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Enter To Win! Party With Perez And See GaGa In Chicago

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gagacontest.jpg gagacontest1.jpg

CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!!!
CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!!!
CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!!!
CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!!!
CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!!!
CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!!!
CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!!!

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42 comments to “Enter To Win! Party With Perez And See GaGa In Chicago”

  1. 1

    What a complete waste of time. Whoever wins–please punch Perez Gibson in the face for the sake of mankind. Guaranteed Gaga doesn't perform.

  2. 2

    who cares. gaga is so boring and predictable. i wont participate .shes noone

  3. 3

    who cares.

  4. 4

    thank you.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I live in Chicago! So save air fare and just pick me! :)

  7. 7

    YAY for REMIXES!

  8. 8

    This is phenomenal! Perez has to throw the most exciting parties with all his connections and experiences in entertainment. Then Gaga! She's amazing. She's got the staying power of Madonna and the wow factors of Britney. Her show is a spectacle that won't be topped easily! I would LOVE to see it!!

  9. 9

    No thanks.

  10. 10

    lmao is this a joke? probably the worst contest ever offered anyone who enters should kick mario in the balls

  11. 11

    Ohh hush your bitching it boring

  12. 12

    && OMG yay! Amazing Comp!! even tho i do live in the UK Dammit!!!

  13. 13

    You must have posted the wrong thing the other day, this form is a different one, and I accidentally entered stuff in that one from the other day… ah well.

  14. 14

    2 posers 1 place
    where do i sign up?!?!

  15. 15

    For such a good person all Gaga's fans claim her 2 be, I really wonder why she would be friends w/ one of the meanest, most hateful, vindictive people like Perez Hilton? she cant change who he is because u cant change ur friends so I don't expect her 2 try stop him from being who he is…but she does have the choice on who 2 be friends with and whether it's her just pretending so she can get good press from him, but the "i miss u" tweets and the pictures of them hangin out really makes her look shady…there have also been a few news reports of Gaga acting mean to fans in page— 6 and acting like a brat….she's such a wannabe clubrat..2 bad Gaga has been rich her whole life and there is nothingggg wrong w/ that but she seriously just copied wat people in NYC nightlife have been doing since the 70's and a bunch of artists and her fans praise her to high heavens…for wat? her whole style is recycled from her look 2 her image…maybe i would like her if her fans stopped actin like she does something new and just accepted that she's a catchy act who isn't doing anything different but has enough talent to get u to dance…not exactly legendary. a legend has to have something distinct about them…like a killer voice or doing something totally never been done before. sorry Gaga, while talented, is no legend or different. she however is excellent at studying and executing other people's ideas.

  16. 16

    there are no official rules?? Just curious because that would mean the contest is open to anyone beyond the states.

  17. 17

    I would rather dine on a four course ground glass dinner

  18. 18

    why do you guys even follow this if you hate perez your just wasting your time… it makes no sense, so since you hate or dislike a person wouldn't it make scene to not associate your selfs with them… It make you look ridiculous get a life. hahaahha, actually keep reading his posts please cause you giving him money fyi

  19. 19

    Re: annaloubear – we dont have to turn a blind eye to his antics and i have no problem with putting money into his pocket because karma is a bitch and it's comin for him…his whole life revolves around hating people and being a bully..there is 1 thing to be a funny sassy gossip writer and another to be a gossip writer who tries to use their popularity for tearing other people's careers down…everyone has the right to a negative opinion but perez crosses the line into being a total dick who isn't funny, cute, likable and so on…

  20. 20

    Yeah, thanks…I'll pass. Can think of so many better things to do then spend a night with you listening to music from her….Yuck. You should run this on Sesame Street…they are the only demographic that takes you seriously anyway. You might just get some takers. MadonnaLive said it perfectly….sooo boring and predictable.

  21. 21

    I entered, thank you Perez you're amazing

  22. npc25 says – reply to this



  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wish I could. Enter, that is.

  24. 24

    ughh i rather care less about this bitch and this gay she is soo gayy fuck no.

  25. 25

    If I win, can I stand Perez up and still see my beloved Mama Monster?

  26. 26

    Re: brainchildRe: brainchild – Tats crazy you say that ccuz my boyfriend told me if I win that's exactly what he plans on doing…and posting it on youtube

  27. 27

    If this is such a waste of time then dont bother commenting on this. Many people out there( including myself) find Lady gaga to be one of the most inspiring celebrites out there. She encourages her fans to not be afraid to show who they really are, to let their insecurities go & be a rockstar. She is by far one of the most original and best performers out there. & if perez is so mean why are you even on his website, get a life and get back to your job flipping burgers. Its people with negative aditudes like this that cause people to be afraid to show who they really are. So cut the hate and if you have something negative to say keep it to yourself.

  28. 28

    I wish I could go. I won't be 21 until August 22nd. :(

  29. 29

    This is not amazeballs, more like SHITBALLS.

  30. Bdo says – reply to this


    Re: brainchild – you are stupid…. why wouldn't she perform……………….. she is HEADLINING at a music festival…………. dumbass

  31. 31

    oh yeah i can't wait to win so i can be in the presence of a dillusional hermaphrodite that is so in love with himself….. I can't wait to win so gaga can feel even more like a god by being worshipped by her stupid fans. running with lady satan

  32. 32

    Re: Jaimee22 – well gaga and perez have so much in common. they are catholics who worship themselves…so naturally 2 ego centric people who are both flamboyant males would get along. catholics is satanism.

  33. 33

    Re: SassyPorkchop – two words for you "brain washed" gaga worships the sun god "ra" who coincidently is the same person as jesus christ…both were born of a vigin birth to mary (isis) who was a prophet by 12 and who was followed by 3 kings, both were killed and rose again after 3 days, performed miracles…….. The story line is the same. You can google this information or youtube it cause the truth is out here on the net.

  34. 34

    perez thanks for this amazing oppurtunity. no lie for two straight days in the row i've dreamed that i met lady gaga and we became the best of friends. i wish you could've given me more space to speak abou what i love most about gagita, gagaloo! gagalupe! my mother monster!!!! well my fingers are crossed i love her!!

  35. 35

    Re: freeurmind – suck my nuts

  36. 36

    Re: brainchild – what a rude thing to say obviously if perez says she'll perform she will i think you need a big ole punch in the face or how about three

  37. 37

    perez this is amazing!!! these bithces dont know shit

  38. 38

    I think it would be an experience of a lifetime! :)

  39. 39

    Re: Jaimee22 – I'm curious how Perez tears down other people career's? I'm pretty sure that he doesn't make their stupid decisions. He talks about it like every other tabloid does, it's his job. If your soooooo upset with the fact that his career is about "tearing down people's career's" then why don't you just leave your ass at the door and not come to his site to read about it? And as far as Gaga goes, I'm not even sure you know what your talking about. Maybe your just jealous because she's 24 and made 66 million last year? Hmm I don't know. I guess this is a free country and you can say and think what you want but In my opinion she is a talented act and an advid speaker on equal rights. She's passionate about her career and what she does, "Married to her music" is the phrase she used during her concert. She IS ledgendary, she's already broken many records with her music and shows. I've never heard she's ever been mean to her fans, I think that's just you making shit up and I think somewhere in your subconscious mind, your jealous. And if you hate Perez so much and he's so mean, vindictive and hateful then why the hell did you waste your precious time making a name and a login for his site? Just to bitch about how rude he is? Why don't you and the rest of the whinny, bitching people on here get a life.

  40. 40

    No one fucking cares.

  41. 41

    When do we find out who the winner is!!

  42. 42

    gaga is the hero of all gays,i love her awesome music,awesome videos,and her precious message to people,she's one of the the best artist what we had since we knew britney.gaga the best.bye.