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Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!

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Amazing! Glad to see they're against such a RIDICULOUS law!

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine has revealed that when he and the band start touring their new album, Hands All Over, they WILL be joining the long list of talent that is boycotting Arizona due to the new immigration laws!

He says:

"I did an interview in Tucson on the radio. [The host] asked about playing there. I said it was a really difficult decision to make because we have fans out there that are being penalized essentially by us not playing, so it's a really difficult decision to make. It really kind of comes down to what feels right, and it really didn't feel right to play there and reward Arizona for what we thought was a really bad decision. We're just citizens. It's always good to look at everything that we're talking about, discussing, debating or standing up for as an issue, not to grandstand, necessarily, our beliefs, but kind of just follow our hearts, as cheesy as that sounds, and say, 'Look, this is how I feel, so I'm going to do this.'"

It's not cheesy! Like you said, it's the right thing to do, and your support is very much appreciated, bb!

Thanks for taking a stand!


[Image via WENN.]

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591 comments to “Maroon 5 Protests Arizona Immigration Law, Will Not Tour There Either!”

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  1. 501

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – I'm telling you to believe nothing!
    I offered you a source of good information I thought you might find interesting and enlightening since you seem to be a bit confused and misinformed about the true nature of this law!
    Wasn't it you who posted once you liked Rachel Maddow? Hmm, maybe it wasn't you after all!
    Frankly, I don't give a rats ass what you believe!
    Nor what you support!
    Was only trying to discuss it and find out why the hell someone like you would support something like this.
    I thought it might be an interesting conversation/debate. But not so much!
    So, stick with Eldridge on this lol! I don't care!

  2. 502

    Re: Aussieone – It's funny that you make a personal judgement of my life when you know nothing of me. You assume that I am a Right wing white Republican for my opinion. However, I'm not. I am 1/8 Native American, My Great Grandmother was 100% Native, And I am Jewish, so I know about people taking others lands. I know what it feels like for people to say ugly things because they are uneducated. It's sad that this country won't let you come over the way you would like to.And to help you out there are states that support same sex marriage and there will be a way for you to come here through one of those states. You might have to go up the chain for a while, but it can happen. I understand why the "illegals" are here. If I lived in a country that didn't treat my family right, I would do WHATEVER it takes to make it. I still don't think it's right. Illegal is illegal weather it is stealing a loaf of bread, running a red light, smoking pot, hitting someone or trespassing. It is all still wrong. If you get caught you have to be willing to pay the price. Being here illegally, the price is being sent back and dropped off at the boarder so it's not like they get dropped off in an inconvenient place. They will be back here and working again in less than 72 hours.

  3. 503

    Sorry I wrote wrong, not Grandmother, I ment Great Grandmother.

  4. 504

    Re: LadyKryten
    You have parts of my post confused with another persons post!
    Re: Serena Loves Mario
    501 ????????

  5. 505

    Re: Aussieone – You are correct, I meant part of that for someone else who was saying that she couldn't get here because the US doesn't acknowledge same sex marriage.

  6. 506

    Re: supersongbird – Actually, I don't know who Rachel Maddow is, but I did look into the information you provided.
    I definitely am not with Eldridge on this one. I don't see anything wrong with the law, and Eldridge wants to kick everyone out on their ass. There's a difference.
    I am very liberal, I love Obama, I want every American to have healthcare, and I've disowned family members and friends for their bigoted views on homosexuality. That doesn't mean I'm liberal on everything, though.

  7. 507

    Re: Aussieone – Hey Aussie!! I did see the first post where you said Hello!!! I responded back to you and Songbird, but you are correct there is something wrong with this site. I have posted a few things to and never show up or take forever to appear. Anyways how have you been???:-)

  8. 508

    That's awesome, lost me as a fan! uninformed ppl like this is why we're in such a dire situation. think before you lose all your fans for being idiots!!

  9. 509

    Re: supersongbird – Hey there!!!

  10. 510

    Re: DarlingReverie – AND all driving Escalades pulling into the welfare office begging for help while driving luxury cars. that's ridic

  11. 511

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Hey whats up? Cooler here today really nice! Leaving work in a few!
    Re: Serena Loves Mario – Glad you checked out the info. Actually you ARE siding with the one of many screen names think about it.
    No matter, I've lost interest in you. Have a good one.

  12. 512

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinKRe: supersongbird
    I've got to run So hi and bye :) ill be back sometime today no doubt :)

  13. 513

    Re: Aussieone – OK maybe catch you later! :)

  14. 514

    Re: Aussieone

    Please, you don't know shit about my parents so please don't go around assuming things.

    My parents could have came here ILLEGALLY. My dad was actually offered a way to come here illegally but he didn't do it. He wouldn't have to wait years and waste a ton of money, but he wanted to do it the right way. They didn't want to come here illegally. They didn't want to deal with the problems that would come along with doing that, and they new it was a better life here so they wanted to become citizens. So they did it the right way.

    Also, you cannot compare my parents being treated harshly in Iraq because they were not Muslim to the Illegals being treated the way they are in Arizona. My parents had a right to be in Iraq. They were citizens of Iraq and were not illegals. They had lived there their whole lives. They never broke any Iraqi law. They were discriminated for their religion. Illegals on the other hand aren't supposed to be here - and that's not me saying it that's the law…hence why they are called ILLEGALS. So they are breaking a law which is why Arizona is doing this. Two very different things.

  15. 515

    This isnt a private chat room people
    Now where were we?
    Oh yeah,,, God Bless Arizona and Law abiding citizens

  16. 516

    you guys are all ignorant it has nothing to do with crime its called racial profiling, everyone sits here and runs there mouth with out any knowledge so let it happen but instead of skin color use eye color or the size of your nose really people opne your eyes and be logic arizona is an agriculture state no one but these MEXICANS will go work in the heat for up to 10 hrs a day for a measly 5 dollars an hour or bust their ass cleaning all day for 7 dollars its just reallity we are one of the states with the most foreclosed homes and its because Mexican are leaving in the end were loosing so much more than just those illegals… and the bullshit that the governor said bout them finding all these beheaded bodies really show me the proof cause ive heard nothing untill you brought it up dont just judge and get the real facts were in 2010 racism should of been out the door years ago!!!!!

  17. 517

    Re: jess7474
    You are a fuck head I really couldn't give to shit about you!
    Open your eyes dickhead!

  18. 518

    That's so awesome of them. :]

  19. 519

    Re: dancer47 – Did you even read what you wrote before you posted it? Our country was not found on morals, it was found on illegal immigration. Or did you forget that Native Americans were here first, and we took it from them through killing, raping, and enslaving?

    Talk about hypocritical.

  20. 520

    Re: calichic* – It's the stupid Mexicans and illegals that lowered the wages. That's why they only pay lettuce pickers $5 an hour. Also, at this point, legal American citizens are so fucking fed up with Mexicans and illegals that we don't give a flying fuck about racial profiling. If a white dude with long black hair and a red tattoo robbed your mommy, don't you want the cops to racially and sexually profile people…or do you want them looking for the yarmulke wearing woman with short blonde hair? Fucking idiot you are!

  21. 521

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – HEY MORON didn't you say you had Mexican family members that you love so much??? And now you are disrespecting them by saying "stupid Mexicans and illegals." What would your momma say about disrespecting your family like that????
    You are an ignorant fool that couldn't tell the truth to save your own life.

  22. 522

    Re: Aussieone

    I've been reading the different posts and find your viewpoint amazing. Do you seriously believe your own bullshit? Everything you say is nothing more than propaganda! IF, and that's a big IF, you really care about the security of this country and respect our RULE OF LAW then you have no real defense for anyone coming into this country illegally. Under no circumstances is it acceptable PERIOD!

    Arizona is tired of the federal government NOT doing their job and protecting them from the illegals simply walking across their border! This law shouldn't provoke ANY problem from anyone IF they are legal. Why would you care that you had to show ID to prove citizenship? Just want to be a rebel and fight something for no reason? ?? I dare you to go to ANY other country and NOT keep your passport handy, because you can be certain that they can and will ask for it at any time that they choose! It isn't to discriminate against their citizens, but rather to protect them from people who might be there illegally. That is something that we should have been doing all along and we might not have the MILLIONS of illegals living like parasites off of US, the American citizens and taxpayers!

  23. 523

    Re: kayykatastrophii – 520
    Also don't forget the fact that California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona were part of Mexico until it was taken by force.

  24. 524

    Re: Aussieone – Hi! I'm having FUN on the Obama page lol!

  25. 525

    Re: GeorgiaJules
    Don't spit your garbage at me! Propaganda is what you have brought into not me! The law does nothing to close the boarder it is simply a tool for Brewers re-election. You got sucked in!
    If you really believed in the rule of law you may want to re read this:
    Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
    In U.S. v. Montero-Camargo (208 F.3d 1122, 9th Cir. 2000), the court adopted the broad definition, declaring that race could not be used as a factor, even when other factors are present, to take a law enforcement action.
    U.S. Constitution requires that all citizens be treated equally under the law. As such, it is unconstitutional for a representative of the government to make decisions based on race, as upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in Batson v. Kentucky and several other cases.

  26. 526

    Re: GeorgiaJules
    With the exception of this year I travel the world A LOT and don't carry my passport with me with in the countries I am in (Leave it in the hotel safe) and but for Singapore I have never had a problem!
    The AZ bill requires or permits public officials to investigate and determine individual's immigration status. These provisions regulate immigration and are impermissible intrusions on Congress' exclusive constitutional powers.
    The Arizona law would allow local enforcement authorities to arrest those suspected of being in violation of the law without a warrant. But also without a formal agreement with federal authorities, states are prohibited from enforcing civil violations of immigration law.
    States can NOT prosecute people for Federal crimes if it is as you say just the same as the federal law THEN IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
    That's the rule of law. Your other shit is really to stupid to address your claim of illegal immigrants "living like parasites off of US" is bullshit all the data shows they grow the economy and are a net-plus to the nation and 85% of them pay taxes (IRS) a higher participation rate/percentage than any distinct sub-group including whites. True mostly because they have no choice but to work or stave.
    The facts do NOT side with YOU!

  27. 527

    Re: supersongbird – Re post #525 Really? You're having fun on that page? You must like getting shit on cuz that's all I saw on that page. Comment after comment of Barry bashing sprinkled in with some posters bashing you for having your head up your ass. Did you see how many posters are done with Barry? I couldn't believe it myself. Of course, I hated Barry Obama before it was cool so…
    PS No one on this website likes you or Aussieone

  28. 528

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    I think you on the other hand are just a stupid no life kunt!

  29. 529

    Wow! a lot of ignorant people quick to say it is the mexican people who are on welfare and we pay taxes payers pay for it well make up your mind do Mexicans take your job or are they on welfare because as far as i know there aren't a lot woking mexicans in the welfare line buts i'm sure there a lot of lazy white people! And FYI illegals cant collect welfare MORONS!

  30. 530

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Speak only for yourself. Because of the language you use, no one really cares about the point you have to make any more. I might not know these people, I might not agree with their views or I might. However, it's just that, THEIR

  31. 531

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Please speak only for yourself. Because of the language you use, no one wants to hear your point anymore. I might not agree with what people are saying however it's their opinion. I will never hate someone for that. I feel very sad for you, you are so angry and hateful and instead of using "grown up words" you are choosing to talk to the rest of us like we are in high school. Very Sad.

  32. 532

    Re: bbtaddpole – You are a moron do your research before u open you fat mouth! if you are illegal you can't collect welfare… Whites share the greater percentage of welfare not black not hispanic.. So i really think we should push out the lazy criminals who don't wanna work before the hard working mexican who wants to make a life for their family. P.S get a life…

  33. 533

    Educate yourself! Illegals can not collect welfare or food stamps..and further more it looks like both u and I are spending our hard earned money on welfare and guess who is reaping those rewards? WHITES!! They account for the most welfare collected in this country!! read up before you open your mouth!!

  34. 534

    Re: Frag The Paps[/[re=5230788]Re: Frag The Paps – I'm assuming those three pretty girls are your daughter..wouldn't you do what ever it took to feed them, even if it meant leaving your own country…These people are coming here to try and give their families a better life and if you think that is criminal then there is something really wrong with you!

  35. 535

    Re: LadyKryten – Re post #503 You can't spell "whether" correctly and like most fucking idiots, you also can't spell "border" correctly. No one believes that you like Supersongbitch and I certainly don't believe you are Jewish. A Jew would not make those misspellings. As for you thinking my language is off-putting, well, I don't give a flying fuck. Ta-ta, dipshit!

  36. 536

    Re: Valerie Chavez – I would like to know where you got the stats info pls. I looked on dhhs web site and the only stats I can find, are all listed by age, not race. Thanks

  37. 537

    Nevermind, I found it. They have a projection chart and you are correct.

  38. 538

    Do you research before u talk bbtaddpole?? whoever u are.. Illegals can't collect welfare or food stamps so what are u talking about.. And last i checked whites are the highest percentage on collecting welfare so why don't u comment on that since u seem to have a big mouth but no so smart are u?? P.s don't associate criminals with illegals because there are criminals everywhere i know a lot of immigrant families who came out here to make a better life for their families it has nothing to do with drugs crime or trafficking stop being so ignorant!

  39. 539

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Again, how hateful. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? First you speak like that about the illegals, then the African Americans now the Jewish people. So based on things that you have said I can say that you are a fat white man who is unmarried, balding and most likely over weight. Who cares if I misspelled a word or used the wrong spelling of weather or whether? Next you are going to say that I must have a big nose and fight over money to be Jewish. Sorry but you are low class and to call you trashy would be insulting trash.

  40. 540

    The next schmuck who protests Arizona gets to have the next 100 illegals crossing the border housed with them until further review of our lax border security (read as Obama's new voting block guarantee).

    You might get a lawyer, a teacher, a landscaper, an artist, a farmer, or even a nun. But you also might get a murderer, a pedophile, a rapist, a robber, an infectious disease carrier, a mental case, a wife beater, a drug runner or an arms runner. The thing is that you have to keep them all, just like the good 'ol US of A, according to Obama. And if more turn up at your door unannounced, well you have to suck it up and kiss the feet of the ever blossoming dem voters.

    So good luck with that Sport! Keep on givin' ’til you ain't livin'. Oh, that reminds me. Watch out for those murdering type.

  41. 541

    maroon who….i guess u support what illegals…….maroon 4 sounds better

  42. 542

    Re: realroadrunner

    It is called anchor babies. Why do you think so many of them come here when they are 8 or 9 months pregnant? Because once they have the baby in America they qualify for health insurance, food stamps, etc.

    It amazes me how people keep saying Mexicans are taking the shit jobs that Americans wouldn't take. Yeah Americans wouldn't take these jobs NOW but that's only because the wages are so low and people have insurance, food, schooling and so much more to pay for. Those jobs haven't always been shit. Landscaping, construction…even working at McDonalds used to be a good jobs. And the fruit picking, my neighbor's wife actually used to do that in Florida and she got a decent pay. So people are willing to do that.

    And I don't get this whole racial profiling bullshit. They always ask in Europe. I was in Germany and I got asked twice for my passport. I didn't bitch and whine. It took me all of 2 seconds o pull it out of my purse and have him look at it. America is the only country who doesn't do this. Even Mexico's laws are cruel when it comes to illegals. So if you guys should be bitching go bitch about Mexico's laws because they are even worse than America's

    And Aussieone, nice comment. You just proved that you are a 15 year old not worth arguing with.

  43. 543

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Yeah you know FUN?
    If you have any fun at all it is restricted to this blog so surely you understand!
    And other than Aussieone it is of no consequence to me who likes me here and who does not! I have a life with ACTUAL PEOPLE in it!
    You are so sad and desperate you have to make up extra screen names so you can have "friends" omg!

  44. 544

    Re: jess7474
    Your so called "anchor babies" are US citizens so now you begrudge looking after American citizens. Get real YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!
    You do not get asked for your papers within Australia or New Zealand nor in many other countries you really are just a misinformation poster!
    Open your eyes dickhead!

  45. 545

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Of course you "hated Barry before it was cool" You are a racist KKKUNT and everyone knows it!
    Lots of people here have caught you using different screen names and talking to yourself not just me!
    You see, need to be SMART to pull that shit off!
    Smart you are NOT in fact you are an IDIOT! Which is why you keep getting CAUGHT you loser!
    So you gonna answer me back as Eldridge, Chachao or something else? lol

  46. 546

    Re: jess7474 – You don't get the whole racial profiling bullshit?
    AZ is concerned with illegal immigrants from MEXICO no where else!
    Latino people will be targeted and may be harassed because of this law!
    So, some people are paid well to pick fruit -others are not.
    There are too many corrupt businesses in this country who hire illegals for very little money!
    That is what AZ should be stopping-not Latinos to ask for their papers!

  47. 547

    Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…
    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…
    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    In a brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…
    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope some day you'll join us
    And the world will be as one
    -John Lennon

  48. 548

    Re: jess7474 – Who gives a shit what papers they ask for in other countries? This is the USA not Germany! And legal citizen live here they are not traveling abroad!
    "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, PAPERS, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
    -4th amendment US constitution

  49. 549

    Re: Frag The Paps
    I was saying that based on them saying this place was founded on morals you stupid piece of shit. Learn to read idiot.

  50. 550

    Re: sonick808
    Once again, another jackass. I wasn't saying how it was founded or even the fact that they were the only nation to be founded this way. I was speaking based on her idea that this place was founded completely on morals. It was not. It was founded on illegals coming here and invading this place from inhabits already here. Unless you're a native american, Americans as they know it, in the words of a white stripes song " why don't you kick yourself out you're an immigrant too." Anyway, MY POINT WAS THE MORALITY ISSUE. Not whether or not it was a new idea that formed this country. STFU. squidbillies rock by the way.

  51. 551

    Re: supersongbird – However, they are aloud to do so if they have probable cause. Unfortunately, that could mean a wide ange of things. If you look like you might be a terrorist or Charlesw Manson or someone who just robbed a bank. The lines are very foggy. Also, they can surch you if they think you might be hiding something because you didn't answer a question fast enough.

  52. 552

    sorry about spelling, computer posted comment before i could proof read

  53. 553

    Re: LadyKryten – Not sure which post you are responding to?
    Being or looking Latino is unreasonable cause.
    Racial profiling is not the same as questioning someone who looks like they just committed a crime like robbing a bank.

  54. 554

    Re: LadyKryten – This is a blog not a spelling test lol!

  55. 555

    Re: supersongbird – I understand what you are saying, I do agree that racial profiling is wrong, however after 911, when they started stopping people at the airport, how did they choose who looked like they might be a terrorist and who wasn't? No, I'm not saying that people that are here illegally are terrorists, I am just using this horrible time in our country as an example.

  56. 556

    Re: LadyKryten – "Aloud to do so" and "surch?" Wow. You shouldn't need to spell check simple words like that. You have convinced me that you are a child and so I'm not going to bother unloading on you anymore. Go watch Wizards of Waverly Place or whatever it is that you children do nowadays and leave the illegal immigration debates to the adults.

  57. 557

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hate is horrible for you. It's a disease. You should get that checked out. ;]

    Don't get me wrong, I don't care for Obama, but hating people is deplorable and pathetic.

  58. 558

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – If you would have read my post I said proof read not spell check. I write to get my thoughts down then read over it. So my first thought is not spelling, it is getting my point out. You seem to have lost sight of that. My first point was that I agree with AZ, maybe not how they are doing it, but I agree that if someone wants to be in this country, they should come the right way. The only thing you can argue about is my spelling? Again I know allowed and aloud are two different words and I know that search is not spelled surch, you just have nothing better to do then rip people apart no matter what their view is. You seem to just hate from the core of your being.

  59. 559

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – This is what you resort to now?
    Going from page to page picking on people's spelling?
    There are no grades for spelling here imbecile! AND YOU ARE SORELY UNEDUCATED!
    I'd rather have bad spelling that be a hateful ignorant douche like you!

  60. 560

    In U.S. v. Montero-Camargo (208 F.3d 1122, 9th Cir. 2000), the court adopted the broad definition, declaring that race could not be used as a factor, even when other factors are present, to take a law enforcement action.
    U.S. Constitution requires that all citizens be treated equally under the law. As such, it is unconstitutional for a representative of the government to make decisions based on race, as upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in Batson v. Kentucky and several other cases.
    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    Do you remember THIS;
    509-"How in the fuck can a cop tell that a Mexican's family has lived in America for generations? They can't, dipshit."
    FROM: Boo! Perez Hilton June 5, 2010

  61. 561

    Re: kayykatastrophii – LOL I hate people who deplore. LOL

  62. 562

    Re: LadyKryten – Re post #531 You told me that no one cares about my points anymore. Why would I bother to give you my points? You don't care about them, right? As I mentioned earlier, you seem very young and I don't want to upset your mommy and daddy by taking a giant shit on you. Now run along…

  63. 563

    Re: Aussieone – It is so sick, nasty and depraved WTF!
    Re: LadyKryten – Ignore it and it will go away!

  64. 564

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – 562
    Clearly you don't know what deplore means dickhead!
    Definition of Deplore: to express strong disapproval
    You are not funny or witty and clearly not intelligent.

  65. 565

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Thanks. Both of my parents are dead ass hole. And I am an adult with children of my own.

  66. 566

    Re: LadyKryten – I am truly sorry to hear about your parents.

  67. 567

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Read back all of your posts-
    Even you should be able to recognize what a fucking douche you are…

  68. 568

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    You know I think you are a disgusting excuse for a human being and a racist, sad and pathetic one at that….
    But you did the right thing in post 567

  69. 569

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – INJUNCTION BITCH! lol

  70. 570

    Re: Valerie Chavez

    You are using the bleeding heart story of people wanting a better life for their kids as an excuse for breaking our laws. That is not acceptable under any circumstances. IF they truly want a better life then do it the legal way and become an American Citizen. Most of the people coming here don't have any desire to actually become a citizen. They are proud to be Mexican citizens. These are also the same people who are working here, without paying taxes, and sending billions of dollars back to Mexico. Leech off of us then send your money back to Mexico to contribute to their economy? I don't think so!

  71. 571

    Re: Valerie Chavez

    If they use a fake ID and Social Security care, they certainly can and DO! They work under the table for cash and still collect welfare and food stamps. I know of people who are doing it, so don't try to tell me that I don't know! Stop defending ILLEGAL behavior! You can't justify it, no matter how hard you try!

  72. 572

    Re: Aussieone

    ME spew garbage after all of your posts?? lol Just note that the border is secured by Federal control, not state, so don't try to link that to this law. Arizona is just trying to do anything that they can to deter people from coming in at their border and invading their state. Of course, the law has been interfered with due to other liberal idiots like you, but I firmly believe that it will ultimately be allowed to be put into full force and I look forward to that happening!

    People coming here illegally is WRONG, not matter how many ways you attempt to justify it. As for their contributing to our society, I wonder how many unemployed people would have jobs IF the illegals weren't here to undercut their pay? IF they want to come here, just do it the RIGHT way, which is legally….no exceptions!

  73. 573

    Re: GeorgiaJules
    WHEN YOU WROTE THIS: "Just note that the border is secured by Federal control, not state, so don't try to link that to this law."
    The AZ bill requires or permits public officials to investigate and determine individual's immigration status. These provisions regulate immigration and are impermissible intrusions on Congress' exclusive constitutional powers.
    The Arizona law would allow local enforcement authorities to arrest those suspected of being in violation of the law without a warrant. But also without a formal agreement with federal authorities, states are prohibited from enforcing civil violations of immigration law.
    States can NOT prosecute people for Federal crimes if it is as you say just the same as the federal law THEN IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

  74. 574

    Re: Valerie Chavez

    In regard to your comments on welfare statistics:
    Although whites total higher than blacks, in total population, which makes sense since the U.S. is nearly 70% white; however they rank 3rd behind Blacks and Hispanics in percentage, by race. This means that you are incorrect and need to do more research.

  75. 575

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Fuck you cun-t-are you stupid?
    Border control was never a part of this law-racial profiling was…
    Which is why the federal judge shot IT DOWN!


  76. 576

    Re: Valy C.

    Illegal is Illegal, no matter how you try to justify it! They chose to cross into our country ILLEGALLY; therefore they do not deserve to be here. They chose to disregard our laws and NOT to come here through the correct channels. They may not be the drug dealers and kidnappers, but they are JUST as much a criminal and should be prosecuted and deported…PERIOD! IF they want to make a better life for themselves, then they should do it the RIGHT way, which is to come here legally; otherwise they need to stay in their own country and stand up against their corrupt government!

  77. 577

    Re: Aussieone

    Anchor babies should NOT be granted automatically citizenship to begin with! That law is ridiculous and needs to be changed! Either way, you can't justify the women sneaking into this country to force US to care for their children!

  78. 578

    Re: Aussieone

    Actually YOU are the dickhead, because you obviously can't read! I said that it is the Feds job to actually SECURE The border; as in ensure that the borders are patrolled and fenced. PAY ATTENTION! I said nothing about "investigate and determine individual's immigration status" as you posted. As far as I am concerned, Arizona has the right to question and investigate ANYONE in their state who they believe has broken ANY law. Seriously, are you sitting on this page just WAITING for someone to post? I would assume so, based on you replying so quickly! lol

  79. 579

    Re: supersongbird

    Your ignorance is extremely evident by your vocabulary, or lack thereof. lol You are an idiot that obviously can't read. Maybe you should re-read my post before you make more of an ass of yourself. Sad sad person you are.

  80. 580

    Re: GeorgiaJules
    I posted your exact words fuck head!
    Injunction granted :)
    I really cant be bothered arguing with someone who denies there own words!

  81. 581

    Hey Aussie boy! If you really think that 85% of illegals work and pay taxes legally you are on crack. Keep reading your Obama propaganda! Yea, real nice language too, really shows your intelligence!

  82. 582

    Re: AussieoneRe: Aussieone

    Fuckhead, dickhead… you are a smart one, aren't you? lol Can't come up with a response that uses actual proper English? I guess your default response is to insult versus have an actual debate or discussion. I wonder if the Aussie part of your username means that you aren't from here? If that were the case then I suppose that your opinion wouldn't matter; although to me, your opinion doesn't matter either way! Spew your vile at someone else, because I have no use for you or your idiotic liberal nonsense. You aren't intelligent enough to actually discuss anything with, so I'll refrain from attempting to hold a conversation with you. Now go back to your childish rants…

  83. 583

    Re: GeorgiaJules
    You lie about your own words…. boring!

  84. 584

    I have a few yes or no questions. 1. Can we all agree that people are in this country illegally? 2. Can we all agree that SOMETHING should be done about it?

  85. 585

    Re: GeorgiaJules – You ignorance is apparant due to the fact you are still defending this AZ law- which the parts Aussieone and I argued from day one were unconstitutional-have been now been stopped by a federal judge!
    And by doing so you are turning your back on the fourth amendment!
    Who the fuck are you calling ignorant?

  86. 586

    Re: Aussieone

    What the hell are you talking about "blueland". Is it hard to believe that someone else may just find that you are as ass? I have no idea who that person is, but I can see that they have some level of intelligence, because they see you as an idiot too! lol

    Anyway, you can copy and paste my words all day long, but you apparently missed the point of the post to begin with, so there is no point in trying to discuss the issue with you. Based on your "limited" vocabulary, I have no choice, but to assume that your simple mind can't understand what I am saying anyway, so I'll not keep debating with you about it.

    Now go back to the childish name-calling, since you can't actually hold an intelligent conversation!

  87. 587

    Re: supersongbird

    Only an aspect of the law was stopped, not the entire law, so stop trying to lecture me about it! In your infinite wisdom, what is YOUR solution to the illegal immigration problem then? Arizona got sick and tired of the crime, cost and other problems caused by the influx of people coming over their border illegally. They acted, because the Federal gov't, and your boy Obama, weren't doing their jobs! I applaud them for taking action, any action is better than doing nothing! By the way, the polls clearly show that the majority of Americans supported the law anyway, so you are the minority on this issue!

  88. 588

    Re: GeorgiaJules

  89. 589

    Re: Aussieone
    I swear that you make no sense. I have NO idea what the hell you are ranting about. Are you well? I mean, is your mental capacity okay? I feel strongly that you have serious issues that you should deal with medically. I have ONE account and this is it. Maybe accusing people of multiple accounts is your way of deflecting? Maybe it is because you can't accept that there are a LOT of people on this board that disagree with you and your alter ego "supersongbird". My thinking is that you are either the same person or I shudder to think that there are two of you with your distorted mindset! Either way, you two are the minority. Out of the 500+ comments, most disagree with you, so why do you still try to force your opinion on them? Do you even have the ability to open that feeble mind of yours to see another point of view? I would guess not!

  90. 590

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Your entire argument hinges on the fact that you think it's fine to ignore the 4th amendment!
    Also that you think racial profiling is ok!
    Federal judge ruled on this and you still argue?

  91. 591

    Re: GeorgiaJules
    you are such a dumb kunt

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