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26 comments to “M.I.A. Realizes She Sucks, Announces Free Concert As An Apology!”

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    I don't know who this chick is but the headline of the story (which I didn't read btw) is hillarious!
    "M.I.A. Realizes She Sucks, Announces Free Concert As An Apology!"


  2. 2

    You're trying to bait M.I.A. into some kinda bs fight but what you don't realise Mario is that your not even on her radar.

    Give it up and go back to licking Gaga's rerun ass.

  3. 3

    Nice gesture? Please. She should have appologized IMMEDIATELY AFTER the show, as in, WHILE SHE WAS WALKING OFF-STAGE. She tweets about a free show, but it was so passive the way she worded it. It was an empty statement. Do you know how many ROCK bands play through the rain, even it forces them to get creative and do things with audience? BUt MIA is not talented enough to do so. Plus it's alternative European/Eastern Hip-Hop, so there's not much talent involved to begin with.

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    who cares about her? UGH

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    again you fail to mention that the rain forced her show to be stopped. and it is a very nice gesture, not something Lady Caca would do because she is only in it to make the millions.


  7. Heh says – reply to this


    Being that it was raining spit at her concert, no thanks..Im so sick of these self important asshole "artists"

  8. 8

    The words "sincerely nice" can't be attached to anything this vulgar hate-monger does. This is a cynical attempt to engender positive publicity after she has said and done so many despicable things (like harassing a NY Times reporter and encouraging violence in Sri Lanka).

  9. 9

    Lord, Perez. Isn't Gaga tough enough to take the mildest criticism? You're constant pettiness against MIA is so repulsive. Obviously you're not getting enough air shoved up Gaga's twat.

  10. 10

    Re: billabong031Re: billabong031 – I agree. Leave her alone. She has no obligation to clean up her "attitude." She doesn't care and frankly I think there is something refreshing and respectable about that. If you don't like her music or her attitude then leave, go elsewhere. I was at the show and though it wasn't her best, it was still a fucking blast. I'd take Sat night's MIA show over a Monster Ball any day of the week. Some people are too soft for MIA, face it. Ask Jay-Z what he thinks. Jay doesn't make a habit of performing live at the Grammy's and and on tracks with people who "suck."

  11. 11

    She is picking fights a with Lady GaGa and now she spits at a camera man. She is doing these stunts for the free publicity. She is not allowed in the U.S. due to Visa problems. She is just trying to keep in the spotlight until she is allowed into the U.S. to work

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    It wasnt her problem that it was raining and there were technical difficulties with the sound but she can offer a free concert to make up for it. I liked her alot but now I have even more respect for her. Fuck you Perez!

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    Re: joliepitt007 – She may not can help the rain, but she can help her attitude. Spitting on someone is the most disgusting thing you can do to someone, just short of violence and throwing feces. That cameraman wasn't harassing her, he was there to film the acts, he is neutral. But your such an idiot and so easy to please, because you're a fan of people that do outlandish things just for attention, RATHER THAN RELYING ON REAL TALENT. you fucking moron.

  15. 15

    Re: wysthud – uh tardface she lives in the US. You fucking ignorant Perezhiltonite

  16. 16

    Re: wysthud – and the fact that she is playing shows in the US tells you she can work in the US. Are you that ignorant or dense?

  17. 17

    If Gaga spit on a cameraman, Perez would cum in his pants.

  18. 18

    i agree stop talking about her but only because no one cares about this bitch.. she has no talent and no class..

    she is a has-been… wow she made paper planes so that every dumb bitch sorority girl could drunkenly shoot their finger guns in the air at frat parties.. bitch needs to get over herself..

    so you screwed your fans over by being a little prima donna about the rain and now you think they want to come back out to watch your sleezy ass..

    i'm over it.. over her..

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    [re=5235458]Re: amanda

  20. 20

    Re: shutittwat – wow.. riveting stuff

  21. 21

    do you get that?

  22. 22

    She might suck but i have to give her major credit. I was at the concert and they took away the djs and she sang a capella until they shut off her mic and forced her off the stage

  23. 23

    it wasnt her that sucked,. it was the technical difficulties,. that other girl that was performing with her and her backup singers sounded louder than her,.

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    [re=5236180]Re: amanda

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    MIA is a talentless whiny has been who rants on singers who are in right now and lets her kid dress her in the morning including makeup. Plus who are you fuckers that hate perez? If you fucking hate him so much why are you here? Obsessed much? What a bunch of MIA babies.

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    Re: lotus17 – again riveting stuff guys .. empty comments soooo useful