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Sandra Bullock Pulls Out Of Gulf Preservation PSA After Organization Linked To Oil Companies!

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If this is true, then we stand behind her decision 100%! That would be so fucked up!

Sandra Bullock is reportedly demanding to be removed from a PSA for Gulf restoration she appears in because the organization behind it may actually be taking money from oil companies!


The PSA (above), called Be The One, was put together by Women of the Storm's Restore the Gulf campaign, which is sponsored by the American Wetland Foundation. That group has allegedly taken money from oil and gas companies - INCLUDING BP!

Her publicist, Cheryl Maisel, claims:

"Ms. Bullock was originally contacted through her attorney to be a part of the PSA in order to promote awareness of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At no time was she made aware that any organization, oil company or otherwise had influence over Women of the Storm or its message. We have immediately asked for [Bullock's] participation in the PSA be removed until the facts be determined."

The organization, however, denies these claims, and have asked to meet with Bullock to explain the matter.

They've also reached out to others featured in the PSA, including Lenny Kravitz, Blake Lively, and Dave Matthews, so no one else will attempt to pull out!

Founder Anne Milling explains:

"I was shocked and of course very disappointed. However, I do believe that once Ms. Bullock hears and listens to the facts and understands that Women of the Storm has had no connection or taken money from oil companies, I think that will allay her fears and I believe she will rejoin our video because she really believes in coastal restoration. She is committed to that."

We hope that she's telling the truth, and this matter can be resolved!

It would be such a shame to have what appears to be a good cause be tainted like this!


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14 comments to “Sandra Bullock Pulls Out Of Gulf Preservation PSA After Organization Linked To Oil Companies!”

  1. 1

    Fuck that white trash Sandy Bullock. She and that whole fucking skank family of hers, including little Sunny, ha ha ha ha She is getting back with that piece of shit. Fucking Jew.

  2. 2

    Yea cause we all know BP purposely destroyed their company by purposely putting oil in the ocean…why would they ever want to clean it right?

  3. 3

    BLACK BABIES FOR EVERYONE. She is trying to make everyone Jewish and White. How will she teach this baby to be a proud black man? Filthy fucking stupid whore, running back to Jessie. Just waiting long enough to save her career because the Average American cannot think beyond a fucking beer. Someone should take that black child AWAY from her. Believe me, if the situation was reversed and she suddenly became a single black mother with a white baby, child services would take that baby away so fast. Her special treatment for just being a trashass piece of fucking shit makes me heave.

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    hey skank, don't you point that nasty finger at me that you shoved up JJ ass.

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    Every since FatBoy started praising her I suspected she was up to no good

  6. 6

    Oh, I get it, she puts on her Ann Frank outfit and JJ puts on his Hitler outfit and she puts on a strappon and he takes it up the ass…grunt, grunt, grunt.

  7. 7

    Most of the non profits in the gulf are being paid by BP at the moment. They are doing the cleanup but trust me they BP will find a way out of it and then its the tax payer's who will have to foot the bill.

  8. 8

    Who cares if the oil companies GIVE THEIR MONEY to clean the gulf? Am I missing something? Shouldn't we WANT them to?

  9. 9

    I dont understand whats so bad about this?

  10. 10

    Sooo…. is the aim to clean up the gulf or not to clean up the gulf? Who cares where they get their money from, it's not like it came from selling people's grandmas off to sex slavery or something.

  11. 11

    BP should have to pay for the mistakes they've made, but let's not forget they employ thousands of locals in the gulf area. Women of the Storm is a sound organization- Sandy needs to reconsider.

  12. 12

    Women of the Storm, founded in January, 2006, is a non-political, non-partisan group of diverse women from metropolitan New Orleans and south Louisiana. The common bond among these women is their passion to rebuild their homes, businesses and communities. Women of the Storm operates under the umbrella of a 501-c-3 organization; it is managed by a 13-member executive committee.

    Women of the Storm totally funded the video with no input or strategic help from anybody at America's Wetland Foundation - or anywhere else.

    Women of the Storm and its initiatives, including www.restorethegulf.com, are supported through contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations;THE ORGANIZATION HAS NEVER RECEIVED DIRECT FUNDING FROM ANY OF THE OIL COMPANIES.

    While America's Wetland Foundation is a strategic partner, it has no influence in development of strategy, content, publications or projects. We simply share the goal of drawing attention to coastal restoration!

    We stand by our wetlands!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Things are never what they seem anymore. It's her right to agree or disagree.

  14. 14

    Who cares whos behind the commercial. It's a damn good cause and she should be promoting it not trashing it…this is one thing shes done that I do not get in any form whats so ever. People SHOULD sign that petition. Theres only around 120,000 ppl that signed…that's a crock of shit!! The info in the commercial is still real and the gulf is still a huge problem whether she pulls out or not!!!!!! It takes 30 seconds, just sign it!