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Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!

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Amazing! Glad to see they're against such a RIDICULOUS law!

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has revealed that when he and the band start touring their new album, Hands All Over, they WILL be joining the long list of talent that is boycotting Arizona due to the new immigration laws!

He says:

"I did an interview in Tucson on the radio. [The host] asked about playing there. I said it was a really difficult decision to make because we have fans out there that are being penalized essentially by us not playing, so it's a really difficult decision to make. It really kind of comes down to what feels right, and it really didn't feel right to play there and reward Arizona for what we thought was a really bad decision. We're just citizens. It's always good to look at everything that we're talking about, discussing, debating or standing up for as an issue, not to grandstand, necessarily, our beliefs, but kind of just follow our hearts, as cheesy as that sounds, and say, 'Look, this is how I feel, so I'm going to do this.'"

It's not cheesy! Like you said, it's the right thing to do, and your support is very much appreciated, bb!

Thanks for taking a stand!


[Image via WENN.]

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591 comments to “Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!”

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  1. 301

    Re: maxie pad – Got it! I apologize! :-)

  2. 302

    Re: supersongbird – No, I am not a Republican or a Democrat, and that is not the issue at hand. I am an informed American citizen with an opinion and don't live or die by what any political party says. This has NOTHING to do with political party lines, this is about punishing criminals that have had a free ride for too long. What I am not a fan of, is people committing crimes and not being punished for them. Your response, literally had nothing to do with what I was arguing. And please inform yourself, and read the actual law, rather than just going with your emotions of what you think the law says, it is on the AZ gov't website. Peace officers are not allowed to just stop any random person who looks Hispanic and ask for their identification, or they will be punished as well for "Racial profiling". The only time that officers are able to confirm their status will be when the perpetrator has already been involved in illegal activity, such as a traffic stop, public drunkenness, etc. And CLEARLY you know nothing of law enforcement today, because there isn't in officer in a state as broke as AZ that has time to just wander the streets asking Latinos for their ID. Now try making a salient argument against any of my actual points instead of arguing a non-sequitur.

  3. 303

    Re: maxie pad – And now this airhead claims he was popular in High School LOL!!! First he claims that he S.S. # was stolen 4 times, then he "claims" that he is an Anthropologist, and this idiot once mentioned that Puerto Ricans were illegals. LOL!!!
    The only part I believe is that everyone knew him, I mean come on it's not everyday someone with his stupidity comes to this planet.

  4. 304

    Re: sleezy*e – Hey you fucking idiot, DO YOUR RESEARCH, THEY AREN'T PAID "PENNIES" AS YOU SAY. Most of the farmers in my county pay 10 DOLLARS AN HOUR, and that's with NO TAXES taken out, CASH AT THE END OF THE DAY. Do your math asshole, they make more than minimum wage. YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT.

  5. 305

    Re: aleliflower – Wow, whose stupid and ignorant now?? You are literally making our point for us. You point out that Americans come to your shithole country and don't learn your language, don't learn your culture, and live in "blissful ignorance". THAT IS WHAT WE ARE PISSED OFF ABOUT HERE TOO!!! That is the whole argument. You make the assumption that our culture is just hamburgers, hot dogs, wal-mart, etc and then think that we are the arrogant ones who think we are too good for everything. Is that not a completely arrogant thought that you just had yourself??? Your entire statement was pure hypocrisy. Don't you see, that is what we are all complaining about; people coming into our country illegally, not learning anything about us or acclimating to our society, trying to make it just for them, and living in "blissful ignorance" off the people that have actually worked so hard to get the country where it is. Talk about self-centered, look in the damn mirror, idiot!!! I really do not care what color you are, just emigrate here legally, THAT IS THE ISSUE!!!! Out of all the idiotic comments on this issue, I'd say you win moron of the day!!!

  6. 306

    Re: aleliflower – Shut up. You know nothing.

  7. 307

    Re: Sophie17
    Yeah I was talking about YOU. Don't be mad because your baby-daddy can't come to AZ-we ALL know you have bastard chilluns and thats why you're SO mad about the helmet comment. Oh well. It must suck to have a deformed, reatrded, half-illegal baby. It's gonna suck even more when you get knocked up again by some toothless idiot willing to stick it in a dumb bitch. Thats fine. You're fucking w/me and Eldridge now and you will never win in life, love or helmet pageants. I know now you REALLY are retarded because your helmet it still TOO tight!!! Yeah babe-now what???? Pancho is calling you from his Cricket phone to yours-you better answer it!!

  8. 308

    Re: supersongbird – Hey! I am doing ok but the heat puts me in a bad mood, it is really hot over here in Caifornia. I hate this heat. ;-)

  9. TBR says – reply to this


    WHO CARES ABOUT MAROON 5 or KANYE or ANY of these crappy artists thinking they can make an impact on our state. MAROON 5 is washed up anyways and hasn't made good music in years. ****READ THE BILL MORONS, then make an educated decision, illegal is illegal.*******

  10. 310

    Re: sleezy*e – No asshole I'm not barking up the wrong tree. I'm not too good for a job like you believe yourself to be. Some people don't have B.A's…I can't get the type of jobs you can. Go blow some dick and see where less fortunate people come from. Thanks.

  11. 311

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Does stupidity run in your family??? Please, I hope you don't have children. I'd hate to see little Eldridge f*ck faces running around with no brain.

  12. 312

    Re: DazedNCnfused – Why are you so angry? Chill out!
    Bigotry and "party lines" have everything to do with this law! Do I really need to sit here and waste my time explaining why?
    How do you figure it will be at all successful when the borders are still full of holes and there is not sufficient investigation into/penalties for businesses who seek out and hire illegals?
    How do you figure this country can afford the monumental financial burden and amount of time is would take to deport every illegal immigrant?

    Have you heard of the "Utah illegal list?" If not you can just google it yourself!
    This is the backward racist mentality we are dealing with in this country!
    Illegal immigration is Obama's problem to solve which is why DOJ filed suit!
    The president also recognizes the potential for racial profiling!
    Gee, so sorry I assumed you may be Republican-don't be so touchy! Just sayin'
    Oh, and how do you figure 281 had nothing to do your rants?

  13. 313


  14. 314

    I think a lot of you are missing the point of why so many are against this law. I, for one, do think something should be done about immigration, but this is not a positive way to do it. If you honestly don't think that racial profiling will be an issue, you are either extremely naive, or you think this country is so honest and moral that it would never do something like that. Open your fucking eyes. Of course profiling is going to happen. Do you think that they're only going to stop people who are already engaging in criminal behavior? Oh please, they'll call anything criminal just to stop someone who in their opinion looks illegal. I'm sorry if you think America and it's law enforcement are so above doing shit like that, but that is not the world we live in. Obviously, discrimination is the issue here.

  15. 315

    Good for them, they get a plus in my book.

  16. 316

    Re: tb1023 – You're right, but the police already can pull you over for absolutely no reason. I'm sure they do on a regular basis. I've been pulled over for "speeding" when I wasn't speeding (I was going 68 in a 70), the officer claimed he "smelled pot" in our car, which he didn't, then brought out drug dogs and carried out a full search. They found nothing.
    If they pull over teenagers for absolutely no reason, of course they're going to pull over whomever they like. They don't need a reason.

  17. 317

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – I know it is hot here too-horrendous!
    Got A/C though and been getting to the beach at least once a week.
    I'm in CT and the heat here has been effecting wildlife and everything-crazy!
    Eldridge Cleaver is too stupid! It keeps posting racist shit and then denies it is a racist!
    @Maxie pad -lol

  18. 318

    Re: tb1023 – Thank you! …and blindly missing the point at that!
    Is this what Fox news does to the mentality of those who watch too much? lol

  19. 319

    Re: supersongbird – I am not angry at all in fact I think this is hilarious, I am disappointed in people like you who know nothing about the country you live in and cannot stay on topic. Nobody is claiming that this going to fix the entire broken immigration system, it is just step 1 of many steps that need to take place to restore some order in our nation and stop the constant influx of illegal citizens. And stop saying whose responsibility it is to fix the problem, America is built on states' individual rights. That's why there is a difference between federal and state gov't, that is why there are different laws is different states. That is one of the most basic tenets of American society and law. And if it is Obama's responsibility to fix our "broken immigration policies", then please tell me what he is doing? What is going on in Washington to fix anything in regards to immigration? Can you please tell me, instead of saying who "should" or who "could" do something?… Didn't think so. People like you fight based on emotion rather than facing the facts, and it is pointless to argue with you. And that's the American spirit, I like to hear. Hey something seems too hard or too daunting of a task, so just give up. And if you think that your insults do anything to me, they don't it just further proves that you have no credible argument to stand behind.

  20. 320

    I followed my heart and recently went to the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely breathtaking!

  21. 321

    Don’t like ARIZONA’S new immigration law? Fine. We’ll adopt Mexico’s immigration policies instead, OK?

    Let’s take a look at Mexico’s immigration policy. For instance, did you know that:

    Mexico deports more illegal aliens that the U.S. annually
    Under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico
    Or that immigrants must –

    Have the means to sustain themselves economically;
    Not be burdens on society;
    Be of economic and social benefit to society;
    Be of good character and have no criminal records; and
    Contribute to the general well being of the nation.
    Mexico’s immigration policies also ensure that –

    Authorities have a record of each foreign visitor;
    Foreign visitors do not violate their visa status;
    Foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics;
    Foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported;
    Foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported;
    Those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to prison.”

  22. 322

    Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society:

    Foreigners are admitted into Mexico “according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.” (Article 32)
    Immigration officials must ‘ensure’ that ‘immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their sustenance’ and for their dependents. (Article 34)

  23. 323

    Re: ChachaO – Hey, man, you are a great American. I never thanked you for your kind words about me a few stories ago. Thanks so much. Us Americans gotta stick up for eachother. Many of the morons here who oppose AZ's law either don't understand how harmful these illegals are to this great country or they know illegals and don't want to see their amigos get deported. It amazes me that they don't have sympathy/empathy for law-abiding Americans. Hey, did you ever rip up that benefit card for the illegal who was using your address?

  24. 324

    Foreigners may be barred from the country if their presence upsets ‘the equilibrium of the national demographics,’ when foreigners are deemed detrimental to ‘economic or national interests,’ when they do not behave like good citizens in their own country, when they have broken Mexican laws, and when ‘they are not found to be physically or mentally healthy.’ (Article 37)
    The Secretary of Governance may ‘suspend or prohibit the admission of foreigners when he determines it to be in the national interest.’ (Article 38)

  25. 325

    Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country:
    Federal, local and municipal police must cooperate with federal immigration authorities upon request, i.e., to assist in the arrests of illegal immigrants. (Article 73)
    A National Population Registry keeps track of ‘every single individual who comprises the population of the country,’ and verifies each individual’s identity. (Articles 85 and 86)
    A national Catalog of Foreigners tracks foreign tourists and immigrants (Article 87), and assigns each individual with a unique tracking number (Article 91).
    Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned:

  26. 326

    Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population says,
    A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of three hundred to five thousand pesos will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally. (Article 123)
    Foreigners with legal immigration problems may be deported from Mexico instead of being imprisoned. (Article 125)
    Foreigners who ‘attempt against national sovereignty or security’ will be deported. (Article 126)
    Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law.
    A Mexican who marries a foreigner with the sole objective of helping the foreigner live in the country is subject to up to five years in prison. (Article 127)
    Shipping and airline companies that bring undocumented foreigners into Mexico will be fined. (Article 132)”

  27. 327

    Re: supersongbird – Additionally, to your point:
    "How do you figure this country can afford the monumental financial burden and amount of time is would take to deport every illegal immigrant?

    I ask you, how much longer do you think this country can afford the monumental financial burden and amount of time it takes to provide health care, medi-cal, free housing, prison space, etc???? Hmmm??? Don't you get it, we're damned if we do and we're damned if we don't. There is not going to be a pretty and fun way of solving any of our immigration problems.

  28. 328

    How dare Mexico reprimand the United States for our treatment of illegal aliens? Copy this blog and send it to your Congressman, your Senators and your friends who think things like national sovereignty, secure borders, and protecting the lives and property of Americans is not the right thing to do in these politically correct, multicultural times.

  29. 329

    Re: evancalo – agreed.

  30. 330

    Fuck them. Maroon 5 sucks anyway, so it's no big loss. These ass fucks are so self righteous about this issue, but in reality they have no idea how ILLEGAL immigration negatively impacts the people of AZ - the schools, the economy health care - just about every aspect of life. They have been FORCED into taking matters into their own hands because of the lack of action of the federal government. What else would you have them do? If they have they're legal, they have nothing to worry about. If they're not, then LEGALLY immigrate. I have not heard one single person who opposes LEGAL immigration. Not one.

  31. 331

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – You fucking whore! Yes, my SSN has been stolen 4 times. Yes, I am an anthropologist. Yes, I was very popular in high school and still am a popular person wherever I go. No, you don't know if I'm a man or a woman. Yes, you have a daughter and unless she's an illegal alien then you don't stick up for her. Do you tell her it's ok to drink and drive, too? No, you probably tell her it's ok for these fucking illegals to invade a country because they need to feed their little banditos. Quit making excuses for criminal behavior or else your daughter will end up like the dipshit her mommy is.

  32. 332

    To all the people saying "this law won't work"….. I beg to differ ! I just watched a report on CNN where they are interviewing MANY families who are fleeing AZ in fear of being deported ! IT IS WORKING !!!!!!!!!!! The report was also showing many mom and pop business closing, owned and ran by illegals ! The only problem is now other states will be over run with these ILLEGALS.. ALL 50 states need to adopt the AZ law !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 333


  34. 334


  35. 335


  36. 336

    Re: DazedNCnfused – You are a great American! Please keep on bashing Supersongbitch. She can't stay on topic to save her life and supports criminals and racists as evidenced by her love of illegals and Barry Obama. I love how she accuses you of getting upset and angry when she is the one who flips her fucking lid. This one poster irked her so much that she posted 10 comments in a fucking row. She was really scared and angry. She also LOVES pulling out the race card. Ask her about Shirley Sherrod. She'll probably defend that racist whore to no end like she defends illegal invaders.

  37. 337

    Re: the thing is… – BULLSHIT. UTTER BULLSHIT. I have done my fucking research, illegal immigrants, who are in poverty to being with, bring home less than $10,000 annually. GOOGLE IS YOUR FUCKING FRIEND. Now, what proof do you have that shows illegal immigrants bring home $10+ a day? Why would anyone pay that much to someone who'll do it for less? DUMB. YOU ARE DUMB. And perhaps we should blaming the assholes who HIRE illegal immigrants, not the immigrants themselves. WHY THE FUCK ELSE WOULD THEY COME HERE.

  38. 338

    Re: Alma Sánchez – LOL Alma Sanchez, are you fucking Hispanic/Latina? Well, judging by your moniker then I'd say you are. Whatever country you are from is going to get even shittier once your countrymen get deported back there. Americans have fucking had it with illegals, Hispanics and Latinos. If you are an American of Hispanic/Latino heritage then you better pick a fucking side: either you're American or you're a piece of shit. Oh, thanks for reminding me about hamburgers. I haven't had a burger in a month and I'm gonna go get a nice, juicy burger tonight. Thanks again :)

  39. 339

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    Thank you my friend :)
    Yes, I did rip it up and she has not gotten any more mail here. I guess the GREAT state of AZ took my report and decided to NOT give that scum the benefits she illegally applied for. Oh well, I'm sure her illegal ass will show soon up at one of our hospitals to give birth with NO insurance. And AZ will pay the bill. The peeps who are against this law are invited to come on down to AZ and see what Arizonans are talking about. Our deserts are littered w/trash 3-4 feet high. Thousands of packbacks are strewn between the border and Tucson. Our Coroner's office had to order refrigerated semi containers to hold all the bodies found in the desert. Schools are hurting bad and class size is a joke. It's all too easy to condemn others when you have no idea what the hell is going on here. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE move to AZ for a year and then tell me it's okay to have open borders. I dare all of you bleeding hearts to do so. Put your money where your mouth is.
    Eldridge-You're a prince among thieves! And that Sophie17 thing is going down. Helmet and all. Summer school is in session biotch!!!

  40. 340

    Re: karawinks – aw, so sad you didn't fucking do anything for yourself and try and get educated. NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM. Sorry you're so sad and bitter at what an utter failure you are at life. I'm going to cry about it while I count my fucking twenties from the bullshit, low paying job I have right now.

  41. 341

    Re: Alma Sánchez
    PLEASE keep your scabby legs and mouth closed. Don't like it?? Don't come here dumbass!!!!! AND don't ask the US for shit!!!

  42. 342

    Re: sjmarcus2005 – lol, their housing is free. Yes, that must be true. I work in rental housing, I've seen where illegal immigrants live. I promise you, they aren't living for fucking free. They live in slums, and they pay a lot.

  43. 343

    Re: supersongbird
    in the meantime, we're suffering under the weight of kidnapping, narcoterrorism, overt attacks against residents. We don't have the luxury of kicking back in new york or iowa or wherever you're at and casting judgements, AZ needs reform NOW. Come live here and you'll see.

  44. 344

    Re: DazedNCnfused – OMG-which is why this country needs comprehensive immigration reform not a law created to win over racist (Republicans, religious bigots, teabaggers and birthers) constituents!
    If you truly lean neither left or right as you claim and are so well informed you should be able to wrap your head around that!
    Obama plans to pass an immigration reform bill this year but you should already know that I shouldn't have to tell you!
    Gee, you think he'll get any opposition on passing that bill from the fuck no party?
    Why should we waste $ deporting people from AZ when the borders aren't secure?
    How and where am I off-topic?
    Why is it ok for you to insult people and not me? :)

  45. 345


  46. 346

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Fuck off douche blogs don't "irk" me!
    That psycho cyber-stalker you are referring to (YOURSELF btw) posted the same fucking thing over and over and over about 90 times so STFU stop spinning lies and get a LIFE-you have none because you are racist and ugly!

  47. 347

    Re: Alma Sánchez – Choke on your quesadilla.

  48. 348

    Re: sonick808
    That supersongfreak is in Connecticut!
    Don't argue with someone who has NO IDEA what they're talking about. Geography alone places her out of the conversation. Turn off you AC Songfreak and come to AZ and THEN say what you will.

  49. 349

    To all the people saying "this law won't work"….. I beg to differ ! I just watched a report on CNN where they are interviewing MANY families who are fleeing AZ in fear of being deported ! IT IS WORKING !!!!!!!!!!! The report was also showing many mom and pop business closing, owned and ran by illegals ! The only problem is now other states will be over run with these ILLEGALS.. ALL 50 states need to adopt the AZ law !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  50. 350

    Re: ChachaORe: DazedNCnfusedRe: Eldridge Cleaver – You guys are fucking excellent. Thank you for speaking the truth!

  51. 351

    really ridiculous…didn't know they were still around anyway! honestly though, when are people going to wake up and realize this nation is being invaded by illegal aliens! sure we are a nation of immigrants but my family came over here through Ellis Island LEGALLY! Apply for citizenship, pay taxes, learn how to speak English and HELP MAKE THE UNITED STATES BETTER like earlier immigrants did, not hurt it and take advantage of the system…seriously baffles me that people are standing up for illegal immigrants.

  52. 352

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I was waiting for your reply f*uck face. Oh is that the best you got you call me a whore because I have a child. niccceee. And no I don't have a daughter I have a son. So get your facts straight. What have I ever mentioned that makes me a whore. NADA!!!! However, I CAN see through your idiotic comments that you are stupid and full of hate. And you my fellow American represent hate and racism which is NOT what the U.S.A stands for.
    As for my son I will teach him love and respect unless someone is as stupid and hatefull as you. This is NOT the way to handle the immigration issues.
    You are a disgrace to this nation!!!!

  53. 353

    Re: ricketycricks

  54. 354

    The reality of this situation is that most of you live so far away from Arizona that you cannot possibly comprehend the damage of illegal immigration to this state. Do any of you happen to know what is going on just outside of Tucson? There are people coming over the border there for illegal drug trafficking as well as to kill American citizens for stepping foot in a forest that is in OUR country. They are using our own land to grow drugs and if anyone from THIS country & state sets foot there… these people shoot them. Crime is on the rise and yes a lot of it stems from ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    No one is saying that everyone who is illegal is a terrible person. However, they are still breaking a FEDERAL law. The fact is, Obama refuses to enforce it, turns a blind eye to what is going on and tells the rest of the country that our borders are "protected." It is bullshit.

    All of these people protesting the law haven't even read it. It only gives police officers the right to ask for ~papers~ if someone is not carrying the proper ID if they are already being pulled over or arrested. Do you know how many DUIs and other crimes are the product of illegals in this state? It isn't racist… it's a FACT.

  55. 355

    And whoever said the "test" to become a citizen is too hard is a moron. You have time to study for it and get to know what is on the test, just because you don't know all the answers doesn't mean its "hard."

    Get real and see what is truly going on before you punish a state for a law its LAWMAKERS made.

    ys are no better than what you are protesting by punishing every person iYou gun this state for something the citizens don't have much control over.

    Maroon 5 is full of fucking fail anyway… every band that has said they won't play here are fucking washed up has-beens that no one cares about anyway and are just trying to get some publicity. In reality, they are morons who don't know what is going on in our country and in the state of Arizona.

    As for those saying "illegals do the jobs other people won't" well that is bullshit. If you take a homeless American and ask them to pick fruit or mow a lawn for money they will do it. I know first-hand what it is like to be laid off from a job, to not be able to find another one to support your own family… these people want to work here they should do it legally!

  56. 356

    Re: GeorgiaB

    With the way the economy is now, I'm sure many Americans would GLADLY take the jobs illegals have…and you act like all illegal aliens come here to better themselves?? NO they come here to work and make money and send it back to their native country, not back into our economy. A family in my town was ruined after an illegal alien was driving drunk and killed half of them in a car accident…he was only here to better himself though so we should excuse him…give me a break, they shouldn't be here.

  57. 357

    Re: ricketycricks
    We do and that's why people have problems with us.
    Thanks for the props :)

  58. 358


  59. 359

    Re: supersongbird – Tell me about it…yesterday I went grocery shopping around 7 pm and the sun was still out. Oh well thats life.
    Anyways yeah Eldridge is a moron who calls women with kids whores. And make these racist comments but denies he is a racist. I do believe that he is a Bi-polar moron who forgets to take his medications every once in a while because his mood changes quite often.

  60. 360

    Re: aleliflower

    What country are you from anyway? I've traveled the world and hunny there is not one country that I would rather live in than the United States. Speaking of ignorant, aren't you being just a tad hypocritical by stereotyping over 300,000,000 people? idiot.

  61. 361

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You make so much racist comments but you swear you are NOT a racist. Hey Eldridge MC'STUPID did you take your medications today or did an illegal steal those too, you lying bi-polar f*ck face!!!!

  62. 362

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Oh and you still haven't answered my questions regarding these California polls. W-H-E-N & W-H-E-R-E??? I bet you made up those numbers to didn't you???
    BTW you admitted that you lied about being an Anthropologist and now you say again that you are an Anthropologist. STICK TO 1 PEREZ PROFILE at a time because your lies and so called facts are to much for your little brain to handle.

  63. 363

    oh and by the way really who cares about Maroon 5 anymore?!

  64. 364

    Re: supersongbird – You are truly a waste of breath. It must be nice to live in some northern state like CT, and have no idea what this law is for or effects. I am done arguing with you, and agree to disagree because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about or what America stands for. And I didn't say that you shouldn't insult people at all, I said that you shouldn't use insults to make your argument, it completely takes any legitimacy away from your argument. If you go ahead and read any of my comments directly towards you, I specifically left out any personal/character attacks to stay on the point of the argument, which is that this is one small step towards immigration reform. You have some idea that there is going to be one easy catch-all by Obama that is going to magically fix immigration in this country. Typical fast-food nation mentality, thinking that one person is going to solve all the problems of the world all at once. The fact of the matter is, that immigration is so broken that it is going to take many laws throughout the next 10, 20, 50+ years in order to change what is broken. The point of this law, is to have a jump-off point to change immigration. You can't fix the entire problem at once, that is not feasible, you need to do things one at a time and this is where AZ has decided to start off, I don't know how much more clear that could be.

  65. 365

    Re: ChachaO – STFU Eldridge/Pat McGroin-we know that's you lol!
    Oh, and Welcome to Costco-WE ALL HATE YOU! :)
    Transparent FOOL!
    Re: sonick808
    AZ needs reform now-too bad this won't fix your problem! Not even close!
    And too bad we have this bullshit drug war!
    Borders need to be secured and businesses need to stop hiring illegals!

  66. 366

    Oh Boo Hoo! Let these losers go to Mexico and play their crappy music there for the drug riddled dangerous filth that the country is! Rock on Arizona! Keep the illegals and criminal filth out of your state! We are going to send you Putrid Perez so you can arrest him and deport him back to his filthy dangerous homeland.

  67. 367

    Re: ChachaO – Hey, no problem! It's good to know that at least some people have some common sense!

  68. 368

    Re: evancalo – Oh well, if that is what it takes to get ILLEGALS out of our country and bring it back to some level of prospering again then so be it!

  69. 369

    I agree with Arizona's law.If the Feds actually did their job Arizona would not have to!!!

  70. 370

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – To post #359; You're not exactly the epitome of everything that's right with this country…

  71. 371

    Re: itsallajoke
    Very smart response. People call us racists because we stand firm on this issue. Thank you for the input and know that there are many, many, MANY others who feel the same and are tired of of the pressure put on us American citizens. Like I said, I would have SO much more respect if the Pro-Illegal immigrant crowd would put their efforts, blood, sweat and tears into making Mexico and other 3rd world countries better. Go protest down there about the human rights that are trampled on a daily basis. Show me some fucking passion on REAL issues other than breaking our FEDERAL laws. By the way, no one in America is assured a happy, fruitful life. It's based on hard work, a sense of personal accountability and following the laws that are in place. There is NO way around that.

  72. 372

    Re: DazedNCnfused – It is very nice to live here, thank you.
    The same reason this law exists is the same reason Bush's bill was shot down 3 years ago-BIGOTRY from the right!
    3 years would have been a good head start on the status-quo!
    Progression has to start somewhere! Where did I say it would happen "magically"?
    Deporting illegals with the borders still not secured is pointless!
    Maybe AZ would be more successful in solving this problem if instead this Jan Brewer started going after her "cronies" who hire illegals to work in their businesses for

  73. 373

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Yeah it is a crazy asshole with lots of screen names! And there is no medication to cure hate and stupidity! :)
    Typo-The end of 373 should have been-for

  74. 374

    I can't stand all the celebrities that are making a big deal out of this simply because it's trendy and "of the moment". I think Arizona enforcing this law is incredible. I am completely tired of more and more people coming into this country and getting instant benefits. I'm sorry… most people on welfare probably have it easier than I do. I am not complaining per se, because I don't necessarily lack anything in my life, but that isn't really fair when I work 55 hours a week and they do NOTHING but shop for food with my money. We need to cut down on immigration PERIOD. We are certainly looking less and less like the country that was so fabled 100 years ago. In 50 years' time, it will be clearly apparent to EVERYONE that America will be heading in the direction of a Third World country. That I promise. There isn't enough room here for everyone and there ISN'T enough free money to go around.

  75. 375

    Re: supersongbird
    How stoopid are you really? What does that have to do with our posts? Oh yeah, Eldridge was right, you can't stay on topic for shit. Thanks for the Costco comment though. You need the try Sophie17's helmet on for size. Are you mad because I called you out on your distance from the issue? I think you are and have jumped to ad homen attacks to try to make up for your blatant ignorance. Nice try. You're still too far away to have input on this. Too bad because I know DazedNConfused, Eldridge and I were having fun with you and your dumb responses. LMAO! How's Connecticut bitch????

  76. 376

    Re: supersongbird
    you're a fricken nut case…i consider myself someone who's moderate to conservative on the political scale but the fact that you think the tea party started because Obama is black is ridiculous. I just want to know why it's ok for liberals to say the most outlandish crap but if a conservative says one little thing automatically they are racist or ignorant. The Tea Party started because EVERYONE in this nation's government forgot that they are put into office to serve the people. If our elected officials actually listened to American Citizens they would see that an overwhelming majority of people support Arizona. Say what you will about the Tea Party, but I admire them for being the few people that stand up to the government and have their voices heard, because most of us are very naive and alarmingly indifferent to anything that goes on with the government. So enough with the race issue with Obama, unless you have any evidence to back up that the Tea Party formed because of Obama's race then let me know, otherwise stop making outlandish claims.

  77. 377

    Re: ricketycricks – Re post #351 No worries, man! Thanks for being a great American :) BTW, fucking loved your quesadilla comment! Take care :)

  78. 378

    I Agree 100%

    Most of the jobs that are taken by illegals are jobs no American wants! You think an American is going to go out in the field to pick berrys, oranges and all that! not really! they will complain that its hot, that they have no benefits and all that shit!

    the main reason that is getting people upset is that this will be racial profiling, a police wont stop a White looking illegal hispanic, or another illegal from other countries!

    and i hear all this "this is a country of Laws! and shit but its not like everyone follows every god dam law there is!

    anyways i already ranted about this and if i keep doing that shit my makeup s going to get fukked up lol :P

    but omg i agree with GeorgiaB 100%%%%%

  79. 379

    Re: Alma Sánchez
    Ok, now get out there and cut my lawn

  80. 380

    Re: Milan22
    They were WELCOMED to this country,and did it with an LEGAL invitation,, and that was 75 years ago,,moron.

  81. 381

    Re: aleliflower

    But I notice you love our celebrity way of life,

  82. 382

    Re: Gary78
    BRAVO, this should be READ BY EVERYONE ON HERE.

    Don’t like ARIZONA’S new immigration law? Fine. We’ll adopt Mexico’s immigration policies instead, OK?

    Let’s take a look at Mexico’s immigration policy. For instance, did you know that:

    Mexico deports more illegal aliens that the U.S. annually
    Under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico
    Or that immigrants must –

    Have the means to sustain themselves economically;
    Not be burdens on society;
    Be of economic and social benefit to society;
    Be of good character and have no criminal records; and
    Contribute to the general well being of the nation.
    Mexico’s immigration policies also ensure that –

    Authorities have a record of each foreign visitor;
    Foreign visitors do not violate their visa status;
    Foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics;
    Foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported;
    Foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported;
    Those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to

  83. 383

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Re post #363 I'm not gonna do you a favor and provide you with the link for the recent polls showing CA citizens want these fuckers deported. You have access to a computer, go fucking look it up yourself. Do you want me to flush the toilet for you, too? Oh, and I called you a whore because you're an idiot. It has nothing to do with whether you have children or not. Ok, whore?

  84. 384

    Re: sonick808
    Wow, the mexican educated

  85. 385

    I see no problem with the law, I have driven through AZ tons of times and if a cop pulled me over and asked for me to prove my status here, I would have no problem with he or she asking and to do so! One of my in laws are mexican, my step grandmother is mexican and they quite agree with that stand point as well. The people who are flipping out about this are ones with something to lose either theyre here illegally or they know someone who is. My Grandparents had to wait years to come to america LEGALLY and my best friends parents had to wait ten years to come to america legally from China its a bunch of nonsense that there are those who think that they shouldnt have to wait their turn as well. I live in El Paso TX and the number of accidents and criminal activity (drugs, drug cartels targeting our police down here, etc) that is caused by illegals is outragious. Thats not to say some aren't good people. People are making this into a racist issue when its clearly not!

  86. 386

    Who gives a shit? Who gives a fuck? Is Maroon 5 relevant in any state? Adam Levine should stick to what he does best: fucking star fuckers and has-been actresses. He can do so in the other 49 states and nobody would know the difference.

  87. 387

    Re: ChachaO – You called me out on nothing, Pat McGroin!
    Where did I go off topic other than calling YOU out for being so fucked up you have to use multiple screen names on this blog!
    There is no point in staying on topic with you because you are an idiot and never have any facts!
    You know very well what the Costco reference is jackass!
    What valid facts or even half-way intelligent opinions do you ever contribute?

  88. 388

    How can you violate someones civil rights when they aren't a U.S. citizen to begin with?!?!?!?!?!?? YOU CAN'T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. 389

    The only thing I hve to say is I can not be against immgirationg because that is the whole idea of being human pursuit of better life and it b inhuman for me to say anything else

  90. 390

    I am literally disgusted with all the people who are for this law and how they expressed themselves about immigrants.It shows that what was done during the civil rights movement did not help and it shows how much racism there is STILL in our country.I am a hispanic ,born in the us ,texan and republican and I am against this law because it is pure racism ! The united states is a country that is filled with immigrants ,it may not be us but our ancestors at one point were immigrants!

  91. 391

    not much of a loss at all . have you heard their music?

  92. 392

    Everyone, Supersongbitch is PrettynPink, Aussieone and Zooby. Don't reply to her and that'll force her to get another screen name.

    I love that the illegal immigration issue was brought up this summer. Democrats are gonna be so fucked in November when Republicans use that footage of the Dems giving a standing ovation to Calderon. Dems will lose both houses of Congress and Obama will be a lame duck prez for his remaining 2 years in office. Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Truman.

  93. 393

    Re: chanel! – Re post #391 I know, right? What a bunch of assholes these people are! They want to prosecute poor, brown people just because they broke a silly law. I mean, come on. It's not like the illegal immigrants are uneducated or unskilled. Family values are important to illegals, that's why they have 20 children. And big deal, so they drive down wages. It's not like Americans want to earn a living. I'm with you, Chanel. Fuck people who talk bad on criminals. They're all a bunch of racists and low-lifes…kinda like the fucking illegals.

  94. 394

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – "If you are an American of Hispanic/Latino heritage then you better pick a fucking side: either you're American or you're a piece of shit."

    OK, SO.. you're either American or anything else to YOU is a piece of shit??? I am an American with Hispanic heritage, and i have a right to be here. Its people like you who make me sick. let me tell you something, I rather be called a "piece of shit" than an American. You're a fucking idiot and a racist, and just because youre american it doesnt give you the right to anything. To other people from other countries YOURE the piece of shit. You people even hate your "own kind". It hasnt been long since you banned "colored" people from enjoying their own life in their own country. You have no right to say who belongs here and who doesnt.

  95. 395

    Re: jayray2462

  96. 396

    Re: sonick808 – "in the meantime, we're suffering under the weight of kidnapping, NARCOTERRORISM, overt attacks against residents." The only reasonwhy they smuggle the drugs is because you american pigs beg for them. if you were such fucking scum and wanted the drugs they wouldnt be here.

  97. 397

    OK first I wanted to start with a def. Race means subspecies. One can argue with that there are no 'subspecies' of the Human species, thus meaning that 'race' does not exist, leaving ethnicity as the only characteristic trait of the two in describing a human…. Seeing as we are all human, there is no real racism. Second, I'm a Texan, born and raised and Jewish. I am all for people coming to this country to have a better life, that's why my for fathers came here. I just think that you should do it like everyone else. Go through the right channels, fill out the right papers and wait for someone to say" Welcome to the USA". I think we have all made the point that we know the difference between legal and illegal, the real conversation is human rights. Also, I think we have been way to lenient on the people that are here With out Papers. In most other countries you go to jail or are killed. Instead we give them jobs, homes, amnesty. WTH. Next we will say they have the right to vote. I will stand behind AZ 100%. Also those of you worried about being PC, get over yourselves. You are all so worried that you will hurt someones feelings or get sued for speaking your mind. You are no longer living the American dream, FREEDOM OF SPEECH baby. That's my rantings for now.

  98. 398

    Re: haisinni – You are not American. I'm glad I make you sick. Just know that over 70% of Americans agree with me. You side with illegals and shit talk Americans. Fuck you and fuck the burro you rode in on. If you are so proud of your heritage then leave America and go back from whence you came. You're a typical illegal alien sympathizer. Pray tell, have you met an illegal? Have you heard the shit they say about black people? It's not good. Maybe cuz I'm not black they think they can talk shit on black peeps in front of me but I've NEVER heard an illegal speak well of black people. I just laugh because I grew up surrounded by rich, white Catholics and NONE of them had good things to say about poor people, especially Mexicans (even the Catholic ones.) Mexicans hate blacks…just ask them.

  99. 399

    Re: jayray2462 – If you think racism is not a factor in the tea party perhaps you are the nut case!
    If you are moderate maybe you occasionally watch something other than Fox news?
    See what is going on lately?
    And you can google the images for their racist signs and shit for yourself I need not provide you with any evidence!
    Tea party members spat at black and gay members of congress and shouted the N word and the F word!
    The tea party cult is all concerned about spending but are only looking to vaguely "down size" government without looking into anything real-like ending wars or cutting military costs!
    They get their way what will happen to our crumbling infrastructure etc..!!
    Teabaggers and birthers are angry straw graspers and racist sore losers and mostly middle aged WHITE PEOPLE!
    They are angry in part because Obama WON!
    If Obama lost the election tea party would not exist at least not in their present bat shit "form" which is armed crazies bringing loaded guns to Washington!
    "Moderate conservatives" aren't on board with that radical neo-con shit!
    Tea party leaders are busy discrediting and denouncing the moderate Republicans and calling themselves Libertarians!
    Are all of them racist-NO but racism is absolutely a factor in the tea party you are blind if you think otherwise!

  100. 400

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Ha,ha,ha STRAW GRASPER!
    Solid evidence of YOU being caught using different screen names is ALL UP IN HERE!
    Nice try you stupid racist fucker you just make your self look dumber and dumber with each post-under any of your names lol

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