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New Fish LOLhan Is Keepin' Busy In Prison…With Twizzlers!

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Incarceration wouldn't be as pleasant without some Twizzlers!

Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, updated sources on her client after a visit with her yesterday. Miz Holley assured everyone that Lindsanity was feeling "good," using her time wisely and snacking on Twizzlers.

Huh, wonder if she bites off both ends to use as a straw? You know, for when she drinks her morning juice…not for when she snorts cocaine. Because she isn't allowed cocaine in prison, remember? That wasn't on the list. She's allowed her Adderall, Ambien, acid reflux pills, horse tranquilizers and Flintstone vitamins, but not cocaine! No siree!

As for what else LOLhan is up to behind bars, Miz Holley says:

"She looks gorgeous. … She's writing a lot. She's creating art. She's a beautiful, talented, creative woman, and she's going to come out and surprise you all!"

Excuse us, but did you say WRITING??? As in, putting her own insane thoughts down on the page?!

Oh. Em Gee. We think we smell a book of poems on the way!

Oh goody, goody! We can't wait to read them!

P.S. - No one looks "gorgeous" or "beautiful" under the harsh fluorescent bulbs of prison. Quit lying!

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