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657 comments to “Sarah Palin Tweets About Obama And The View

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  1. 201

    Yeah, why The View? The sight of Joy and Babs kissing his ass made me sick.

  2. 202

    I LOVE SARAH PALIN!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 203

    Re: jack e jett
    So eloquent.

  4. 204

    Re: supersongbird

    I will not reply to you on ANY issue, so don't bother to keep posting to me. I directed my question to someone else, so try not to intrude on the conversation that you weren't invited into.

    I'll be happy to argue the point with the person that I directed my question to, but NOT you. I've had enough of you from the other topic. Go away.

  5. 205

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – 195
    To clear up your stupidity..
    I can't stand Palin because she is an IDIOT not because of her sex color/race or sexual orientation.
    It is you that is Xenophobic, Homophobic and racist! Your posts all over this website prove that.
    The fact that you are stupid is part of the reason I also cant stand you.
    Wellington is a city of New Zealand not Australia a smart person would know that. The Kiwis are great people they don't really fuck sheep its a joke. You cleary are not bright enough to know that!
    Brokeback Mountian clearly left a big impression on you didn't ? It was a good movie back hardly worthy of the time you spend mentioning it though!
    True Australia is my first home America is my second I hold the same passport as you I just have two others.
    She is a fool milking bigger fools like you for all the money she can!

  6. 206

    Re: GeorgiaJules

  7. 207

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You are an UGLY American who hates and fears everyone non-white!
    You are xenophobic, agoraphobic and hate the Spanish speaking community!
    An unpatriotic racist who does not stand behind your country or president!
    What debate are you talking about anyway? All you ever spout is bullshit!
    Maybe the last post "Eldridge Cleaver" sends to me but not the last "you" send me lol!

  8. 208

    Sarah, honey, please try to tell me this with a straight face after you quit being the Governor (or whatever) of Alaska, a position in which you could have done good, to further a career on fox news networks and checkout stand tabloids. Really, you are doing whatever you can to be in the public eye, dont tell me that if you were president that it would be different, and for those of you who say she has a point, i hear the time out buzzer going off because Obama has done on one hand only a few public appearances for endorsement, hey, you gotta keep being out there, and has worked very hard. One hour on the View, isn't gonna kill him, or America.

  9. 209

    MEXICO CITY — It's one of the safest parts of America, and it's getting safer.
    It's the U.S.-Mexico border, and even as politicians say more federal troops are needed to fight rising violence, government data obtained by The Associated Press show it actually isn't so dangerous after all.
    The top four big cities in America with the lowest rates of violent crime are all in border states: San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso and Austin, according to a new FBI report. And an in-house Customs and Border Protection report shows that Border Patrol agents face far less danger than street cops in most U.S. cities.
    The Customs and Border Protection study, obtained with a Freedom of Information Act request, shows 3 percent of Border Patrol agents and officers were assaulted last year, mostly when assailants threw rocks at them. That compares with 11 percent of police officers and sheriff's deputies assaulted during the same period, usually with guns or knives.
    "The border is safer now than it's ever been," said U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Lloyd Easterling.

    He said one factor is that with fewer jobs available amid the U.S. recession, illegal immigration has dropped. And responding to security concerns after 9-11, the Border Patrol has doubled the number of agents in the region since 2004.
    In addition, violent attacks against agents declined in 2009 along most of the border for the first time in seven years

  10. 210

    she is ABSOLUTELY right. being a president is NOT about being the popular president that goes on tv to talk bullshit. its about making CHANGE…not just for us but for other countries. we are in the middle of the end and he doesnt seem to give a shit but why would he? he's just a puppet. New World Order. Google it.

  11. 211

    In response to the concerns from the border states, Obama pledged to send 1,200 National Guard troops to help and spend an extra $500 million on border security.
    His one-time rival for the presidency, Arizona Sen. John McCain, said he should send at least 6,000 troops, which are needed because he said Arizona leads the nation in marijuana seizures, suffered 368 kidnappings in 2008 and has the highest property crime rates in the U.S.
    But FBI crime reports for 2009 says violent crime in Arizona declined. And violent crimes in southwest border counties are among the lowest in the nation per capita — they've dropped by more than 30 percent in the last two decades. Of America's 25 largest cities, San Diego — with one out of four residents an immigrant — has the lowest number of violent crimes per capita.
    Opponents of increased border security are frustrated by descriptions of a wave of violence when the statistics show the region to be relatively safe.

  12. 212

    "Politicians are hyping up this incredible fear across the country about the border, but these numbers show these are lies being perpetrated on the American public," said immigrant advocate Isabel Garcia at Tucson-based Derechos Humanos. "The warnings about violence are just an excuse to crack down on migrants who want to work and be with their families."
    Even residents of the border region who want more security are surprised by the talk of violence."I have to say, a lot of this is way overblown," said Gary Brasher of Tuboc, Arizona, who is president of the Coalition for a Safe and Secure Border.

  13. 213

    She is silly, ridiculous and intellectually inferior. I'm an independent, but veer toward Democrat every time Palin opens her mouth or shows her crib notes. Having her argue the rich KEEPING their tax cuts, is laughable.

  14. 214

    Jealous mavericky maverick.

  15. 215

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Lol-You had enough of my facts knocking down your bullshit! You are in no league to debate with intelligent people!
    I hope that "dontlikebeingcreative" does respond to you.
    I read his/her posts and he/she will also rip you apart with FACTS!
    You have no facts-you are merely a victim of your own fanatic imagination~

  16. 216

    I voted for Obama…but she's totally right. WTF is the President of the United Stated doing on The View?? You would NEVER see Bush, Clinton or ANY other President doing a trivial American talk show…I am SURE I voted for the wrong man.

  17. 217

    Not that being a celebrity stalker is something to be respected in the first place, I just lost the ounce of respect I had for Perez. I'm shocked that EVERYONE doesn't agree that he had better things to do that day than to appear on the view. And furthermore, HE'S THE MOTHER FUCKING PRESIDENT! I'm sure they would've been able to reschedule the most powerful man in the America.

  18. 218

    Whatever, jealous hooker. I am LMAO at 'oinking' from Bristol.

  19. 219

    Re: supersongbird

  20. 220

    Re: supersongbirdRe: Aussieone – Hello!!!
    I hope you 2 are still here. Anyways I enjoy reading your comments. :-)

  21. 221

    COPCHICK AKA GeorgieB AKA GeorgiaJules AKA Eldridge Cleaver

  22. 222

    Re: Aussieone – 219-Been there-done that! It is a poor dope..fuck!
    More importantly- my beach day got rained out… :(
    So, now I am pwi :)

  23. 223

    Re: supersongbird

    Just an FYI, I will not be replying to any of your posts. I did not address any of my questions to you and did not ask you to intrude into my conversation. I have no desire to hear any of your vile and filthy language, which you directed at me on a different thread. Just go away and leave me alone. If you reply to me again, you'll get nothing, so don't waste your time!

  24. 224

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – WTF???I am a racist show me PROOF YOU IDIOT!!! AND IF YOU DON"T THAT MEANS YOU ARE NOT ONLY A RACIST BUT ALSO A LIAR!!!
    Hey eldridge where were you July 29 when the law was put on hold?? No comment from you that day LOL!!!! How's your Mexican family doing??? How did they take the news. Did they jump with joy??? Tell them PRETTY*N*PINK said hello and I support them!!!! :-)

  25. 225

    Re: bigray – She's not, honey!! When will you???

  26. 226

    Re: ShoeWhore – You are a bitch and dooming yourself to bad karma. It comes around bitch!! Just wait!

  27. 227

    Doesn't Sarah have a wedding to plan or stop????

  28. 228

    Re: Aussieone

    You again? Why don't you save your breath? I won't reply to you any further either. You are just as nasty and vile as Supersongbird.

  29. 229

    Re: romyluvsu – Hey idiot! Every canidate she has endorsed has won!! You WISH you had that much stroke, white trash!

  30. 230

    Re: Rican31 – Keep blaming bush, honey!!! Just keep repeating that over and over. Maybe you will start to convince yourself. Reagan took over after idiot jimmy carter fucked up the economy with 21% interest rates. In less than a year, he had it all straight. Obama has only given us more debt and more division. Too bad the first black president is such a fuck up!!

  31. 231

    perez, perez, perez . . . . .if your precious gaga said this you would think it was brilliant. i may not agree with Palin on many points, but this is valid- why can't you put your favoritism aside and actually THINK for once. . . so fucking irritating. Obama didn't need to be on the View talking about a bunch of meaningless bullshit. This country has MANY escalating problems right now that need to be addressed, but maybe that's hard for you to see sitting in your plush office in LA.

  32. 232

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Hi! How are you?
    Eldridge,lol- MPD has reached a whole new fucked up craziness!-
    Did you see the shit it's MP's have been posting-including stupid shit to & about you…?
    You just have to go back over all the AZ & Obama pages!

  33. 233

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK
    Hey how are you :)
    Re: supersongbird
    Rained here too ;(
    Re: GeorgiaJules
    You are a nasty little MPD lair SHUT UP ! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE LAUGHTER
    Re: Southern belle 12

  34. 234

    Re: Southern belle 12 – Really KKKUNT? ??-
    Where's your cross to burn?
    Excuses… like YOU are disgusting-looking to blame Jimmy Carter etc… lol
    I'm calling out the likes of your backwoods bigotry as being white trash-and
    I'm blaming BUSH !
    While we, the TRUE PATRIOTS who reside in a civilized place way north of- butt fuk um wherever..
    OBAMA 2012 bitch!!!

  35. 235

    @Supersongbird and Aussieone

    SHAME on you two for confusing the masses with TROOF, thats TRUTH plus PROOF.

    If GeorgiaJules were to think too hard and hurt herself, you two would be to balme.

    You guys are taking away forum space from real Americans with your "facts" and "common sense". Sneaking onto this board, turning it into a WARZONE
    with ur verbal assault rifles. The poster justtfax was just kidnapped one page back. Know anything about that?
    What part of "illegal" cyber troofing don't you two get??

    No, but really you two are great, and great posts!!

  36. 236

    Re: supersongbird – Hey I am here with my son watching "This is It" He's only 7 and loves Michael Jackson.
    No I haven't read previous blogs but I will. He is literally crazy. Last time he said that he is Mexican and has Mexican family members than on another blog he says he hates Mexicans and illegals. He is literally a bad liar. He and all 10 of his Perez profiles can go and kiss George Bush and Sarah Palin's ass.

  37. 237

    Re: Aussieone – Hey Aussie!!! I just finished watching "This is it" w/my son. And you???
    And came to check in and I am reading Eldridge's comments directed to you, me and Songbird calling us racist. He is literally crazy with a capital C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! You'd think that an "Anthropologist" would have at least an ounce of intelligence. But I know it's another one of his lies.

  38. 238

    Palin is right! Obama wants to totally ignore the immigration issues with the border because he wants to prostitute himself to future voters by giving the illegals amnesty. He swore an oath of Office to support and uphold the constitution and laws of the US - he is doing neither. He needs to be called on this, and big time@

  39. 239

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Supersongbitch and Aussieone are the same person. PrettyNpink is probably one of his screen names, too. He takes shit way too far, he is very annoying and as you've seen, he stalks people on here, too. I cut off Aussieone from replies long ago then realized that Supersongbitch was Aussieone and cut that screen name off, too. I'm sick of PrettynPink's shit as well so decided to be done with them. If you cut them off as well, you'll thank yourself later. They LIVE for replies. In fact, since I stopped replying to Aussieone, he has literally replied to me over 200 times. He just doesn't get it that I'm done replying to him. Watch, they'll reply to this.

  40. 240

    Going on the View was the wrong thing to do — so common, so unpresidential. He thinks he's going to have a little sit down with the ladies — WTF???

  41. 241

    Re: Feline – What are you TALKING about? She media whores herself out by spewing twattle that not-too-bright conservatives nutcases love to hear so she can increase her profile, charge more for speaking engagements and sell her "books" (I hate to abuse the word, but I don't know what else to call it). And how is her going to the border going to "help" anyone but her?

    If the President is going to "do something" there has to be some budget allocation, which up until now there hasn't been. People love the idea of "securing the border" until they see the price tag!

  42. 242

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK
    Hi :) Its crazy it just like the attention! Say Hi to your kid for me!
    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative
    lol Thanks you don't do to bad yourself ? A kidnapped page ?lol
    Which one ?
    @ COPCHICK AKA GeorgieB AKA GeorgiaJules AKA Eldridge Cleaver
    Everytime you get caught you try to accuse us of being the one person your defection, doesn't work next time try to make different spelling mistakes, Remember under which name you are posting and don't change the name but leave the post history there for everyone to see in your perez posse page DUMBASS!
    People are not that stupid!
    Re: supersongbird
    So you are sticking around for a bit ? :)

  43. 243

    As much as you may or may not like her, she is 100% right. If Obama doesn't have anything better to do than go be on a talk show, then what is the point of having a president in the first place? Freaking retarded.

  44. 244

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Hi, your son sounds so cute!
    I'm watching shark week lol!
    OMG look at its batshit! :(
    It talks to/about so many different aspects of itself-how sad!
    Who lives it's whole life through a dumb blog-the one we come to laugh at?
    What help can it actually get at this advanced stage of depravity? :)

  45. 245

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – nice conspiracy theory you stupid, uniformed, paranoid piece of shit. so now that i've replied to you do you think maybe i'm also supersongbird or Aussieone? God you are really a pathetic piece of work aren't you. i almost feel bad responding to you. almost. don't worry there is still hope. go into the light, run from the darkness, become a real human being. i know you have it in you. you were once a innocent little baby. something must have fucked you up along the way. figure it out and let it go. for your own sake. LOL!!!!!!

  46. 246

    She's a Republican Clown.
    And a humongous BITCH.

  47. 247

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    You Dumbshit ill call you out every-time you lie which just so happens to be every time you post!
    Even if you don't address it to me you are posting about me fool!
    I don't know which is funnier the content of your post or that your posting it to yourself!
    That's some sad crazy shit! Palin would be proud!

  48. 248

    Re: Aussieone

    Nice to see your ignorant ass back here =]
    Man were you probably a fucked up little child to raise.

  49. 249

    Re: Aussieone – Have to go now will check back tomorrow -xo

  50. 250

    Re: Aussieone – Thanks I will tell him. And you are right w/Eldridge he is the one with many profiles and is trying to make it seem like "we" are the same person.LOL!!! And this is coming from a moron who claims he was popular in school and has many ,many friends. But needs to come down on Perez's site and make up different names to compliment himself.

  51. 251

    Re: mustbenargles – 248
    I'm so glad you posted I wanted to know if you saw what what Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham had to say about you and the other fools that keep claiming Obama wasn't born in the USA ?
    Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.) offered unusually blunt assessments of the fringe elements of his party and conservative media on Thursday, calling the popular and bombastic Fox News host Glenn Beck a "cynic" whose show was antithetical (exact opposite) to American values.

    "Only in America can you make that much money crying," Graham said of Beck
    The Senator called the birther community that questions the president's U.S. citizenship "crazy" and implored them to "knock this crap off" so the country could get on to more important matters.
    "I'm here to tell you that those who think the president was not born in Hawaii are crazy," said Graham, who went on to dispel another myth: that Obama is a closet Muslim.
    Sen. Lindsey Graham also thinks YOU ARE CRAZY!
    I Had a great childhood thanks and have a great relationship with both my parents!
    What new unintelligent do you have to share with the blog now ?

  52. 252

    Re: mustbenargles – 248
    I'm so glad you posted I wanted to know if you saw what what Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham had to say about you and the other fools that keep claiming Obama wasn't born in the USA ?
    Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.) offered unusually blunt assessments of the fringe elements of his party and conservative media on Thursday, calling the popular and bombastic Fox News host Glenn Beck a "cynic" whose show was antithetical (exact opposite) to American values.

    "Only in America can you make that much money crying," Graham said of Beck
    The Senator called the birther community that questions the president's U.S. citizenship "crazy" and implored them to "knock this crap off" so the country could get on to more important matters.
    "I'm here to tell you that those who think the president was not born in Hawaii are crazy," said Graham, who went on to dispel another myth: that Obama is a closet Muslim.
    Sen. Lindsey Graham also thinks YOU ARE CRAZY!
    I Had a great childhood thanks and have a great relationship with both my parents!
    What new unintelligent SHIT do you have to share with the blog now ?

  53. 253

    Re: supersongbird – Thanks for the compliment!!!
    He's a handful so I can't wait for him to go back to school on Tuesday :-)

    Eldridge has no daily activities during his day and that's why he has to narrow it down and create different names to keep himself entertained throughout his day. He's pitiful!!!!

  54. 254

    Re: supersongbird
    Sorry working night babe hope you have a good day tomorrow :) xo
    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK
    Yeah its sad lol but damn funny! I so cant wait to be done here (Work)!
    Ill be back in the states for all of sept and some of oct then back to Australia for summer :) I cant wait!

  55. 255

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hey shouldn't you be planning what you are going to be tomorrow??? hummm maybe a Plastic Surgeon or a construction worker. Tell your Mexican family I said Hello, Hola and como estan???? :-)

  56. 256

    Re: supersongbirdRe: Aussieone – Hey I gots to go I will check back in tomorrow! Take care!!!

  57. 257

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK
    Night I hope you have a good day tomorrow also :)

  58. 258

    hmmm yeah… funny. president who has been in office for not so long…but fame whoring sarah palin who has wanted to be in ofice for sooooo god damn long…. of COURSE she wants to say something. i think OBAMA is doing a wonderful job in office…fuck you world who thinks he can't do the job… you gotta lotta more years ahead of y'all so y'all better start havin some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  59. @v@ says – reply to this


    Easy to twist anything. She of all people knows it's about numbers. The View has a lot of viewers. As if the other party did anything at all about the border for eight years. She cares so much she quit to cash in on a book, which was a good decision as she lacked the foreign experience to be considered for higher office.

  60. 260

    Re: AttFinch – Just took a quick glance at your last five posts to confirm that you do indeed have your head jammed up your ass. You are a liberal/Democrat which would make you a piece of shit. Your party will lose both houses in November and there is no way in hell that Barry will get a 2nd term. At the rate he's going, he won't even get the Dem's nomination in 2012. Please be advised that 70% of this great nation's citizens wants illegals kicked the fuck out. I don't care if you're Aussieone but I am hoping you're illegal so you get kicked out soon. Your kind is not wanted in this country.
    PS Your avatar sucks ass, you fucking dork

  61. 261

    Re: Aussieone – That's cool what part of the U.S. do you visit? Do you have family here??

  62. 262

    Mm. I think she has a point, sad to say…

  63. 263

    On the other hand, to see Obama on such a show makes him more human and not separated from the public like past commanders in chiefs.

    Maybe on the fence about this? lol

  64. 264

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Hey Eldridge the Mexican Anthropologist, what school actually handed you a degree???

  65. 265

    lol i bet she doesn't even know about all the laws he's already signed. what an idiot….i bet she was like, "well, since i have a little bit of time before my next moose hunt, i guess i'll run for VP….then president!"


  66. 266

    what exactly is obama supposed to do at the border? stand there, take pictures, and hope he doesn't get shot (which is exactly what palin will be doing). should something be done about the borders? absolutely, and i'm sure there's plenty of talk going on that none of us will hear about anytime soon. is there a reason for the president to go visit? not really.
    is there a reason for famewhore palin to go? absolutely not! she's got her own agenda and it's sad that people can't see right through her shit.
    i feel very sorry for the US if she somehow manages to run for president in 2012

  67. 267


    Everytime..and I mean EVERYTIME you open your mouth you let the world know just how intelligent you are…or in your case are not!

  68. 268

    Maybe she can use some of those hunting skills while she is down checking out the fence…

  69. 269

    hummm…..the same way she should have been at home and being a mother and making sure her daughter didn't become a unwed mother and wasn't it her daughter who was the same one we saw on People, US Weekly, In-Touch ……..heck, I can't remember which one…getting engaged to a high school drop-out. BUT, before you speak about someone house, Sarah, I suggest you make sure your is in order.

  70. 270

    omg all of you thay are talking shit in case you havent noticed there are alot of problems going on in the world and Obama is only one person so he can only be at one place at time. im sure he is scheduled to appear at the border sometime fucken relax ppl! you guys arent the president and you dont know what it feels like to be the president and all the pressures and appearances so STFU!

  71. 271

    She's running for becomming president in 2012? So it's true! Scientists predicted the world will end in 2012! That woman has shit for brains.

    And she can't even keep her family in control, so America (and the rest of the world) is going to the rats if she becomes president.

  72. 272

    I think someone said it correctly……………..she is a dilusional twit.
    How in the world can people be led to believe everything she says is beyond comprehension. If she ever got in the White House, we might as well fold our tent…………………….it's scary to even think about. She should stay in Alaska, and shoot off her mouth there………….WHAT WAS MCCAIN THINKING?

  73. 273

    Hey, I just thought of something great……………….Sarah Palin would make a good Border Guard…………………………….go girl!!!!!

  74. 274

    I'll give her taht one. When she is right, she is right. He also did not drive the 1 hour drive to visit the Boy Scouts 100th year anniversary. Obama is sucha pud.

  75. 275

    Poor Sarah, she made reference to the president's cajones in her rant…well, perhaps she focuses on body parts since she is a total c—…!

  76. baby says – reply to this


    say what you want but she is correct! is it more important to be on the view than to take care of the american people? what about the war, the gulf, i voted for obama, now i want my vote back! i am not happy with my change, all he has done has got us in more debt!

  77. 277

    yeah and lets see how quickly the "near future" is ;) sarah, just because obama sucks at as our president doesn't mean you'd do any better… because you would not. you can't even keep your slutty daughter under control ;)

  78. 278

    Re: supersongbirdRe: dontfeellikebeingcreative
    honestly you guys have had the best post on here, its so refreshing to read sharp, intelligent posts on here.

  79. 279

    Re: ShoeWhore – Shoewhore, what you just said makes you sound dumber than she will ever be perceived..

    I kind of feel sorry for you and your future with that attitude but not really.

  80. 280

    Re: Aussieone – Hi! :) What are you up to today/tonight?
    Re: dontfeellikebeingcreative – Hi-yeah that justth(fox news)fax is a just a stupid ass brainwashed teabagger. Liked your posts too.
    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Hi!
    Re: AttFinch – 245-Almost feel sorry for it but I can have no empathy for such a stupid hateful bigot!
    Imagine the sad existence it must have like the invertebrates you see when you lift up a rock :(
    There is truly no hope for it…

  81. 281

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You are such a stupid motherfucker-
    Everytime you come up in here with your racist shit and stupidity all we have to do is supply the rope and watch you hang yourself!
    Don't ever you get tired of looking like ridiculous fool all the time? Has to be really embarrassing for you no?
    So, how many screen names do you have now?
    I've counted 9-am I right lol?

  82. 282


  83. 283

    I can't believe someone this stupid insults anyone.

  84. 284

    Why wont Sarah do The View? She has turned them down repeatedly. Its not like she has a job or anything…..

  85. 285

  86. 286

    shut yer pie-hole u stoopid cooooont !

  87. 287

    I'm not the biggest Sarah Palin fan.. but she kinda has a point… WTF is Obama doing???? All politicans are fake that's how I see it.

  88. 288

    I agree with this statement. He should not have gone on the view. He has more important things to do with his time, then talk to those nitwits.

  89. 289

    What a sore-loser she is.

  90. 290

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – hey Eldridge, you can say whatever you want about me but don't pick on my avatar!!! it's not my avatars fault it was picked by me, it had no choice. i think your a complete waste of a human being who really is an ignorant, racist, uniformed, uneducated, piece of shit, but i would never pick on your avatar. Eldridge, if there is one thing we can all agree on it's that our avatars should be off limits, you know like the children of politicians. HA! HA! HA! HA!

  91. 291

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    Thanks for the insight on those nutty posters. I have no desire to read their posts, much less reply to them. They are the most hateful and disgusting people that I have run into on here. If anyone disagrees with them, they resort to personal attacks with as much juvenile name calling, using as many curse words as possible. It reminds me of a child that has learned new "ugly" words and needs to try to fit them all into one sentence. It certainly doesn't show much for their intelligence level, does it?

    Anyway, I am ignoring them, so they don't bother me in the least. I won't be stooping down to their level! I just hope that they realize that they are wasting their time replying or commenting on me at all.

    Oh well, have a great day and keep posting your opinions.

  92. 292

    Re: GG1000
    Yes, she whores herself out, but she is not the President of the United States. Big difference, sorry!

  93. 293

    Re: GeorgiaJules – Thanks, you have a great day yourself :)

  94. 294

    no one wants you here in Arizona.. no one!!! .. when will this bitch realize that she lost and she should stop campaigning against obama.. hello the election was almost 2 years ago.. now go back to alaska and freeze to death with your trailer trash kid and your wedlock grandkid..
    god this woman is annoying.. her and mccain think they just do their own thing down here.. no one wants their racist crap down here.. ugh

  95. 295

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – So its racist to call latin people brother and sisters? and Unamerican to have respect for other cultures? I think you have your roles mixed

  96. 296

    Re: kylielover02 – you are correct.. that man has been on every one of these blogs spreading his backwoods racist shit.. he doesn't get that true AMERICANS are respectul ALL OF OUR CITIZENS civil rights not just the white one.. he is either a native american or a hypocrite.. either way his views are redneck and should not be spread in any public forum
    he obviously doen't live in Arizona.. all the propaganda about our high crime rate is ridiculous.. all these people need to get off Mccain's website and do their own research.. it's laughable how fake his info is

  97. 297

    I hate them both.

  98. 298

    Re: supersongbird – Sorry sweetheart, no cross to burn here. Not my style. Not a racist either. But I am sure you think anyone who does not trust Obama is a racist. That is the problem with people like you. It is either one way or the other. And when you cannot argue intelligently you resort to calling women "kkkunts"! At least learn to spell it right!!! Let me bring you up to speed. I live right outside of New Orleans. Remember all those Hurricane Katrina videos on the news??? Been there, done that. Remember all the looting in the stores??? Been there done that. Talked to store owner who were not only upset that there merchandise was stolen but the thieves shit in their hands and rubbed it on the walls!! I think even animals have better since than that. Remember the scenes of people who were too stupid to leave their homes for category 5 storm. Why leave, just wait for the government to save you. Do you know that 5 years later, the government is still giving these people $1500 a moth for rent??? IF you do have a job, that is your tax dollars at work. I am f'ing tired of working my butt off to put 5 kids through college only to have some lazy ass person be able to stay home and do nothing all day but get their nails done and be able to slap the shit out of their kids in Wal-Mart, Come live in Louisiana and then you will be able to have a say, until then, shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 299

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – I love that video!!! Michael Jackson was a freaking genius!!! I will always miss him and his music

  100. 300

    Re: Southern belle 12
    Not racist huh? You just described every ""black stereotype" without using the word black. Why insinuate????Just be a grown up and say what you really mean, why all the code words? We know ur a bigot, and now we know your a coward as well.

    Oh and sweetheart, CLOSE YOUR FUCKING LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You chose to have FIVE fucking kids. You should have wraped it up or atleast been in a financial situation to take care of them before you CHOSE to have FIVE fucking kids. Maybe you would'nt be so resentfull of a whole race of people and whatever situation you "imagine" that they have. They get $1,500, a month you say? LOL.

    I'd bet money that your dumb trailer trash ass is the one on welfare.

    WTF is with these southerners. INBREEDS.

    And why is a mother of FIVE fucking kids who"" supposedly"" works all day on Perez Hilton anyways. Go watch your fucking kids you backwoods hillbilly RASCIST BITCH. God knows your probally using my tax dollars for them anyways.

    P.S I used to think Lousianna would be a cool place to live after watching True Blood. Not anymore thinks to Southerbellekkkunt. Not anymore. Thanks alot.Urrrgh


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