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Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!

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Amazing! Glad to see they're against such a RIDICULOUS law!

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has revealed that when he and the band start touring their new album, Hands All Over, they WILL be joining the long list of talent that is boycotting Arizona due to the new immigration laws!

He says:

"I did an interview in Tucson on the radio. [The host] asked about playing there. I said it was a really difficult decision to make because we have fans out there that are being penalized essentially by us not playing, so it's a really difficult decision to make. It really kind of comes down to what feels right, and it really didn't feel right to play there and reward Arizona for what we thought was a really bad decision. We're just citizens. It's always good to look at everything that we're talking about, discussing, debating or standing up for as an issue, not to grandstand, necessarily, our beliefs, but kind of just follow our hearts, as cheesy as that sounds, and say, 'Look, this is how I feel, so I'm going to do this.'"

It's not cheesy! Like you said, it's the right thing to do, and your support is very much appreciated, bb!

Thanks for taking a stand!


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591 comments to “Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!”

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  1. 201

    Also, please Google "the cost of illegal immigration", and you will see how this problem drains our country and holds us all back .

  2. 202

    Re: Aussieone – "In 2009…, found that legalization of low-skilled illegal resident workers in the US would result in a net increase in US GDP of $180 billion over ten years." OK, THATS ROUGHLY $18B A YEAR. THAT WOULD PUT THE US TAXPAYER ONLY $95B IN THE HOLE ANNUALLY. "As the debate over Social Security heats up…are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year." MAKING US ONLY $106B IN THE HOLE. "While it has been evident…contributions to Social Security is striking: the money added up to about 10 percent of last year's surplus." USING "SOCIAL SECURITY" AND "SURPLUS" IN THE SAME SENTENCE CAUSED MY GRAMMER CHECK TO CRASH. WHAT'S YOUR SOURCE? "The analysis found that over the next decade… would generate $48 billion in additional tax and Social Security revenues, while using about $23 billion worth of tax credits… would contribute a net of about $26 billion over the decade…" I NOTICED YOU INCLUDED LEGAL GUEST WORKERS, WHICH SKEWS THE NUMBERS. ANYWAY, THAT WOULD BE $4.8 BILLION A YEAR, STILL PUTTING US $108.2B IN THE HOLE ANNUALLY-OK I WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER $2.6B CREDIT MAKING IT ONLY $105.6B WE ARE IN THE HOLE. GEE, I FEEL MUCH BETTER

  3. emmz says – reply to this


    Re: sleezy*e – pick fruit for a living. HAHHAHHAHHAHHA. i am never going to stop laughing at that. also, i totally agree with you.

  4. 204

    Also the comment that was said about how america would fall apart without them, well thats bullshit becasue i'm fairly certain that america got started with no illegal immigrants, so that person who said it can go STFU!

  5. 205

    Re: tinkd05 – There are a lot of unemployed American citizens out there right now that would be happy to take those "shitty" jobs if it means being able to feed their kids! My son, who is trying to work his way through college, would love to mow some yards or do construction work to help with expenses, but those jobs have been taken by illegals.

  6. 206

    I understand what AZ is trying to do. But, this is NOT the answer….whether you like it or not it is racial profiling. They stop anyone who looks Mexican legal or not and can ask for proof that they are registered citizens. What about all the people here illegally from Russian, Italy, or Ireland. Are any of them being stopped for entering the country illegally? They are crooks as well. I think we have way too many illegally aliens no matter what their race…the Chinese, Japanese, African….Egyptians…all not just Mexican's.

  7. 207

    Its a two way street, if these musicians are to good to play in Az, then maybe the people of Az can spend there money on cds and concerts to those who do care about Az. After all im sure they will get plenty of money from the illegals. I live in Az and i support the law…bottom line you get pulled or asked for ID why not show it, if you dont belong here 2 choices get LEGAL or go home simple!!!

  8. emmz says – reply to this


    Re: Proud Hetero aka Prince Von A Hole – oh, please. this law is NOT about illegal aliens, or at least that is not what the issue with the law is. it is racial profiling. THAT IS THE MOTHERFUCKING ISSUE. so everyone needs to shut the fuck up about losing their god damned precious america and pay attention to the facts. and for those who are saying that the cops can pull you over and search if they suspect you are doing something wrong, well holy hell, you ALREADY did something wrong to deserve to be searched. if you have a light out, are swerving, speeding, etc.. but in arizona they can just walk up to you on the street and ask for ID. FUCK THAT. and no one is stealing your god damned jobs and food. i worked in a restaurant that had illegal people working there. they had paperwork that seemed legit and that is all they are required to have. THAT IS ALL. the employer cannot get in trouble if the SSN is valid btw. but i knew some were not legal. they worked two jobs, shitty dishwasher jobs that SUCK. and maybe this is racial profiling as well, so excuse me but every single time they hired a white person to wash the dishes they couldnt keep up and they couldnt handle it.

  9. emmz says – reply to this


    they would be late or just not show up. every SINGLE time. bottom line, we need these workers here or these southern states would crumble. if every illegal person just vanished from our country we would be FUCKED. you wouldnt be able to afford to go out to eat because the prices would be through the roof just to get some decent help in the place and not some whiney little spoiled kid who cant believe he had to take the trash out.

  10. 210


  11. 211

    Thoughts? Do you have a thought in your head beyond Zac Efron's behind? I'll just add Adam Levine and YOU to my personal list of has-beens, never-wills, wannabes, and overpaid bench warmers who refuse to uphold the Constitution of the United States. And trust me - I'm keeping a list and sharing it with ever law abiding citizen I know ,and crybabies, just so you know, that includes people of Mexican extraction - LEGAL immigrants who also uphold this legislation. Adam - please - if you are a citizen, then you uphold and obey the law. Now shut up and sing - and Perez, just shut up. I used to enjoy this blog because of the comments but now in solidarity with my country - you can shove it up your butt or up Adam Levine's butt - it makes no difference to me. You don't get to pick and choose whick US laws you like. Fall back on the First Amendment then protest something else. Last but not least - LEGAL isn't a Race! Go Arizona!

  12. 212

    Re: CalabasasHomeOwner
    The IRS estimates that about 6 million unauthorized immigrants file individual income tax returns each year. Research reviewed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicates that between 50 percent and 75 percent of unauthorized immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes. Illegal immigrants are estimated to pay in about $7 billion per year into Social Security. Money which the can not benefit from.
    Ask an economics expert if illegal immigration is a net plus, a net minus The all agree illegal immigration has been an asset to our nation's economy.
    The Internal Revenue Service issues an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) regardless of immigration status because both resident and nonresident aliens may have Federal tax return and payment responsibilities under the Internal Revenue Code. Federal tax law prohibits the IRS from sharing data with other government agencies including the INS
    "Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions". Ny tIMES
    "The Impact of Unauthorized Immigrants on the Budgets of State and Local Governments. PDF Congressional Budget Office. 12-2007

  13. 213

    You're just hurting the economy of Arizona by not appearing. The government hasn't helped them with the chaos that has ensued … they had to do something.

  14. 214

    I have friends that live in Arizona, that tell of all of the crimes, garbage and absolutely no respect of ANYTHING. Maybe all of the people that think this is such a bad law, live there for a month, see how safe you feel. If you want to come here, do it LEGALLY.

    Buffoon5– WELL SAID!!

  15. 215

    Maroon 5 sucks first of all..the whiny voice of that guy drives me nuts so who cares what they do. Second..I'm sitting here an American tax paying citizen with out health care right now..and illegals get free health care why? That is fucked up.. Does Mexico let us in illegally? That's what I thought. I'm so sick of this debate..the majority of US citizens agree with this law get over it. Eventually lets hope all of this country will be like that. What is Maroon 5 not going to play anywhere in the US? That would be a blessing. Anyone who is against this law is either a Mexican/Spanish person, and illegal themselves or they have illegals as maids. They don't only pick fruit I happen to know that many illegals have regular jobs and get paid a bit more than "pennies". This isn't about race..if you think it is then you're ignorant or just plain stupid. Team AZ on this one.. We need to take care of our people first we are in a recession for fuck sake.. we don't need to be financially supporting illegal people for free.

  16. 216

    Perez, you are a fucking rock SERIOUSLY…

    IF you are pulled over OR arrested FOR BREAKING THE LAW and are found to be here ILLEGALLY (again breaking the law), then you are deported OR jailed. What is wrong with that? My in laws came here LEGALLY from CUBA, this is not about being racist, or racial profiling, this is about upholding the laws in our country.

    You are an ignorant, uneducated, disgusting asshole! Stick to what you know, crotch shots of underage children, making fun of others for being too fat or thin, and drawing cum dripping from the crotches of celebrities. OH yes and making fun of how the babies of celebrities look!!

  17. 217

    Re: rickbo52 – THANK YOU!! Nobody has READ THE LAW! Everyone just goes with emotion, with what they THINK is there, with what 3rd parties say in the media, and nobody actually reads it. Whether you're for or against it, you can tell by the arguments being made by those opposed to SB1070 that they haven't actually read the language of the law. And neither have these bozos in Maroon 5.

  18. 218

    Re: likethepear – Yes you are a fucking lovely representative of whatever nation you call home! Asshat!

  19. 219

    Hey Perez-

    What about the fact that Lady Gaga has decided to go ahead and tour in AZ? Not exactly taking a stand there.

  20. 220

    Obama administration has filed suit against AZ to stop this law.
    As president of the US it is his responsibility to solve this problem!
    The President has been eager to reform our broken immigration system at a federal level.
    I FOR ONE 100% AGREE!
    Comprehensive immigration reform would secure the borders, deal with all of the businesses that hire illegals and will hopefully include a way (penalties included) to grant amnesty to the illegals who have established lives here and are making a positive contribution to our system.
    It is not practical, financially responsible -or in many cases- moral to hunt down and deport an estimated 20 million people who are in hiding! Practically impossible!

  21. IHB says – reply to this


    whatever Morons 5! just stfu and sing - that's all anyone cares about anyways (assuming you still have fans).

  22. 222


    Had that bill passed in 2007 would our immigration system not be functional today?

  23. 223

    The US has been responsible for policies that have driven Mexico's economy into ruin. But we consider the victims of those policies pariahs!
    We should have been helping Mexico repair its economy rather than going to war all over the world-AND WITH EACH OTHER!!
    Then people coming here from Mexico illegally to find work to try and sustain their lives would not be an issue!!
    "Mexico … did everything right, and religiously followed the World Bank and IMF's prescriptions. It was called another great economic miracle, and it probably was … for the rich. But for most of the Mexican people, it's been a complete disaster." Noam Chomsky, Common Good

  24. 224

    This law wil absolutely provoke racial profiling and discrimination!
    "Whereas, there exists more than a century of anthropological findings on the crucial social and political impact of discrimination based on race, national origin and ethnicity and a long history of anthropological concern for the well-being of immigrant populations, (we) consider these laws and the ways they may be implemented to be discriminatory."
    -American Anthropological Association

  25. 225

    Get educated on what the law does before you slam it. CA wouldn't be in the financial mess it is if it didn't have to pay BILLIONS for services for ILLEGALS. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO FLOAT EVERYONE'S BOAT. Way to go, AZ. I support your state 100%. This has zero to do with racism and everything to do with expecting people to RESPECT THE LAWS OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

  26. 226

    Same ole bullshit posts..so comical! Maroon 5 has the point.. stand for something or fall for nothing.

  27. 227

    Re: GeorgiaB – Maybe all the people accepting unemployment checks for up to 99 frickin' weeks should start bending over to clean house!! If these people who "are too good" to do hard labor lost their attitude and entitlement complex and got to work there would be no labor shortage. End of story.

  28. 228

    Minngirl26 - I 100% support Federal Immigration law and AZ law but perhaps you need a history lesson. I am sure Native Americans could not disagree with you more.

  29. 229

    You know that the "new" immigration law in Arizona isn't so new??? This new immigration law is the same law that the federal government already has in place. The only difference in the new one is that now instead of only immigration officials like the border patrol being able to question people, now the local police can too. And even then, the police won't just stop anyone to question them because they feel like it. It will come into play if say a police officer made a routine stop and the individual has no identification, then will he ask if he is a citizen of this country. It's funny that people take things completely out of context and don't even research thoroughly before they speak.

  30. 230

    Re: bbnoob – Actually, if you have ever opened a history book you would know that the original immigrants to this country didn't slink across a border. They arrived on a boat and the majority were processed and registered on Ellis Island.

  31. 231

    I believe that this is ridiculous logic. If anything Maroon 5 should certainly tour in Arizona and give all the proceeds to to fight this terrible law. It would make no monetary difference if they were to not tour there, but if they did it would make the greatest difference in our country!

  32. 232

    What is so ridiculous about this law?? If any of us went to a "foreign" country ans were asked to see our passport for any reason - would we have a fit? Arizona is being over run with illegal aliens and Theres nothing wrong with what they are doing there. Hell, I wish we had that law here in Massachusetts - my taxes would go down!!

  33. 233

    Once again an outsider criticizing a law in a state that they don't even live in. Not to mention, the PEOPLE OF ARIZONA OBVIOUSLY APPROVED THIS LAW OTHERWISE IT WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED. It's about time the state's started to take care of what the federal government should have done years ago. Go back to living in crazy & broke California & mind your own business. I'm sure all the illegals will start making California their home & then you'll start to see why Arizona put their foot down.

  34. 234

    Illegal aliens get the fuck out!!!! If you don't understand why this law is so useful and important, then you're probably an illegal alien/asshole yourself. Moron 5, please move back to Mexico and stay there. GET OUT!

  35. 235

    Well, I will no longer be buying any of their CD's. Its a shame because I like their music, but if they don't even support keeping our border's safe….swrew 'em.

  36. 236

    no yeah the laws def gonna change because maroon 5 wont play there? definitely

  37. 237


  38. 238

    Perez, you're a piece of shit and like most of America I'm sure you don't even know what the AZ law entails or what it is there for. Did you know that the average wait at an AZ emergency room is between 6-9 hours because of all the illegals clogging up the system, since they don't have insurance and aren't turned away from ER's??? They come into this country ILLEGALLY to use our medicine, while regular American citizens have to wait bleeding & dying in the ER, so we can serve the illegals first. It's disgusting!! I have no problem with people coming here legally, and will have a lot more respect for you if you do emigrate here legally. Yes, it is currently a 9-year waiting list, but all good things come to those who wait. What about the people who are waiting to become citizens from Vietnam or India or any other country that doesn't have a direct border to us? What about their American Dream? All of them have to wait the normal 9-years to gain citizenship because they can't just jump across a border. You may think that the illegals are just trying to make a better life for themselves, or need opportunity, or whatever, but all of the points are moot because they came here ILLEGALLY! America is not responsible for all of the tragedies around the world and cannot help everyone. There are people suffering everywhere (including America) and just because they are suffering doesn't then give them the right to commit crimes and come into our country illegally.

  39. 239

    It's a disgusting redneck law. Yes we need to close the border anyway we can and deport all criminals here illegally asap, but this law set up by barbaric disgusting republican conservatives is another step in big brother nazi behavior. These conservative scum are disgusting when it comes to minoriites, gays, women and their rights and they are disgusting when it comes to this big brother law. But lets spend more on securing our southern border because thats where most of the offenders come from and really do everything that they can't come here in the first place.

  40. 240

    Re: mydeargrace – I just took a 100 question citizenship test (with actual questions from the test) from the US Immigrations Services site, and I have to say, if you fail it, you're a complete moron and the American school system has let you down. I didn't get a single question wrong. Idiot.

  41. 241

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Or maybe because most of the Vietnamese are uneducated rightwing morons.

  42. 242

    If that's what they're doing, then I'm going to follow my heart and not buy their new CD or go to their concert. And I LOVE Maroon 5, so that's a sacrifice on my behalf.

  43. 243

    Re: CalabasasHomeOwner – You have the disgusting cesspool Texas flag that explains your backwards disgusting redneck mean spirited bigotry bubba.

  44. 244

    Re: smurfette2 – The rightwing cesspool of cuba got dumped here when the dictator Castor empited his jail. The typical cubans over 30 in Florida are reichwig mental cases that would be better off wearing swastikas.

  45. 245

    The same people here supporting this strange big brother law are the ones who are anti-gay,think we should live in a country led by big brother christo/fascist laws …. Scary people immoral people.

  46. 246

    All the mainline churches are against this barbaric law. Funny how the same white trash republicans who always cite the church when they want to attack gay people so quickly ignore them when it comes to something the church disagrees with. Hypocritical bigots.

  47. 247

    I think this whole thing would be more effective if bands DID tour there and sang their hearts out for the CAUSE. I don't think not going to AZ is going to help anything.

  48. 248

    Push that liberal agenda, Perez. Most of this country thinks AZ is doing the right thing.

  49. 249

    The thing is… you are not punishing anyone but your fans and essentially losing yourself money. Yes we put the people who make the laws into office but do you really think politicians listen to the people? Are you that naive Perez? It's one thing to stand out against a law you don't agree with (even though its not that bad of a law… my husband is a legal immigrant and he feels that it is not as bad as everyone thinks…) and it is another thing to decide to alienate your fans. Way to go Maroon 5 (you suck anyways…) and way to go Perez. Seriously, I can't believe you would support such selfish and ridiculous actions. We want a safer state in Arizona and are taking measures to control illegal immigration, there is nothing wrong with that. You don't live here, you don't need to worry about it because IT DOESN'T AFFECT YOU. So mind your own business about our laws, you have no part in it.

  50. 250

    Re: bluephoenix – Oh so you don't like outsiders coming into your state influencing policy and law, cool. Now you know how we here in CA felt when all the redneck republican trash and the Mormon cult from Utah decided to fight gay marriage by raising tons of money and putting out commericals that lied and demonized gay people. I know how you feel. Only if conservative republican trash were consistant instead of hypocritical.

  51. 251

    Re: bluephoenix – .
    "A bill that aims to ban ethnic studies in Arizona schools was signed into law Tuesday (May 11, 2010) by Gov. Jan Brewer, cheering critics who called such classes divisive and alarming others who said it's yet another law targeting Latinos in the state.
    The move comes less than 20 days after Brewer signed a controversial immigration bill that has caused widespread protests against the state. The governor's press office did not return requests for comment Tuesday evening."
    From the LA times May 12, 2010
    I suppose you agree with this backward racist shit too!
    Re: knowitall – Ha,ha,ha scary, immoral yes-you forgot STUPID!

  52. 252

    Obama's illegal immigration policy is hated by conservatives.
    George Bush's illegal immigration policy was exactly the same as Obama's policy.
    George Bush set the stage for a perfect storm to bring in Obama.
    It's why there's a Teaparty now. Our leaders have long stopped listening to the people and the technocrats continue to rule.
    Sarah Palin supporting John McCain is a joke and has greatly disappointed me. JMc has been screwing us for decades and is part of the problem with the Republican party.
    She has tainted herself with McCain's shit.
    I'm no longer a believer in her conservative credentials if she can back Carly Fiorina in California either….another fucking RINO, just like Meg Whitman, who will reach across the aisle every single time she gets the chance. What a disappointment.

  53. elo says – reply to this


    The illegals who pick fruit want citizenship. Those working in kitchens, want citizenship and to bring their families here. Those in construction, want to make as much cash as they can and send it home. Most come here for free housing, free education for their children, free hospitalization to make more, freedom from taxes and then go back where they came to live like kings. Those bringing them in are part of criminal organizations larger than any mafia ever to set here before, bring in more drugs than any other criminal organization in our history, all while murdering their own here as well as whence they came..

  54. 254

    Re: luvs2tango – New look, same horrendous HAG!
    EVERYTHING OBAMA IS HATED BY CONSERVATIVES-including the fact that the President is not WHITE-which is why there is a tea party CULT!
    If you feel that way you need to leave this country you hateful paranoid buzz-kill!

  55. 255

    Re: AniAnnika – Uuuuh, hey dumb dumb, pointing out other people's bad behavior doesn't justify other bad behavior. Remember, two wrongs don't make a right. To add to that, when you speed and get pulled over you get a ticket as a punishment, when you smoke pot and get caught you are arrested or your get a ticket as a punishment. When you commit a crime, you may receive a punishment, that's what laws are for. We don't get to just pick and choose which laws we like and don't. Also, there are plenty of LEGAL immigrants who are already here mowing are lawns and cleaning our bathrooms, the economy will not further deteriorate because we remove the illegals. I cannot believe that you actually think your point is in anyway justifiable. IDIOT!! You actually said "Who cares if it's illegal". Just wait until the day you or someone you know is raped, murdered, mugged, etc and that perpetrator throws his hands in the air and says, "I needed money, who cares if it's illegal". MORON!!!!

  56. 256

    The responsiblity of those governing is to enforce the law. If Obama and the rest of them are going to selectively enforce laws, than they need to be ousted.

  57. 257

    Re: PH23 – Yes, many of our ancestors did come from other countries and had to wait in wonderful places like Ellis Island for months, if not years before they were officially made citizens of this country. To add to that, if their names looked to foreign or would to hard to pronounce, they were just changed to something like Robinson or Smith when they were finally given citizenship. Then when they were finally allowed access to this country they would do anything they can to acclimate to society and move no with their American life. Most of us have no problem with immigration, you just need to do it through the proper channels like normal immigrants do, and like our ancestors. Maybe you should know a little bit more about American history, before you speak about it, eh? To add to that, just because America was built on immigrants doesn't mean it can survive with them alone. You know, America was also built on the tenets slavery and indentured servitude, so by your same logic we should still have that around since that is what America was built on and how we got here right?? Idiot!

  58. 258

    I heart racial profiling. I hate illegal immigrants. Illegals heart entitlements and chicken sacrifices. Illegals hate black people. We have to deport the illegals. Using e-verify and punishing employers who hire illegals isn't good enough. Does anyone here think that illegals in gangs have regular jobs? Yeah, I can just picture a member of MS-13 with face full of tattoos working at Wells Fargo in his downtime. This country is gonna be so rich and beautiful once we deport the illegals. July 29th can't get here fast enough.

  59. 259

    Wow, when we go to other countries they ask to see our passports at every single check point, why shouldn't we be allowed to do the same thing? They want to be here; fine do it the legal way. Take the citizenship test and pay taxes like the fucking rest of us have to. I'm so tired of this country wanting to be everyone's friend. It's a dog eat dog world out there and we're getting eaten! You know what? GOOD for Arizona to starting up that law, I certainly hope Georgia (where I live) starts it!

  60. 260


  61. 261

    I always thought that this guy was a bit douchey, but hey, douches can be reasonable on occasion.

  62. 262

    Another example of our govt's hypocracy: July 1, 1983, Arizona was the first state to pass a "Cannabis & Controlled Substances" tax in order to increase the penalties applied against illegal drug dealers and users, and to print up a stamp to show that the tax has been paid. So we don't want drug dealers crossing our borders, but like anything else, if there's a buck to be made, the US will try to get it. Oh and AZ has since repealed this stamp and the licensing to drug dealers ($100 a license), not because it's ILLEGAL, but because since they sold them the license in the first place, they couldn't prosecute the dealers…WTF!!!! … oh and 20 other states have the same stamp for sale…SO DON'T ALLOW ILLEGAL ACTIVITY BUT TAX IT TO MAKE A BUCK ON THE SIDE….WHAT A FUCKIN JOKE!!!!!

  63. 263

    not every hispanic illeagal in this country is mexican-the illeagals from latin/central america come through mexico to get here. there are other types of hispanic people besides mexicans!

  64. 264

    Re: sleezy*e

    We ALL want to better our lives regardless of where we were born or where we currently live. That doesn't make it right for people from somewhere else to illegally invade a better place. How about those criminals (cross the US border illegally and yes, based on our laws, you are a criminal) stay where the fuck they are and make their OWN place better rather than crap ours up? Allowing a flood of illegal, uneducated, unwilling-to-assimilate migrants ALWAYS drags a place down to the lowest common denominator. That is good for NO ONE!

  65. 265

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You must be such a delightful person to hang out with.

  66. 266

    Re: Aussieone – Idiot, "Legal contact" means that the person is being stopped for something they are doing illegally. The only time that an officer is allowed to ask for identification is when they have already stopped the perpetrator for something they have done illegally. So, if someone is pulled over for a DUI, then the officer is allowed to ask for their ID. Legal contact, doesn't mean "just saying hello", you moron. And, btw when I am pulled over for speeding or stopped for something I have done illegally, I am always asked for my ID and then the officer checks for outstanding warrants etc. It's called common sense. READ THE LAW PEOPLE!!!! Stop repeating mindless rhetoric. This law does not allow officers to walk up to anyone and ask for their ID, if they aren't already involved in something illegal. To add to that, a police officer in AZ would literally have no time to do something like that anyway, do you not realize how little resources and officers the AZ police dep't has at it is? No, you don't clearly.

  67. 267

    Whew! We here in Arizona dodged that bullet. Things are looking up!

  68. 268

    Re: supersongbirdRe: Aussieone – Hey there!!! :-) Long time no chat!!!

  69. 269

    Re: zooby – You are so ignorant! The law specifically forbids racial profiling!

  70. 270

    Re: maxie pad – Re post #266 Ya know! I was so fucking popular in high school. In fact, many people trip on how many people I know. I know everybody and everybody knows me. Unlike you who was probably the dork that no one wanted at their party. Is that why you stick up for the illegals? Because you were unwanted and they are unwanted? Either way, most Americans want illegals deported and all 50 states will kick out their illegals.

  71. 271

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You stupid delusional bigot!
    Your philosophy is that of a neo-nazi, KKK shit for brains, uneducated BUMPKIN!
    Not of one who claims on this blog to be "an anthropologist" LOL If you had half a brain you'd have fabricated a more convincing fib!
    Re: Matrix – This country's immigration policy is completely dysfunctional and needs to be overhauled! It's the president's responsibility to fix it! This law won't work!

  72. 272

    Once the illegals are deported, America needs to embargo Mexico just like we did with Cuba. No more trade, no more flow of people or tourists, no more anything. We should ban all legal immigration from countries south of our border. The only immigrants we should allow are non-Hispanic/Latino, non-Muslims and only the very educated, rich and English-speaking people from a few select countries. Who cares if it pisses off the rest of the world? We pissed off a shitload of people on August 6th and 9th of 1945 and that was one of the best things America has ever done.

  73. 273

    Re: AniAnnika – I'm gonna have to side with branding you a moron. Sorry. But, teenagers are profiled every day when they're dressed certain ways or hanging out too long around a convenience store. Move to a city like Baltimore or Chicago and you'll see young black kids (male or female) constantly profiled. My point? Your concern for mexicans or muslims who are or will be profiled… it's flimsy logic. You're worried about one group and one area but not seeing this is something that has always existed in our society. Quakers profiled natives. In the 50's anyone who didn't conform was profiled. Progression and evolution maybe has more to do with openly admitting we all profile in one way or another… than pointing fingers and rallying a protest when the profiling doesn't always suit our appetite of the moment… the political flavor of the month.

  74. 274

    Re: AniAnnika – also… the law DOES NOT allow cops to just stop you for 'walking down the street' as you expressed. That's baseless concern. Cops are charged with harassment everyday in America. I think any officer stupid enough to commit the act you described would have to expect a harassment complaint filed. ……….Further, I know a number of latinos who support this law. Your other concern… muslims being harassed in this decade due to the political climate? My muslim friends who live in DC and travel frequently… they now entirely EXPECT to be frisked and pulled out of line. It does NOT offend them. Annoys them sometimes for the inconvenience. But they want to live in a safe society just like you or I do.

  75. 275

    Another celebrity being stupid…..I thought Adam was smarter than this. What about the word ILLEGAL do these idiots not understand?

  76. 276

    Amazing ! page after page of comments and 95% in FAVOR of the LAW. Bravo people and you are soooo right. Maroon 5's DESPERATE shot at some free publicity.
    The consensus is who cares about them anyway and I agree.
    Support Arizona, Write your Senators (do it online,free/easy)
    Just google

  77. 277

    Re: emmz
    No its not,,IT ILLEGAL MEXICANS RUINING OUR COUNTRY,,thats the issule.

  78. 278

    You know Maroon 5 was my favorite band and this really was disappointing. I have an opposite view that they are in fact supporting something illegal, whether you disagree or not, it is in fact ILLEGAL immigration. Idk if they realized that a lot of their fans are going to have an opposite view(hey that's politics) and that they are distancing themselves from fans. For anybody who says im against immigration they can stfu because my dad is a LEGAL immigrant, he waited(didn't "cut in line") and pays taxes for this wonderful country we call home. Bottom line illegal immigration is illegal, and it saddens me that Maroon 5 has gone political, they need to realize that in politics and elections they are not what we look to for guidance. So keep strumming your guitar and playing your music… leave politics to the politicians.

  79. 279

    Re: maxie pad – Why would you want to hang out with a stupid kid with no brain, he is just as stupid as a blow up doll????

  80. 280

    Re: DazedNCnfused – Bigotry is prevalent in this country-no denying it! Just read some of these posts!
    Because of our policies- like our broken immigration system which leaves our border open, there is widespread disdain and lack of compassion in AZ (etc) for Latino people!
    This state law gives the law official license to harass AT THEIR OWN DISCRETION-Spanish speaking/Latino people in the land of the free!
    Racial profiling happen! This law won't fix our broken policy!
    Your posts scream tunnel vision. You must be Republican, no?

  81. 281

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Hi! :) How are you doing?
    I'm home "working" today lol

  82. 282

    "Standing up for what's right?" Being in the US illegally is right? Get your citizenship, if you want to stay. Phoenix, AZ is the 2nd kidnap capital of the world (after Bogota) due to the illegals there. Farmers on the border are robbed, beaten, and even killed. Gov. Jan Brewer is a national hero and 70% of the US people agree with her.

  83. 283

    oh….you stupid ignorant, self centered americans. you think you are all that don't you. most of you are so arrogant in your comments that it's actually painfully funny! what is your culture? hamburgers…hot dogs…wal-mart? i thought so! instruct yourself before jumping to conclusions. this law is based on ethnic profiling! were i'm from there are a lot of "americans" who come to live in "blissful paradise"…they are so rude…they don't learn the language…they don't even care to learn about the culture. so self centered indeed. when you become well read…when you at least learn another language (bilingual, like so many inmigrants are), when you have been victim of ethnic profiling or racism…then you can comment and have an informed opinion…

  84. 284

    Re: emmz
    Your so ignorant. This is indeed in fact about illegal immigration, you might want to try reading the law before you speak sweetheart!

  85. 285

    oh my god…illegal inmigrants….nooooo! were do i hide? i'm so scared of them…brown people…with a different culture…with dreams and hopes….with rights….ahhhh get them out! hahaha

  86. 286

    Oh fuck off. Seriously, fucking seriously. Try reading the law. The US NEEDS that law in all states. You may think that illegals are cool, but I don't.

  87. 287

    The people who oppose this law generally do NOT live in the southern states, and are not effected by illegal immigrants. I grew up in Houston, Texas and before you go and call me a conservative republican blahblahyaddayadda. I am a registered independent and would actually be considered much more of a liberal, yes I'm a voter & yes I have voted democrat far more than I voted republican, I even voted for President Obama, and do not regret that choice. However, I'll give you a few examples of how this issue negatively impacted my life.

  88. 288

    The schools in these states are overcrowded beyond compare, and not by legal citizens, but children who's families came here and are STILL here illegally. They are responsible for the vast majority of criminal gang activity, identity theft, and drug trafficking out of any "racial group" in the country. I was offered drugs when I was 7 years old by an upperclassman who's family was here illegally.

  89. 289

    But all the security risks aside these people soak up tens of BILLIONS of dollars annually of state tax payer money, they DO NOT pay taxes either, therefor are massively contributing to the federal & national economic troubles we are facing today. A vast majority of them do not respect theirs or other peoples environments, either. I am not a racist, I understand WHY they are here, I have friends of many different racial backgrounds, and many different cultures.

  90. 290

    Re: Little Red

    Thank god someone actually has a brain on this site. My father waited to become a citizen and now pays a high tax bracket for this country. For all those bleeding hearts who say they have no choice, how about they rather spend their efforts reforming their country, its not impossible and its been done countless times before in the world, you can't just sit their and shrug your shoulders and say well that's the ways things are, they have to be proactive not matter what the struggle or danger.

  91. 291

    But my hispanic friends who are legal citizens also agree with me on this issue. You will find MOST legal hispanic families do. They went through all the trouble, and the process of becoming a proud citizen of the United States of America, and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS give them a very bad wrap, and make life harder on THEM as a result. So if you want to talk about fairness, THAT is not fair. You can go ahead and say "hey my ancestors were immigrants at one point too." Yes, they were. But they came here from Sweden in the 1800s, and went through all of the processes of becoming citizens LEGALLY, and for that I am proud and eternally grateful for. Anyone who does not support this I dare you to spend a summer down in Arizona, or Texas and REALLY see what it's like and how bad of a situation it has become for those of us from these states, and then tell me you don't support our right to protect our borders, our families, and our home, encourage integrity and respect for the laws of our country, and help ensure a better future for our children, and THEIR children.

  92. Logan says – reply to this


    YAY ARIZONA!!! …..now for the rest of you retards that have commented…. it's not MAROON 5… it's ADAM LEVINE AND HIS BAND. So really who the hell cares now?

  93. 293

    Well any illegal immigrant can just buy their citizenship for $50,000. What does that say about the U.S.?

  94. 294

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – I was being sarcastic!!! This Eldridge guy takes douchebaggery to whole new level.

  95. 295

    Who cares? BTW do you mean to say that they are against States rights to protect themselves by invasion from hordes of illegals that are ruining the southern States? ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL AND YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT BECAUSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO PLAY THE TIRED RACE CARD!!!!!!!!

  96. 296

    I'm not a fan of Maroon 5, but I don't think it's fair that they do that. It's not the citizens of Arizona's fault. Artists that don't want to come to Arizona are being selfish. They still have fans there. I understand that the law is completely ridiculous, but don't take it out on the fans. They want to see them just as bad as the fans everywhere else. I live in Arizona and there were a couple concerts that I really wanted to see, but they pulled out because of the stupid immigration law. It may seem to them that they are supporting the anti-immigration law movement, but they are also letting 1000s of fans down.

  97. 297


  98. 298

    Re: maxie pad – Re post #295 That's the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. Thanks for the compliment :)

  99. 299

    So lame. Illegal is not a race. Those bitches are breaking the law yo!

  100. 300

    I'm very sorry to hear that Maroon 5 has decided to jump on this ridiculous bandwagon. Their music is okay, but nobody really cares about their views on illegal immigration. Also, Perez, you should visit the areas near the border that are being overrun by the illegal problem. This isn't about racism - it's about criminal activity - and you're doing a huge disservice by using this platform to spread misinformation. Please - educate yourself and your subscribers.

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