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657 comments to “Sarah Palin Tweets About Obama And The View

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  1. Beccx says – reply to this


    When ever I hear Palin talk or read anything she "writes," all is hear is clucking. The daughter is different though. All I hear from her is oinking.

  2. 2

    She is actually right for once.

  3. 3

    Hey Mrs. Sarah DUMBASS Palin, HE IS THE FUCKING PRESIDENT NOT BORDER CONTROL! I feel sorry for America if she runs in 2012!!!

  4. 4

    As much as I don't like her, she's got a point. He should spend less time being a celebrity and more time fixing something.

  5. 5

    I can't stand Sarah Palin as much as the next person, but she does have a point. How many days has Obama actually spent in the oval office?

  6. 6

    Well isn't it true ?
    Just because she's speaking the truth, doesnt mean you have to roll ur eyes ?
    Will u roll ur eyes if Lady Gaga would to say that ?

  7. ktbtx says – reply to this


    good for her. I'm not a big palin fan at all but she's right. This president is all show.

  8. 8

    Lool she makes me laugh! She's actually a delusional bitter woman.

  9. 9

    I'm sorry Perez, but I agree with Sarah on this one. The TX/Mexico border has become a flat out war zone with bullets flying through windows and innocent lives lost. Thus far there has been no response from the President, but he had plenty of time to travel to NY and talk about Snooki.

  10. 10

    This nutcase has political ambitions ? God help the USA. She would fit a straight jacket perfectly. It is quite impossible to be more stupid than that foolish Palin.

  11. 11

    When will this USELESS media WHORE just roll over and DIE ALREADY???

  12. 12

    Shes got a point…

  13. 13

    Good, maybe they will shoot the stupid bitch on site. The US will be very

  14. 14

    The truth hurts FatBoy. Can you imagine if it were CaCa visiting the border.

  15. 15

    Everytime Ms. Sarah Palin speaks she convinces us more & more
    how UN-American she really is!!
    It scares me that she has a following.

  16. 16

    A lot of people feel the same way that Palin does. Some of us are wondering how he has time pass all this new legistation AND do television appearances!

  17. 17

    this empty headed tnuc really needs to shut the fuck up.

  18. 18

    This dumb bitch needs to STFU. She just mad cause the View was busting on her comparing her intelligence to Snookie.

  19. 19

    I don't love her but she DOES have a point. His choice to be on The View was not a popular decision.

  20. 20

    At least some one is taking on the action than the so called president of this country!! Stop being SOOOO Negative toward Sarah Palin and at least she is be proactive. Question for Pereza, why you get off being negative toward people who are helping our country for FREE! This country NEEDS all the help can get!

  21. 21

    That's right Sarah say it girl!! I agree with her, our 'president' is just a celebrity.. He'd rather go on the View than actually do stuff that matters.

  22. 22

    "we" are not. go palin!!!

  23. 23

    why are you rolling her eyes? She is 100 % correct.

  24. 24

    Why isn't the retarded baby momma at home tending to her retarded baby ?!? Sure, she's got a point about the border, but I think other people can do the border tourism photo-op for her … so she can tend to her retarded baby at home.

  25. 25

    Beheadings on the border, and BO's yucking it up with Joy Behar.

  26. 26

    The woman is a douche…she needs to shut the fuk up!

  27. 27

    yet her daughter is on people magazine :/

  28. 28

    Sarah Palin is the most low life skank on the face of the earth. Her mouth should be filled with Obama's cum and then her lips sewn shut. …..forever.

    She is the worst thing to happen to America since Dick(less) Cheney.

  29. 29

    he is only one man cannot be everywhere every minute of every day

  30. 30

    She is such a cun*t.

  31. 31

    @ AggieCelebs ARE YOU SOME KIND OF FUCKING IDIOT? Seriously a warzone? LOL, the border is the safest it's been in years. Even in it's worst years it can't compete with the violence seen in cities such as Chicago and Detroit, those are the fucking warzones.

    You people are so fucking uninformed it makes me sick. Sarah Palin is a retard in the most offensive sense of the word. All this "I don't like her but she has a point" is BS. Obama has done more shit for this country in the little bit of time he's been in office. WTF do you expect the man to do? Turn water into gold.

  32. 32

    that is so true thank god he is not my president

  33. 33

    If she had any class she wouldn't have to sound like such a bitch by making a comment on this. Although, it must be hard knowing your the reason the Republicans lost the election.

  34. bear says – reply to this


    She is exactly right,President Obama has his priorities wrong,and this isn't the first time. Just because you don't agree with her politics,it won't kill you to say she is right,when you know she is.

  35. 35

    What a 5 year old. McCain was right with his joke about Palin. "What's the difference between a pitbull and Sarah Palin? The friendly mutt eventually lets go."

    Make no mistake about it. Palin will criticize Obama at every chance she gets no matter what. She's like one of those mean girls in high school but she's in her 40s. Lady needs to grow up.

  36. 36

    She is the poster child for regressive thinking - a demagogue who appeals to the unintelligent, uninformed, bigoted, misogynist, groups who cower under 'religion' as justification for their ignorance.

  37. 37

    Well I'm not. She is right. Is he a celeb or the President of the USA?

  38. 38

    according to perez, obama can do no wrong

  39. 39

    People are so weird. Last few presidents we barely saw. They were behind the scenes doing nothing but bad deals behind the scenes. So Obama is out there in the public and people are making something out of nothing? We need to see our president and know he is human. Please.

    And Palin, MY GOD. She's an idiot, her family is a mess and she talks shit out of her mouth all day long. She needs to concentrate on getting her life in order. Her family is a fricking mess and all a lie and she talks like she barely graduated high school. She's ridiculous and an embarrassment to our country.

  40. 40

    Perez, stop being such a phaggot!

  41. 41

    Tho O didn't even go to the Boy Scout Jamboree, held every 4 years, this was the 100th!! He's the only POUS who has not attended. He wants to be a celeb not a president!!! Boy Scouts don't vote but their parents do!!!

  42. 42

    And most of you A holes use personel attacks, get the facts and then decide.

  43. 43

    Palin is a delusional twat, as are her supporters.

  44. 44

    She has a huge run in her black hose.

  45. 45

    I can't even take her seriously because she will never be satisfied with anything democrats do. I mean it is one thing to engage in a dialogue and stick to ones own convictions, but its another thing to just be a bitch. Palin and the GOP do nothing constructive, they just complain about what they don't like but don't offer any new solutions. The Republicans rest on their old ideas of tax cuts for the wealthy, starting wars, and gay bashing. The tea party also does nothing but complain about what the democrats do, only they add a little racist tone…which is always annoying and lame. Even if the GOP has a point, it is completely lost. The only thing I see is political posturing and protectionism from career politicians! While Palin and her ilk have been running around bitching and moaning, the Democrats have passed 2 stimulus packages, health care reform, financial reform and are getting ready to put through an education bill. All Republicans have been doing is voting no on all of these bills so they can protect themselves. Did you know that last week NY Republicans shot down a health care bill for NYPD and NYFD officers suffering from sicknesses related to 9/11!! The reasoning behind it was that Republicans didn't want to raise taxes in order to pay for it. Yet these are the same Republicans who fvoted for Bush's tax cuts for the rich!!! Under republicans the rich get richer and the middle class and poor can fuck themselves…..yay.

  46. 46

    Sarah Palin is a fucking bitch. I agree that Obama could be doing more but this fucking joke of a woman does not need to comment on or be involved with the politics of America. If she ever became president or even vice president, America will become a laughing stock. Keep this dumb, famewhore bitch away from the presidency.

  47. 47

    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative – Water into gold? Or wine? I think the american public prefers "whine" though. Obama is not a border patrol agent, and at least he isn't quitting his job mid-term, nor did he bounce from college to college in his youth trying to 'find himself' or because he couldn't cut it academically, nor did he have a former 'career' as a 'weather girl' or 'token female sportcaster' or whateverthehell she was. This woman is a waste of oxygen and a boil on the butt of america.

  48. 48

    oh God i can only pray that stupid Sarah will run for President in 2012. it would totally guarantee a Democratic victory. think of it, the debates themselves would be hilarious. with all the winking, posing, and avoiding answering the actual questions. wonder if she tweeted this before or after hanging out with that other media whore Kate Goslin. if you think about it they are so perfect together, neither of them seems to grasp the idea of birth control, and both are great at using their children for the spotlight.

  49. 49

    Fix your website Mario! it says there are 47 comments but none will display! oh and Sarah is right. Obama is on tv all the flippin time.

  50. Krii says – reply to this


    For all of you uninformed people out there I would like to give you a glimpse into the "real" border issue and it is not pretty.
    Firstly, in the past year there have been over 27,000 murders alone in Mexico.. not including our AMERICAN citizens who have been cold bloodedly murdered for no reason.The situation is dire and it is THIER AND OUR president who are only making the situation worse by ignoring it! The drug cartels are so bad that if they want your house they just come in and kill the family and take it–no one stops them. When a person is murdered they no longer have funerals because the cartels go to the services and kill the family members as well. How safe does this really sound? It really helps to get informed people!
    Palin may not please everyone but I can tell you that if Obama were to go there or for that matter any politician to see what is actually going on there would be a different story told.
    So for those who ASSUME that the border is the safest it has ever been then why not go down for a little R&R so you can see for yourself and until then I suggest you get informed before posting on boards.
    **My info comes straight from friends in Mexico so yes I do know the TRUTH!!


  51. 51

    God I HATE her, she's totally obsessed with her image and appearing like a "regular ol' hockey mom" to appeal to voters. I don't want my elected officials to be regular Joes! I want them to be great, intelligent, erudite, and honest leaders. Obama does an appearance to appeal to the public and she's all over it, when her entire career is pandering to the public! Ugh go away!

  52. 52

    Who cares she is irrelevant even if its true Sarah Palin is not going to save the U.S anytime soon. Most people can do more then one thing at time so I don't see the big deal he was on the View yeah and? Did it take the whole day lol.

  53. 53

    Bitch! like she aint in the freakin tabloids and lovin it!

  54. 54

    Oh shut the fuck up you dumb kunt. He was on the show for what? One hour. And its not like he was talking about his new fashion line. I know tons of people who never watch his addresses on tv, but watched The View because of the setting. Including myself. And who told your ass he's not going to visit the boarder. Its NOT either fucking or. Its not like he went on View and now he could never visit the boarder (for all you dumb f*cks who are siding with her). STFD and STFU. You STUPID BITCH!!!!!!

  55. 55

    This coming from someone who just hung out with the Gosselin's for ratings?
    She's a glorified pimp just like KAte.
    Blah, blah, blah.

  56. 56

    if mccain had won the presidency, gone on the view, and some democrat were saying what palin is saying, you wouldn't be rolling your eyes.

  57. 57

    she is correct. I'm not surprise with the language of the people that don't like Sarah Palin, it shows their intellengance. Obama is the worst President the USA has had to date.

  58. 58

    Wrote Obama a letter concerning my issue with illegal aliens and the border issue, basically from the response I received via someone at the white house… we're fucked, might as well just give Arizona to Mexico, hell just give the whole U.S. to Mexico and call it a day, I'm moving to Canada. Glad I didn't vote for Obama, I'd really be kicking myself.

  59. 59

    You know she's right. Obama needs to do his job and stop trying to get TV time. You're the president (not mine), not a celebrity. Besides, Perez, I recall you saying something similar when you posted the story about Biden's wife doing Army Wives. So you agree with her, you pompous ass.

  60. 60

    Re: bigray – Oh, you must be talking about Obama.

  61. 61

    Whether or not you like her Perez she has a very valid point! Obama is more interested in his celebrity status than taking care of our country, and he spends how many tax payer dollars to fly him to and have beefed up security to go onto an extremely pointless annoying talk show when he should be taking care of much more important things!
    I'm with Sexy Sarah on this one… glad she's speaking out about it.

  62. 62

    when you hit the border, don't be afraid to keep goin.
    even if you don't like obama, how can you argue that he doesn't work hard.
    all presidents have pr to do.

  63. 63

    she's right….he's spending more time being a celebrity than being a president…

  64. 64

    Re: ShoeWhore – What does her child being retarded have ANYTHING to do with it? Seriously, leave the kid out of it. That's immature and shows a lack of common sense on your behalf.

  65. 65

    Re: br@ndy – I agree

  66. 66

    Palin is delighfully stupid, but for POTUS to show up at The View is simply unbecoming. I mean chatting with Whoopi "it's not rape, rape" Goldberg? Seriously. Maybe, MAYBE Larry King (and that guy is as fluffy as it gets).

  67. 67

    She's headed to the coast to use the oil sludge to lubricate her dried up va-jay-jay.

  68. 68

  69. 69

    Yeah, she's been busy doing tons of great stuff for her state. Oh, wait, she QUIT to be a publicity whore.

    She'd only be useful at the border if they want to stick a harpy on the fence to scare away Mexicans.

  70. 70

    Are ppl serious?? Sarah Palin has been in press and magazines. Her family has become pretty much a negative subject and she just feeds into it. Shes not even governor anymore because she pretty much quit and she wants to talk about the president doing one talk show? She really needs to just stop talking.

  71. 71

    Please when she goes to the border some one kidnap her and if she agrees to shut the fuck up forever let her go. If not kill her, PLEASE, Pretty PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 72

    What's visiting the border going to do? She has no political power. Remember, she quit her job. She's out of work. She should spend some time making sure her kids don't get knocked up.

  73. 73

    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative – Preach my friend they just don't want to give obama any cred for anything. they hate him for making a diffrence in such a short time. what the fuck do they have sarah palin and bush yuck.

  74. 74

    bitch just mad cause she knews she sucks at life.

  75. 75

    Obama being on The View was a calculated smart political move. He has lost support of women in the last year and mostly women watch The View. He is comfortable in that setting with the ladies and they love him. Joy stating his accomplishments is just what Obama was seeking.

  76. bear says – reply to this


    Re: CandyAppleRed13 – Stupid? I am sorry but you are the ignorant ass here.Because you don't agree with someone,you call for violence,sorry I was wrong,you are not ignorant,you are just plain stupid!

  77. 77

    Re: AggieCelebs – excuse me but the dead people is mostly mexican which brings us to the mexican president…he´s responsible for all of this… yeah obama has to protect us but you guys have to understand that the people that live in the border are from latin american descent so they have relations with mexicans on the other side of the border…now, american citizens are the ones that should be doing something and that is…stop using drugs!!!!
    now to that woman, i don´t see why she´s right or where does she have a point, just because the president is on the view doesn´t mean he´s a stranger to the problems we have on the border…
    now,this double morals some republicans practice are so cliche, as if Obama is the only president to do this, please give me a break….oh btw, some of you might see obama as wanting to be a celebrity but in reality, this man is transparent…he´s out there cause he has nothing to hide
    seriously palin has no shame at doing this, haven´t we seen her everywhere???? yeah she´s not president(thank God) but just imaine what she has prepared if she gets to office (hope not)
    i feel ashamed and embarrassed and i don´t blame why non americans see this country as a joke…people are regressing in time its scary
    oh and here´s a little advice… for every finger you point at someone, remeber that three fingers are pointing at you (and that´s just what happened to this media whore called sara palin)

  78. 78

    Don't like her, but Looooooove the remark. Him and his whole cabinet haven't did shit for the U.S.A.

  79. 79

    She has a point.

  80. bear says – reply to this


    Re: ShoeWhore – What the hell is wrong with you? Attacking her child? It is one thing not to agree with her,but it is a whole other thing to attack ones children.How would you feel if someone called your loved one these terrible names? You are a sick twisted soul who is lacking in a heart, or a brain for that matter.

  81. bear says – reply to this


    Re: Poindexter-X – and you are a stupid F***!

  82. 82

    Has anyone bothered to look up any of the actual numbers or facts regarding border control? If you did, you might even find that there has been an actual increase in border security not to mention deportation under Obama. Palin is clucking out some tired ass right wing talking points…AGAIN! You would think that someone that actually works for Fox News would actually know that this is bullshit talking point. Or do they not let their "commentators" in on the fact that it's one step away from being outright propaganda?

  83. 83

    Ummm, he has been fixing many of Bush's problems since the day he came into office. What the fuck does one hour of tv take away from what he does 24/7? I mean, yall act like he became a guest host on The View as a part time job.. Give me a break.. It was one friggin hour. Next thing you know, those complaining about him will start saying he should not take a shit because it takes time away from him fixing things.. Get a grip people.. Bush toiok on two wars and drove our economy into the toilet, not to mention the fact that he took hundreds of vacations in his 8 years in office.. GIVE ME A BREAK..

  84. 84

    Re: AggieCelebs – Aggie, where did you come up with this bullshit lie?? The border towns are the safest places in the United States.. If you are going to participate, tell the truth or post facts and do not make up bullshit lies..

  85. 85

    Re: CandyAppleRed13 – LMAO! This woman is nothing but a effing famewhore! she luuuuuvs the spotlight its what she lives for.

  86. 86

    Re: Matrix – Matrix, read up on the facts. The beheadings are happening in Mexico, not the U.S.. Last I heard, he was president of the U.S., not Mexico….

  87. 87

    Re: Feline – What action? She just talks crap.. She quit being governor to make money. She joined Faux news. She is the one that seems to enjoy being famous than Obama..

  88. 88

    Re: BUTCH8844

    That's actually an outright load of shit. A lot of Presidents don't go to this suddenly all imporant Boy Scouts Jamboree. Hell, had he actually gone, the righties would be screaming that he was trying to "indoctrinate the youth". John Stewart mentioned that no matter what he does, the right wing pundits are going to try and tear it down. And that gets more and more true everyday. At this point the man could cure cancer and the lead story on Hannity would be about how much he hates Oncologists and is tryiong to put them out of work.

  89. 89


  90. 90

    You guys can hate her all you want… but try to be objective… I don't think what she said was crazy or outrageous.

  91. 91

    Re: Krii – Krii…. You are the one that is lying.. Again, our borders are the safest parts in this country.. Where you came up with many on the U.S. side are being murdered is the exact reason why we have people loosing thier meatball minds against immigrants. becaus eof the bullshit lies you and others pass along as fact. i have family who live along the borders and they can tell you it is the best place in the country to live.. Peddle your bulshit rhetoric elsewhere.

  92. 92

    Re: salvatora – Amen and bless you Salvatora.. Well said..

  93. 93

    both palin and obama have turned into celebrities. but really, obama has been out of the office just as much if not more than bush and no one really says much about it, however the media gave bush a ton of shit for it

  94. 94

    Once again, she is right :)

  95. 95

    she can say this because she's made so many good choices in her life…NOT

  96. 96

    Re: knickersalways – Don't come to Canada, stay away. Go on a slow boat to China !

  97. 97

    She's right. An intelligent person is one without biast. I don't agree with everything that anyone says, I am smart enought to distinguish what I agree with/dont agree with no matter who is speaking.

  98. 98

    She's right, this president is an idiot & a fame whore. Thats what you get when you vote for someone solely on the color of their skin and not there credentials.

  99. 99

    She just said what many people were thinking, I bet. Thank God I live in Canada :)

  100. 100

    At least he didn't quit office to be a bigger famewhore now, did he Sarah? Jealous much?

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