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44 comments to “Demi Moore Talks Diets Again, Gets Defensive - And Delusional!”

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    Okay MR LAP BAND. Maybe YOU should research what it is she is doing as well before judging her.

  2. 2

    She's an idiot. Even Ochocinco says you can eat all the big macs you want as long as you exercise. not that big macs are healthy but you can eat actual food and still be thin. movie stars are stupid.

  3. 3

    i remember a while back where she was into that craze about RAW foods…she seems like she has major eating problems…quite obsessed it sounds like.
    cleanses are shown to be unnecessary for the body, as it naturally 'cleanses' itself…the only reason celebs/hollywood is so crazy about them is because they are quick unhealthy ways to lose some weight.

    and smoothies and salads is a very hardcore diet to be on….for someone who is already an old scarecrow i think its absolutely ridiculous.
    her and ashton have mental issues, clearly.

  4. 4

    she cant spell either!!!

  5. 5

    Try a large cranberry smoothie from Smoothie King. It has more calories than 6 Snickers bars!

  6. 6

    Perez, you need to learn how to research also… your posts are filled with ignorance

  7. 7

    Learn about the dieat before commenting idiot.

  8. 8

    Jesus she's not saying for life asshole. 3 weeks…big deal. If you're still getting nutrients what's the problem? Like all the shit you post it's really about your self-hatred.

  9. 9

    Perez, no matter what diet you go on, you will always look like shit

  10. 10

    I don't care what, when, how or if they eat.

  11. 11

    Giuliana Rancic does not need to diet….

  12. 12

    I actually think it sounds like a good diet.

  13. 13

    She's a twig…why would she need to go on an extreme diet?

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Celebrities and their fad diets have always been stupid. Demi is another ignorant celebrity with no real education. Exercise and sensible, well balanced, EATING is what makes you healthy.

  16. 16

    Fad diets are terrible. They don't help you keep off the weight. As soon as you reach your goal, you put weight back on. Eat a healthy diet and exercise all of the time, not only while "dieting", and you can maintain a healthy weight. It's simple.

  17. 17

    the master cleanse doesn't have salads and it doesn't nourish the body… it makes you shit out all the toxins. It's so fucking bad for you

  18. 18

    the age is starting to show, but she has done a great job of keeping it together.

  19. 19

    These diets have been around forever so there is nothing new here and it certainly isn't new worthy.

  20. 20

    "Surviving on only smoothies and salads sound like the epitome of health!" - Actually they are. In what way is a diet of fruits & vegetables NOT healthy? Get a grip. People are fat because they subscribe to your way of eating.

    Juliana Rancic is so hideous. She must be a relative of a high-rank person at E! to have that job. She's all weird & flat & needs to eat sandwiches everyday. Her head looks like it was squashed by a steam-roller. Putting on a few lbs. would distract focus from her odd head.

  21. 21

    Hollywood is the dumbest place on earth

  22. 22

    Seriously. She's the most obsessed actress out there. Always doing whatever she can to appear flawless. Smoothies and salads? Disgusting! As one other person said, she's starving herself and probably running to the bathroom every five minutes with that diet. She's a poor role model, and NO ONE should be publishing her craze eating!.

  23. 23

    Re: jewlzkrysti – Ochocinco shouldn't be listened to, either. I agree that you can eat more as long as you exercise and stay thin, but eating Big Macs and other foods high in saturated fat will only lead to a heart attack, even if you're exercising and staying thin. Movie stars are just making negative body image more widespread. They just keep getting thinner and thinner. You can see their influence, as young girls that comment on this blog are calling women "fat" if they're over a size 2. It's sad.
    Re: samdavid – I think the only excuse for losing weight that quickly is for a movie role. She does seem very obsessed with her weight, even though she looks amazing. She probably hasn't touched anything with carbs in years.

  24. 24

    Who the fuck are you to talk about healthy weight loss??? Mr. Stomach Stapled - yeah, that's right, everybody knows
    You lost weight but are not even vaguely FIT - god knows you can't even spell gym. You look repulsive with that loose, dead skin hanging off your atrophied body.

  25. 25

    My sister in law was Demi's personal chef for a long time and they both are into the same health trends, eating for different blood types, fasts, cleanses, not sure if Demi has seen Bo Wagner too, but he's the person who revolutionized the blood type diets, my sister in law is writing a book at the moment with Dr. Wagner. Hollywood runs in cliques just like the rest of the world and when one trend takes off, the whole clique does it.

  26. 26

    Is Demi close to being on her DEATH BED?….those "DIETS" are just fads; what's next…The shove coffee beans up your butt diet?

  27. 27

    Its hard to argue with uneducated people who listen to regular doctors. You'd rather eat just a little pizza or just a junior burger and exercise regularly than eat a raw food, God made, organic diet. Or as she mentioned, a clean diet (no processed foods). These foods still cause cancers, heart disease and any other diseases out there. And it IS important to clean the colon. I know what you're saying, I saw that lady saying it was NOT on tv too. But what TF does she know? Unless you're having 3 bowel movements a day and your shit don't STINK, you need to have you colon cleaned. I can't tell you the last time I was sick. Educated yourselves people. Look up Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch. Look up David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousins.

  28. 28

    It scares to me to hear "diet" and "Giuliana Rancic" mentioned in the same sentence. She is one step away from being a skeleton. I have never seen her anything but too skinny. That's crazy!

  29. 29

    BOTOX is nourishing too by the look of her

  30. 30

    hahaha and she wonders why her and Ashton can't conceive??? Same with Giuliana Rancic!!! Her doctor flat out told her she needs to gain weight if she wants to get pregnant…. a young woman that cannot conceive is not normal or healthy!!! Oh and Ashton, Call me! My eggs aren't rotton ;)

  31. 31

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – I agree with you! You're right she probably hasn't eaten carbs in years…. pretty obvious her brain isn't getting enough glucose!! lmao

  32. 32

    She thinks a clean colon will keep her young. LOL
    She looks like his mother.

  33. 33

    I did one of these type natural cleanse for the colon. After, three weeks on it, I woke up one morning to the clearest skin you have ever seen. I was thrilled……then I weakened and ran to the nearest IHOP and gorged on pancakes.

  34. 34

    At least she eats food. Your ugly ass Angelina probably hasn't put food in her mouth in YEARS.

    FYI, you clearly know jack shit on the Master Cleanse.

  35. 35

    shut the hell up perez, she can do whatever she friggen wants. she looks great so if the diet is working for her, good for her. maybe u should try one

  36. 36

    instead of your slow and "try to be fierce but youre not even close "remarks to anyone these days ( lame answers galore ,at the moment ) i think it is better for you to stick with lady moore's program … for at least a decade .

  37. 37

    I couldn't give a fuck what she shoves into her mouth and shits out the next day. WHO FUCKING CARES?

  38. 38

    She is right, although I would never do the master cleanse etc myself, it is about getting rid of all the nasty toxins contained in food not about losing weight, however while doing the program you will lose weight.

  39. 39

    y'all haters are being dopey. SALADs are not made with specifically & only mr lettuce.

  40. T & B says – reply to this


    I'd like to direct her comment to many commenters. Why is it so strange that someone wants to eat for health? Green smoothies are extremely nourishing! :)

  41. 41

    look, skipping dinner or having small portions is actually a very sane and healthy way to lose weight, just like avoiding too much carbs or too much sugar. eating large dinners or very calorie-heavy suppers actually increases your chance at gaining weight because you don't work it off as much as you do during the day. obviously all this 'cleansing' business that demi is going thru is, in fact, pretty fucked up, but the dinner issue itself is not that big of a deal. just sayin.

  42. 42

    Was just reading a review of this so called healthy diet and it has a risk of high toxicity sounds unhealthy to me..but hey they have nothing better to do..when was the last time they each had a hit movie????

  43. 43

    Too bad she turned out that way - I always liked her and thought she was such an intelligent cool woman - but since she is so afraid of getting older and denying all the work she has done and everthing - I can only shake my had and say: DEMI YOU ARE A STUPID IDIOT AND NO ROLE MODEL FOR NO ONE.

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    That's so freakin' Hollywood. She should be chowing down on flame grilled burgers after a long day skiing down Bruce's hill, not obsessing about food.