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Engagement Off! Bristol Splits From Levi AGAIN!

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Well that fizzled right as it was getting good again!

It's like a real life, white trash soap opera up there!

Bristol Palin is reportedly devastated by the news that her fiance douchey baby daddy, Levi Johnston, was stoopid enough to impregnate his ex-girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia, during their time apart, and will only communicate with him via text message!


A source claims:

“Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows for sure. Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception. The Palins recognize [Bristol’s decision to take Levi back] was the ultimate act of forgiveness, but they themselves are not ready to practice it. They remember the harsh words and the hurtful actions of just a few months ago. In their minds, Levi has spent the last year and a half trying to hurt Bristol and the family."

We wonder if Sexy Sarah will still welcome that dumbass at their table for Thanksgiving dinner!

And when the fuck is Levi's elegant, aspiring model/blogger sister Mercede going to weigh in on the situation on her website? We can't WAIT to hear what she has to say about this mess!

Bwa ha ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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48 comments to “Engagement Off! Bristol Splits From Levi AGAIN!”

  1. 1

    Unfortunately, the more ludicrous this situation becomes, the more they will be in demand, and the more money they make.

  2. 2

    First of all, yeah, it was stupid if he impregnated the other woman, but he did whilst he was single and free of Palin!

    Secondly, I never bought it for a second that they were actually engaged.

    Third, Levi is kinda hot.

  3. 3

    That's just sad. What an embarrassment.

  4. 4

    …..she forgot to bring home the beer…………….

  5. 5

    3 possible baby daddy's> sheesh hooor. And yeah, I didn't think they were really engaged either

  6. 6

    What is it with kids these days and not knowing how to wrap it up. Jeez. and @softbones, I fully agree with you lol.

  7. 7

    I think we need to start a fund for getting this creep a vasetomy.

  8. 8

    The real reason is that Bristol caught Sarah eating Levi's asshole while fucking herself with a big dildo.

  9. 9

    Im not a Palin fan but I gotta call the white whale out on this one. White trash ain't as bad as CUBAN trash that floats around FLO-RI-DA fat boy.

  10. 10

    Ha!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the gift just keeps on giving.

  11. 11

    Bill and Hillary are on a sinking boat. Who gets saved? The nation.
    How does Clinton practice safe sex?
    He doesn't light the cigar
    You know what the problem is with political jokes?
    They get elected.
    Monica allegedly told Kenneth Starr that she merely wanted someone she could look up to.

  12. 12

    3 possible father's in one weeks time? Seriously?

  13. 13

    Sounds like Lanesia needs to go on Maury…

  14. 14

    levi is fucking hot!!! ’nuff said =)

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    That's too bad, and knee-jerk to a baby that might not be his; and no one expects a guy Levi's age who is currently single to live like a monk. Breaking up simply to save face when he was single at the time could deny a life long pairing that could be sincere. Decide AFTER the DNA test.

  16. 16

    Bristol shouldn't write Levi off yet. Two other guys were fucking that whore at the same time. It could have been their cum that got the slut pregnant

  17. 17

    guess they didnt get that show

  18. 18

    Hey Fuckface!
    You are either a condescending sob or you're stupid.
    I'm so sick of you people.
    Do you think your Democrat voters are so dumb they would still believe "it's Bush's fault" in the November election, or are you this stupid to believe it. Which is it?
    Your utopia is here and it really, really sucks.
    It's why we're in the sewer.
    Passing on unmanageable debt to our children and grandchildren, long after you pimps and whores are long gone, is pure EVIL.
    You have a Democrat President in place for 18 months, a huge Democrat majority in Congress for 4 years, and a majority in the Senate.
    The Republicans couldn't stop shit, even if they would grow a pair and stop reaching across the aisle.
    If you won't attach any blame to Obama in 18 months, than Bush is absolved of 9/11 blame being CIC for only 8 months
    You are such a slu.g and embody today's Democrat Progressives!
    JFK would turn over in his grave to see what you have done to our country.

  19. 19

    THAT ……………………. is how Hillbillies roll !

  20. 20

    Surprise! Surprise!

  21. 21

    Re: luvs2tango – Oh, shut up.

  22. 22

    Redneck Rampage.

  23. 23

    Yeah they got there pic. on the cover of a magazine, and all that money. Bristol girl you need to grow up and smell the roses!!!!

  24. 24

    Looks like Sarah Palin's parental assessment that Levi wasnt husband material was right all along.

  25. 25

    Inside Edition quoted Mercede Johnston as saying, Levi could NOT be the father due to the time frame she got pregnant and that Levi is getting cold feet about marriage then the Inside Edition rep said, of course Mercede is estranged from Levi. WTF. At least the engagement got Levi the gig on the music video.

  26. 26

    Now who is gonna want that used-up, smelly, old twat?

    She is used goods.

  27. 27

    politics aside…
    there are plenty of teens these days who get tangled into these situations…
    most of the time I wonder how it is even the biggest tool is desirable to gals…
    we all who have friends who could do better and are active participants in the their twisted relationships…I understand and I am confused about these issues on so many levels…what the hello kitty is bristol thinking? her folks are right not to embrace him…he made a public concentrated effort to blast the palins…still is…this would suck if were the obama's too…

  28. 28

    I wish this was being filmed as a reality show.

  29. 29

    What the hell are they doing? These people belong on Jerry Springer…

  30. 30

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – I Second that!!!! : )

  31. 31

    Re: luvs2tango

    Listen, Luvs2Tango. Some advice: Save your Neo-Con bullshit for your TEA Parties . This is a gossip site and you obviously care enough to register and read, waiting to post your propaganda and hate.

    How about this, you say that Obama has been in office for 18 months and hasn't made a dent. You can't expect miracles overnight considering we had an idiot in office for 96 months making one bad decision after the next. 96 MONTHS…8 years. And if you pay attention you would know things are getting better, slowly.

    I only hope you are not delusional enough in your thinking to believe that Palin and McCain would have been the better choice, especially with all of the positive publicity Palin has been getting. Specifically here, in this situation, becuase the former VP candidates daughter's whore of a fiance is maintaining a fabulous reputation (not only through association with the family's "good name.") but through his actions as well.

  32. 32

    This is the most pathetic dumbfcuk hillbilly family ever.
    I can't believe that some of you dumbasses would actually want them in control of the country.
    If you are going to be a Republican, at least support competent and intelligent people like Mitt Romney.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2tango – Make your point at the polls. You sound like a republican missionary at the door at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Unless you're on a payroll somewhere for doing this, can you give your view about the above development instead of campaigning 24/7?

  34. 34

    You'd think the idiot would have learned to wrap it, especially with the shitstorm his first unplanned sperm donation caused.

  35. 35

    Maybe they should pop by the Maury show and get the old DNA test done.

  36. 36

    Oh goodness! Break me off a KIT-KAT somebody…

  37. steff says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2tango – You're on the wrong website, moron.

    Haven't these people heard of condoms????

  38. 38

    Cutie Pie, get naked, but don't forget your condom.
    Breaking news, Levi's little hero was too small to fit the petite size condom, so some sperms got escaped and the rest is history.

  39. 39

    This dude is gross! Time to get a degree and a job dude.
    You're going to need the cash to support all your babies and baby momma's.

  40. 40

    Re: luvs2tango – Increase your lithium dose. Your manic is showing.

  41. Logan says – reply to this


    Get your facts right Mario….

    “I just want things to be dropped and get the truth out there. He’s not the father and that’s what needs to be said because there is no way he is,” Garcia said in an interview from the coffee shop where she works in Wasilla.

    Garcia, who says she is due August 30, admits to dating Johnston in the eighth grade, but says she has not dated or been with him recently. She insists they have had no contact at all.

    She also says the baby’s father, whom she did not want to name, is her boyfriend of three years whom she hopes to marry “if everything works out.”

    She lays blame to the roots of the rumor at Wasilla jealousy and believes someone in the small town is getting paid-off.

    “I have no idea (who it could be) because somebody did that to get big money. That’s how people are here, they will do whatever they can do to get money,” Garcia says. “That’s how this town is.”

  42. 42

    I'm exactly where I want to be, folks…purposefully stinking up your threads when I know it's so fucking annoying to hear any criticism of your Thief-in-Chief.
    I really, really enjoy it when I collect fucking scum buckets like you to hate on me. It's a badge of honor.
    I'm Mario and his friends' personal Code Pink.
    Looking forward to yaw'll carping about our next Republican takeover.
    All things come to an end in Washington, and you guys thought George Bush was bad, just wait.
    lol lol lol

  43. 43

    DUDE!!! It's called a condom, look into using one!

  44. dodo says – reply to this


    I am waiting for Kathy Griffin to claim she is also pregnant.

  45. 45

    cant just blame him though!
    what about these girls not demanding he use one? or using protection themselves?

  46. 46

    Levis hot! Stupid, but hot. The way I see it, if he's not smart enough to have safe sex, he isn't smart enough to be married. However, Bristol Palin can shout from the highest mountain that she's a born again virgin all she wants, but virgins don't have babies. So don't try acting all High and Mighty when you're slinging mud at other people. You're bound to get some on you!

  47. 47

    Re: luvs2tango – oh my god it is so hilarious how someone so uniformed, ignorant, hateful and just plain disgusting can have such an adorable avatar.

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2tango – You know I'm not hating on you. This is where I go to get away from that shat. Unless the post is political.