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Ex-Con Alexis Neiers, On Lindsay In The Slammer

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She wasn't doing well!

Alexis Neiers of E!'s Pretty Wild was released from jail on Friday and reveals that Lindsay Lohan wasn't doing too great in the neighboring cell!

Neiers didn't talk to Lilo because she was in "a separate pod," but she says:

"I did see her … no words. She had an officer with her at all times. We were in protective custody, so it's not like anyone can get near you. I just saw her a couple times, and I really wish her the best."

Alexis added that La Loca "looked a little down, but you're in prison, you're in jail, ya know?"

Well, at least Neiers sounds like she learned her lesson, saying:

"I wasted my life. And I found a lot of things I wanted to do in life, and I was able to strip away the negativity."

Hopefully Linds can do the same!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Ex-Con Alexis Neiers, On Lindsay In The Slammer”

  1. 1

    …another slag on the publicity train…how do you know how Our Beautiful Lindsay was doing?…you'd be better off worrying about your stupid breast implants and how high on your chest they were placed…you really wasted your life on a horrible show "Pretty Wild", sounds like your shopping around a sequel….

    ….FREE LINDSAY!!!!….

  2. 2

    i saw the unicor riding the rainbow.
    Leprechaun spoke to me.I know i found my way.

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  4. Laura says – reply to this


    There's a difference between prison and jail. It's not fun, but she's in jail, people get hold longer in jail waiting for lawyer - Lindsey will get out and she will be okay.

  5. 5

    Alexis makes me sick. She'll be slutting it up on season 2 of her reality show in no time. I bet she learned her lesson about as well as Paris Hilton did.

  6. 6

    nice tittayssss

  7. 7

    Make this mess and the rest of her vacant family go away….PLEASE.

  8. elo says – reply to this


    I'm certain she's learned and grown from the experience. She was caught on camera, had a stolen watch in her possession and still claims her innocence, cannot wait to see how her Mom whores her out for interviews now.

  9. 9

    back to her whoreing ways

  10. 10

    EX CON???? once a con always a con! please she is still a lying con artist. i wonder how long it will be before she is caught with somebody's wallet in her purse that she has no idea how it got there? or before there are more pics of her smoking crack again?

  11. 11

    THIS is how you handle jail time— you suck it up and you learn from it. and then you act on the lesson learned, though i'm not too sure this mediawhore will go through with her newfound wisdom. but if she does, kudos to her! Re: Tube Steak – jail is for anyone who commits a crime, and i wouldn't want lindsay nor a rapist roaming the streets and not facing the punishment they knew was coming from behaving uncivilized. seriously, you're fucking delirious if you think lindsay doesn't deserve time in the slammer

  12. 12

    Man, she's ugly

  13. Jayla says – reply to this


    Wow look at this theif using Lindsay to get her name out in the news. NO ONE was talking about Alexis in jail until Lindsay showed up.

    Hey Alexis did Lindsay ask you for her stolen property back that was found in your closet lol????

  14. 14

    Oh,do me a favor. Dont you EVEN walk around on a publicity tour feigning that you are in the know of Lindsay Lohan. Just crawl back in your low life bucket and sort your self out or don't but Lindsay is not yours to capitalise with. I don't think she would be too impressed at you telling every stalking squeak that you heard out of her area to the public. You remind me of her father and on that note would you kindly leave you little thief.

  15. 15

    at least she didn't try to milk the association with lilo. Seems like she's telling the truth and not embellishing

  16. 16

    Sure, Lindsey could do the same…if she actually served her fucking time.