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Lindsay Lohan Releases Video From Jail!

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You must watch this!

Seriously, multiple LOLgasms!

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136 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Releases Video From Jail!”

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  1. 1

    dude you are not funny mario, stop trying

  2. 2

    Hahaha, classic! I loves it!

  3. 3

    … This is not funny like at all. it really stupid actually.

  4. 4

    ummmmmmmmmm…………… not so funny. BORING

  5. 5

    Ok where is it? I'm waiting…

  6. mben says – reply to this


    not funny! AT ALL!

  7. 7

    Unbelievably self-indulgent, Mario,
    but thanks for inviting me over to play dolls with you.

  8. 8

    Not LOLgasms- Lame balls.

  9. 9

    so funny!

  10. 10

    you are SOOOO ridiculously funny.. I love you.. you make my Life worth living!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11

    you have way to much time on your hands, this is stupid- not even funny. You just insulted a little girl who dont know. horrible

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Not funny.

  14. 14

    Why so many negative comments all the time? Seriously, why come to this page just to complain. It's Perez's page. If you don't find him funny, make your own website and stop coming on here. I personally think this is hilarious!

  15. 15


  16. 16

    That was not funny. In fact I only watched half of it before turning it off. Was that your voice, piggy? You really think you're hilarious?

  17. 17

    not one laugh from me.

  18. 18

    ok…miley, racoon and lil'miley yes, but lay off on the kstew hating…come on perez! se llama envidia de la buena…wink…

  19. GUM says – reply to this


    seriously, stop with the aspiring comedian routine

  20. 20

    its not funny…at all

  21. 21

    yeah, this really isnt funny. and can you stop blathering about how you want the american idol job? actually, blather all you want. i will just find a different site for my entertainment news.

  22. 22

    its good to look for inspiration from your idols
    mine is ghandi ya know that guy from the movie..lmaoo.

  23. 23

    Fail. On a epic level. Fail.

  24. 24

    doesnt that barbie doll kinda remind you audrina patrige..or however u spell her name

  25. 25

    Wow, what do you say? Okay, this must of been very funny to you when you thought of this, then when you were doing it, you must have thought it was still funny. After you recorded this, you really should have listened to the end result. It was painful, there wasn't a single moment from the beginning to the end where nothing but a massive wince was produced from listening. I felt embarrassed for you. You need to delete this to avoid further humilation.

  26. 26

    I have always been a fan of making fun of Lindsay Lohan. But that wasn't even funny!

    You try too hard. You're one of those people that are so desperate to be funny and liked that you come off as awkward and pathetic.

  27. 27

    incredibly stupid.

  28. 28

    your voice makes me want to slit my wrists with shards of glass..

  29. 29

    Not funny! There is a point where you're just plain mean…Perez you are there! The girl is in jail it's not like she is hurting anyone!

  30. 30

    This is not funny at all and your obsession with her is getting old. Get over it and find something else to talk about.

  31. 31

    so stupid

  32. 32

    this site has gone to shit

  33. 33

    Another fine example of this goof's "talent" He is not funny and has a very wooden delivery. Save the comedy for people with talent. Stick to drawing little dots on real stars and fawning Lady Gaga. You will die cold and alone you old hag.

  34. 34

    it was going ok until barbie lindsay mentions Kristen Steward, Im ok with hanna whatever and the other one but live Kristen she is better and not so stupid…or insane…..

  35. 35

    Somehow I find this so not funny. Its just not cool to make light of other people's misery. Lindsay has a screwed up family and she seems pretty lost to me. I wish her all the best.

  36. 36

    couldn't handle it fatty?

  37. 37

    I failed to laugh.

  38. 38

    that wasn't funny

  39. 39

    you are not funny at all; i couldn't even watch the whole thing. literally, i did not even smile once and i'm not even a lindsay fan

  40. 40

    perez plays with barbie

  41. 41

    trying way to hard, fatty

  42. 42


  43. 43

    that was so fucking boring. not even close to one "LOLgams"
    i couldnt even make it through a whole minute.

  44. 44

    Funny? More like stupid as shit.

  45. 45

    wow.. not even a little bit funny

  46. 46

    wow that was entirely unfunny. someone on your team has to tell you this whole push to be a video comedian IS NOT WORKING!

  47. 47

    unfortunately, its not funny at all.

  48. 48

    this site has become so lame..this was not funny at all. i used to like ur old shit…step up ur game

  49. 49

    Mario put DOWN the barbies NOW, LMFAO!!!!!!

  50. 50

    Lol it's kind of funny how the people on your site don't even like you. I personally can't stand you. I just like to know what is going on with celebrities. Lol seriously don't even try to be an actor or a comedian because this video was beyond stupid. All you're doing is shaking a barbie doll back in forth and talking non sense. Lol you need to realize that people look at this website to see what's going on with celebrities. Nobody cares about what is going on with you. Your "personally perez" crap is bull shit. No one cares about your mom, your dog, your weight, or any of it. So just shut up. Haha loser. Xoxo :)

  51. 51

    Not funny. Slow. Uninspired. Lost track of the content as it's a one note monologue.

  52. 52

    some dude asked me,"why is it everytime i meet a chick she makes me her friend?" I told him to read the man blogs at www.chickies.manblog.net

  53. 53

    honestly, this wasn't funny at all. and i'm not trying to hate..it really just wasn't funny.

  54. 54

    not funny

  55. 55

    so, as much as i want to love this, it is so stupid and not funny at all. waste of 2 minutes. :P

  56. 56


  57. 57

    Terribly unfunny. I want the old Perez back! This is like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I'm convinced you were replaced by a pod. You're not funny or witty anymore; maybe it's the weight you lost. Even the posts are becoming lame. Same old crap everyday, whatever happened to the guy who used to post sick "if you're offended…" links, those days are gone. What the fuck happened to you?!

  58. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Was that an attempt at humor?

  59. 59

    That was really boring & incredibly stupid. Of course, I only made it to 58 seconds in.

  60. 60

    So not funny at all!! Your voice is so annoying talk like a man instead of some big flaming queen dude.

  61. 61

    You're kidding right? That isn't even slightly funny… it's just dumb.

  62. 62

    Re: Jennymkemp – douche

  63. 63

    you still have Barbie? awww.. do you play dress up with them?..

  64. 64

    Re: darthschwartz – I do agree

  65. 65

    I heard your voice, I hit stop. Does it take a 2×4 up side your head to make you see the OVERWHELMING responses to your lame efforts at being funny are not working? Get a clue dude…

  66. 66

    Nope. Not a smirk or a smile. It was just not funny… at all.

  67. 67

    why do you think your own shit's funny? i didn't even want to finish it… and i didn't

  68. 68

    Saying that your own work will give me an "lolgasim" is like a guy telling me he can make me cum without touching myself while fucking me in the ass… Never had any "gasims" from both.

  69. Tljx says – reply to this


    This wasn't funny one bit, it was terribly stupid and a wate of time.

  70. 70

    I wish it was funny, but it's not…at all. Honestly, it was sort of painful to watch actually. I've been a huge fan of yours for a long time and have noticed that the site has lost the spark it once had. For a while I was convinced you hired some garbage bloggers to write for you, but it seems as though your rise in popularity has triumphed over quality.

  71. 71

    Dude you're just rippin off Cheeks atm, which btw, *was* funny, unlike this.

  72. 72

    This is something you see on a 14 year old's youtube page which gets 13 hits.

  73. 73

    Whoever wrote that has no talent for comedy. Whoever narrated that has no talent for voice overs or performance what so ever. To summerize, very, very bad. Makes that skank lindsay lohan come out of it with some class.

  74. 74


  75. 75

    So stupid. I feel embarrassed for you.

  76. 76

    hi Perez i don't particularly like Lindsay but sometimes you are going too far with all this

  77. 77

    stick to blogging.

  78. 78


  79. 79

    Epic FAIL! you aren't funny perez, stop trying to be!

  80. 80

    Can't stand your mouth-breathing mouth speaking. Your mental illness prevents you from actually being funny. You don't get it, people laugh at you, not with you. Pathetic.

  81. 81

    wow…….. i think the majority of the comments say it all! & wtf lay off k-stew, that was totally unjustified!

  82. 82

    Mario/Perez, you have changed your name, you have chosen to be gay because of God knows why, you have drooled over F-list celebrities, you have lost weight, you have made a fool out of yourself at the pagent, and none of it has made people like you. You try to hard, and it is sad. I would feel sorry for you, but you are to mean and nasty and self-loathing. Don't you get it? YOU FORCE PEOPLE TO HATE YOU because of your ugliness inside.

  83. 83

    that wasnt funny…

  84. 84

    lol :D

  85. 85

    FUCK OFF DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 86

    Perez you & your writers are a bunch of sadists. To get this much pleasure from another persons pain is psycopathic. As much as I pity Lindsay, she has done more in her short years than you have in your fat ones. Peace xxx

  87. 87

    Re: Perez_Fan – People come here to read about real celebrities, not Perez famewhoring.

  88. 88

    this was terrible… like all of the perez made skits and videos.

    This site has gone to shit

  89. 89


  90. 90

    It wasn't clever. Next time spend more than 5 min on trying to make a funny.

  91. 91

    Why don't you try being kind to someone who is having a hard time?

    I mean, when gays were struggling for their place in the world, they were beat down, ridiculed, and more. But now you have some respect, you do the same fucking things to others. Perez, I did 8-years in prison in my 20's before I figured out the problem was me. And I had to find that out myself. Whenever anyone broke my balls, I just shut them out. Imagine you… being a decent guy. It'd sure be nice because it would certainly take away the desire to beat the fucking shit out of you were I to see you… not that I would, but I would sure like to. For some, like you and I, it's not easy to be decent, but you can try, and sometimes it works..

  92. 92

    Perez your actually so up yourself, that wasnt funny AT ALL and your all like 'you must watch this' as if it was going to be amazing FAIL

  93. 93

    Lol this is pretty funny.. ktperrynaked.com

  94. 94

    OMG perez stop with the "comedy", seriously, u suck so bad at it, just stick to blogging..

  95. 95

    couldnt make it through first 10 seconds…stupid.

  96. 96

    Perez/Mario why do you have to kick the poor girl while she's down? I started visiting your site to look at the celeb gossip/outfits, to numb the boredom of work. There seems to be more bullying on here now than celeb goss.

    Did you get bullied in school or something? My money is on yes!

    Leave the poor girl alone, you dick.

  97. 97

    I hope the only reason you have that barbie doll was so you could make this stupid video….

  98. 98

    i thought it was funny

  99. 99

    Messages of hate on women–as usual, from Perez Gibson

  100. Dusss says – reply to this


    You made it yourself?????
    thought you found something… this is lame

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