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Oksana Speaks!

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Oksana Grigorieva is finally talking about the Mel Gibson scandal, and says that he is "trivializing domestic violence" by making claims that she tried to extort him.

She goes on to say:

"I have never tried to extort anything from him. There is no proof of anything. It is all false information he is feeding the press. It is a smear campaign, clearly, to me. I am absolutely convinced of that… It is very unfair."

When asked why she recorded the now infamous voicemails and phone calls between she and Mel, she says she did it "because I didn't think I was going to make it through the night…The tapes, as you call them, the voicemails, everything was recorded that night because I was in fear for my life. I really did not think I was going to make it."

She also pleads for Mel to "Speak the truth, tell the truth, for the sake of your daugter."

Sad. We hope that Mel comes to senses for the sake of all his children.

[Image via WENN.]

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49 comments to “Oksana Speaks!”

  1. 1

    In this case of domestic violence, charges should be laid and Mel brought to court. If he is jailed for his assault with bodily harm, so be it. The rest is camoflauge and Mel and his PR team trying to discredit and blame the victim, a typical move from abusers.

  2. 2

    he doesn't have to speak the truth. as long as she's flapping those nasty ass silicon DSL's, he can sit back and relax. the truth has come out with all her conflicting stories. he's just giving her the rope to hang herself with, and it's working

  3. 3

    Take that, bitch!

  4. 4

    Their both lying assholes hows that…

  5. 5

    I heard she gets her makup done at barnam and bailey !

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Liar! Whore! Liar! Whore! Who hides RECORDED phone tirades for 6 months??? - if he beat her CALL THE POLICE MORON! If he endangered you & your child - LEAVE - the leaked tapes, the stories flying - her stupid album flopped, maybe he finally said umm…you can't sing

  8. 8

    I would like to drop-kick his svetty balls.

  9. 9

    Feared for her life and didn't think she would make it through the night. Oh, sure….if you fear for you life that night you don't start recording phone calls, you CALL THE POLICE!!!!!

    What a lying, money hungry bitch!

  10. 10

    She's a lying piece of shit woman, that drove him crazy she needs to fall off the planet and is now milking it or the fame. Mel is also an ass for saying what he did there is no place for that ever, but it's her fault.

    Women try to destroy great men to get what they want! MONEY!

  11. 11

    Oksana is talking way to much. Even her PR person quit on her. She is not doing herself any favors by asking Mel to "speak the truth" and still recieving his money and living off of him. If she was in fear for her life, there is the police and shelters. The dentist even offered her shelter. Instead, she continues to live in Mel's house.

  12. 12

    Re: SeeinStarz – Amen to that!

  13. 13

    Not that I condone Mel's conduct. . .I do find it interesting that she calls HIS smear campaign unfair. . .huh. . .and her's isn't? I don't think fairness is a condition of a smear campaign. . .in fact, quite the opposite.

  14. 14

    Sounds just like something a manipulative, lying, conniving slut would say. She is the one who is making herself out to be the 'innocent victim' who feared for her life! Lol yeah cause when someone feels threatened they continue to live under the same roof as the alleged 'monster', keep schtum about the whole thing, and never inform the police until NOW! Bitch please! The physical abuse allegations have not been proven yet, so Mel is innocent until there is concrete evidence which argues against that!

  15. 15

    What a load of horseshit.
    This woman is a lying sack of crap that gives REAL domestic abuse victims a harder time being believed.

  16. 16

    Everything that girl says is bs. Id do not feel sorry for gold diggers. They manipulate and use people and usually drag kids into it to solidify themselves into others bank accounts. If she was really scared, endangered, and beaten she should of left instead of waiting around and recording him. I think the that poor bastard thought she loved him and when he figured out what she was really there for it broke his heart. I don't agree with what he said and I definitely support anyone hitting anyone. I do understand why he would say those things. I would be angry to find out my baby's momma is a gold digging whore too.

  17. 17

    I also think the bitches like this who uses the system for personal gain is making it harder for women in real danger to get help. She should just take the money he offered and walked away.

  18. 18

    It's quite simple, if Oksay's lips are moving at any time, it means she is lying. End of!!

  19. Dusss says – reply to this


    But the questions still are:
    Why and how did these tapes get picked up by the press? Over, and over and over and over again?

    She's no saint…

  20. 20

    Come to his senses and do what???? Who would freely admit that they did what he is accused of.

    It took six months to report this. Yea. She was so affraid that she forgot to report it . I think that she could take him anyway. Mel aint that big. She is small and wirey.

  21. 21

    As if she feared for her life! She didn't think she'd make it through the night, so instead of calling the cops in or getting somewhere safe, she sits home and makes tapes.

  22. 22

    yeah right bitch.
    team mel.

  23. 23

    AND BECAUSE OF HER DIARRHEA OF THE MOUTH…her brand new PR manager has QUIT! Yes, QUIT.

    I can only imagine how much MOUTH this biotch gave Mel Gibson. I'll bet she was an absolute wretch to live with! STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

  24. 24

    PS: Looks who's running their mouth (Oksana) and who isn't (Mel). I'll bet she DID make his life a living hates! Let's hope she keeps having caca of the mouth! LOL

  25. rsvp says – reply to this


    She should quit and take whatever settlement Mel's camp offers. Nothing she's offered in evidence is going to stick and he can afford the best defense. She'll only get poorer and more bitter.

  26. 26

    Re: rsvp – Yes, she would be smart to settle this now.

  27. 27

    I hope she knows that no reasonable person cares if she was after his money.. honestly hollywood is full of gold diggers.. how do these ugly celebrities think they keep getting with these young hot chicks.. hello he left his wife for a younger hotter piece of ass.. of course she was after his money lol.. if he wanted someone genuine he shouldve stayed with his wife..
    no matter what her intentions were his actions are innapropriate and he should be put in jail.. this is a prime example of a smear campaign
    it's like when a woman is raped and they bring up her sexual history or clothing she was wearing like that makes a difference
    if you abuse someone you go to jail.. doesn't matter if she is a gold digger

  28. 28

    If her statement is true - and she was in fear and didn’t think she was going to make it. why didn’t she call the police?? especially if she had two children in the house with her.. she obviously wanted to cash in.. plain and simple.. A lot of woman stay in those relationships because they have no way out or feel trapped in some way.. I mean come on – your Mel’s baby-momma. She could have gotten out and lived a good life.. she wants as much money as she can get…. it’s not a crime to tell someone off and call names.. she didn’t bring up the abuse in mediation.. she is now because she wants more cash.. 15 million isn’t enough for her..

  29. 29

    Should've given him the blow job. Bitch wouldn't been able to talk with tube steak in her mouth…

  30. 30

    she has the right idea.. it doesn't really matter what happens in the courtroom.. this man makes a living off his image.. which is ruined.. completly ruined.. actors don't want to work with him and many (no not all.. there are some nut jobs out there who still support a racist, bigot, hypocrite, abusive, POS) people that pay to watch movies will be sure not to contribute to anything this man is involved in..
    any fan he didn't lose spewing anti-semitic remarks
    any fan he didn't lose cheating on his wife with some singer and knockin her up
    he has lost now by verbally abusing, harassing, and beating up on his girlfriend

    way to go girl.. celebrity's make their money from their image.. she is smart.. she is damaging his image and he'll feel that all the way to the bank
    and shit.. he has to foot the legal bill so why not

  31. 31

    Re: angel007 – ya.. innocent until proven guilty lol lol lol
    not in the press honey.. and I bet you think OJ didn't kill Nicole.. that worked out real well for his image huh? where is he now? hahahahahaha
    image is everything.. and you don't need to have court approved proof to ruin that.. there is no presumption of innocence in public opinion..

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sure. That's why she's alleged to have turned down $15 million to allegedly hold out for even more.

  33. 33

    I can't believe you still support this bitch.. Here is a hint Perez.. EVERYONE is over it! Time to move on! This story/case is soo old now!

  34. 34

    Re: amandaloveperez – First off don't honey me, I'm not your honey nor do I want to be! Secondly, how can a murderer like OJ be compared to Mel? That is just plain ridiculous. I never said anything about his image, and now that you've mentioned it, I will. Of course his image has been somewhat tainted, and that is all Oksana's doing. She premeditated the release of those tapes to use them as leverage over Mel, to wave them in his face and to try to gain people's sympathy. Do you know how susceptible people in the public eye are to falling prey to using money-hungry scum like Oksana? Ultimately, yes his image in the public eye is damaged, yet that isn't enough to write him off as a woman beater. The fact that he used foul language in her regard does not equate evidence of physical violence! The physical abuse allegations have not been PROVEN, so until they are it is just Oksana's word against his. I pity the fools who believe everything she says just cause she claims she's an innocent victim. Such a mentality does not go down well with me! Until there is hard, solid, concrete evidence, it is unjust to label Mel a monster and Oksana the victim because we don't know how it went down! But obviously you are too pro Oksana, like your good friend Perez, to be persuaded to change your mind! Pity!

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: angel007 – You're right. All the tapes prove so far is that he has a really nasty mouth owing to sadly dysfunctional communication skills with the opposite sex. He needs serious help to develop the right tools for that to help himself to get what he needs without this kind of headachy negative drama. Nevertheless, gutter potty mouth from communication frustration and from failure to walk away long before it got to that point isn't an indictable offense.

  36. 36

    Re: angel007 – foul language???? HONEY… he made racial slurs about mexicans, jews, and african americans… and told her she should get raped… ARE YOU INSANE.. that is not foul language that is deplorable and in no way should be written off as foul language!!!!!
    BTW thank you for proving my point.. all she had to do was screw his image and good for her..
    like i have said before.. he left his wife because he wanted some hot piece of ass.. well of course she was after his money.. duh she wasn't after his old ass just for his heart of gold.. lol
    Don't feel sorry for men who leave their wives for women 15-20 years younger and then think that they're not after their money..
    Nothing about her character and none of her actions even matter.. He is being judged because of his bigoted, racist, and violent remarks.. so what if he was hurt??? There is NO EXCUSE for the things he said in any situation
    and I brought up OJ becuase you are the one trying to say we should trust our justice system before making judgement.. if that were true we would all be walking around thinking OJ was innocent because he wasn't PROVEN guilty..
    I'm sorry i guess i thought you would figure out the reference.. must have given you too much credit

  37. 37

    Re: amandaloveperez – Obviously 'honey' you think everything Oksana says is as good as gold and there is no telling you otherwise. Whether he is racist or not (which I don't condone nor justify) is beside the point, he is being accused of physical violence, yet there is no evidence!!!!! The tapes have absolutely no relevance, just cause he spoke that way does not mean he is capable of hitting a woman! And he didn't leave his wife for her, they were already separated, which shows how much you know LOL. How funny will it be if it comes out that Oksana is a liar, and you will have bought it, hook, line and sinker!

  38. 38

    Re: angel007 – even if he never touched her .. the tapes are enough.. That is verbal abuse

    Secondly.. like i have been saying this whole time.. i have not listened to her.. i have listened to him.. and the racial slurs have been my point.. he ruined his image by being a racist bigot.. the fact that he is most likely a woman beater as well is just icing on the cake..

    ps.. most people understand that it is not a huge leap for someone that psychotic and as you put it hurt and angry.. to turn to physical violence..

    you are so busy hating her that you don't realize you are defending a racist, bigot, hypocrite of christian values, and verbal abuser of women.. just because he may not have hit her.. does that change the rest.. no..

    even if i conceded on the physical violence.. which I don't… the point is moot
    the rest is enough

  39. 39

    ange007—-couldn't get my post to show up here so I responded on the other article.. not checking this one

  40. 40

    Liar and gold digging ugly skank !
    Go back to Russia!

  41. 41

    she baited him in all those recorded calls .

    what she did not release was her saying horrible thing to him.

    to get him upset she only recorded his reaponce to her saying horrible things to him.

    she is a whore we all know it .

    if there is real justice in the world she will get a k.i.t.n

  42. 42

    I haven't heard Mel say a word about anything. How is he smearng her exactly? hmmmm? Got an answer for that one OXimoron?

  43. 43

    Re: amandaloveperez – Everyone I know are racist at some point.. If they get angry enough… My best worker is from Pakistan, my best friend is black, my best chef is hinese and my second best chef is Russian. I respect them all HUGE… but I am still a racist.

    Have you ever been in a line with a pakistan in front of you and lean to your friend and say 'Why do these people smell like curry all the time? it's gross' or near a black man and realize a faint urine smell always seems to come from them? Ever get pushed in a line-up by a black man who says 'move your white ass, cracker!"? I have. I love blacks and paki's, etc… but once in a while one of them deserves to be called n*gger or Paki, or 'whatever' Each race has as a racist word that deserved to be said at some point. Everyone sometimes deserves to be called those names and everyone uses those words.. Can't deny that…. you can't! Even if you don't say it.. thinking it is jus the same. It don't make you racist, it makes you human.

  44. 44

    And after saying that… If a woman holds a 2 year old child in the way of an man who is going to smack you in the head, you might as well smack the child yourself. PUT THE CHILD DOWN and take what's coming to you…. Coward.

  45. 45

    She thought if she dangled the child in front of Mel, he would hit the child and then be in remorse and she would get away without the b!tch slap she deserved. Skank… Kids should be taken away from both of them.

  46. 46

    The fact that he is still out of jails probably means that she is a gold digging liar.

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    This media one tape a day smear campaign of Mel is the worst I've ever seen anywhere, and she's calling unfair? She can't be alone in this.

  48. 48

    Team Mel. Fuck this money-grubbing sneaky bitch. If her stories had an iota of truth to them, police would have been involved much sooner.

  49. 49

    Re: suckshitpig – are you kidding me.. no i have never been in a situation like that EVER… You are a disgusting individual and the fact that you think that is okay is even more deplorable.. why does every racist person say "i have black friends"… who cares.. so you act differently around someone and make them think you are a good person and then make generalizations about their race and hertiage behind their back.. people like you make me sick.. really.. i honestly feel sorry for you.. your posts just proved my point.. good lord I am honestly disturbed that after all the progress we have made for civil rights in this country that there are people like you out there..
    I hope you are native american because those are the only people who are not immigrants in this country.. but I doubt it you sound like a fuckin redneck.. ugh.. disgusting