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Insane!!! More Voicemails!!! MELtdown Made Over 30 "Terrorizing" Calls To Oksana!!!

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This man has ZERO tact or class!

New evidence in the domestic abuse case between Mel Gibson and his ex-lover Oksana Grigorieva. Oksana has come forward with the tape from her answering machine that contains eight hate-laced messages from the night she finally left Mel.

According to Oksana, Mel made over 30 calls the night she left him, spanning from 8pm to 6am. She obviously didn't answer the phone, so Mel was directed to her answering machine, where he left "terrorizing" messages for the mother of his child.

His rantings are some of the worst yet, ripping into Oksana from all sides, from her career to her role as a mother, labeling her everything from a "fucking slut" to "spoiled cunt."

In one message alone, Mel dropped 23 F-bombs, which we think truly emphasizes how disgusting he really is.

By the end of the tape, it's clear that Mel had been drinking as his rantings turned into slurred speech that barely even sounds like words!

Ugh! He makes us sick!

If you think you can stomach even more of his revolting rants, listen to the new audio evidence (above).

This has to be enough to slap him with some serious charges. This is harassment to the utmost degree!

Get rid of this bastard, NOW!

Listen above!

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77 comments to “Insane!!! More Voicemails!!! MELtdown Made Over 30 "Terrorizing" Calls To Oksana!!!”

  1. 1

    please Mario…no more :( I can't take it!! :P

  2. 2

    Over 30? COME ON! I don't care anymore. This bitch.

  3. 3

    Do you know for sure that this is Mel? Sounds nothing like him.

  4. 4

    Yet, you do the same thing to others.

  5. 5

    Clearly the guy has some serious mental issues. This shit isn't even close to normal. I know breakups can bring out the worse in ppl, I get that. But honestly, this is disturbing. Mental illness, insanity, totally insane.

    Like honestly, I think he would benefit from a partial lobotomy.

  6. 6

    U idiot, dont u read the news, the real news? he was not drunk when he made these phone calls. He has not touched a drink since the incident years ago..

  7. 7

    It is illegal to record a phone call without the second party's permission in the state of California. This woman is going to be held legally accountable. She should be quivering over a) the legal implications and b) her own total lack of moral character.

  8. 8

    Very unhappy human being. I am sure he did the same to his ex wife and children.

  9. 9

    nobody cares, this is personal stuff and i think 90% of the population has done this before. or some equivalent at some point in their lives..just that no one put it up on the internet to make money.

    leave mel alone. He gave us lethal weapon. 1, 2, 3, 4. imagine a world without lethal weapon. and im not even mentioning Braveheart.

  10. 10

    that's selfish:

    "It's time, Martin Döringer climbs Hollywoods screens, to support love, light and happiness back!"

  11. 11

    Mel Gibson-of-a-bitch was just having a hard day.

  12. 12

    The absolute worst part of all this is the psychological damage he has caused to her son. He is disgusting. I wish he would move to Australia and we never see this vile person again!

  13. 13

    "I havn't seen you NOT fuck up yet"
    Well Mel, Maybe now is the first. haha She got you GOOD.

  14. 14

    Wow. I can only imagine what it was like when they were living together… wonder if his first wife had to deal with this too? Disgusting.

  15. 15

    "in one message alone, Mel dropped 23 F-bombs, which we think truly emphasizes how disgusting he really is."

    UMMM How many times does PEREZ drop the F-bomb??? Who are you to talk???

  16. 16

    do the world a favor mel and just disapear u piece of human excrement filth racist woman beating fuck

  17. Emesa says – reply to this


    I guess since they are voice-mails idiots can't accuse her of "provoking him"

  18. 18

    This is terrible, except the last few seconds really proves that Mel Gibson should obviously be the next American Idol judge…

  19. heyo! says – reply to this


    Get over it Perez, No one cares anymore ! If Mel weren't in the limelight he wouldn't even get shit for this ! It's not like he hit her, he called her some really mean names. You're making it like he's such a horrible person, yet, you do the same thing by trash talking every celebrity. So shut the fuck up already about it.

  20. 20

    He is a monster. He has proved it over and over again. He has terrorized this poor woman for months. He has no fear because he thinks he owns her.

  21. 21

    Well, I guess his claims of 'extortion' are completely shot down in flames! :D

  22. 22

    …this is boring compared to the other ones…just F this F that….he is truthful about being flawless in live concert, which not many are nowadays….

    ….he still deserves to be in prison….

  23. 23

    Who really gives a rat's ass about him anyway? Out w/ the trash I say. Her too! She's nothing but a homewrecker anyway.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    All this coming from the man with even LESS tact or class, Perez Hilton. Who draws semen dripping out of people's mouths and calls people sluts and whores on a daily basis. You don't think what you did to Carrie Prejean was harassment? All because you didn't get your way and had a temper tantrum about it? The only difference between you and Mel is that you use your computer and he uses the phone.

  26. 26

    someone needs to shoot him in his nuts so hell shut the f up!

  27. 27

    I don't care what the hell she did to provoke him, there are three words that Mel Gibson clearly hasn't ever heard of: class, tact and decorum. He could have held his head up, been a smart man about things and handled this in a much more mature manner–he sure as hell isn't the first to fall for a golddigger. He just sunk to such lows, he makes Chris Brown look good.

  28. 28

    No more. We get the point already.

  29. 29

    How do you know they didn't start their relationship off on this foot… where she bats her eyelashes and he insults her? Maybe he has always called her a slut. And, really… since he was married at the time… is the comment so totally off mark? I don't care for either of them. But the Mel-bashing seems a bit assholish if you aren't also slamming this money-whore of a "lady" too.

  30. 30

    ok peps! raiser ur hand if you ever had a mel gibson meltdown with an ex. i know am guilty!!

  31. meme says – reply to this


    Re: www.someonehad2.com
    These recordings ARE legal. He was leaving her messages on her answering machine. You know a machine that records your voice. He knew he was being recorded. So even if the conversations are out - these are in.

  32. 32

    Yes Mel says some horrible things, but isn't it a little strange that we always get to hear Mel's anger and never Oksana's? For someone to be as mad with Oksana as Mel is, don't you think she must have done something to enrage him? People don't just go mad for no reason at all! We don't know the actual reason behind their split, he says she used him and threw him away, she says she feared for her child's safety. There is no evidence that he did in fact hit her, it is just her word against his. Of course everyone takes it at face value and believes the alleged victim. Mel should seek some counseling but Oksana will be exposed as the money-hungry user she is!

  33. 33

    We don't know the whole story. MAybe he sohouldn't have called leaving all those msgs with so much hate but he was clearly distressed and felt betrayed. We can't judge him as you don't know what it's like for him.

    Second, we have no idea who this Oksana is and what she did towards him, so again you can't judge them. Quite frankly who the hell leaks PRIVATE tapes like this? Is should be their private business obviously whoever leaked them wanted something out of it.

    BTW she's a cunning one getting knocked up by a rich hollywood dude, securing herself a nice fat bank future by bearing his child. Thats the oldest trick in the book. Who was she before he met her?! She tried before with Timothy now Mel..She secured herself a nice home, fat bank account and had him pay for her album. Clearly she's smart. And Mel, well nobody's perfect, stuff happens. Those tapes should never have been publicly released.

  34. 34

    And yes Mel could have handled himself much better and paid a little more attention to what he said, however, that does not mean that he should let her get away with using him, getting all she wants out of him, then throws him away like yesterday's garbage. If that happened to me I sure as hell would be angry and disappointed. She is not the 'innocent victim' she is making herself out to be.

  35. 35

    What a piece of s***t Mel is!I will never watch his movies.Ever!

  36. 36

    what a peice of shit he is … he needs to be locked up

  37. 37

    its just words…she could have tell him to go to he*l like normal people do and not sue each other for millions of dollars, f*cking gold digger

  38. hebe says – reply to this


    Yawn. Mel Gibson is boring. TMI

  39. 39

    Re: www.someonehad2.com

    These are messages that he left on an answering machine. The whole purpose of an answering machine is to record phone messages. He knew it was being recorded.

  40. 40

    Re: tizzle2 – I've never talked to anyone in the way Mel did to Oksana. only sickos talk that way.

  41. 41

    I for one have told someone off once or twice in my lifetime.. Glass houses Perez! Careful - Karma is a bitch. How many times have you written nasty vile things about someone.. daily.. if you don’t like them you just don’t stop.. Hi pot meet kettle..

  42. 42

    Sure, he is talking really ugly, but he doesn't sound drunk. The problem I have with this is we have no way of knowing what she has said or done to him to put him in this state. Sure, you shouldn't talk to anyone like this, but this is all one-sided. He seems just really, really, really angry that he had an affair with a woman who got "accidentally" pregnant (yeah right) and was probably just using him all along and now he has a baby that he loves very much with someone who tricked him. Again, no need to talk to anyone like that, but we're only hearing one side of it.

  43. 43

    Sounds like she knows he has mental problems and pushes every button she can, to tick him off.
    He is a bastard, and she is a bitch. They cancel each other out, but she is the one causing the real problems here.

  44. 44

    god this man is a disgusting waste of space.. so what if she wasn't supposed to record these things.. it shows what a horrible man he is and keeps him from spreading lies about her.. abusive men should be punished and not hide behind the legal line.. i hope she gets everything.. and i know that this has done some damage to his career.. major damage

    ps.. to all you perez haters.. go to a different site morons.. no one cares what you think about perez stope wasting space on this site with your useless comments… you obviously do care or you wouldn't take the time to read the blog and then sign up for a user name so you can comment on his site.. fuckin idiots!

  45. cutit says – reply to this


    ha it's an answering machine which means he knew he was being recorded that's what answering machines do. He needs to crawl into a hole and die. I can't stand his presence on this earth.

  46. 46

    I think they both got what they deserved, that being each other.

    Poor little baby- I hope they can both grow up enough to not traumatize the little one. But I doubt it.

  47. amany says – reply to this


    Re: www.someonehad2.com
    does it apply to voice-mails? Isn't there an inherent knowledge in leaving a voice mail that it is clearly recorded. Then is it up to the discretion of the recipient to decide when to delete it, or in this case, distribute it. Just curious.

  48. 48

    Re: Dawn Prince-Moody – Because you know Mel personally?

    Anyway, this tape actually made me lol when he hung up and called back the last time with the answer. He sounds drunk and brokenhearted.

  49. 49

    i love u perez…but theres too much meltdown mel on nowwadays.x

  50. 50

    Still need both sides of the story.

  51. 51

    Earth to Perez: The story is old already. Every time you post one of these things all I can think of is that your Father must has beat the snot out of you as a kid or something, because you are so focused.

    Get over it. Oksana has shown herself as a clear gold digger looking for a life long meal ticket, nothing more and nothing less. It doesn't matter how much she pays to get this sort of story out there, she is looking horrible.

    As for you Mario, I would recommend some time with a shrink, because these things show that you have some real issues hiding just under the surface. Your comment and your frantic tone certainly read like a battered child.

  52. 52

    He isn't drunk. He is hurt and angry. SHE is clearly a gold digger. None of this is right…it is a personal matter and should have NEVER been brought to the media's attention. I feel for the kids (his, hers and theirs); they shouldn't be dragged through this.
    BTW–Mel and his wife had been separated for quite a while before he and this conniving bitch got together…they just decided to actually divorce once word got out about his relationship with Oksana.

  53. 53

    people like this make money off their personal image… hit em where it hurts baby.. right in the checkbook!

  54. 54

    Wow Meltdown Gibson reminds me of my ex-husband so much. He is completely mentally and physically abusive. It really makes me question his first wife (robyns) statement that he never was abusive towards her. With all the rage he has, I doubt he went 18 years without at least calling her a bitch once in a while or smacking her around a little.

  55. 55

    [re=5238749]Re: amanda

  56. 56

    The tone of his voice is simply terrifying to listen to, aside of the threats. It's scary for me, so I'm sure she was extremely scared of him.

  57. 57

    I've come to believe Mel and Oksana deserve each other - he may be right about her, but he is a pig for talking to her that way. It's obvious he realizes he's been used and played and it makes him violently angry. Scary. Regardless, his career is Over. And please note everyone these recordings are illegally obtained in the State of California. She screwed herself and should have gone to the police ASAP instead of doing this or had the law enforcement record them legally if she was in danger.

  58. 58

    I don't think this is harassment in the legal sense of the issue. I am remembering after I broke up with a guy once he called me hundreds of times in the space of a few days. It was scary. I ended up going to the police. But then it stopped. There is a period right after a breakup where things get very volatile. I don't think anyone would like to be recorded during that time. I also got very weird with a old BF after he broke up with me, constant calling, tears, etc. etc. Mel is a jerk and an ass and a bigot - but the more I listen, the more I realize he sounds like a very very hurt man who realizes the truth - he's been screwed & played.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    Attention amanda

  61. 61

    Strange, he still does things for her, but calls her all kinds of names and denigrates her. He's a real strange agent. This man needs help. He sounds like a psychopath.

  62. 62

    Re: meme – You're absolutely right Meme. You leave a message on an answering machine, there is an implied consent - you KNOW it's being taped. He thought she was low to begin with, why would he give her more ammo? He sounds stupid. She was just as stupid to put up with his bullshit.

  63. 63

    I can tell from the comments on here that people think it's okay for Mel to talk to his lady like that, because several people on here are just like Mel. Ladies, always stay away from men like that. Never put up with that kind of shit.

  64. 64

    Perez knows all about class

  65. 65

    Oh for Godsake Perez, and anyone else with two clues to rub together…..if anyone, and I mean anyone, were harrassing me with this many phone calls, I am darn sure that after the third call, I would simply have taken the phone off the hook and got some sleep. By leaving the phone on, she was inviting the rants and raving…….and of course, strategically leaving the machine on to tape Mel in all his raving glory. I don't condone his behaviour, but as someone with a relative who is bipolar/manic-depressive, I can certainly understand it.

  66. 66

    whatever the guy is pissed off at a women who used him…he has issues, who among us doesn't …we just have different ones…it is not a mental illness to swear and be pissed off and curse the shit out and call someone bad names its called…a bad breakup and someone who has anger issues and is piised off….lots off guys and girls have these issues! Lots! I hear the cussing daily when I accidently cut someone off….what come out of someones mouth…so you are shocked someone with a big ego and $$$$ has a huge foul mouth when he gets hurt…come on this guy is used to getting whatever he wants so when he gets hurt its going to be like a spoilt baby tantram….really…it is a issue but we made it by playing all these stars up…they are Drama kings and Queens anyways why would you think their tantrums would be anything less then spectacular???

  67. 67

    whatever the guy is pissed off at a women who used him…he has issues, who among us doesn't …we just have different ones…it is not a mental illness to swear and be pissed off and curse the shit out and call someone bad names its called…a bad breakup and someone who has anger issues and is piised off….lots off guys and girls have these issues! Lots! I hear the cussing daily when I accidently cut someone off….what come out of someones mouth…so you are shocked someone with a big ego and $$$$ has a huge foul mouth when he gets hurt…come on this guy is used to getting whatever he wants so when he gets hurt its going to be like a spoilt baby tantram….really…it is a issue but we made it by playing all these stars up…they are Drama kings and Queens anyways why would you think their tantrums would be anything less then spectacular???

  68. 68

    Re: meloveyoulongtime29 – My boyfriend is the same way, its been a while since he has been physical towards me but the mental abusive isn't far from Mel at times, did your husband ever change or recieve counseling? It is very hard for me to leave, I have been living with him since I was 17 and things could not be worse at home…nothing could make me want to go back there…I keep hoping the pain he sees me go thru, will be enough to make him change.

  69. 69

    "By leaving the phone on, she was inviting the rants and raving"

    Wow. I'd hate to see and/or hear the crap you put up with.

  70. 70

    Why is it that my last 2 comments aren't showing up?

  71. 71

    Does anyone think that she might have deserved it? I do.
    There could be some truth behind his rants… I mean … when betrayed or hurt by someone… in the heat of the feelings we say crazy things out of our emotions….

    I think she prob was selfish and gold digging and he over extended himself to her and she gave nothing else in return.

    No reason to leave the messages… and yes he prob needs anger management classes… but in all probability she had selfish self serving intentions all along.

  72. 72

    Re: angel007 – attention what????? i'm so confused..

  73. 73

    [re=5241364]Re: amanda

  74. 74

    She must have instigated this one way or another. As for the physical abuse allegations, they are just that - allegations, i.e. they haven't been proven! The photos of her teeth and the supposed bruise on the child's face are up for debate. There are a million ways she could have chipped those teeth and it is a fact that a baby is prone to spots. Frankly just cause Oksana is playing the victim, it doesn't mean she is one. How can one be 100% sure she is telling the absolute truth? It's not fair that ppl sit there and chastise Mel when they don't even know the full story. Don't you think it's strange how we only get to hear Mel's anger on the tapes? Strangely enough Oksana doesn't seem to have anything to be angry about, maybe cause she's the instigator, not Mel. Until there is concrete evidence that he did in fact hit her, Mel is innocent until proven otherwise. She is a user and I can't wait till her true colors are exposed and she wipes that smarmy smirk off her plastic face!

  75. 75

    This was supposed to be my first comment. You're right cos my comments didn't show. Do you think that just cause someone is in the public eye, like Mel is, and has money, it is ok for them to be used and thrown away like yesterday's garbage? Mel may be famous, but he's human and has feelings too you know. Yes he uses foul language when talking to her, something I don't condone, yet it is obvious that she has hurt him deeply some way. He says that when he told her he was having financial difficulties she was outta there in a flash. To me that sounds like something a money-hungry user does! People don't get angry for no reason, therefore there is something Oksana is conveniently leaving out of the picture.

  76. 76

    Re: angel007 – i changed my user name.. something was wrong and when people responded it didn't show up..
    i'm not saying he wasn't hurt.. but what the heck was he expecting.. he left his wife for a younger, hotter model chick.. hello.. gold digger.. what do these guys think they are just sooooo hot these young pretty girls want to get with them.. no.. your wife probably loved you but you got rid of her because you wanted some hot peice of ass and that's what you got.. a gold-digging hot peice of ass
    it doesn't matter what her intentions were. he was mentally and probably physically abusive to her.. and he made racist comments about black people and anti-semitic remarks about jewish people… she is neither.. so he is a racist bigot..

  77. Nonjo says – reply to this


    It's nobody's business but theirs! I am not a nasty person by nature, but when I divorced my 1st husband I didn't have a decent thing to say about him, didn't trust him, and told him off every chance I had! It took years for the Hate I felt to tone down to indifference! People go through things and it affects them differently each time. He obviously has a problem with alcohol, but so do half of the people I know. Just drop all the gossip ’cause their own baggage is enough for them to deal with. Leave them alone, leave Mel alone. Stop ragging on him! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!