where made legal:
    The analysis found that over the next decade, newly legalized immigrants and guest workers would generate $48 billion in additional tax and Social Security revenues, while using about $23 billion worth of tax credits and social services. Thus, the newly legal immigrant population would contribute a net of about $26 billion over the decade, the report said.

  43. 143

    Not all Mexicans are drug lords or thugs or in gangs, dont be idiots. Just like not all Americans are white supremacists, fat or rednecks.

  44. 144

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – ignorant!!!

  45. 145

    Also I guess all these celebs and people protesting AZ are also supporting all the illegals who have been crossing the border kidnapping girls, rapping them and killing people. Like the illegal who crossed the border and killed the AZ rancher just a couple of months ago. So these are the kind of people these celebs and everybody else is supporting.. way to go you dumb motherfuckers.

  46. ncjdm says – reply to this


    Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist"…just sayin'.

  47. 147

    Re: AniAnnika – Do you feel comfortable paying for their healthcare, housing and education? I'm assuming you work, and you support your tax dollars going to people who are in the United States illegally. I do realise that many pay taxes, are hard working, are only trying to better their lives and want a good upbringing for their children, and do deserve to be in the country. However, it's impossible to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. They need to go the legal route to become residents.

  48. 148

    Re: mydeargrace – You think the immigration test is hard? It's not that difficult, actually, and if you were given the study materials, you'd pass it, no problem. I immigrated to the UK and had to take their citizenship test, and it's just as difficult. No British person could pass that test, either. However, I studied and the test was very simple. You can't claim America doesn't want immigrants, simply because of the immigration test. America is one of the only countries that offers that test in other languages, because you don't have to speak English to live there. In the UK, if you don't speak English, you cannot become a citizen.

  49. 149

    Re: NookiesWA – You're right, in Europe, this type of law is commonplace. In fact, the US is so concerned about racial profiling, but it happens everyday in Europe. In the UK, immigration stands outside train stations, and other busy areas, and they pick people out at random and ask for their passport. They fingerprint them, and if they're here illegally, they get deported. They show this on TV.

  50. 150

    ok adam whats up with the FUG tats?

  51. 151

    You'e an idiot

  52. 152

    Nice excuse moron 5, you cancelled Arizona because the majority of Arizona is Mexican and they don't listen to your brand of garbage you call music. choose your battles wisely music industry we're not that stupid.

  53. 153

    Come on America was made up from Immigrant, every single one of you came from immigration you didn't just magically appear in America, lots of you came from Europe. So why do immigrants have less rights then you, just because there coming over at a later date?

  54. 154

    I can understand Arizona and why they created this law. Unfortunately it makes all hispanics who are US citizens a target for police control just because of their looks.

  55. 155

    It's so brave and heroic to take this stand, NOT. To all the jack wads who are "protesting", go live at the border and feel free to move your whole family down there. Go live with families of the people that were murdered, threatened, terrorized or have had the quality of life taken away by the people breaking our laws. Why have a Federal Government if they won't protect us? The Fauxbama administration needs the hispanic voting block, they don't dare enforce our Federal Law. They are cowards, and so is anyone else that turns their back on a state that's been in the fight of their life for fifteen years and they have gotten nothing but you craptastic people spitting in their eye.

    Maybe I'm just a "Legallist". Or maybe I should just start ignoring all our Federal laws and see how far it gets me. Or maybe all the people protesting Arizona should make room in their homes for about 20-30 people that crossed our border without documents. Maybe they should sign over their homes to "immigrants" since we are doing the whole redistribution of wealth thing now and it would be a good way to show solidarity, that you are down with immigrants and "BOO Arizona". OR, Fauxbama can just make you forfeit your home to them, and all your possessions, because after all "They didn't cross the border, the border crossed them" and there could be an Einstein among the group and you can claim that "Einstein Slept Here". SWEET!

  56. 156

    That is a sexy guy with a brain.

  57. 157

    And next time you have a raging fire in LA, the fire from hell that threatens all your lovely celeb homes in the canyons and on the PCH, I vote that all the Arizona firefighters stand down. And includes all you other sanctuary cities. I vote that the firefighters and their equipment not be sullied by you that are ACTUALLY breaking Federal Laws. So Eff you and the illegals you're riding into office on.

  58. 158

    Re: dancer47 – you idiot - our ancestors were all illegal immigrants. The only REAL americans are the native Americans and the white man basically destroyed them.

  59. 159

    Re: Frag The Paps – Not all illegal immigrants are criminals. There are plenty of white americans that are criminals. This is also penalizing LEGAL immigrants because now they have to carry papers around if they are suspected of being illegal. Who the fuck needs to carry around documents?

  60. 160

    Re: AniAnnika – Your so silly. Your under the assumption that most all cops are bad which to me suggest that you've been in trouble with the law and are biased of cops in general… and the silly thing is you probably did everything to get in trouble. Tell me what makes more sense…. that the cops in AZ are going to just go down the street and start asking for papers of any 'tanned' person that they see…. or…. knowing that the eyes of the country and the world are upon them, the racially diverse cops (you know, the whites, the latinos, the black officers) of AZ are going to do what the law says which if they stop A citizen for some other reason, only then will they ask for the persons ID. Your suggestion of a cop stopping someone because they think they are illegal and asking for their papers is simply retarded…. its explicitly written in the law that the officers can not do this. If a cop did that he would be suspended, fined and possibly jailed. Don't buy into the BS that the people that are protesting the law are trying to suggest… they simply don't know.

  61. 161

    Re: AniAnnika – Anyhow, I like I believe most people responding here don't have a problem with people coming here… we only want them to come here legally. This country is founded upon people from places far and wide.. of that there is no doubt. To put the population aspect in perspective, in 1900, the population was around 76 million… estimates nowadays put the population around 330 million… we took in plenty of immigrants, most of the legal.
    You might also look at things from the perspective that even at our worst, our immigration laws are weak compared to many other countries, including Mexico. Go to Mexico illegally and you could end up in a Mexican prison simply for being in the country illegally… no deportation, just prison… how humane is that? Even if your in the country legally, Mexican officials can and a lot of the times will ask you for your papers… repeatedly. At least here and in particular AZ, you only need to carry ID… like a drivers license or state issued ID. Even if you don't have your ID on you, in most cases the officer that stopped you will still be able to find your information in the database… assuming that your legal.

  62. 162

    search youtube for michael jackson " money ". that pretty well sums up everything…

    i hope everyone realizes there is a serious war in the world right now - war between good and evil. involves every country and every person. everyone is fighting !! fighting for rights, gay rights, free speech, moral issues, work issues, money issues, etc etc. wtf.

    why is everyone fighting everywhere. ?!?

    why ?

  63. 163

    Re: In Theory
    Fox News' Bill O'Reilly falsely claimed that San Francisco and Houston are "sanctuary cities" that are violating federal law. In fact, O'Reilly has misconstrued the law's requirements, and the Bush administration's Justice Department concluded that Houston and San Francisco are not violating the applicable laws that do exist.
    California is not breaking any laws you dumb shit! Fox Lies.. Go to school freak!
    Australia will send Firefighters any time CA asks as CA NZ and Canada does for Australia it does for them!

  64. 164

    Re: likethepear – i guess you know that from personal experience!?!

  65. 165

    Ok Perez I'm really starting to think that your an illegal, because people who does not support this law is out of there minds. But your a whack ass so it is what it is. They are braking the law being here. I love that Arizona has thought of this. Now for the rest of the country. 4-the-Law.

  66. 166

    Ef them. Guess I won't be buying any more Maroon5! You lose me at hello when you enter a country illegally and then expect a free get out of jail card. Good people still have to follow rules. And THAT is coming from a gay-rights fanatical democrat! Musicans who take a "stand" against a law that basically reiterates and gives power to many other laws on our Federal books. What's the goddamn problem?

  67. 167

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Have you been eating dingo shit lately? Does it help you talking like a shitty mouth?

  68. 168

    You are so uneducated Perez it isn't even funny. First of all, Maroon 5? Really.. Who cares.. Second, it's completely obvious by your comments you don't know anything about the law, or it's basis. I'd really like to minimize the smuggling of drugs, guns, etc, by actually starting to enforce the immigration laws, and do what the federal government should be doing!

  69. 169

    Re: likethepear

    Go fuck yourself!

  70. 170

    FACTS you will never hear Perez or the pro-amnesty idiots admit: Illegal immigrations costs US taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state & local level. Less than one third is recouped through taxes paid at the federal level and less than 5% at the state and local level. Educating illegal children costs almost $52 billion annually, almost all of which is paid for by the states (and we wonder why our schools suck). Almost 40% of students grades 1-12 in California are illegals. Over 43% of Food Stamps go to illegals instead of helping our own citizens. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD houses are illegals. More than 66% of ALL BIRTHS in California are to illegals on Medi-Cal, paid for by the taxpayers. Before anyone starts up with the old “they are doing the jobs nobody else will do, like picking crops” - less than 2% are picking crops, but 41% are on welfare. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegals, and 75% of L.A.’s Most Wanted are illegals. The citizens of California pay out over $21 billion a year catering to illegal immigrants, but wonder why they are broke. I could go on, but why bother? Like Ron White said, “You can’t fix STUPID”.

  71. 171

    Re: The Head Honcho – You should have done the same thing to Area 51. F$*k em too…..

  72. DaLa says – reply to this


    These guys always seemed smart to me. Who knew they couldn't read?

  73. 173

    Dear Perez,
    As usual, you are an idiot. This law was created because we have immigrants coming in to our Country illegally. ILLEGALLY. All of the States should have this kind of law.
    Please, before you "blog" you should do just a tad more research. IDIOT

  74. 174

    Ridiculous law? Why shouldn't criminals be arrested? If they are in this country ILLEGALLY they are criminals and should be arrested. I applaud Arizona for being the only state in the country with the collective balls to finally do something about these criminals.

  75. 175

    Re: CalabasasHomeOwner
    The source of your so called facts ?
    The National Research Council study concludes: Illegal immigrants contribute as much as $10 billion to the U.S. economy each year.
    Hispanic-owned businesses generated about $222 billion in revenue.
    In 2009, a study by the Cato Institute, a free market think tank, found that legalization of low-skilled illegal resident workers in the US would result in a net increase in US GDP of $180 billion over ten years
    As the debate over Social Security heats up, the estimated seven million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year.
    While it has been evident for years that illegal immigrants pay a variety of taxes, the extent of their contributions to Social Security is striking: the money added up to about 10 percent of last year's surplus.
    The CBO report found if all illegal immigrants where made legal:
    The analysis found that over the next decade, newly legalized immigrants and guest workers would generate $48 billion in additional tax and Social Security revenues, while using about $23 billion worth of tax credits and social services. Thus, the newly legal immigrant population would contribute a net of about $26 billion over the decade, the report said.

  76. 176

    What part of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is so hard to understand…People that are LEGALLY here have nothing to worry about…but those ones that are here ILLEGALLY should be held accountable for their actions…Its not okay for people to come here and from the moment they enter our country its breaking a law. It makes it harder on the wonderful people that have done what they need to do to come here by obeying the laws of our great nation and help continue to make it the great country it is! Its outrages for people to think that they can come here illegally and take advantage of this country and all it has to offer and not be held up to the same laws that the citizens of this country are held accountable to. If we go to their countries and break the law, no matter what excuse, we would be subjected to punishment from their governments.

  77. 177

    Adam Levine is uber hot. I would go down on him every night.

  78. 178

    The MAJORITY of Americans are in *favor* of the law, Perez. You don't live in AZ so you're not aware of what goes on. And look how badly run your own State is! We don't have to foot the bill for illegals. These aren't our grandparents, or great grandparents, immigrants!

  79. 179

    Re: GeorgiaB – All an illegal has to do to get welfare is show up at a hospital when their water breaks and get a free baby delivery and the whole family gets welfare,and illegals drive down wages because they will work for peanuts, thats why there are no good paying jobs anymore,and I think that famous line "illegals do jobs lazy Americas won't" is a main stream media created lie, and with unemployment as high as it is now that line is more like a joke.

  80. 180

    like he gives a shit about here no one even do shit here so boring.

  81. 181

    The Arizona immigration law is the best thing that can come to the United States and for people to be against it is retarded. With such a law, you can:

    1) rid yourself of illegal immigrants who are taking away jobs
    2) penalize employers who are trying to get a job done at an unfair wage
    3) keep a watchful eye over people who are looking to terrorize the country

    Liberal-minded idiots need to stop being so sympathetic toward the other ethnicities. They might seem so pathetic and in need of help right now, but I can guarantee that they will not help you in the future when they completely overwhelm you and your way of life. For example, when did SPANISH become an official language in California? Does that sound very American to you?

  82. 182


  83. 183

    Perez - how many countries can americans get into without passports or papers?

  84. 184

    I had been in the construction biz for 20 years, I actually made more $$$ back in the 80's than what I would make now, MUCH more $$$. Now I can"t get a job in the construction field, because some illegal will do the same job for peanuts. having said that it is not only working in the fields where they are STEALING jobs, but in all blue collar jobs. They earn their money, send it back to where ever they come from, then move back and live the life of Riley, because our money is worth ton's more there than here. Illegal is illegal, they are not American citizens, therefore they have no right's.

  85. 185

    great way to treat what few fans this shitty band has!

  86. 186

    I was a Maroon 5 fan and now I am not. I work in the healthcare industry and speaking from firsthand experience, illegal immigrants are suffocating our system and sucking us dry from all of our resources.

    Ever hear the term 'anchor baby?' Well, it is a term used to describe a child born with the specific intent of the parents to gain citizenship here in the states. 9 times out of 10 when an illegal immigrant comes in and finds out she is pregnant, she immediately starts asking how she can get on the welfare system right away.

    It is easy for wealthy individuals like Maroon 5 to sit up in their mansions and tell the rest of us how we should be running our local governments when the majority of Americans today do not know how they are going to pay their next mortgage bill. I am seriously over it!

    P.S. Maroon 5 probably weren't going to Arizona in the first place and are just using this as an excuse to gain some publicity.

  87. 187

    This Arizona law is the EXACT same law that the Federal Government has on the books. It's even worded the same. If the Fed Government would ENFORCE this law then AZ would not have to do the job of the Feds. People who scream racism over this law are avoiding the REAL issue at hand. If you are not illlegal then you have NOTHING to worry about. Show your papers and you'll be on your way. I show my passport in other countries when requested of me, I don't scream racism !!!

  88. 188

    Re: PH23 – #49 " A major reason why people take a stand for illegal immigrants is because of the way people treat them in the first place, ok so they come to this country illegal but don't go and call them criminals"

    UMMM, they came here ILLEGALLY therfore they ARE CRIMINALS !! They broke into our "house" !!! Would you not call a burglar that came into your home UNINVITED a criminal ?!?!?!?!?!?

  89. 189

    Re: zooby – We already have a guest worker program !!!!!!!!! Illegals don't give a flying fuck about a guest worker program !

  90. 190


  91. 191

    The term Reconquista (in English, "reconquest") was popularized by Mexican writers Carlos Fuentes and Elena Poniatowska to describe the demographic and cultural presence of Mexicans into the Southwestern United States.
    Illegal immigration into the southwest states is sometimes viewed as a form of reconquista, in light of the fact that Texas statehood was preceded by an influx of illegal U.S. settlers into that Mexican province until United States citizens outnumbered Mexicans 10-1 and were able to take over governance of the area. The theory is that the reverse will happen as Mexicans eventually become so numerous in that region that they can wield substantial influence, including political power.

  92. 192

    Re: GeorgiaB – #101 Wrong ! Illegals don't do jobs that U.S. citizens don't want, they do jobs for wages that U.S. citizens won't work for !!!! There is a HUGE difference !!!! Illegals drive down wages and take jobs away from Llegal citizens.

  93. 193

    Like politicians care if Maroon 5 don't tour in Arizona. The only people who suffer are their fans (I'm sure there's some somewhere…)

  94. 194

    If you cross the North Korean Border illegally you get 12 years hard labor
    the Iranian Border you are detained indefiitely
    the Afghan Border you get shot
    the Saudi Arabian Border you will be jailed
    the Chinese Border you may never be heard from again
    the Venezuelan Border you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed
    the Cuban Border you will thrown into political prison to rot
    if you cross the U.S. Border illegally you get:
    A job
    A Drivers License
    Social Security Card
    Food Stamps
    Credit Card
    Subsidized Rent or a loan to buy a House
    Free Education
    Free Healthcare
    A Lobbyist in Washington
    Billions of dollars worth of Public Documents printed in your language
    The right to carry your countries flag while you protest that you don't get enough respect
    and in many instances you can vote.

  95. 195

    LOL Maroon 5 knows they wont sell enough tickets so this is a way to make an excuse not to do a concert. Arizona is doing the right thing. Illegals should not have the same rights as legal immigrants.

  96. 196

    half their workers are probably illeagle anyway! LOL go ARIZONA !!! show me the green carda !!!!

  97. 197

    Mexico has a problem with ILLEGALS too, from Central & South America. Please Google "how mexico treat illegals", and you will see what hypocrites they really are. even with this AZ law in place, the U.S. still treates ILLEGALS way better than Mexico does. An excerpt……
    As for abuse, the Mexican government is notorious for its abuse of Central American illegal aliens who attempt to violate Mexico's southern border. The Red Cross has protested rampant Mexican police corruption, intimidation and bribery schemes targeting illegal aliens there for years. Mexico didn't respond by granting mass amnesty to illegal aliens, as it is demanding that we do. It clamped down on its borders even further. In late 2008, the Mexican government launched an aggressive deportation plan to curtain illegal Cuban immigration and human trafficking through Cancun.

  98. 198

    Yet another ill informed, ignorant celebrity jumping on the political bandwagon. You don't want to come here? Eff you. You haven't been good since before you got famous, anyway. This idiot probably hasn't read the bill, just like everyone else. I hope your AZ fans ditch you like the self serving jerk you are.

  99. 199

    Oh yeah… I bet Perez hasn't even read the bill. Since he's latino he just has to jump on the bandwagon, like all the other followers & ill informed robots who haven't read the bill. The uproar is over what people THINK will happen once the bill goes into effect. There is nothing illegal about the bill & if you are a citizen, then you have nothing to hide & can prove you should be here. Illegals are overcrowding our welfare system, their kids are overcrowding our schools (and getting free everything, to boot, while I, as a citizen can't get any type of help). They drive illegally, without insurance & get away with at fault accidents because they are essentiallyl untraceable. They suck up all th health resources… I could go on & on. Shut up, unless you live here.

  100. 200

    Re: Aussieone – GOING TO HAVE TO POST MY REPLY TO YOUR REPLY IN PARTS - PEREZ IS SAYING I TALK TOO MUCH.. " The source of your so called facts ?" VARIOUS US AND CALIFORNIA GOVT WEBSITES - VERY EASY TO FIND IF YOU WILL TAKE THE TIME TO GOOGLE IT. "… Illegal immigrants contribute as much as $10 billion to the U.S. economy each year." THANKS FOR THE UPDATE, THAT PUTS THE US TAXPAYER ONLY $103B IN THE HOLE - MY BAD. "

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